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Evolve Founder Series: Q&A with Nicole Smith, Flytographer Founder

“Nicole Smith is the Founder/CEO of Flytographer, a marketplace that helps people capture the magic of travel by easily booking a photo shoot experience, anywhere in the world. Launched as a side-hustle in her home office in 2013, Nicole has grown Flytographer into a multi-million dollar business that operates in 350 cities globally and has earned over 30,000 five-star reviews. It was ranked as one of the fastest-growing startups in Canada by Canadian Business Magazine, called the “The Future of Travel Photography” by Conde Nast Traveler, appeared on a Netflix show, The New York Times and Oprah.” Read the full story.


How to Hire a Travel Photographer to Take Your Vacation Pics—and Why You Should

“I was initially skeptical about this whole thing. After all, every smartphone has a built-in camera, many of which have gotten pretty high-tech. Most travelers seem to have no trouble getting vacation pics for free, as evidenced by the hordes of selfie snappers blocking views of tourist attractions in every corner of the globe. But unless you want to rely on those long-armed selfie shots for every photo or are fine with repeatedly bugging strangers to take pics of your crew (always a gamble), someone in your travel entourage will inevitably get left out of the snap. “Our largest audience is moms,” Nicole Smith, the founder of the longest-established travel photography marketplace site, Flytographer, told me. “Some 40% of our bookings are families and it’s mostly moms who book because they’re the ones always chronicling the memories but never get to be in the photos.” Read the full story.


How to Prepare for Proposal Pictures in Any Situation, According to the Pros

“When it comes to capturing the big question and their reaction, don’t leave the photos to chance,” says Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer, a platform with more than 500 professional photographers for hire around the world who specialize in proposal pictures and other types of photo shoots. “Work with your photographer to plan exactly how the moment will unfold.” Smith recommends creating a timeline or game plan for your photographer that’s as specific as possible, all the way down to the little details, like where you’ll be standing and who will be facing which direction. A game plan is especially important if you’re proposing in a busy location or unfamiliar place. In those scenarios, creating a map can be extra-helpful, says Smith. Read the full story.


The Rise of ‘Vacation Photographers’

According to a recent report in The Daily Mail, companies such as Flytographer recognize this demand and specialize in connecting travelers with photographers in their holiday destinations in over 350 destinations. ‘We’ve had tens of thousands of people use our services to hire a photographer around the world, including solo travelers, couples, and more than 20,000 moms,’ Nicole Smith, who founded Flytographer a decade ago, tells The Daily Mail. ‘It’s so important for moms to get into the photo instead of always being the invisible one documenting the moment.'” Read the full story.


Inside the indulgent world of vacation photography: The perfectly ordinary mothers who are paying hundreds of pounds a day for professionals to take their holiday snaps

“Companies such as Flytographer… are cashing in on the boom, connecting travellers with photographers in their holiday destination. Nicole Smith founded [Flytographer] a decade ago. ‘Since then, we’ve had tens of thousands of people use our services to hire a photographer around the world, including solo travellers, couples and more than 20,000 mums,’ she says. ‘It’s so important for mums to get into the photo instead of always being the invisible one documenting the moment.'” Read the full story.


Here’s How to Pose In Those Bachelorette Party Group Photos

“According to @flytographer, there are a couple of things you can do to get the shot on your Bach weekend. Linking arms and walking towards the camera is an easy way to create visual interest, while group pics of everyone laughing are a tried and true method that always works.” Read the full story.


The 48 Best Bridal Shower Gifts for the Bride of 2023

“Flytograher allows you to book photo shoots that last from 30 minutes up to two hours and take place — get this — practically anywhere in the world! With professional photographers located in tons of major cities like Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bali, Barcelona, and more, a Flytographer gift card will allow the bride to capture special honeymoon photos wherever she and partner go.” Read the full story.


The How To’s of Getting Professional Vacation Photos

“I have somewhat mixed feelings about this being a major vacation activity… But I think you might have won me over! I can understand the Mom who never gets to be in the photos, or the solo traveller or the surprise engagement. Those all sound like wonderful ways to use your service.” — Pauline Fromer Listen to the full story at 16:33.


This Company Wants to Pay You and Your BFF to Travel and Make Memories

“Imagine getting paid to travel with your best friend to a beautiful international destination, the only requirement being that you have to make memories and capture them on camera. While it sounds like a dream, this scenario could be a reality for you and your BFF. Flytographer, a website that pairs travelers with local photographers in over 350 destinations around the world, is looking for its first Chief Memory Makers…” Read the full story.


This Dream Job Will Send You on a Free Trip with Your Best Friend

“Flytographer is hiring its first-ever pair of Chief Memory Makers this summer. Flytographer, a platform connecting travelers with local photographers across more than 350 destinations, is hiring two best friends as Chief Memory Makers for the summer, and it’s giving them a $5,000 travel stipend to travel to their dream destination and document their trip with cool pics. “My hope for the role is that the Chief Memory Makers will live out Flytographer’s mission to create memories while traveling that will last a lifetime and have photos that capture the magic of the entire experience,” founder Nicole Smith said…” Read the full story.


The Minibar: Consumers want more personalization in travel planning, ChatGPT as a travel planner, and review of Flytographer around the world

Discussion:Review: Flytographer for Travel Photo Shoots in Maui, Paris, Los Cabos and BeyondCan ChatGPT be a travel planner? We tested it outConsumers Want More Personalization When It Comes to Travel Planning listen to the full episode


The entrepreneurial mindset that saved two businesses after major pandemic hits

“Imagine being seven days into your role as company CEO—when, suddenly, the world shuts down. Or suppose you’re leading a successful business, watching the demand for your product flatline. These are some of the real-life scenarios that LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky and Flytographer CEO Nicole Smith experienced when the COVID-19 pandemic landed. “When the pandemic hit, we lost 98% of our business overnight. … I learned it’s important to focus on what you can and can’t control and then move forward from a place of curiosity, not fear.” —Nicole Smith, CEO, Flytographer” read the full story


Review: Flytographer for Travel Photo Shoots in Maui, Paris, Los Cabos and Beyond

“Sure, there have been valiant attempts to improve the quality of the travel selfie. There is the self-timer feature on cell phones, for example, as well as the much-maligned selfie stick. But neither of these approaches is foolproof — and add a baby into the mix, and the odds of capturing a single photo with all eyes open decrease significantly. That’s exactly how Nicole Smith, the founder of Flytographer, felt after a trip to Paris in 2011. Two years later, she launched Flytographer, an online platform that connects travelers with vetted local photographers in more than 385 cities around the globe.” read the full story


20 cute Christmas date ideas to make the holidays even brighter

“‘You are never too old to get your photo taken with Santa! Have fun being big kids together,’ Lee said. If you don’t want to head to the mall for a snapshot with Santa, consider hiring a local photographer or using a service like Flytographer for a seasonal photoshoot in your yard or at a local ice skating rink.” read the full story


16 Experience Gifts for the Traveler Who Already Has Everything

“If your sister and her family return from their vacation each year with a phone full of selfies, give them a gift certificate to Flytographer, a company that connects you with local photographers for vacation photo shoots in such cities as London, New York, and Tokyo. ” read the full story


The 10 Best Gift Cards and Memberships for Frequent Travelers

“Do you always end up playing Instagram photographer for your family on vacation? Give them a digital gift card to Flytographer, a company that connects travelers with local photographers for photo shoots in cities around the world from New York to Tokyo.” read the full story

Travel & Leisure

Holiday Gifts T+L Editors Love

“Book a professional photographer for between 30 minutes and two hours and get a collection of vacation photos to cherish in memory books (and, yes, share on Instagram).” read the full story

Washington Post
5 tips for making a postponed trip feel extra special

“The pandemic has pushed travelers to delay honeymoons, birthday trips and all other kinds of special occasion vacations. But as travel has bounced back in between coronavirus surges, many people have finally able to fulfill their postponed plans… Still, there is value is capturing some of those moments you’ve been looking forward to.” read the full story

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

“Do you always end up playing Instagram photographer for your friends on vacation? Give them a digital gift card to Flytographer, a company that connects travelers with local photographers for photo shoots in cities around the world from New York to Tokyo. Sessions can be booked via Flytographer for as short as 30 minutes (great for families with small children) and up to two hours.” read the full story

12 Gifts for Travel-obsessed Newlyweds

“Yes, honeymoon photographers are a thing. Book a 30-minute photo shoot for the newlyweds on their post-wedding trip so they’ll have a few memories that aren’t selfies. Booking platform Flytographer features local photographers in more than 350 destinations, including honeymoon hotspots like Santorini, Cabo San Lucas, French Polynesia, and, of course, Paris.” read the full story

The Globe and Mail
Flytographer’s Domestic Business Soars With International Travel Grounded

“When the pandemic struck last year, it put an end to travel. Closed borders meant no vacations, which meant no bookings, no revenue and an avalanche of refund requests. “I had never factored into my business: What if the entire world stops travelling at once?” Ms. Smith said.” read the full story

Wedding Wire
The 24 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Couples

“This is a particularly special Valentine’s Day gift for the couple in your life—a gift card toward a photo session with a professional photographer. Flytographer connects travellers with local photographers in over 300 cities around the world for vacation photoshoots. The recipients will love having professional photos to display in their home—or share on the ‘gram.” read the full story

CNN Travel
25 gifts travelers will actually want in 2019

“For travelers who love to capture a moment, gift them the chance to be in front of the camera for their own personal Flytographer photo shoot. Know there’s a marriage proposal in Paris in the works? Or an opportunity to play in paddy-fields in the Philippines? Have a professional photographer snap these moments for a lifetime of memories. It’s perfect for solo travelers, too, since they may want some non-selfie proof that they’ve been there, done that. The best part about this one: It never expires.” read the full story

13 Experience Gifts Travelers Will Love

“If your sister and her family return from their vacation each year with a phone full of selfies, give them a gift certificate to Flytographer, a company that connects you with local photographers for vacation photo shoots in such cities as London, New York, and Tokyo. Sessions can be booked via Flytographer for as short as 30 minutes (great for families with small children) and up to two hours. Thirty-minute sessions come with 15 prints plus the digital files and one location (travelers can choose the specific location of the shoot, or the photographer can offer suggestions). Longer sessions include multiple locations and up to 60 prints, including digital files. As Annie Fitzsimmons, the editor of AFAR Advisor, points out, you’re getting your photos taken, but you’re also meeting a fun local and supporting a creative field.” read the full story

Women in Travel: Three Successful CEOs on How They Do It

“Working in travel can be a dream job, but the challenges never stop, especially when you’re leading a company. I talked to three trailblazing women CEOs about how they get it done.” read the full story

HowTheyAsked by The Knot
Everything you need to know about choosing the right proposal photographer

“If you’re taking the time to hire a proposal photographer, chances are you’re someone who wants to that Kodak moment to be as perfect as possible. A key part of popping the question without any unwelcome surprises, then, is choosing a pro who can capture your proposal seamlessly, in secret, and in stunning fashion. To help you on your quest for an unforgettable moment and dreamy photos, we’re breaking down our top tips for choosing the right proposal photographer below.” read the full story

This Website Lets You Hire Local Photographers While You Travel, So Hello, Paris Engagement Shoot

“Have you ever been on vacation at a beautiful place with a partner or friend and struggled to take that perfect, professional-looking photo? Or maybe you’re by yourself and the self-timer just isn’t cutting it. Well, now there’s actually a way to remedy this, thanks to Flytographer.” read the full story

The Forecast
How to Plan a Professional Photoshoot on Your Next Vacation

“Meet Nicole Smith, the founder of Flytographer a genius solution to your vacation photo woes. The Canadian-based company connects visitors to local freelance photographers, who take beautiful candid and portrait photos of travelers on vacation. Since 2013, Flytographer has facilitated over 25,000 photo shoots across six continents for everyone from millennials to grandparents. Read on to learn more about Nicole’s entrepreneurial journey and her best travel tips!” read the full story

The New York Times
Now There Are Honeymoon Photographers

“It’s not always easy to get good images on vacation. Couples often return from honeymoons with photographs, but the quality ranges from blurry selfies to poorly framed shots taken by other tourists. Most end up being of places, with neither person in the picture. Or, one half of the couple will be in all the shots as the other plays photographer with the iPhone on portrait mode.

It’s a situation Nicole Smith caught on to five years ago when she started Flytographer, a website that connects travelers to vetted, local photographers in their destination. The company currently has a database of more than 500 professionals in 250 cities around the world, including popular honeymoon spots like Paris; Santorini, Greece; and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.” read the full story

The Globe and Mail
Why you should hire a professional photographer to take photos of your next vacation

“It might sound vain, Domini Clark writes, but if you’ve spent your money and time on an epic trip, why not give it the memories it deserves?” read the full story

Forbes Magazine
Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Photo Gifts For Travelers
“The best gift you can give a frequent traveler is a way to enjoy their photos and relive their journeys. To make sure you actually have photos worth displaying, first visit Flytographer, who will connect you with a professional, fully-vetted photographer in 250 cities worldwide.” read the full story

The 10 Honeymoon Photos Every Couple Should Take
“No one knows honeymoon photos better than the experts at Flytographer, a collective of photographers based in 250 cities across six continents. After selecting your honeymoon location, you can browse Flytographer portfolios and book a photographer to capture a gorgeous destination photo shoot of you and your new spouse.” read the full story

The Globe and Mail
With startup in her viewfinder, Nicole Smith didn’t give up
Nicole Smith, who has lived in Spain and South Korea and travelled in Europe, runs her company out of Victoria, where she is also raising two sons. She mentors other female entrepreneurs and believes in work-life integration. Here she talks about how she made Flytographer into an international business and shares what she has learned about often being the only woman in the room. Ms. Smith was interviewed for I’ll Go First, a new podcast series about entrepreneurs produced by The Globe and Mail. Read the full story

Travel + Leisure
The Best Gifts for Couples Who Love to Travel

Everyone has experienced the problem of arriving at a picturesque location and asking a stranger to take a photo, only to have it capture more of your feet than the scenery or attraction behind you. Enter Flytographer, the perfect gift for a couple going on a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation. read the story

Your New Secret Weapon for Impeccable Honeymoon and Proposal Photos

“The quick success of Flytographer proves what travel experts have known for some time, that trends are favouring experiences over things. It’s still nice to have a physical reminder of one of the best experiences in a couple’s life.” read the story
12 Ingenious Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know
“Don’t forget to snap one really great group portrait. ‘Ask whether your resort has a staff photographer,’ says Kelleher; you might be able to book a session during your stay. Another option she likes is Flytographer, a service that connects travellers with a local photographer in at least 160 destinations around the world.” read the full story

Condé Nast Traveler 
Is Flytographer the Future of Travel Photography?
“The vacation photography company Flytographer offers a solution, hooking travellers up with professional shutterbugs in more than 130 destinations worldwide. Page through the profiles of the company’s photographers, pick one, and they’ll meet up during your trip to take photos for as little as thirty minutes at a time.” read the full story

The Virtuoso Life
10 Amazing Engagement Photos from Around  the World

Vacation-photography company Flytographer works with professionals in hundreds of cities around the world who will accompany travellers on a sightseeing adventure, capturing posed and candid photographs along the way. Flytographers serve double duty as local guides, pointing out favorite shops and restaurants while leading their subjects to picturesque sites. read the full story

STARTUP 50: The Complete Ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies
These are the 50 fastest-growing new companies in Canada, measured by their revenue growth over the last two years. Ranked #16 on the list, Flytographer is the fastest growing startup in Canada with 776% revenue growth. read the full story

Travel + Leisure 
Recommends Flytographer for their 2016 Holiday Wish List 
“Tell your friends and loved ones to leave their selfie sticks at home, and gift them a session with Flytographer instead. This global service connects you with local, professional photographers (in over 200 cities worldwide) to act as your personal photographer while you explore the sights.” read the full story

10 Great Travel Gifts Recommended by the Experts
“When I sat down to make a holiday card this year, I realized that although my family spent a memorable four days in Venice last spring, we had no photos that included all four of us. What would make a better gift for someone who is headed on a special trip with loved ones than a Flytographer photo shoot?” read the full story

IQ Intel
So Long Selfie: Flytographer Reinvents the Travel Snapshot

“I have never had so much fun in all my life,” said Smith. “And I’ve never worked so hard.” Despite the fears and unknowns, Smith launched Flytographer on the brink of her 40th birthday. Her first client was a friend who was taking a birthday trip to Paris. Smith found a photographer on Craigslist, Skyped with him and the shoot was a success (he’s now a full-time Flytographer and one of their busiest in the world). read the full story

Flytographer Is the Airbnb for Vacation Instagram Photos
“Your days of awkwardly wielding a selfie stick over the Brooklyn Bridge are over. Flytographer, the brainchild of entrepreneur Nicole Smith, is basically the Airbnb for vacation Instagram photos. The app connects tourists, honeymooners, and out-of-towners with local photographers, eliminating the need for selfie sticks and unnecessary ‘Will you take our photo?’ conversations.” read the full story

Finally, There’s a Way for EVERYONE to Get in the Group Pic on Vacation

“Trying to get that perfect group shot on vacation is a struggle. Sure, a selfie stick will get the job done for Instagram, but what if you’re looking for a framer to hang on your wall? You can always ask a fellow tourist to snap the pic, but the quality is usually mediocre at best. Most of the time it’s just easier for a member of your squad to volunteer as tribute to take the photo, but what fun is that? Enter: Flytographer.” read the full story

28 Engagement Gifts Guaranteed To Impress

“For the couple that wants to capture every moment. What could be more thoughtful than helping the soon-to-be newlyweds preserve their honeymoon memories, no selfie stick required? This brilliant service allows travellers to book a session with a professional photographer in 180 cities worldwide, from Paris to Tokyo.” read the full story

8 women shattering the travel industry’s glass ceiling

“Back in 2011, Nicole Smith was a marketing manager with Microsoft on vacation with a girlfriend in Paris. Disappointed with the quality of their selfies, she asked a local friend to snap some candid pictures of the two of them wandering the city. The photos were fabulous, and the idea forFlytographer — a startup that pairs tourists with local photographers for the photo shoot of their dreams — was born.” read the full story

The New York Times
Vacation Photos, by Pros 
“Travellers usually rely on selfies or strangers to capture memories of their trips, but the company founder Nicole Smith said she wanted to give them the option to have shots that go beyond the amateur and are frame-worthy keepsakes.” read the full story

Elle Magazine
I Hired an Instagram Husband For a Day 
“Selfies on selfies on selfies. It was the easiest way. While I did once or twice awkwardly approach strangers to snap a photo of me, you know those photos rarely turn out nice, and I wasn’t about to ask a fellow tourist to try 10 more times until I got the perfect shot. The whole trip, I wished I had someone with me to take part in a photo spree that’d do the city justice. It was only after I came back that I stumbled upon the perfect solution: Flytographer.”
read the full story

Two B.C. Players Make List of Canada’s 10 Most Promising Technology Companies
Flytographer just took the No. 16 spot in the 2017 Startup 50, Canadian Business and Profit magazine’s ranking of Canada’s top new-growth companies. The tech firm, founded by former Microsoft Corp. marketing manager Nicole Smith, posted two-year revenue growth of 776 per cent. read the full story

Yahoo Travel
Can This Company Kill the Travel Selfie?

“The pictures that Flytographers take do look incredible on Instagram and make everyone you know on Facebook wildly jealous, but more importantly these photos capture the emotion of a trip and of a location. And because Nick and I knew we had incredible photos from our trip, we were able to genuinely put our phones away. We could relax, not just that day, but for the rest of our vacation, knowing we would be leaving with these wonderful photographs. We didn’t need to snap all of the things all of the time. We could simply enjoy seeing Paris with our eyes instead of through the lens.” read the full story

11 Sexy Gifts for Any Relationship Status

Newly engaged? Celebrating your one-year anniversary? Hell, just going on vacation somewhere really cool together? Peace out, selfie sticks. This brilliant service corrals a team of vetted local photographers in 190 cities (Whistler, Nashville, Barcelona…) who then organize a shoot with you while you’re on vacay. read the full story

5 Cool Gifts You Didn’t Know You Could Register for

Heading out for your honeymoon? We love the idea of registering for an unforgettable photo sesh with a local photog to document the moments. Flytographer is offered in 200 cities around the world, so you’ll be sure to bring home the best souvenirs for your family and friends. read the full story

Trip Ideas: Hidden Venice

“Beauty can be found in every corner of Venice, each canal and square more picturesque than the last. Preserve your memories with a professional photography shoot from Flytographer. Their local photographers know Venice intimately and will work with you to choose the ideal locations to take the best pictures.” read the full story

Forbes Magazine
10 Great Gifts For Travelers, 2015 Edition
“#1. This new service aims to do for vacation photography what ride sharing has done for transportation: professional photographers on demand, to make you and your special someone(s) look your best in over 160 destinations worldwide.” read the full story

Pure Wow
The Best Vacation Photos…Ever

“How many times have you taken an incredible trip only to return with a handful of un-incredible photos? Note: Selfies under the Eiffel Tower will never do it (or you) justice. Next time, put down the iPhone and check out Flytographer.” read the full story

I Travelled to Monaco Like an Instagram Celebrity—And You Can, Too

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and thought, “Sigh, where did I go wrong in life?” Join the club. While following your favourite fashion and travel bloggers can provide some great life #inspo, it can also elicit some serious FOMO. Can you even imagine what it’s like having your own photographer follow you around in an exotic location while you frolic through the streets in your favourite party dress?! Well, I can—and so can you—thanks to a company called Flytographer. read the full story

Town & Country
THE A LIST: Luxurious suites, gifts for global travellers and a must-read for fashionistas
“I am obsessed with taking photos of my family on holiday – which means that I’m absent from all of the best shots! The solution: Flytographer provides professional photographers for 30- to 90-minute stints in 150 cities worldwide.” read the full story

10 Life-Changing Things To Try In September
“I’m the BuzzFeed travel editor, so it should come as no surprise to you that I am obsessed with travel photography. That’s why I was SO excited when I heard about Flytographer, a new startup that promises to help you get amazing travel photos when you go on a trip.” read the full story

The National Post 
Why Flytographer’s founder turned down a Dragons’ Den deal
“This is about capturing special moments and people are willing to pay if they are engineered correctly and that’s what she’s done in a very interesting way,” Mimran said. “There are millions of great photographers waiting for their next gig and here’s someone who is going to make it very easy to source a good photographer and a quality memory for someone. I’m sorry we missed out.” read the full story

Travel Weekly
At Flytographer, a Local Photographer to Capture Vacation Memories
“We also hear from solo travellers that they love having this wing man, who is a true local,” Smith said. That local angle is an added benefit to the service. Smith says the company only hires “someone you would want to have a drink with in that city, not someone who’s going to boss you around,” and “locals who are genuinely passionate about playing host.” read the full story

Forbes Magazine
Will This Mom-Founded Startup Fix the Bad Travel Selfie?

“Don’t you hate coming back from a fabulous vacation, with a camera full of post-card-esque photos — and no visible proof that you were actually there?” read the full story

National Post
So long, selfie sticks: Travellers are hiring professional photographers to take vacation photos

“Even with the popularity of selfie sticks, some travellers are still yearning to come home with good old-fashioned photos not captured on a smartphone — and they’re willing to pay for them.” read the full story

Snap-Happy Honeymoons

“Book one of Flytographer’s photographers, who’ve worked for the likes of Vanity Fair and Vogue, and they’ll organize an informal photo shoot to capture your favourite ‘moon moments as magazine-worthy images.” read the full story

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence
The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2016

Trends and innovation are also moving at breakneck speed, powered by an engaged, sophisticated, curious global consumer. The Future 100 takes a snapshot of emerging trends for 2016, spanning culture, tech and innovation, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail, health, lifestyle, and luxury. read the report

The Huffington Post
A Picture Perfect Weekend Led This Mother Of Two To Give Her Dream A Shot

“Nicole began getting requests from people around the world — and in turn, she began to build a global team of professional photographers. But the queries that were coming in weren’t just for fancy vacations in Europe. Groups of girlfriends wanted to capture weekend getaways, and a mom emailed to ask if Flytographer could capture her daughter’s group of friends, doing all their favorite things, just before they each went their own way to colleges around the country.”
read the full story

The Globe and Mail
Want the best vacation pics ever? Hire a pro to follow you around 
“Flytographer offers packages ranging from 30-minute ‘short storyteller’ shoots to a two-hour ‘romp around the city.’ Prices start at $250 (U.S.). Her photographers have captured multigenerational gatherings in London, couple getaways in New York and mother-and-daughter trips in Istanbul. The company has also expanded into proposal and honeymoon shoots, too. (Fingers crossed she says yes, right?)” read the full story

Food & Wine
Vacation Selfies are Out, Travel Photographers are In

“Former Microsoft marketing consultant Nicole Smith was on vacation with a friend in Paris when she dreamed up Flytographer, a photography service which connects visitors with local photogs to capture in-the-moment images. Disappointed with her own travel pictures, Smith hired a friend to take some candid photos. They turned out great. And Flytographer was born.” read the full story

What Top Bloggers are Saying

Mrs O Around The World 
“Flytographer has been one of my best discoveries of the year…I adore Flytographer and it’s almost fair to say I can’t travel without them any longer. They are without a doubt the best photos I have from my trips.”  – Mrs. O

Luxury Travel Mom
“Flytographer is the perfect way to capture the family photos you dream of. When everyone is relaxed, mom included, magic happens. Our Charleston photographer captured those unguarded moments with our children that we could never capture on film ourselves and would be missed by a ‘pose and shoot’ photographer. This is the second session we’ve booked, but will not be our last. I might even book future vacations based on Flytographer availability. Not kidding.”  – Kim-Marie Evans

Traveling Panties
“This is the greatest souvenir I could ask for. I don’t need some stupid trinket that I’ll toss in 2 months, I would much prefer to capture the best part of my vacation: the love and the city. (Oh, and me looking somewhat decent doesn’t hurt either!) Finally I can capture the moments of my husband and me having the time of our lives!”  – Katie Goldstein

Captain and Clark
Getting our photos back from our Flytographer shoot in Ljubljana felt like Christmas morning. Not only did we have a blast shooting with the talented Mankica, but the quality of our pictures was astounding. We can’t wait to get them up on our wall. What a great way to remember our trip to Slovenia!”  – Tawny Clark

Bruised Passports
“We instantly fell in love with the concept because it takes our motto of ‘collect experiences and memories’ to another level altogether. The two of us don’t have too many photos together because Vid is usually behind the camera. Looking at these photos makes us feel all warm and fuzzy!” – Savi and Vid

All photos on website are subject to copyright and are not to be used without explicit permission from Flytographer.
For all media inquiries, please contact: Nicole Smith, Founder & CEO, at

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