Best places to take pictures in Los Angeles, California

From palm tree-lined beaches🏝 , theme parks to plenty of shopping centres, Los Angeles is the perfect spot for a family vacation or a getaway trip with friends. There is something for everyone to do in this bustling city.

With famous landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Blvd, and more, there are plenty of Instagrammable locations in the City of Angels. 📸

Here are the top 10 places to take photos in Los Angeles, California, with photos captured by local Flytographers!

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Lindsay and their friend capture memories in Los Angeles with a friends’ photoshoot in front of the Hollywood sign.

1. Santa Monica Pier & Beach

A quick 25-minute drive from LA is Santa Monica Beach: a stunning location with an endless number of Instagram-worthy backdrops.😎  From its bright lifeguard stations, fairground on the pier 🎡 , and sunny beach, you’ll enjoy a full and fun day here.

Whether you’re strolling along the sandy beach, posing on a ride at the Santa Monica Pier, or smiling with the city lights behind you, this is an ideal photoshoot location. If you want some photos at this popular spot, get up early and bring your coffee to go ☕️ because Santa Monica Beach and its parking lot get crowded fast!

Photo: Dipan in Los Angeles for Flytographer. Beena and their partner capture memories in Los Angeles with a couple photoshoot at Santa Monica Beach.

2. Griffith Observatory Park

As one of North America’s top urban parks, Griffith Park offers various backdrops, making it the perfect setting for some pics. Capture the urban lights of the LA skyline 🌆  and the gorgeous architecture of Griffith Observatory, or check out the abundance of nearby attractions the park has. Explore the Bronson Caves, take a seat at the Greek Theatre 🎭 , or pretend you’re holding up the Hollywood sign. It’s almost impossible to get bored at Griffith Park!

Photo: Dipan in Los Angeles for Flytographer. Allie & Sam capture memories in Los Angeles with a couple photoshoot at the Griffith Observatory.

3. El Matador Beach

This popular spot in Malibu is ideal for a relaxing beach day 😌 or a killer photoshoot. El Matador Beach is on every local photographer’s radar (and it makes sense why!). Explore the sea coves and arches, and also make sure to keep an eye for any models posing on the sand. Stay here until golden hour because the sunset is stunning. 🌅  If you’re planning a proposal or want some romantic photos of you and your partner, you need to add this beach to your LA travel list.

If you want a change of scenery, stroll north along the shoreline. Eventually, you’ll reach La Piedra State Beach 🌊 , another one of Los Angeles’ most Instagram-worthy places. Take a peek at the tidal pools on this rocky and sandy shore, or hop on the hiking trail that stops at this beach for something to do.

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Andee celebrates their babymoon with a maternity photoshoot at El Matador Beach in Los Angeles.

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Whether you’re an art-lover or not, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is an entertaining attraction to visit with your family or friends. 👌🏼 With all the modern art, there are plenty of photo locations in this incredible museum. For the best photos at LACMA, plan a morning visit rather than the afternoon. 🤳🏾Otherwise, your artsy backgrounds may be photobombed by other visitors! The most incredible area for a photoshoot at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts is outside at “Urban Light.” 💡 This funky light installation displays dozens of light posts of different sizes that look beautiful at night and great in your Instagram feed.

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Kelly and their family capture memories in Los Angeles with a family photoshoot at the LACMA.

5. Venice Beach Boardwalk

This busy boardwalk, lined with shops, art, and palm trees, 🌴is another one of the most Instagrammable areas in LA and is a must-visit for any tourist. Here are some photo locations to check out at Venice Beach: the boardwalk, the Venice Beach shoreline, and the skatepark. Pose by yourself or with your friends and family — either way, the photos will be great! 👨‍👧‍👦 If you want to take a step back from the chaos, check out the Venice Canals. You’ll feel like you’re floating in Italy rather than California. (That is until you notice the palm trees that border the Venice Canals! ​​😜)

Photo: Lauren in Los Angeles for Flytographer. Laura and their friends capture memories in Los Angeles with a friends’ photoshoot at Venice Beach.

Photo: Jessica in Los Angeles for Flytographer. Autumn and their family capture memories in Los Angeles with a family photoshoot at Venice Beach.

6. Hollywood

Hollywood is the heart of the movie industry 🎥, which means there is a never-ending list of fun things to see. You can enjoy the scenic views of the Hollywood sign from Lake Hollywood Park or hike up the mountain to Hollywood peak. (If you keep on walking, you’ll reach the Griffith Observatory!) The view is fantastic from up there.

If you want to get in on the action, Hollywood Boulevard is the street for you. Have a photoshoot at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ⭐️ or the famous Pink Wall. This wall is one of the top hangouts to take some photos because, after all, it is called an “LA Instagram Phenomenon.” Since you’re already by the Pink Wall, stop by Melrose Avenue for some excellent shops and restaurants. It’s bursting with funky coloured buildings to take pics in front of with your family or friends too. Melrose Ave is also right by Sunset Blvd where the famous 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel sits. This pink hotel is hard to miss and is definitely worth a peek. 💞

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Zuber and their partner celebrate their engagement with a surprise proposal photoshoot at Hollywood Peak.

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7. Arts District in Downtown LA

The Arts District is one of Downtown Los Angeles’ most beloved neighbourhoods, and for a good reason! This neighbourhood is full of impressive and colourful street art 🎨 created by LA artists. Whether you’re an artist or not, this place is a must-visit.

Like the Pink Wall, this neighbourhood is one of the most Instagrammable places in Los Angeles. It’s a hotspot for all the famous Instagrammers, so if you’ve seen photos of these buildings before, we’re not surprised! They’re all over Instagram. While you’re down here, check out at the Walt Disney Concert Hall 🎶  located on South Grand Ave. This is an exciting piece of architecture in Downtown LA designed by Frank Gehry that is meant to look like a copper ship ⛴  when you squint your eyes. How cool is that?

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Leslie and their family capture memories in Los Angeles with a family photoshoot in the Arts District.

8. Pasadena City Hall

The historical architecture of the Pasadena City Hall is breathtaking during the day and night. 😍 It’s no wonder people get married here, especially when at night the warm lights of the city hall look incredibly romantic. 💖 When you post photos of yourself and your family or friends in front of this landmark, people will think you’re on vacation in Italy rather than Los Angeles. (Luckily, both places are perfect for a vacation.) The early Renaissance style of the Pasadena City Hall transports you to Europe, making it hard to believe it was made in LA. 🇺🇸

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Trevor and their partner celebrate their engagement in Los Angeles with a surprise proposal photoshoot at the Pasadena City Hall.

9. Malibu

One hour away from Los Angeles sits Malibu, known for its superb sandy shores and ideal surfing conditions. 🏄🏿‍♀️  Malibu is anyone’s dream Pacific Coast vacation town. The best beaches to check out while you’re here are El Matador Beach, Zuma Beach, and Leo Carrillo State Beach. These beaches are also fantastic sites to have a photoshoot!

While Malibu is home to beautiful beaches, it also holds some gorgeous vineyards. Enjoy a wine tasting 🍷 with Malibu Wine Safaris or Rosenthal, the Malibu Estate Vineyard, for not only great wine but great views. You’ll want to take a few photos here because vineyards always provide the finest setting for an Instagram shoot. So, make sure to capture the sweet memories you create here with your partner or with your friends. 😊 (After all, going to a vineyard is the perfect activity when you’re on a girls’ getaway trip!)

Photo: Flytographer in Los Angeles. Karima and their family capture memories in Los Angeles with a family photoshoot at their Airbnb in Malibu.

10. Anaheim & Disneyland

The magic of Disneyland ✨ is irreplaceable and needs to be experienced by everyone! Anaheim is only a 45-minute drive from Los Angeles, and trust us — it’s worth the trip. Capture the classic beauty of Disneyland and the pure joy everyone feels when they step through this theme park’s gates. There are plenty of photo spots, too, from the abundance of rides, Disneyland’s Main Street, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle 🏰 , and much more. These photos will allow you to look back after your vacation is over and experience the happiness of Disneyland all over again. 💓

Photo: Alvin in Anaheim for Flytographer. Kate and Christina capture memories in Disneyland on a family photoshoot with Flytographer.

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