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Meet Kimon in Santorini

I'm an artist, photographer and image-maker. Ask me about my photography, and I'll tell you about nostalgia, identity, relationship, culture and memory. But that could get boring - all you need to know is that, as a photographer, I infuse these themes into my images to capture the intimate and vulnerable moments that are shared between the both of you.

Three Things

  1. I love to cook my parents' traditional recipes, chase light and capture instant pictures with my polaroid camera.
  2. My life has alway been consumed with photography; before my freelance career, I received my BFA in Photography Studies and my MA in Communications and Culture.
  3. I still love to shoot with film! I also collect those plastic cameras that no one knows how to use. 

Favourite Place to Shoot in Santorini


Languages Spoken

Greek & English 

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Kimon

"Kimon was seriously THE best. He made us feel so comfortable and provided just the right amount of direction for the perfect photos. He totally captured who we are. Nailed it. In addition to being a top-notch photographer, he also had tons of excellent recommendations for us to enjoy on our vacation in Santorini, which was just an extra show of kindness that was so appreciated. 10/10 would recommend Kimon!" - Kristi

"Kimon was great! Super knowledgeable about the area, very friendly and energetic. He made us feel so comfortable and our honeymoon shoot was very memorable." - Lisa

"Kimon was awesome from the start and we loved walking through the city with him. He let us take our photo shoot at our own pace, which was great. We feel like he caught our energy and gave us photos that we can use to remember our honeymoon forever. " - Katherine

"Wow! Kimon was wonderful! He took us to the best spots in our area and captured some really great moments. He also gave good direction. Though some of our favorite shots were the candid shots between shots that he captured. Those really encapsulated who my husband and I are. He also gave good tips for the area as well. I've already shared our photos with family and friends! One of them is planning a trip to Greece in the fall is looking into Flytographer because of our results. THANK YOU!" - Emily

"My Fiance and I booked a photo shoot with Kimon while travelling in Greece. Initially, we were both a little hesitant to have professional photos taken because it's something we've never had done before. However our experience with Flytographer, specifically Kimon was absolutely incredible. If you have the opportunity to book with Kimon - do not hesitate. You will not only walk away with amazing photos, you will also have a better understanding of the area you are travelling and will be doing so with someone who feels like a long-time friend. I will forever be telling everyone about how amazing the experience was!" - Sarah

"Where to begin: Kimon is without question the best. Every step of the way he was so willing to go above and beyond to make every aspect of my propsoal to Stephanie perfect. His ability with a camera is absolutely peerless, and his photo editing skills are just as phenomenal. Not to mention he knew the best spots in all of Santorini and was the best guide we could have asked for. I even had to make a last minute change to my plans for a surprise and Kimon seamlessly adapted to them. During our shoot, we had so much fun it was as though our longtime friend was taking our photos; that’s how Kimon makes you feel, like you’ve known him all your life and are spending time with an old friend. He is without a doubt the best to work with, and I definitely recommend him for anyone looking to have an amazing experience with equally amazing photos at the end. Thank you again, Kimon!" - Nicholas

"Kimon was wonderful! My husband and I enjoyed our honeymoon session. He was friendly, personable, and was super informative of local tips and tidbits! " - Lainey Joie

"Kimon was amazing. I can't say enough great things about him. He was fun, professional and extremely detail oriented, which was super important to me! He helped us relax and captured such beautiful pictures, in such a beautiful style. Our photos were the best souvenir from our honeymoon! Thank you, Kimon! " - Sammi

"Kimon was amazing! Super patient especially with our two young children (age 3 and 1). Pictures were amazing. This was our first time using flytographer and we loved the experience. Highly recommend Kimon.. he was awesome!" - Helen

"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get our photo taken by Kimon. It was such a fun experience. He made it easy, care free and joyful. It felt like we were hanging out with a friend. We got our photos back yesterday and they are AMAZING! Kimon has an extraordinary talent and a beautiful soul. We will cherish these photos forever!" - Ali

"Kimon was amazing! I was in Greece for a solo trip and he made me feel so very comfortable. He gives excellent directions in order for you to get the best shot possible. I felt like a model and I had so much fun during our shoot I didn’t want it to end. " - Ashley

"Kimon was amazing and made us feel comfortable as soon as we met him. He worked efficiently and gave us clear direction. We are thrilled with our pictures! Highly recommend Kimon! " - Angie

"Kimon is an amazing photographer! He was extremely welcoming and friendly from the beginning and that made us comfortable. He was easy to talk to and gave posing directions really well. Kimon knows all of the secret spots. We are so happy with our honeymoon photos!" - Tiffany

"Kimon was prompt, quick, professional, and super friendly. He helped us feel comfortable and we love the beautiful photos!" - Yunhee

"Kimon was fantastic! We met up early and really appreciated his recommendation; he captured exactly what we were looking for in our honeymoon photos. He was friendly and personable, and we really enjoyed our time with him. Our friends and family have not stopped commenting on the photos, with "wow!" being a really common reaction. Kimon did a fantastic job! " - Elina

"Kimon was great and so patient. We had a great time working with him" - Shannon A

"He’s truly amazing!!!! We had such a good time and his creativity is unmatched!" - Stephanie

"Kimon was amazing to work with! Made my husband and I feel comfortable and was so friendly and personable. We absolutely loved all our photos!!" - Kristine

"Kimon is amazingly talented and made our shoot so fun!" - Jillian

"Absolutely loved this experience! Everything went as planned and he knew exactly where to take the best photos and they all came out amazing." - Hailey

"Kimon was super energetic and down to earth. He made us feel comfortable and gave us professional direction. Very quick to respond and helpful with questions about meeting area. We loved our whole experience with Kimon!" - Carlyann

"Kimon was amazing! He knew all the perfect spots to take pictures and was very creative with his shots, how we should poses, etc. his work is beautiful! If you hire him you won’t be let down. Our photos came out beyond perfect. On side note Kimon was so friendly and funny!" - Brianna

"Kimon is very personable and made us feel comfortable even though we felt awkward posing. Highly recommended!" - Mimi

"Kimon was wonderful. He captured beautiful pictures of my daughter and I in Oia, Santorini. Kimon knew exactly all the favorite spots for pictures and worked with both of us smoothly. We love the pictures so much ❤️. Best money spent!" - Kat

"Kimon is an amazing photographer!! He was so thoughtful in everything he did with us from the positioning to the locations and was able to capture the true beauty of Santorini in just 30 minutes! Our photos are unreal and I would book him again in a second!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kimon!!" - Alysen

"Kimon was very friendly and funny, he helped us a lot with posing since we were not so used to it, he made us feel very comfortable!" - Marta

"Thanks, Kimon for capturing such wonderful pictures on the busiest day for tourists. You are fantastic!!!" - John

"Kimon was amazing!! He made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and gave us just enough direction to slay our photo shoot! I would recommend him to anyone, thanks again!!" - Stephanie

"Kimon was absolutely fantastic! He made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was so friendly and easy going. Kimon knew all the best locations for the most spectacular photos. We just can't stop looking at them over and over again reliving the beauty of Oia. Kimon captured so many great moments. I especially love his creativity with the photos he captures, and I have to say the black and white ones were some of my favourites. Thank you for an incredible experience!" - Diana

"Kimon was amazing to work with! He was very professional and knowledgeable about the best areas to take photos. He made us feel really comfortable, I felt like a good friend was taking our photos. We can't thank Kimon enough for capturing these special moments, we had a blast!" - Kristen

"Kimon was great to work with. He helped us navigate the streets of Imerovigli and he took some stunning shots of us. Thanks Kimon!" - Richard

"Kimon was amazing! He was funny, gave great direction, and made us feel super comfortable during our entire shoot. Highly recommend!" -Mackenzie

"We had the best time with Kimon - our Santorini Flytographer experience absolutely exceeded our expectations! We feel so fortunate that Kimon captured our time in Santorini, he truly is the best and provided some amazing recommendations to make our trip incredibly memorable - Thank you Kimon!" - Nicole and Scott

"Kimon was friendly and easy to work with. We loved our photos and will cherish them for a life time. This was our second to last day of our honeymoon and it was really a special moment." - Richard

"Kimon, thank you so much for the amazing photographs. We are lucky that we have found you. The pictures perfectly show the best side of Santorini and the big smile of me and my hubby." - Diamond

"Kimon was great. I honestly had no idea what to expect but he listened to our wants and delivered more than we expected." - Norene

"Kimon is amazing! He captured beautiful photos and did it super efficiently which was appreciated since we were on our honeymoon. The whole experience was great! I would recommend Kimon!" - Taylor

"We had such an amazing experience working with Kimon! Our photos are the perfect keepsake to commemorate our 30th birthdays and expecting the new addition to our family!" - Trish

"Kimon was super friendly and did an amazing job!! Can’t say enough good things!" - Christina

"Kimon was a fantastic photographer to work with. So easy going and he knew how to hustle to avoid the crowds. I tell everyone about how awesome our images turned out and I can't wait for my canvas to come in. It will be a forever memory of Greece." - Susie

"Kimon is such a gem! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and impromptu guide than Kimon. He has an amazing eye for where the most romantic shots are and was so easy and fun to work with that it only made our photos that much more touching and memorable. We would recommend him to anyone in a split second. In fact, can we take him everywhere with us?" - Sara

"Kimon is a very skilled and passionate photographer but most importantly he is a good person! I'd fly him over to the US to take photos for my wedding if I could." - Larry

"Kimon is the absolute best. We felt so comfortable with him and are in awe over the amazing photos that he captured for us." - Katelyn

"Kimon was so so much fun to work with. He made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. The pictures turned out even more amazing than I had envisioned. It was truly a great way to commemorate our anniversary and baby! Kimon was truly awesome! If you are in Santorini and want to have lasting memories of your time there, he is your guy!" - Ria

"Kimon was great! He's super personable and knew exactly where to take us to get the best shots. I really enjoyed shooting with him and would book him again!" - Kerry

"Kimon was fantastic to work with! He was very easy to talk to and made us feel extremely comfortable. Very creative with photo ideas. He also gave us wonderful suggestions as far as touring Santorini. We would recommend him over and over again!" - Niyomi

"Kimon was fantastic! He was calm and welcoming and relaxed while also being professional, assertive, and directive. He had the perfect mix of posing us and capturing candids. I adore the photos, every single one is perfection. I usually don't like myself in candids that much but I LOVE the ones he captured. Plus he was a pure joy to be around. The whole experience was wonderful!" - Alisa

"What can I say here? Kimon's snaps were just amazing! I'm totally happy with the shots taken and absolutely love the moments that were captured! Also, Kimon's a great guy and totally recommend him for any future shoots!" - Khushvinderjit

"Kimon Kimon KIMON!!! Seriously, what a photographer. From start to finish he made us feel at ease, especially me as it was a surprise proposal shoot. We really got to know him, before and during the shoot, and he has such a lovable personality. We loved Kimon so much and will be trying our hardest to get him to the UK for our wedding. He truly captured the moment in Santorini, and really surprised us." - Gurjit & Kathryn

"Kimon was so fun to work with and we will treasure these photos forever." - Yvonne

"Amazing product. Our photographer Kimon was so easy to work with and really knew the area we were shooting in." - Sabrina

"Amazing experience and so much fun, thanks so much Kimon." - Mara

"Kimon is really a nice person. He made our photo session enjoyable, especially for our kids.With his talent and Flytographer's help, finally we have our first family picture." - Christian

"Kimon knocked it out of the ballpark. He showed up to our appointment early and spent time getting to know us before we began. It was a miserably hot day, but Kimon smiled the entire time and made everything so wonderful - we barely noticed the awful temperatures! Kimon's pictures truly captured our honeymoon, and we could not be happier. We want to refer EVERYONE to Kimon, he is THE best out there!" - Anna

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