Level up your travel photos

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with our trusted professional photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. 🌎 Today, we asked our local photographers to share their favourite outfit tips, along with posing and planning tips for a successful vacation photoshoot on TikTok! Whether it’s family photos, photos with your friends, solo photos, or anything else — if you want great photos, this info is for you! 📸

Photo: Claudia in Lisbon for Flytographer. Jamil and partner celebrate their engagement in Lisbon while on a proposal photoshoot with Flytographer.


General photoshoot outfit ideas

Not only do we have great tips to share for your vacation photos in this post, but we also have our style guide with even more helpful information. To give you the boost you’re craving, make sure you also check out our social media (our TikTok in particular!), where we have tons of great tips for beautiful photos. 📲

We share six ideas about what to wear for your next shoot. It literally takes less than a minute (thank you, apps!), and you’ll feel totally inspired. Outfit ideas include dressing for the temperature, balancing colour with patterns, how to pick the right shoes, bringing movement with clothing choices, when to outsource hair and makeup, and dressing to make sure your confidence shines. 🥳

@flytographer Flytographer.com/style for our full style guide 😍😍 #styletips #outfittips #photoshootoutfits ♬ original sound - Flytographer

Urban photoshoot outfit ideas

Urban photoshoots are among some of our most requested Flytographer routes, no matter the destination. 🏙 A photo session in an urban area can leave some feeling a little thrown off. What exactly do you wear for urban pics? Check out this TikTok, where we share three outfit ideas that are perfect for your urban shoot, including statement pants, classic jeans, and a great monochromatic dress.

@flytographer Keep it sleek and simple for an urban shoot 🌃 Structured pants & simple colour palettes let YOU and your city shine ✨ #outfitideas #urban #photoshoot ♬ Yummy - Justin Bieber

Beach photoshoot outfit ideas

You can’t go wrong with a beach photoshoot, and man, oh man, do we love sharing beachy photo spots! 🏖 Getting the perfect shot on a beach requires a bit of relaxation and a whole lot of movement. Basically, anyone can look amazing on a beach; you just need to lean into the coolness that comes with sand and surf. 😎

Beaches are often breezy and romantic, so keep that vibe in mind when choosing what to wear. 👗 We recommend going with fabrics, styles, and overall attire that lets you move and feel comfortable!

@flytographer Whatever you choose to wear, leave the shoes behind 👟 and get those toes in the sand! #photoshootideas #outfitideas #beachshoot ♬ original sound - Flytographer

Look amazing in photos

Get 50+ insider tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and easy posing ideas for your next photo shoot!


Start making memories in your photos

One of the best reasons to hire a professional photographer for your vacation photos is because it’s their job! 📸 Most of us freeze up in front of a camera, but that doesn’t mean you’re not photogenic or don’t deserve to have your true self captured! The idea of a posed photoshoot can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why one of our favourite pose tips to preface this section is to STOP posing and just start making memories in your photos instead. 🥰

@flytographer Who else has Santorini on their bucket list? 😍✈️📸 Spyros in Santorini #santoriniphotographer ♬ original sound - Flytographer

Couple photoshoot pose ideas

Couple photos can be SO MUCH FUN! The ideas are endless for couple photoshoots, even if they tend to slip your mind in the moment. To help you prepare for your time together in front of the camera, look at some of our best photo tips for couples here, including snuggling, strolling, carrying, spinning, dancing, hiding, kissing, gazing, and making something that’s all your own! 💓

@flytographer If you love taking photos with your partner but your poses are starting to feel like “copy & paste,” we have new inspiration to share! #posingtips ♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse

Solo photoshoot pose ideas

Just because you’re solo doesn’t mean you should skip out on photos. We think it’s even more of a reason to schedule your very own photoshoot with a professional photographer (after all, there are only so many selfies one can take. Trust us.).

Be sure to read our guide to having professional portraits, and check out this video filled with ideas to show off more than just your head. We all know at least one of those great outfits you packed needs showing off! 💃 Head-to-toe, full-body shots taken of you looking ultra chic are one of the best ways to take your amazing vacation memories home with you. Hey selfies, you’re off the hook for this one! 🤳

@flytographer Posing tips for a new headshot, to document a special time (like senior photos 🎓), or simply just for you! #posingtips ♬ original sound - Flytographer

Bachelorette photoshoot pose ideas

There are seldom shoots that have more lipstick or laughs than a bachelorette photoshoot! 💄 Whether it’s just a couple of girls or a whole house party, bachelorette shoots are a blast.

Hiring a professional photographer for your bachelorette shoot is a must and is helpful when it comes to knowing what to do, how to pose, and making sure everyone looks fabulous (and that the bride-to-be stands out!). Our favourite posing ideas for bachelorette shoots include walking, laughing, staggered seating, using accessories and props, and more! 👯‍♀️

Lastly, are you looking for great places to stay? Check out our post on the Top 5 Airbnbs to Rent for Your Bachelorette.

@flytographer Posing tips for the gals on a bachelorette weekend 😍🥂🍾👰‍♀️ #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz


How to find the perfect photoshoot location in any city

This TikTok answers one of our burning questions here at Flytographer: how do I know which route to choose!? 🤷‍♀️ Do you want photos of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Waterfalls in Iceland? Hidden gems in New York’s Central Park? The white-capped cliffs in Santorini? The perfect background to capture your road trip to one of the many national parks? 🙀 Everyone envisions something different when it comes to capturing your vacation in photo form, and there’s no better way to manage expectations and get excited about what’s possible than scrolling through real photo galleries of your dream destination!

@flytographer See FULL example galleries from real Flytographer shoots 📸 & pick your favourite route! #photoshoottips ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

Why take photos at golden hour?

Some of the most magical photos are at golden hour (the time of day just after sunrise and before sunset). 🌅 Golden hour gives a magical haze that settles in photos, highlighting you, your surroundings, and anything else in-frame. Golden hour is also one of the hardest times to capture people + scenery with a phone (it requires a professional to get the full effect!). If golden hour photos are calling your name, it’s time to call on us. 😉

@flytographer Beautiful skies, perfect colours, soft & flattering light? 🌅 Say less. We’ll see you at sunrise or sunset 📸 #phototips #photography #vacation ♬ Golden - Harry Styles

How to have a dream travel photoshoot

From the booking process through viewing your online gallery of high-quality photos from your Flytographer photoshoot, we try to make the whole experience as hassle-free as possible! ☺️ We’ve handpicked local photographers, and with packages starting at $285 USD, you’ll likely spend more on an evening out in your vacation destination than on your entire photoshoot experience with one of our amazing professional photographers! 🤑 From start to finish, hiring a travel photographer is likely the best decision you’ll make.

@flytographer Step 1: ☕️, Step 2: 🕺✨📷🤩 Where would you want to have a Flytographer shoot on vacation? 🌎🥰 #vacationphotographer #romephotographer ♬ original sound - Flytographer

Capturing your vacation memories

Capturing vacation memories is why we’re here! It’s why we do what we do and love doing it as much as we do. Travel photos don’t have to be overwhelming, stressful, or expensive; neither does choosing what to wear, posing, or knowing how to capture you (and your loved ones) at your destination! We’re here to help and can’t wait to capture your vacation memories soon. 🎉

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Kamille and family celebrate a beautiful day together in Honolulu while on a family photoshoot with Flytographer.