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Meet Coo and Yurika in Tokyo

We have worked with many travellers in our work. Our style is joy and happiness. We really love to capture candid and story telling moments with beautiful Japan. We are available in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Please contact us if you want to enjoy Japan trip with us!

Three Things

  1. Coo also works as a National licensed tour guide and weather forecaster. He can suggest to you the best timing and place to capture beautiful light, cherry blossoms season and autumn leaves.
  2. Yurika worked as school teacher and she likes to play with kids and is good at communicating with small children.
  3. We are a couple who have been together since we were high school students (at 17 years old) and we got married with in 2018 (at 26 years old).

Favourite Place to Shoot in Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing , Asakusa , Ginza and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Languages Spoken

English & Japanese

More Information

Coo and Yurika have a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Tokyo.

During high season, only one of the couple may be available for your shoot. Please inquire with your Shoot Concierge.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Coo and Yurika

"Coo is a fantastic photographer and also full of great local tips (he also is a registered tour guide!). We had a great hour with Coo exploring Kyoto and will treasure these memories forever." - Nicole

"An amazing experience with Coo! He's professional and courteous. It's nice to spend a bit of time with a Kyoto native and learn a bit about his amazing city. In between he took photographs to mark memories for a lifetime!" - Belinda

"Coo was very pleasant to shoot with. He has a great attitude and is a very happy guy who has good responsiveness and is efficient with his time on the photo session we had in Tokyo. " - Gerard

"Coo was incredibly patient with our 3 kids (ages 9, 6 & 3) and he did an amazing job capturing both posed shots as well as candid. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him. We are very happy with our photos. " - Erin

"Coo was wonderful to work with from the initial booking to the end of the shoot! He was fun, polite, open to our vision. He shared pieces of local culture and history along the way. It didn’t feel like an hour and my mom and I laughed so much. It was even better he was able to capture those candid, priceless moments!" - Nicole

"Coo was absolutely amazing. He helped pick a location that had EXACTLY what we were looking for, and also gave us a heads up that the weather was going to be potentially rainy - and even offered to reschedule for a sunnier morning. He made us feel super at ease throughout the entire process. I'd highly recommend Coo to anyone that wants high-end, editorial and beautiful photos." - Lindsay

"Coo was excellent. He took so much time with us to make sure we got amazing shots and showed us the area of Kyoto we shot in as well. Best Flytographer experience out of the three we’ve had so far." - Brandi

"Coo put a beautiful full-stop to our trip in Kyoto. His shooting style is naturally professional and friendly, which made the whole experience relaxingly enjoyable. The route he had chosen for our shooting was rich and remarkable in cultural content. We love the good balance in snapshot and posing produced at the end. " - Kanas

"Coo was absolutely amazing. He was prompt at getting in contact with me regarding the shoot details and really understood what I was looking for in my photoshoot. Both my husband and I felt very much at ease with him, which helped get the best results. Coo was able to capture some amazing candid photos and also knew how to direct us to obtain the best poses. Even though it was a very busy time in Tokyo, Coo was able to find the best solo spots to get amazing photos. " - Marianne

"Where do I begin? Coo was absolutely WONDERFUL! He is very professional and was able to guide us during the photo shoot to ensure he captured the best pictures. I am absolutely thrilled with the photos Coo took of my husband and I. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone visiting Japan to commemorate the trip and this wonderful country. Thank you Coo! " - Arielle

"Coo is an incredible photographer but more than that a really nice person. I was obviously nervous and unsure about my proposal to my partner and it was my first time in Japan but Coo knew exactly where to have the moment and he really allowed me to relax and enjoy the beautiful experience of proposing to my partner! The photos are just amazing, far beyond our imagination. I would recommend Coo to anyone who wants the best experience and the highest quality photographs!! Just so grateful for flytographer and Coo! Made our moment last forever! " - Nayan

"Our experience with Coo was exceptional! He found the most beautiful sites for the shoot, along with the best time of day to avoid crowds and capture amazing lighting, and this contributed hugely to how well our photos turned out. We appreciated that he chose a meeting point that was easy to find, we connected on WhatsApp to connect on the day of, he helped us feel very comfortable and the time really flew by. We were laughing and having a great time throughout, nothing to be nervous about at all. We are beyond happy with the photos, he captured some really beautiful moments and we will be using them for our wedding communications. We are so happy with our decision to choose Coo as our Flytographer and would highly recommend him to any others visiting Kyoto or wherever else he may be!" - Katelyn

"Coo was absolutely amazing during our shoot. He took the perfect shots and knew the location so well. The combination of professionalism and friendliness was amazing, and we had so much fun too! He went above and beyond with getting some extra little locations in too and told us some cool history about the area as well. I am still ecstatic with how the day went!" - Sam

"Coo was unbelievable! He took the most incredible photos and always seemed to find the right angle or right light. His eye for photography is amazing and I would highly recommend him for anyone!" - Emil

"Coo is an amazing photographer! The photos that he took are amazing and very memorable." - Justin

"Coo did a great job! The photos turned out beautiful and he was very pleasant to work with." - Samuel

"I hired Coo for my engagement shoot and we simply love his photos which captured our priceless moment. He took many beautiful photos of us in our most natural state which is certainly his forte. In addition, he introduced us to simple poses which we could easily follow without looking too awkward. This made us really comfortable." - Boon Heng

"Coo is simply great behind the lens and we are so glad we chose him. He had been most kind and patient despite the weather and a toddler!" - Nikita

"Coo was simply amazing! It was the hottest day of the year and one of the busiest at the Gion Matsuri but Coo was the ultimate professional. He was cool under pressure and knew where to bring us for the best photos!" - Sandra

"Meeting Coo was such a pleasant experience! As soon as we met him, his big smile and friendly personality made my husband and I instantly feel comfortable and excited to take photos!" - Sara

"Coo was very professional yet fun at the same time. Coo made the whole shoot very comfortable, fun and memorable." - Robin

"Coo was wonderful. His personality and gentle demeanor was everything we could have wished. His photos were more that we dreamt for. We couldn't be happier."- Colin

"Coo did a great job! The photos turned out beautiful and he was very pleasant to work with." - Samuel

"Coo was absolutely amazing! He did a great job directing us, he picked out beautiful spots for the pictures, he was extremely friendly!" - Lauren

"Coo was a pleasure to work with. He was very thoughtful, had many recommendations for us and captured the moment beautifully." - Linda

"Coo was friendly and patient with us especially since we had kids running around. The plus side of having Coo is that he was able to tell us the history of the place and assisted us on where to go for sight-seeing, especially since it was our first time in Kyoto." - Rhemielyn

"I would like to give Coo a lot of credit for working in a very busy and challenging environment. Coo somehow found quiet but picturesque spots to capture the proposal and other spots post-proposal. The results turned out great." - Rafael

"Coo gave many good recommendations on locations and we ended up choosing a very beautiful location.  The shoot was very fun and the pictures were very pretty. I highly recommend booking Coo as your photographer to capture your moments in Kyoto!" - PM

"Coo seriously went out of his way to make our experience in Japan a truly memorable one! He also suggested a little park off the main road that got us some beautiful cherry blossom photos without the hustle and bustle of the other tourist crowds. We are so happy with our bright and beautiful photos!" - Cassie

"Coo was such a great photographer and we absolutely love how the photos turned out! We are having a hard time picking our favourites! The location that Coo suggested was perfect and so beautiful. Thank you for making it so easy to get beautiful pictures of us in a location like no other!" - Rebecca

"During the shoot, Coo had to quickly switch around locations to better deal with the rain and also provided a beautiful umbrella that complemented the kimonos. He also acted the part of a tour guide while moving to different locations. Coo is a great personality and we had a lot of fun during the shoot. The proposal went great and Coo captured it all on camera at the secret Sakura location he knew about that wasn't busy with people. The pictures turned out really good and we couldn't be happier." - Philip

"Coo was wonderful to work with. He took us to some beautiful location and great part of town that we wouldn't have known. He told us stories and history about Kyoto which was informative and wonderful to learned. Our family would most definitely have Coo photograph us again!" - Jason

"Yukiya 'Coo' is absolutely amazing! Not only is he a talented photographer and so comfortable to be around - he's also an excellent tour guide. He brought me to his favourite spots and I was able to experience Kyoto from an insider's view - seeing special places I would have never come across as a traveller on my own." - Andrea

"Coo, our photographer, was very friendly and speaks excellent English - we are quite awkward in front of the camera however he made us feel very relaxed during the photoshoot. There were a few times we were just in our own world, not knowing where Coo was and the pictures came out fantastic!" - Kaitlin 

"Coo is a fantastic photographer in Kyoto! Highly recommended. He did a great job and the photos he produced were beautiful." - EF

"Coo was amazing. Our photos came out perfect - they're everything I asked for and more. I would highly recommend Coo for any photos in Kyoto. He even taught us some interesting info about the location we shot at. He was awesome." - Anthony

"Coo, mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for capturing our family so beautifully. The garden setting and the bamboo forest were absolutely perfect settings. Your ability to capture all eleven of us smiling certainly reflections your professionalism." - Gail & Allan

"Coo was a fantastic photographer. We're so thrilled that he was able to capture some candid moments from our family trip to Japan. The best part is that he took us off the beaten path to a small temple we would've never found on our own. It was a magical and peaceful place where we got to relax and enjoy each others' company. Coo was so encouraging and very patient with all of us as, helping us get comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you Coo for the great shots! We will always look back at these memories fondly." - Nicole

"This was our first family trip to Japan so we wanted family pictures to remember our trip.  Coo, our photographer exceeded our expectations.  He was able to capture our time in Kyoto while giving us a little history of the country, and most importantly, making my 5 year old daughter feel at ease throughout the photoshoot.  While I was nervous about taking pictures in the rain, it turned out great because our photographer was able to recommend a time with the best lighting in respect to the weather." - Kristine

"If it wasn't for Coo, our five-year anniversary and vow renewal wouldn't have been such a memorable experience. Coo gave us great direction, chose interesting corners to shoot and captured candid moments. Not only is Coo a wonderful photographer and tour guide, he is a kind and lovely person to spend time with. Our anniversary was so special and Coo was a big part of that. We're so grateful to have beautiful photos to commemorate the day." - NW

"Coo put us at ease right from the start of the experience. There was no communication barriers as and he spoke very good English . We wanted our photos fun, spontaneous and natural, nothing 'posey,' and Coo managed to capture those moments for us. We enjoyed the experience thoroughly!" - Sheryl

"Coo was just wonderful to work with. He is professional, courteous, and good with children.  What is extremely impressive is that we were a group of 15 people, ranging in age from 2 months to 70 years old, and he was able to keep up with us and corral us for photos which we will all treasure forever. He was able to capture candid moments as we trekked up to a shrine, and was also able to obtain some fantastic posed group photos, as well." - RW

"Coo did an amazing job of making the shoot as stress free and fun as could be. I really enjoyed the whole process and would recommend him to other solo travelers like myself. The photos were great and I'm really happy I'm able to have them to remember my year in East Asia!" - Alex

"I cannot begin to recommend Coo enough. He was on time and although I had picked a very crowded location he was able to take incredible pictures. He managed to get everyone to laugh and enjoy the shoot even though my family was not convinced with the idea of having a photo shoot in public. The pictures came out wonderfully and we are excited to share them with our family and friends. Thank you Coo and the kids thank you for the chocolates you got them!" - AA

"Coo engaged my toddler girl right from the start and the photoshoot was breezy and easy.  Kudos to Coo as she warmed up almost immediately to him and was happy posing throughout the shoot. The photos turned out really nice, capturing beautiful memories in Kyoto." - Lisa

"Coo was fantastic! Our photos are better than we could have imagined - he met us promptly on time and took us to beautiful local spots as we'd never been to Kyoto and weren't sure where to go. He is friendly and nice to talk to! Coo has an artistic eye for selecting backgrounds and captured very sweet moments of our engagement. As we've never had professional photos of us taken before, we felt a little shy and awkward at first, but Coo got us skipping and laughing, which lightened us up and made for much better pictures." - Martin

"Coo was fantastic from start to finish!  Throughout our session Coo was telling us about Kyoto and its history.  He made us feel at easy and this came through in our photos.  Coo gave us a wonderful hand written thank-you note and present at the end.  He also gave us recommendations for where to eat and visit.  We loved working with Coo." - Irma 

"Coo was definitely an enthusiastic photographer. He had suggested places where I could do my proposal and gave clear and detailed plan on how he would act as a tour guide to trick my fiancée to the proposal spot and what I should do throughout. He constantly kept in contact with me before the proposal day and was even checking out the weather and coming up with wet weather plans if it were to rain on that day! On the day of proposal, he had executed everything so smoothly that my fiancée was indeed caught by surprise. Of course the most important thing was, he managed to capture the ‘moment’ so beautifully! After the proposal, he brought us around places with nice scenery to take post-proposal shots. He even introduced to us some of their local delicacies!"  - Enwei

"Coo really went the extra mile to make the photoshoot such a professional yet enjoyable session together! Both of us felt really comfortable and natural in front of the camera because Coo was so friendly and easy to get along coupled with his excellent command of English which made it easy for us to communicate with! He took lots of beautiful candid shots which were exactly how we wanted our best memories to be captured. Coo had a great eye for photo angles, creative ideas on poses and suggestions on best locations for best shots even in a crowded place!" - Clara

"Coo was the man! So knowledgeable and helpful. He knew all the good spots to take pictures from to capture the essence of Kyoto. We could not be happier with how the pics turned out! He also provided great recommendations on restaurants and things to see in Kyoto for the rest of our stay. Our session was the highlight of our stay in Kyoto." - Jonathan

"Coo was an integral part of the surprise. He agreed to pose as a tour guide to pull the wool over my fiancé's eyes, and he was very convincing!  He made us feel at ease during the shoot, and it was as if we were touring the shrine with a friend. We love how he was able to capture the humour and lighthearted spirit that characterizes us." - Nic

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