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Meet Rachael in Paris

After almost nine years living in Paris, I still pinch myself every now and then to make sure this isn’t just one long dream.  My photography style is fun and spontaneous. My goofy demeanour and joyful outlook on life are truly contagious. Honestly, I have one of the most amazing jobs - capturing precious memories as you explore Paris!

Three Things

  1. I am living an extraordinary life with the quintessential French man, our two French cats, and our new apartment that's still under construction.
  2. I love to go on bicycle vacations with my husband - for our honeymoon we bicycled from just outside of Tours to Pont L'Abbée!
  3. One thing I can't live without is adopting tourists and showing them all that I have learned in my time here! I love meeting new people and helping them fall in love with Paris, too!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Paris

My favourite spot is the Louvre - I can't help but imagine the awesome historical figures that have walked these same corridors before me!

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Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Rachael

"Rachael has such great energy - it was early and chilly, but we all had a lot of fun laughing, and it translated into pictures where we look relaxed and happy!" - Crysler

"My husband and I had the pleasure of hiring Rachael to shoot our gender reveal - her positive energy was magnetic and she made us feel so comfortable throughout the shoot. Thank you again Rachael for everything!" - Jenna

"Rachael took maternity photos for us on our Babymoon in Paris! She is the sweetest and so talented! Not only are the photos beautiful, the whole experience ended up being a highlight of our trip... The Trocadero was gorgeous in the morning and Rachael made it even more spectacular by giving us cute cues on topics to talk about or focus on together while we took photos in the beautiful setting. This made the whole "maternity photos" concept much more comfortable, special, and memorable. She also made sure my outfit and hair were in place for the entire shoot which I really appreciated! As an added perk she sent us off with a great recommendation for the rest of our morning after our shoot and that ended up being one of my favorite spots in Paris! The experience and the photos were both breathtaking! " - Teresa

"Rachael was an amazing photographer! Her upbeat and bright personality made the whole experience so enjoyable, and I felt comfortable to be myself around her. She also helped guide me with some posing, which helped tremendously. I absolutely love the mix of candid and posed shots that she took of me, and I cannot wait to share them with my family and friends!" - Kaitlyn

"Our photographer, Rachael, was amazing! Her personality meshed so well with my husband and I. She was warm and friendly. I couldn't ask for a better experience. " - Tanika

"Rachael was extremely communicative before our shoot and made the critical recommendation of moving the surprise engagement shoot up 1 day to capture the best lighting. On the day of, she arrived promptly and lightened up the mood with her wonderful personality. The shoot was an incredible experience and the pictures were perfect! Thanks again!" - Bob

"Rachael is probably the most incredible person + photographer you will work with. She is kind. She is easy to be around and can capture a great shot. We loved our time with you Rachael!" - Nicole

"Rachael was incredible! She made the shoot SO fun and enjoyable. We feel so lucky to have these sweet pictures to remember our trip!" - Sarah

"Rachael was amazing, she made our photoshoot experience fun and memorable. 😊" - Alyssa

"Rachael was a blast to work with. She brings enthusiasm, love, and most importantly, care for her shoots. Immediately meeting her, I knew she would be as ecstatic as myself for our shoot. I love that she is heavily experienced not only behind the lens but also with her ideas. She is very welcoming and open to ideas, which made our shoot much more collaborative. Rachael is amazing and I could not be more happier with the results." - Ajay

"Rachael was AMAZING!! she made us really comfortable with being photographed and her photos were superb. HIGHLY recommend you both her! you wont be disappointed" - Deirdre

"Rachael was fantastic! She was very energetic and personable (which was great for a early morning shoot). Not only did she make us feel so comfortable in front of the camera but she kept us moving so we could make the most of our time taking lots of fun shots! We never thought we would have so much fun! " - Elise

"Rachel went out of her way to help us feel so special when my fiancé proposed! She helped him plan the proposal and was the first person to congratulate us after we shared our special moment. She made us feel like models and went out of her way to ensure we had fun and looked great. Our photos are gorgeous, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s a great photographer and a true gem." - Kayla

"We had so much fun with Rachael and we just love our photos. She really captured our joy to be in Paris, a favourite place, and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We would definitely recommend Rachael for photo shoots in Paris!" - Coco

"Rachael, thank you so much for a lovely, fun, and relaxed experience! We love our photos, and are grateful that you were able to capture our happiness beautifully. " - Laura

"Rachael was awesome! She made us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot and we love our photos. She communicated in advance so it was very easy to meet up with her and even gave us a few recommendations of things to check out while in Paris. " - Katharine

"Rachael was so wonderful! She put us completely at ease and knew exactly how to make the most of our time together. We love our photos and highly recommend Rachael over all! " - Sydney

"Rachael was amazing to work with. She has a great personality and made our photo session time with her so much fun. The photos from our session with her are stunning and we love having these as a reminder of our time in Paris." - Heather

"Rachael was amazing. She made us feel so comfortable during our shoot and we had such a good time. I felt like she did everything possible to make us enjoy our experience. She’s really awesome at what she does and we just love how our pictures turned out." - Carley

"Rachael was wonderful. She did such a great job of making us feel comfortable so that she could get natural candid shots. We love the pictures and would recommend everyone who wants pictures done in Paris use her." - Travis

Rachael was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only does she have a great eye, but she also "knows how to give just enough direction to give your photos that dreamy yet candid Instagram feel! On top of that, she's super warm and friendly. We hit it off with her right off the bat, which allowed us to feel even more comfortable in front of the camera." - Stacey

"Rachael was incredible! She gave us great direction and made us both feel completely at ease! We had just as much fun at the shoot as we did at any other event on our vacation!!" - Brielle

"Rachael was such a pleasure to work with in Paris. She made my husband and I feel completely at ease for our photoshoot. Rachael provided the perfect balance of guidance and humor while remaining professional. She captured such beautiful photos that we will cherish forever!" - Katie

"Rachel was nothing less than amazing. Extremely helpful with making our shoot the best it could be. The quality of the photos were exactly what we wished for and she captured our emotions perfectly. What a pro!" - Adrian

"Rachael was an absolute joy to work with. She was very enthusiastic and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Taking pictures surrounded by crowds in one of the most populated attractions in the world can sound stressful, but Rachael navigated the scenery like a true pro." - Cody

"Rachael was amazing! From start to finish she made sure she was getting the perfect shots for our special day! She did a great job of getting different shots that showed our personality!" - Ben

"Rachael is one of the most amazing photographers I’ve ever met. She was totally friendly and made us feel so comfortable that we just lived in the moment and forgot anyone around us! The images we received were better than we imagined and it really looks like we were the only ones there." - Holly

"Rachael is amazing!! She helped me turn a nerve-racking experience into one of the best days of my life. The photos are beautiful and we both shed a little tear when we first saw the gallery." - Jeremy

"Rachael was a wonderful photographer to work with! She made us feel more relaxed and comfortable all while directing us on how she would like us to pose. We wanted this shoot to be fun and she definitely achieved that for us." - Kara

"Rachael was fantastic! We had such a great time and she really put us at ease and made the entire shoot SO FUN!" - Alyssa

"Our shoot with Rachel was one of the main highlights of our trip!!! She is not only a fabulous photographer but more importantly a spectacular person!! Really just WOW!!!" - Janet

"Rachel was amazing! We had the best time with our photo shoot in Paris, she made us feel completely comfortable being in front of the camera." - Alexandra

"Rachael was absolutely fabulous. She was patient and kind with our children and super fun to work with. Our photos far surpassed our expectations. I am so glad that we used flytographer. I would recommend Rachael to anyone who wants to capture their special moment in Paris." - Cindy

"Rachael was such a treat to work with. Bubbly and friendly, and really fabulous with our 5-year-old son, she made our photo shoot fun and easy. It was an incredibly hot morning but Rachael was all smiles, full of fun and easy suggestions that resulted in some really amazing photos!" - Eran

"Rachael did such an amazing job with our photo shoot and pictures. She made the whole process not only easy but a lot of fun too! She was super friendly and professional and put us at ease from the moment we met her." - Christine

"Rachael made this experience amazing for us. She was such an ease to work with and made us feel special and enjoy the moment a lot despite our nerves." - Kuljit

"Rachael is amazing!! She helped me turn a nerve-racking experience into one of the best days of my life. The photos are beautiful and we both shed a little tear when we first saw the gallery." - Jeremy

"Rachael went above and beyond to make our experience 100%. I still cannot believe how magical the photos are." - Kat

"Rachael made us feel comfortable and special from the second we met her and her communication was wonderful. We are so happy with her photography skills and creating memories while we were visiting Paris!" - Adrienne

"Our shoot with Rachel was one of the main highlights of our trip! She is not only a fabulous photographer but more importantly a spectacular person!" - Janet

"Rachael was amazing! She connected with my family right away and made everyone comfortable. I’m a photographer myself so I know how important that is. And the pictures were exactly what I wanted!" - Rachael

"Rachael is an amazing photographer! Her warm and bubbly personality showed from her initial response to my booking request. She made my fiancee and I feel comfortable as she directed us for the best shots we could get, and kept a great balance between a playful and professional tone. After the shoot, Rachael went out of her way to give us first-time Parisian tourists a crash course of the metro system. Our pictures turned out beautiful and we look forward to linking back up our next visit!" - Marcus

Rachael did a phenomenal job. She was so pleasant, and so upbeat, we loved working with her. She played the part and made it a surprise for the proposal. You could feel the love and she even blessed us on our upcoming union and marriage. She is really something special!" - Samir

"Rachael was more than just our photographer for the day: she was marriage advice, hype girl, director, friend, and party people. She was so amazing in making everyone comfortable, getting better shots than we could have dreamed of, and making sure we were where we needed to be when we needed to be there! We can't thank her enough for our time and photos in Paris - without a doubt one of our favorite experiences of the trip." - Caitlin

"Rachael was not only a fantastic photographer, but a lot fun to hang out with! Our son immediately loved her and she got the best photos out of all of us! It was a pleasure to spend time with her and we love our photos!" - Angela

"Rachael was amazing! Not only did she make us feel at ease but she captured us so accurately!" - Rachel

"Racheal was very professional and thoughtful of our needs. She's excellent for families with children. It was a cold day for us in Paris, but Racheal made sure we were comfortable and camera ready. She's just great!" - Gimha

"Rachael is an amazing photographer! She is full of positive energy and extremely professional. If you are a bit nervous or camera shy, Rachael is the perfect photographer for you. She takes time to get to know you, and is a very helpful coach to get the most out of your experience! We are so happy with the photos she took! We can’t wait to share them with everyone." - Nicholas

"I only wish I could take Rachael with us to other places. She was just fantastic! Tremendous praises for both her skill and personality, as I’m pathologically nervous in front of the camera to say the least and she managed to make both my hubby & I at ease almost immediately." - Erica

"Rachael was great to work with! She was so friendly and fun to be around. We really enjoyed the experience with her." - Elisa

"Rachel was always very responsive to our questions before the shoot. When we met her she had great and positive energy and was so easy to work with." - Thao

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