Style Guide

We can’t wait to capture some fantastic memories from your travels. We’ve put together some guidelines to help you choose outfits that will have you looking your best and feeling even better.

Before the Shoot

Before we dive in, the absolute most important (and only) rule is that you wear something that feels like you. Choose what you FEEL REALLY GOOD IN! If you’re not loving what you’re wearing, it will show in the photos. On the flip side, if you love and feel super confident in what you’re wearing – it will show too! You know yourself best, so whether you want to wear your most loved pair of jeans and rock a natural look, go all out with a glamorous black tie wardrobe, or dress somewhere in between, it’s up to you. Whatever you choose, the photos will still be amazing. Don’t feel pressured to wear something you’re not comfortable with because in 20 years, it’s you who will be looking back on the memories!

Tip #1: Options, options, options

If you have room in your suitcase, bring a couple of outfit possibilities on your trip! The outfit you thought was perfection a week ago may not be your number one choice on the day of the shoot. Maybe something spills in your bag, or a random change in weather has you wishing for a sweater rather than a tank top. Something unexpected always arises on a trip, but stressing about your clothing shouldn’t be one of them!

Best friends complement each other perfectly with similar colours and a similar style dress.

Tip #2: We love movement

A Flytographer shoot is all about exploring your travel destination, so choose outfits that you’re able to move around in comfortably. Try to avoid restrictive clothes that take the focus off of having fun on the shoot. High heels may not be the best choice for cobblestoned streets and tight jeans on a sandy beach could have you wishing for a breezier alternative.

Clean white and grey sneakers work well with their outfits and are practical on the cobble streets

His shirt and tan shorts compliment the surroundings and her dress.

Tip #3: Little details, huge difference

Try to avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily or show sweat stains, as it’s not always possible to hide them. Especially for shoots in hot, tropical locations, choose flowy dresses, fabrics that breathe like linen & cotton, and lighter colours that will hide sweat.

This couple used the warm colours of the rocks and the vibrant blues and whites of the ocean to coordinate their outfits.

Her white linen dress and his outfit work well together and are appropriate for the hot weather.

For cooler climates, choose outfits that are both cute and functional (i.e. warm!). It’s harder for everyone, especially the little ones, to focus on enjoying the shoot and looking their best when their teeth are chattering.

The muted colours of their outfits blend nicely with the tall columns and the grey background.

The blue scarf is a great accessory and pops against the fall foliage.

Tip #4: Layers, layers, layers!

If the weather allows for it, layering items such as scarves, sweaters, jackets, necklaces, watches, and hats are great ways to add texture and visual interest to your photos. Just be careful not to overdo it!

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Tip #5: Shoes are important

A thoughtful choice here can really make your outfit, so shine up your best pair for the shoot. Be sure to think of the terrain at your location: high heels do not play well with cobblestones, grass, chip trails or sand.

Things to Avoid

* Large logos or t-shirts with images and/or text – it is distracting and pulls focus away from you.
* All white or all black outfits can be difficult to photograph without losing detail in shadows or highlights.
* Overly matched – complementing your partner’s outfit is great, but being too “matchy” can look dated (eg. everyone in the same patterned shirt or matching jackets).

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Hair & Makeup

* Consider having your hair and makeup professionally done before your shoot! Being confident in your appearance will help make you more relaxed during your shoot, which in turn leads to more sincere and authentic photos.
* Unless you’re going for a stylized look, avoid any major hair or makeup changes. You want to look great, but you also want to look yourself.
* If you’re celebrating a recent engagement or are on honeymoon and might want a close-up shot of your rings, have your nails done as well!

Timeless vs trendy

We’ve all made a few fashion choices in the past that we wish we could take back. What seemed hip 10 years ago might now have you shaking your head wondering what you were thinking! Aim for a timeless look that will continue to resonate in later years.

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Fit is Key

Nothing is more flattering to your figure than an outfit that truly fits well. Try to avoid baggy clothing which will leave you looking boxy, or anything overly tight that might restrict your movement.

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This chic mother & daughter duo kept the season (autumn) and the city in mind when choosing complementary outfits.

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During the Shoot

Travel light
* Try not to carry anything with you that you wouldn’t want in the photos. Your photographer will do their best to help hold anything that you might not want in the shot, but they’ll have plenty of equipment to carry as well, so it’s best to leave whatever you don’t need back at the hotel.
* Keep items in your pockets to a minimum! Anything too bulky will show through your clothing and be a bit distracting. (Unless you’ve got a ring box in your pocket and are about to propose!)

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Props are fun
* If you’re nervous in front of the camera, having a prop to interact with can be the perfect distraction.
* Get creative and bring a little chalkboard sign and some chalk! If you’re shooting in a green space, bring a blanket and some books to read or make a little picnic. If you’re in the city, find the nearest street vendor and share a pretzel or an ice cream cone. If you have a prop that also has some significance to your relationship, even better! These can be especially helpful for younger children that have difficulty keeping still.

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Using this red car was a fun way to add some colour and interest to this shot.

Last but not least, break the rules!
These are just suggestions — feel free to get creative and have fun! If you have any questions, reach out to your shoot concierge or photographer and they’ll be happy to help.

Have a great shoot!

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