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Murat G's Portfolio
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Murat G

I was born and raised in Istanbul, educated in Istanbul, Valencia and Tokyo. I work as a wedding, street and travel photographer, shooting both nationally and around the world. I try to keep my style fresh, calm and minimalist. I love negative space. And I try to combine all these with the vibrant and even chaotic street life of Istanbul.

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Murat S's Portfolio
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Murat S

My photography style is fresh, intimate and organic. While capturing the real candid moments of people, I honestly think that the relationships I develop with them are as important as the quality of my images. My work has been featured in many international magazines, newspapers and websites. I'm an award-winning member of Fearless Wedding Photographers, and I'm also an exclusive contributor to iStock & Getty Images. 

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Ceren's Portfolio
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I am an International portrait photographer. I spent most of my time in Istanbul, Dubai & New York, capturing beautiful families in most spectacular settings! I feel photography is my way of expressing work of art. Through the camera lens, I am able to communicate the love & beauty I see in that precious time frame that can be treasured forever through photography. Although based in Istanbul, I love to travel all around the world for on location fine art portraiture. In the past year I have travelled to Dubai, London, Italy, US & France.

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Welcome to Istanbul!

Straddling both Asia & Europe, Istanbul offers travellers a heady mix of cosmopolitan culture. With its historical diversity of maurading empires and religions, Istanbul now boasts some of the world's finest architectural gems. A visit to this fascinating city would be incomplete without a dip in a Turkish bath or visit to a bustling bazaar.

Explore Iconic Spots in Istanbul

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: The Taksim & Tünel; Ataturk Arboretum; Beylerbeyi; Eminönü; Galata; Istiklal; Sultanahmet; Karakoy; or your own custom route.

Istanbul Points of Interest

  • The Taksim & Tünel
  • Ataturk Arboretum
  • Beylerbeyi
  • Eminönü
  • Galata
  • Istiklal
  • Sultanahmet
  • Karakoy

Photography Destinations in Istanbul

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Blue Mosque

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Hagia Sophia

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Karakoy to Galata Bridge

30 minutes | 60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Hagia Sophia & the Blue Mosque

60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Rustem Pasha Mosque & the Spice Bazaar

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Tunel Square, Galata & Karakoy

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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Karaköy, Galata Bridge & the Spice Bazaar

90 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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