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I am a dreamer and light defines the way I dream. Photography for me is a medium to communicate with people and my surroundings through a constant process of creativity and authentic expression. I consider myself a visual storyteller, and so I always emphasize the story unfolding around me. Observing and capturing the interactions of people in photographs as well as the emotions they share with each other, undoubtedly inspires me as an artist.

Three Things

  1. Since I was a child, I have always worked in my family's poultry farms. As soon as I finished my studies in Communication and Mass Media in the university of Athens, I worked as a journalist for a sports website. An empty space in my heart and some riveting pictures my late grandfather had captured of my family encouraged me to study photography and embrace this craft as a way of living.
  2. I love to have deep conversations about existence in general with any stranger I meet on the road, and creating photographs for personal projects. Being in nature and meditating provides me with balance in my life.
  3. I could not live without living more than 10 minutes away from the seaside.

More Information

Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Spiros is available for 30-minute minimum bookings in Emporeio & Pyrgos Village and for 60-minute minimum bookings in Fira, Imerovigli & Oia.

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