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  • Get your Flytographer photos into a beautiful, high-quality photo book that you and your family can enjoy every day
  • Professional-grade lay-flat album lovingly built by our creative team and mailed right to your home
  • 24 rich lustre-printed pages with semi-textured surface flush-mounted on thick white substrate
  • Choice of 4 classic colours for cover

$195 + free shipping

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“I am so impressed with the quality of my book! Looking through the pages takes me right back to that early morning in Venice!”

– Caitlin

Photo Books, Made Easy

Honour your memories and celebrate your story with a beautiful, high-quality photo book that's made for you.

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Lovingly built by our creative team at Flytographer, The Celebrate Photo Book is an easy, hassle-free experience.

Get your memories off your hard drive and into a beautiful book for everyone to enjoy every day.

Free shipping included for all photo books, right to your doorstep!


How does the Celebrate Photo Book work? Is it really that easy?

Yes, all you need to do is choose your preferred cover colour and we can do the rest! Our professional editors will expertly create a customized book for you with your best Flytographer photos and ship it right to your door. Of course, if you want to select your book title, cover photo, and let us know some of your faves to be included, you can do that too.

Can I combine Flytographer galleries in one book?

Yes, we can combo up your galleries … just let us know which ones you would like!

I’d like to preorder my book before I have my Flytographer shoot. How does that work?

When you order your book, indicate on your form the booking reference number of your shoot. When your shoot is complete, we will send you the details form; once that is filled out, we can get started!

Can I include some of my iPhone photos in this book?

Sorry, no … the Celebrate Photo Book is only available for photos from your Flytographer galleries.

How many Flytographer photos can be included?

This book is a lovely 24-pager with one gorgeous photo per page. If you have a smaller gallery that has fewer than 24 photos (a 30-minute shoot gallery, for example), you can either choose another Flytographer gallery to go into the book alongside this one or message us at and we can offer you some ideas.

How can I let you know which Flytographer photos I want in the book?

After you order your book/s, and your shoot is complete, we will send you an email containing the details form where you can tell us your cover colour preference, title, and select the URLs of the photos you’d like. Within that email, we will send you accessible links to ALL your Flytographer galleries; click on the link to the correct gallery for your book, then open the photo/s you’d like and copy and paste the URL of the image into the form.

Who is putting my book together?

From our community of trusted photographers, we have handpicked several to be a part of our “Global Editing Team.” They bring their professional integrity and sharp artistic eyes to the creation of your photo book!

I’d like to give a copy of the book to a friend.

Nice! There is a field on the form to enter your friend’s shipping address so that it differs from your address.

I’d like to make two different books. How do I do this?

Each book will require its own order form. Simply fill it out for the first book with all the information, send it in, and then refresh to start over for the second book.

What are your shipping rates?

We offer free shipping for every book!

Do you ship to every country in the world?

We can ship books to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

If you need a book shipped to another country, you will need to ship the book to yourself first and then reship using your local postal or courier service.

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