Excited? Nervous? Indecisive? It’s normal to experience all of these emotions – and more! – before your first photo shoot.

For that reason, we asked our photographers what advice they would give to customers to help them feel more prepared … and these fantastic tips are sure to get you well on your way to feeling confident and ready to go!

Photo: Vanessa in Dublin for Flytographer

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Clothing Tips

“Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking around and happy feet make for happy photos! Simplicity is best – don’t wear excessive jewelry, avoid patterns, stripes or logos, go for muted colours that won’t compete for attention. Wear clothes that fit well and go for a natural, normal look in hair and makeup.”Lyndsay in Banff

“I always tell people to be yourself, to relax and trust the photographer, to believe in the photographer. Also to wear something that makes feel them amazing.”Roberta in Rome

“I say style over practicality! Especially in a colder country like Norway, I’ve noticed that often people arrive wearing a giant black or grey windbreaker-type of winter jacket, which of course is extremely practical and keeps them warm – but maybe isn’t the most stylish thing to look back on in your photos. My suggestion for people on a cold day is to layer up. They could wear a nice cardigan or woolen sweater, mittens, hat, scarf, along with something warm underneath. Layering also gives you the opportunity for a quick outift change. By just taking one layer off, you have a totally new outfit!”Leyla in Oslo


“Bags and all phones hidden away is always good to know. Plus I agree on comfy shoes. Not only for the client to be comfy, but I also feel uncomfy seeing people struggling on impossible shoes!”Emiliano in Helsinki

“It’s important to have your hands free throughout the session, so leave extra bags, coats, and clothing at hotel.”  –  Lyndsay in Banff


More useful clothing tips:

  • Always try on your photo shoot outfit well before your shoot date to make sure you feel good in it. Try it on with the same undergarments, shoes and accessories that you will wear, and then have a careful look in the mirror from as many angles as possible; simulate walking, sitting and moving in it. We recommend asking someone you trust to also give honest opinions. Don’t forget to take yourself outside during the daylight while wearing the outfit, especially if it’s sunny, and again ask your friend/partner to tell you if anything becomes transparent, having them check you out from every angle.
  • If your Flytographer shoot is going to be in a hot destination, be aware that you might get a little sweaty, so wearing an outfit or shirt that masks sweat well (like black) is a good idea.
  • Remember to remove sunglasses for your shoot, even if it’s bright – your eyes convey so much emotion and expression that will get lost if your sunglasses are left on!

“Just wear something you feel great in!”Krystal in Paris

Posing Tips

“My first question on a photo shoot is ‘What is your best side?’ So my tip is to look at yourself in the mirror and decide which side is your favourite and tell your photographer so they will take care to capture you at the right angle.”Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas

“Always lean in. A little chin up can make a big difference. A deep breath. Relax your shoulders.”Stephanie in Victoria

“Putting all your weight on your back leg and bending your front leg at the knee helps for slimming!

When kissing, use less ‘fish lips’ and more flat lips. Also when kissing, the woman’s nose should be visible to the photographer.

Exaggerate your smiling and laughing – a ‘slight’ smile may not translate to a real smile in the camera. Make each other belly laugh, and the smiles will be genuine.”Melissa in Honolulu

“Go all out and be super silly. Sometimes the things that feel the most ‘out there’ and obnoxious look best in photos!”Jessica in San Diego

More posing tips:

  • Practice makes perfect! Though it might make you feel silly to practice posing, it will pay off. Get in front of a mirror so you can see for yourself how you look in certain angles and stances. After you’ve spent time practicing your favourites, they will come off as effortless and natural once you’re in front of camera. Of course, if you prefer to just wing it and be as spontaneous and in-the-moment as possible, there’s nothing wrong with that either!
  • Look through Flytographer’s blog and Instagram account for a variety of posing inspiration. Your photographer can help with direction if you’re feeling a little lost, but if you have an idea ahead of time what you like and are looking for, it helps you get the results you want.

Looking & Feeling Your Best

“One of the things I always mention when it’s the customers’ first shoot is to be themselves and not think about what they’re going to look like. The expressions are what we capture as photographers, so if they are worried about the outcome, that is what we would capture. It helps a lot for first-timers to not look at the camera and just be funny with each other or their partner/family. I love showing them that light, angles and confidence is all that matters to make a beautiful photo! “Rojeena in Maui

“Be honest with your photographer if you feel uncomfortable with anything. I also recommend not engaging in social media or have any online activity at least 2 hours before the shoot (or preferably that whole day if you can) so you can get into the ‘zone’ of the experience without being distracted with data from the interwebs.”Rhianna in San Diego

“I’ve noticed for some time that even the most stiff and nervous customers relax and pose great for their own phones. When I see that, I usually tell my customers to think that I am their smartphone and that I am doing selfies, and incredibly, it often works.” – Adrian in Havana

“Please please please use sunblock the days before the shoot! In too many of my shoots, customers are red with a terrible sunburn and raccoon eyes.”Raquel in Costa Rica

“Be mindful of not tanning right before shoot (either self-tanner or from sun) – it can often look really orange on camera even if it looks natural in person. Also another tip, since it’s so dry here, is to always use lip balm and lotion!”Lyndsay in Banff

Other tips:

  • In sunny destinations, beware of creating awkward tan lines where you won’t want them for your shoot! Common culprits include watches, sunglasses, jewellery or other accessories. Wear lots of sunblock or try to stay out of sun as much as possible before your shoot. (It’s a good idea to book your shoot early in your trip so you won’t have to worry about this during your holiday!)
  • The night before your shoot, get lots of sleep and hydrate with many glasses of water (and avoid alcohol and caffeine). You want to feel refreshed and relaxed when you show up to your shoot – so why not go for a massage the day before or get a manicure that will also look pretty for your photos?

And lastly …

  • Communicate all your expectations and restrictions (if any) to your photographer so they have as much information as possible to help get you the best photos.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your meeting point so you can show up relaxed and ready. Be there 10 minutes before your official start time so you have ample opportunity to chat with your photographer beforehand.
  • Read Flytographer’s FAQ if you haven’t already … the more you know, the better your experience will be!

“I would tell them to treat the shoot as a way of experiencing the location, to come without bags, to feel and look good, and make sure to arrive early. Let them know that we will talk before beginning so they come prepared with questions/wishes/etc. The shoot will be a walk around some amazing locations, and that we as photographers are there to help them with poses and ideas if they need them. In all, to just be themselves and have as much fun as possible!”Emma in Florence