Trending Destinations in 2023

2023 has already been dubbed the year of travel. Last year we saw the world reopening and international travel gaining traction again; this year, more and more people are confident to take the trip of a lifetime. We’re thrilled to see everyone engaged in travel planning and adding new places to their bucket lists, so we couldn’t help but take a sneak peek at some of the trending destinations for 2023. 🧳

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we asked our local vacation photographers what the most popular destinations on the books are so far for 2023. Oh! The places you’ll go with these travel trends. 😍

Photo: Zuzana in Dubai for Flytographer. Cristian and partner capture their anniversary together in Dubai with a couple photoshoot.


  • Lisbon, Portugal: the new trendy destination for nomads, Lisbon has pleasant weather, history, and chilled bohemian vibes, all at affordable prices.
  • Barcelona, Spain: Barcelona’s architectural wonders, colourful streets, and lively party scene continue to attract tourists from all over.
  • Tokyo, Japan: finally open for tourism, Japan’s capital is a positive contrast between the old and hyper-modern.
  • Kyoto, Japan: serene and idyllic, the ancient capital of Japan is home to many of the country’s national treasures.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: this historical town in Jalisco is the perfect tropical getaway and is considered the LGBTQIA+ beach capital of Mexico.
  • Santorini, Greece: a true Greek wonder, Greece’s most visited island is a honeymooner’s dream with great Mediterranean culture and cuisine.
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: with pristine beaches, stunning rock formations, and a bustling downtown, Cabo is always a good dose of fun.
  • Venice, Italy: built on stilts, Venice’s attractiveness lies in its unique format and the lively events and festivals that happen all year round.
  • Florence & Tuscany, Italy: surrounded by the scenic hills of Tuscany, the birthplace of the Renaissance boasts terrific art and architecture everywhere you look.
  • Rome, Italy: the eternal city is the heart of Italy and an open-air museum with one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.
  • Cancun & Playa del Carmen, Mexico: these travel hotspots are great starting points for exploring the Mexican Caribbean and ancient Mayan ruins.
  • New York City, USA: with its unique energy, iconic landmarks, and entertainment options, the Big Apple is always a top choice.
  • London, United Kingdom: rich in history and culture, London is Europe’s true melting pot.
  • Paris, France: a timeless destination with exquisite art, food, and fashion; anything typically Parisian never grows old.
  • Hawaii, USA: one of the most diverse and unique states of the U.S., Hawaii will captivate all travellers in 2023.

15. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been gaining momentum in the last few years and is already considered one of Europe’s trendiest destinations. It’s easy to see why: the capital of Portugal is made of charming cobblestone streets that slope up and down its hills, all lined with beautiful historical buildings decorated with stunning tiles. In this list of Lisbon photo spots, you can see how unique and Insta-worthy the city really is. Add the wonderful weather, the irresistible cuisine, and the chilled bohemian vibes, and you have a winner. The best of it all? Lisbon is wallet-friendly, making it a much more affordable destination than other Western European cities. For this reason, it attracts both tourists and digital nomads. Inexpensive, beautiful, and fun. What’s not to like? 🤷‍♀️

Photo: Claudia in Lisbon for Flytographer. Kohma and partner capture their family trip together in Lisbon with a vacation photoshoot.

14. Barcelona, Spain 

Vibrant and cosmopolitan Barcelona is a classic traveller magnet, always ranking high in lists like this one. The city is a place for true architectural visions, from gothic churches that reflect its old history to more modern and surreal structures like the many Gaudí masterpieces spread across its grid-like streets—all rightfully considered exceptional Barcelona photo spots. The bustling art and music scene in the Gothic quarter, the seaside vibe of La Barceloneta, and the ever-bustling nightlife around Las Ramblas also lure people from all over the world, everyone seeking a bit of the colour and life of this trending destination. 🎉

Photo: Natalia in Barcelona for Flytographer. Tiffany celebrates a solo adventure in Barcelona at the El Born and Parc de la Ciutadella with a solo photoshoot.

13. Tokyo, Japan

It was a long and arduous wait, but Japan, one of Asia’s most beloved destinations, finally reopened its doors for international travel. What better place to start your trip than in the visually striking and dynamic Tokyo? This mega city is all about positive contrasts: ultra-modern skyscrapers and anime-themed neighbourhoods sit right beside serene Zen gardens and temples—all of them making for fantastic Tokyo photo spots. Of course, Japanese cuisine is also a major attraction, and Tokyo’s scene overflows with great options, from tiny izakayas to Michelin-starred sushi bars. Tokyo is one of those cities that will always be a trending destination. 🗼

Photo: Daniel in Tokyo for Flytographer. Cynthia and partner capture a trip to Tokyo in Shibuya with a couple photoshoot.

12. Kyoto, Japan

Japan gained another spot in our list: the ancient capital of Kyoto, where the past echoes everywhere. Soaked in history, Kyoto is home to approximately one-quarter of Japan’s national treasures and is the ultimate place to experience traditional Japanese culture. From a world-famous bamboo forest to Shinto and Buddhist shrines, bright red torii gates, and geishas going up and down the streets, Kyoto is extremely picturesque. When you think it doesn’t get any better, trust us: it does. The cherry blossom season gives most Kyoto photo spots an extra layer of magic. 🌸

Photo: Coo and Yurika in Kyoto for Flytographer. Robin and partner celebrate their engagement in Kyoto with a proposal photoshoot.

11. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It’s easy to understand why Puerto Vallarta earned a spot on our list. This historical town in the state of Jalisco has everything travellers need for a perfect Mexican holiday. Beyond beautiful beaches, the city offers a lot to see and do and, of course, pics to take. For some ideas, check out this Puerto Vallarta photo spots blog. During the day, you can enjoy activities such as scenic boat trips, kayak tours, diving, and snorkelling. When the sun goes down, the party begins at the Malecón and ends at the cobblestone streets of the old town. Another big draw is Puerto Vallarta’s title as the LGBTQIA+ beach capital of Mexico—something that makes the city even happier and more interesting. 🏳️‍🌈

Photo: Alejandra in Puerto Vallarta for Flytographer. Brenna and partner capture their babymoon in Puerto Vallarta with a family photoshoot.

10. Santorini, Greece

Greece has thousands of gorgeous islands, but Santorini is consistently topping the list of the most visited. A honeymooner’s dream and a true Greek wonder, the island has every visitor stunned by the breathtaking views of the sparkling sea, the windmills, and the white-washed Cycladic houses with blue domes. There are many unique Santorini photo spots for you to explore, and the island is also rich with delicious Mediterranean culture and cuisine. Oh, and you know when people say there are sunsets you live for? Well, you’ll find those in Santorini which is one of the many reasons this spot is trending in 2023. 🌅

Photo: Ioannis in Santorini for Flytographer. Gregory and partner capture their engagement in Santorini at the Imerovigli Village with a proposal photoshoot.

9. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Travellers looking for relaxation, adventure, and tons of entertainment have Cabo San Lucas placed high on their travel bucket list. Just a short flight from Mexico City, Cabo offers world-class resorts and pristine beaches of crystalline waters that are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, and diving. Composing the picture, you’ll find some stunning rock formations, like El Arco, and you can also take boat trips to spot dolphins and whales. Back on terra firma, there’s a lively downtown, which is regularly featured among the most popular Cabo San Lucas photo spots. In Mexico, the sun is always out—and everyone needs a good dose of vitamin C(abo). 😉

Photo: Niccolo in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Morgan and partner celebrate their anniversary in Cabo San Lucas at Monumentos Beach with a couple photoshoot.

8. Venice, Italy

Venice, the “world’s most unusual city,” had to make it to our list. It’s precisely this peculiar quality that draws travellers from around the world to the City of Canals. Spread across more than one hundred islands and separated by canals, Venice’s landmarks are true sights for sore eyes. From the impressive St. Mark’s Basilica to the Bridge of Sighs, there are countless Venice photo spots worth checking out. The best way to discover everything? Getting lost in the maze-like streets. Home to prestigious art and film festivals, a strong culinary tradition, and the colourful Venice Carnival, the city is great to visit all year round, which means you still have time to plan that trip of a lifetime. 🎭

Photo: Marta in Venice for Flytographer. Stephanie and partner capture their anniversary together in Venice at San Marco with a couple photoshoot.

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7. Florence & Tuscany, Italy 

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, was considered the center of the world during the Renaissance, attracting the likes of Dante, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci. Still today, the city is known for its cultural heritage, and it houses many masterpieces in its museums and galleries. The historical buildings themselves are sights to behold. What else can we say about the Majestic Duomo, the elegant Uffizi Gallery, and the one-of-a-kind Ponte Vecchio? These are just three of the many dazzling Florence photo spots we love.

Photo: Ellie in Florence for Flytographer. Megan and family capture a family trip together in Florence at the Duomo & Ponte Vecchio with a family photoshoot.

From Florence, you can jump on a train, take day trips around Tuscany, and visit other culture-rich cities like Siena, c, and Pisa. To make things easier, we have already uncovered the best Tuscany photo spots for you. Wherever you go, Tuscany will steal your heart. 💘

Photo: Emma in Tuscany for Flytographer. Simrat and partner celebrate their anniversary in Tuscany at the Monticchiello with a couple photoshoot.

6. Rome, Italy

Everyone needs to visit the eternal city at least once. That’s why Rome is among most people’s first choice when visiting Europe. Where else can you have vivid glimpses of a thousand-year-old history by visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica? You’ll find many other hidden gems and picturesque locations by exploring the city’s cobblestone streets and alleyways. For a few of our favourites, read our Rome photo spots blog, but remember: the city is not all about history; there’s also food. Was it Fellini who said that Rome is the perfect combination of magic and pasta? That’s exactly how we feel. 🍝

Photo: Francesca V. in Rome for Flytographer. Sara and partner capture their honeymoon in Rome at the Pantheon with a couple photoshoot.

5. Cancun & Playa del Carmen, Mexico

On to the Yucatan Peninsula, and more specifically to the all-star Cancun and the lovely Playa del Carmen. These two destinations sit very near each other, both bathing in the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Together, they form one of the most desirable travel hotspots of 2023.

In Cancun, you’ll find a long, sandy coastline with world-class resorts and a seemingly endless offer of restaurants and lively bars. All around, the beauty goes as far as the eye can see, and you can learn about our favourite places in this blog on Cancun photo spots. Playa, on the other hand, is smaller and more laid back but also boasts various restaurants, bars, and hotels. Both beaches are an excellent base for exploring the fascinating ancient ruins and the beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Besides, we know that in Mexico, a good time is always sponsored by tacos and tequila. 🌮

Photo: Tati in Cancun for Flytographer. Krystle and family celebrate a trip together in Cancun with a family photoshoot.

4. New York City, USA

Year after year, New York City remains one of the most popular travel destinations, not only for U.S. travellers but for everyone looking for a good time. Exuding a unique and contagious energy, the city of sleepless nights offers a bit of everything: iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, a diverse arts and entertainment scene, endless shopping and dining options for every budget, and exciting sporting events taking place all year round. Wondering where to take the best pics? Check our guide to the best New York City photo spots. Who knows? 2023 may just be the year for you to take a bite out of the Big Apple. 🍎

Photo: Seehee in New York City for Flytographer. Brittany captures a solo adventure in New York City with a headshot photoshoot.

3. London, United Kingdom

With a rich culture and long history, London is one of the most beloved cities in the world. That’s why it comes close to the top of any trendy places for international travel. Multicultural and diverse, the city is what they call a “melting pot,” offering an unparalleled variety of cuisines and shopping options. There’s the vibrant theatre scene, world-class museums and galleries, and you can party the night out like nowhere else. Let’s not forget the long list of impressive sites like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the one and only Big Ben and an abundance of public parks, all of which make for great London photo spots. From ancient royal traditions to cool, young urban trends, one thing is true: in London, everyone fits in. 👨‍🎤

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. Christopher and partner capture their pre-wedding trip in London with a couple photoshoot.

2. Paris, France

An all-time classic, Paris is always considered one of the world’s most beautiful and romantic spots, and it’ll always be a top trending international destination. To stroll the city’s streets, from Notre Dame to the Louvre Museum and from the Champs-Élysées to the Eiffel Tower, is an experience that never gets old! Of course, you must take breaks to soak in local culture and enjoy delicious food and wine in a typical Parisian cafe. Do we need to say there’s also an abundance of picturesque settings? Check out our tips for Paris photo spots to know where to go for dazzling photos. There are many reasons why you should visit the City of Lights, but you really don’t need one; as Audrey Hepburn once said: “Paris is always a good idea.” 🥐

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Stephanie and partner capture their engagement in Paris at the Bir-Hakeim Bridge & Eiffel Tower with a proposal photoshoot.

1. Hawaii, USA

Crowning our list of the top most popular destinations for 2023 is the “Aloha State.” Hawaii has a perfect climate all year, stunning beaches, and epic landscapes with volcanoes and waterfalls. Add an ancient Polynesian heritage to it all, and you have one of the most diverse parts of the United States, with each island boasting a fantastic set of attractions. There’s much to capture with your camera, too. We’ve already covered the best Maui photo spots, Honolulu photo spots, Kauai photo spots, and Kona photo spots, but there’s a lot more about Hawaii that’s incredibly photogenic and fascinating. Many are drawn to chilled times in a resort by the clear sea; others look for adventures in one of the many national parks to discover hidden gems like a local. Whatever your reason is, the new year is your chance to take that big trip to Hawaii. Aloha! 🌺

Photo: Marie in Maui for Flytographer. Lily and family celebrate a day together in Maui at the Po’olenalena Beach (South Shore) with a family photoshoot.

Capturing memories in 2023

The world is a big place, so we can’t end this blog without at least mentioning other go-to destinations that also trend high, such as Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Cape Town, South Africa; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Istanbul, Turkey. Besides these major cities, we’ve also noticed a renewed interest in more off-the-beaten-path destinations, such as Cairns in Australia, Koh Samui in Thailand, and countries like Botswana and Fiji.

We can’t wait to travel with you in 2023 and be part of your adventures around the globe. To make everything even more unique, count on our extensive team of local Flytographers worldwide, who are always ready to capture your best moments through their lenses. 📸