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Meet Claudia in Lisbon

I am a girly-girl and people person. I love people who are in love and that want to tell the world all about it. My style is casual and what you could call very feminine. I love details, sun flare, and capturing laughter and connection between my beautiful models.

Three Things

  1. I can't live without my beautiful baby girls (proud mamma!).
  2. My friends tell me I have a contagious laughter and smile.
  3. One secret: I love to dance, especially when no one's looking - it always makes me feel great!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Lisbon

I love to shoot on the city's belvederes. Lisbon has several beautiful hills and the belvederes bring out the most gorgeous sightings.

Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese, and I understand French and Spanish. I'm a bit rusty on my German, I must confess.

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Claudia

"Claudia was amazing!!! She was great with the kids and she took us to some hide gems where she took great pictures. We love the photos to record our first trip to Europe with our two boys!" - Lorena

"Claudia was wonderful. She made our shoot so much fun and really brought out our personalities in the photos. She was a pleasure to work with. " - Annie

"Claudia was incredible! My husband and I felt like she was an old friend. We felt so comfortable around her and she provided us with lots of cool insights on Lisbon and even gave us some restaurant recommendations! (Which were both outstanding!) overall, we could not be happier with our photos and our experience. Thank you Claudia!!!" - Alessandra

"Claudia is so nice! She made us feel super comfortable even though it was half past 6 in the morning! Loved the experience!" - Patricia

"Claudia is awesome! Made me feel comfortable the whole shoot. My pictures turned out great despite me being a little shy and not your typical model figure ;) She is a very good photographer, knows her craft well and she has a warm personality. Much recommended! :) " - Melanie

"Claudia is so knowledgable about the history of Lisbon and which made walking around taking photos that much more enjoyable. She has a fantastic grasp of the city and knew exactly where to take us for a variety of shots highlighting the best of the city. " - Melissa

"Claudia was so easy to get along with, and made the photo session really easy and broke the ice. I was feeling awkward at first but she made me feel really comfortable right away! I love the way our photos turned out. " - Rachel

"Upon reviewing photographer options in Lisbon we decided to work with Claudia based on her gallery. This was the best decision we made on this trip by a wide margin. First and foremost, Claudia is an absolute sweetheart. Kind, thoughtful and patient with us and especially so with our 2 yr old toddler. She has a knack for making people happy and getting them comfortable before and during the shoot which is an absolute must have for a great photographer. Claudia’s motherly instincts proved to be invaluable in helping our little guy through what can be a trying experience for a toddler. She accommodated our schedule and used her mastery of lighting knowledge to guide us through some of the city’s most amazing and unique backdrops. In summary, book her. You’ll never regret it " - Suren

"Claudia was fantastic! She was very patient with our large group (and little one that refused to smile) and took the time to make sure we got every shot we had requested. As we walked around Lisbon she also filled us in with history, insights and recommended some great restaurants. She doubled as a tour guide as we took pictures! Thank you so much Claudia!" - Natalie

"Claudia is EXTRAORDINARY; we had an incredible experience with her! Not only is she an absolute joy to work with but we got many exquisite photos (and I'm not at all photogenic). I rate her a 10 on a scale of 1-5. " - Laura

"Claudia is fantastic - so friendly, so great with the kids, and full of information about Lisbon. We had a great time with her, and the photos turned out amazing! Thank you, Claudia!" - Trisha

"Claudia was really nice to work with! She was very easy going and made it easy for us to take photos. It was my fiance's and my first time taking professional photos and she guided us through it and made it fun. Claudia also was able to show us a side of LIsbon we hadn't seen yet! Overall, a great experience." - Donald

"Claudia was amazing! She knew exactly where to go to get the most beautiful photos. Even on a night when Lisbon was shut down she made it happen! :)" - Sherri

"Claudia was amazing - very patient, friendly, helpful during the photoshoot and then sent our photos very quickly!" - Meghan

"Claudia was lovely, she put my whole family at ease and was so friendly and thoughtful. We loved our shoot with her and really appreciated her efforts to get the most creative, wonderful shots that will be a fantastic momento of a very special trip. " - Charlotte

"Claudia was wonderful to work with! She made the experience light and fun, while still professional. She is a true expert of Lisbon and knew all the good spots. She communicated with us regularly via text leading up to the shoot and on the day of, even left us with some recommendations for places to go/see/eat. " - Melissa

"Claudia is very sweet and her down to earth self made it very comfortable to work with. She is very passionate about photography and her clients, that we wouldn't trust anyone else to capture our very special moment. Thank you, Claudia! " - Crystal

"Claudia is an amazing photographer! She is friendly and upbeat, which makes the whole experience fun. Very easy to work with and we enjoyed our session with her. We absolutely LOVE our photos and are so glad she was able to capture our special time together in Portugal. We will cherish these photos forever!" - Michelle

"Claudia was amazing. My 3-year-old warmed up to her immediately. She is great with kids, keeping her engaged and have fun during the session. Our pictures turned out great. They truly captured the precious moments we were in beautiful Lisboa. " - Yilu

"Claudia was, once again, delightful and charming and so easy to be around. We love her." - Brit

"Claudia was incredible. She made us feel so at ease and took us to so many amazing spots. We not only got to have a wonderful photo shoot but she also showed us parts of the city we wouldn't have seen! She was amazing and I highly recommend her!" - Melissa

"Our time with Claudia was incredible! To begin with she was so accommodating with organizing our shoot around the potential rain on the day to ensure we had the best experience! She made both of us extremely comfortable in front the camera and felt more like a friend than just a photographer! I am so happy we chose her to make our Lisbon trip so memorable, the photos are stunning and framers for sure!" - Summer

"Claudia was wonderful! She made us feel incredibly comfortable and well taken care of in her hands. We had a great chat while walking around one of her favorite neighborhoods in Lisbon. I highly recommend her. In fact I already suggested her to a friend visiting Lisbon later this week. " - Lara

"Claudia was warm, happy, easy to work with and most importantly gave us fantastic photos. " - Caitlin

"We had such a nice time with Claudia, learning about Lisbon while having our photos taken. She was especially wonderful and thoughtful with our son, who normally does not enjoy having his photo taken but loved posing for her! We now have some beautiful family photos from a great trip. " - Heather

"Claudia was very nice. We were very happy with the photoshoot and the photos are great :-)" - Stefanie

"Claudia was amazing! She was so friendly and knowledgeable of the area and the best places to take photos. It was like walking around Lisbon with a friend with photos taken in between! It was a great experience! " - Candice

"I would give Claudia 10 out of 5 stars. She truly went above and beyond making herself available for questions about the city and made our family feel super comfortable from the start. The picture quality is incredible. I cannot recommend her highly enough. " - Jillian

"Had such a great time on our photoshoot with Claudia! Claudia made us feel so comfortable and fun while taking pictures. I loved and enjoy our chat along the way to the different locations. Definitely recommend Claudia to anyone who wants a fun, romantic, candid photoshoot! " - Mai

"Claudia, was the most amazing photographer. She has an amazing personality and truly knows how to work with you. She took breathtaking pictures and anyone that chooses to work with her will be very lucky." - Angela

"We had such an amazing time with Claudia!! Not only does she take incredible photos, but she’s also a self-described history nerd, so our photo shoot turned into a mini history lesson as we walked through the Alfama neighbourhood. Will absolutely recommend Claudia to anyone visiting Lisbon!" - Mackenzie

"Claudia was amazing! She knew all of the spots in Lisbon that had the beautiful light and colors we were looking to capture in our photos. The photos came out great, but we also enjoyed a wonderful conversation with Claudia during our shoot as well, and she gave us a recommendation for dinner after the shoot which ended up being one of our best meals in Portugal!" - Lauren

"Claudia was fantastic to work with! She engaged our daughter and chose lovely backgrounds for our family shoot in Sintra. We would absolutely hire Claudia again and hope to do so in the future on another visit to Sintra!" - Chelsea

"We had an absolutely fantastic time with Claudia. Not only was she so kind and sweet, she went the extra mile to show us parts of Lisbon we had not seen. She was gentle with our kiddos and made us feel so comfortable! We are so grateful!" - Heather

"Claudia. Was. Fantastic! From the minute we met her, she was bright and cheerful and made us both so comfortable. She gave just enough direction, but really just let my husband and I be ourselves. She made the most of our short time together and made sure we got amazing shots in lots of special Lisbon locations. I truly recommend this service not just for getting some great photos, but for making some fun memories wandering around Lisbon! I would not hesitate to use Claudia again for photos in Portugal." - Lauren

"My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience working with Claudia while in Portugal! We absolutely love our photos. Claudia made us feel very comfortable which allowed her to capture some really lovely photos that feel like us (not overly staged or posed). Not only did Claudia make beautiful images, but she provided us with some history of Portugal and recommend us to the most delicious restaurant for dinner (it was divine). If you’re looking to capture the dreamy experience that is a trip to Portugal, I highly recommend Claudia." - Hannah

"Claudia was great to work with! She knows all the best spots for a photo op. We hadn’t lots of fun with her and our photos turned out amazing. Highly recommend Claudia if you want to get some photos in Lisbon!" - Chelsea

"Claudia is spectacular. By far one of the best photographers I have worked with." - Brooke

"Claudia is a wonderful photographer to work with. She captured the soft, romantic look and feel exactly as I had hoped. I love my photos, and highly recommend the very talented Claudia!" - Shelly

"We loved our experience working with Claudia. She is an amazing photographer who shared with us so much passion, knowledge about Lisbon, and an incredible eye for light and composition. We were nervous going in, but Claudia quickly put us at ease and her photos capture both the beauty of the landscape and the best sides of us as well." - Gaylen

"Claudia was a sweetheart. She suggested a beautiful location to shoot in. It was a neighborhood we hadn't spent any time in and was ideal for beautiful colorful shots like we had asked for. She was easy to work with and her photos are stunning." - Chris

"Claudia was the best photographer we've ever worked with! Claudia knew all the right spots to go in our Lisbon neighbourhood, and with a degree in history, she also gave us information on our neighbourhood with a historical context." - Lyndsay

"Absolutely love Claudia! It was our first time using this service and we were a bit nervous, and she completely put us at ease. We were able to laugh with her, tell stories, and she shared quite a bit of the history of Portugal with us." - Sumona

"Claudia was an amazing photographer- she knew the shots to get and we moved throughout the city to ensure we got different backgrounds- she was a pleasure to work worth and I love my photos!" - Renee

"Claudia was fantastic! She recommended the perfect locations for our family of 7 photo shoot. We were so pleased with our photos and would recommend Claudia to anyone visiting Lisbon!" - Catherine

"Claudia is an amazing photographer and person! She made our family feel so comfortable during our photo shoot, and especially engaged our young children and made it fun for them." - Merica

"Claudia was beyond amazing, beyond any of my expectations, and was a complete joy to work with!" - Kelli

"Claudia was wonderful! She made us feel very comfortable and the photo shoot did not feel too 'posed' or structured and it definitely showed in the results." - Jamil

"Claudia was amazing. She did not rush us and worked magic with our 1 yr old. Since she has small children, she knew exactly how to handle the situation." - Bradley

"Claudia is an amazing photographer who took her time with us making sure every shot was special. She was incredibly accommodating and her energy kept everyone (including our two little ones!) engaged. Our photos are beautiful and memorable. Claudia took her time composing each one to include not only the stunning backdrop of Lisbon but the special moments between myself, my husband and two children. We can't thank you enough for such a great experience!" - Nancy

"Claudia captured memories that will now live forever on our walls, with our families and of course in our hearts :) She was an absolute joy to shoot with and made us feel VERY comfortable in a situation that can be a bit uncomfortable. She took us to the best spots in Lisbon that we never would have encountered otherwise, and gave us the absolute best recommendations for traveling the city and the best pastry we've ever had! This was a truly special experience and it was all thanks to Claudia. We will never forget this trip, and how our shoot with Claudia was an absolute highlight." - Rosalia

"Claudia was fantastic, she was so patient with my kids and captured their little personalities perfectly. We absolutely fell in love with Lisbon and are so glad to have these amazing family photographs to remember our trip." - Clare

"Claudia was brilliant. Her style worked well with ours and she instantly put us at ease and helped us feel welcome in her beautiful city. Her joyfulness and enthusiasm was really the best first impression we could've hoped for for our time in Lisbon, and I think that translates in her photos. She captured a perfect balance of our affection and playfulness, set among the moving and inspiring backdrop of Lisbon's architecture and gorgeous sunrise." - Joey

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