Photograph by: Kimon

Welcome to Santorini!

With stacks of white-washed houses crowned by blue-domed roofs, Santorini is a romantic destination for couples and an exotic location for families. The pace of the Greek Isles demands that you leave the rush of home behind and answer the siren song of the Mediterranean. 

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I'm an artist, photographer and image-maker. Ask me about my photography, and I'll tell you about nostalgia, identity, relationship, culture and memory. But that could get boring - all you need to know is that, as a photographer, I infuse these themes into my images to capture the intimate and vulnerable moments that are shared between the both of you.

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Kimonas's Portfolio
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I have passion with art and photography. I love capturing people's most beautiful moments. I always try to flow with the moment and mix different styles according to the occasion. After all, photography is a representation of emotion when done properly, and emotions change. I always try to mix art, street, black & white and fashion styles that emit a radiance of mixed feelings with stunning detail.

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Ioannis's Portfolio
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I normally like to take natural shots of people. This photojournalistic way helps me to highlight the mood and the moment, but of course some editorial and creative portraits will complete the package. I have worked with many newspapers in Greece like Kathimerini and Proto Thema, magazines like Big Fish, Vimagazino and BridesUK, and also with Korres company, Greeka and many more.

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I am a dreamer and light defines the way I dream. Photography for me is a medium to communicate with people and my surroundings through a constant process of creativity and authentic expression. I consider myself a visual storyteller, and so I always emphasize the story unfolding around me. Observing and capturing the interactions of people in photographs as well as the emotions they share with each other, undoubtedly inspires me as an artist.

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Nikola's Portfolio
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I am friendly and easy-going, and I love to travel. I came to Santorini for a 20-day vacation, and met a girl who became my wife! I love candid, happy pictures. I started photography by taking pictures of the locals wherever I would travel.

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Explore Iconic Spots in Santorini

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Pyrgos; Oia; Fira; Imerovigli; or your own custom route.

Santorini Points of Interest

  • Pyrgos
  • Oia
  • Fira
  • Imerovigli

Photography Destinations in Santorini

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Fira Village

30 minutes | 60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Imerovigli Village

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Oia Village

30 minutes | 60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Imerovigli & Firostefani

90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Imerovigli to Fira

90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths