Honolulu and Oahu, Hawaii Photo Spots

On the beautiful island of Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital city, boasts a unique blend of urban and natural beauty. From landmarks such as Diamond Head to paradise-like white sand beaches with blue waters, the city has it all! Oahu, as a whole, is a visual feast filled with amazing photo spots. Wondering where to head for the best photos? This blog will guide you to the top 10 places to take photos in Honolulu and Oahu. 📸

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  1. Feel like you’re in a movie scene at Kualoa Beach.
  2. Step inside a Hawaiian postcard at Waikiki Beach.
  3. Admire the rugged rocks and crashing waves at La’ie Point.
  4. Find your slice of paradise at Mokuleia Beach.
  5. Soak up the Aloha spirit at Waialae Beach Park.
  6. Observe the thrill of surfing culture at Sandy Beach.
  7. Escape the hustle and bustle with a visit to Ala Moana Beach Park.
  8. Discover the artsy side of town with the Kakaako Murals.
  9. Enjoy an authentic luau at Paradise Cove.
  10. Marvel at amazing views from Diamond Head.

Photo: Enzo in Honolulu for Flytographer. Phuong and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Paradise Cove.

1. Kualoa Beach (Northeast Shore)

Along the Kamehameha Highway, Kualoa Beach is one of the most diverse places to take photos in Honolulu. The beach itself is a serene stretch of sand, away from the more crowded tourist spots, perfect for relaxing, picnicking, and enjoying the calm waters. 🏖️

A stone’s throw away is Kualoa Regional Park and the tiny island of Mokolii. That’s not all; the majestic Koolau Mountains rise behind you, creating the perfect scenery for a photoshoot. Feeling a sense of déjà vu? This area is where movies like Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and Jumanji were filmed. 🎞️

Extra tip: On your way from Honolulu, you’ll pass the stunning Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens, another excellent location for photos. 👌

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Kaye and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Kualoa Beach.

2. Waikiki Beach (South Shore)

One of the most notable places to take photos in Honolulu is Waikiki Beach, world-famous for its golden sand, turquoise waters, and the backdrop of the cityscape and Diamond Head. You can stroll the long stretch of sand and take a dip in the relaxed swimming area, protected by a seawall. Another way to enjoy the scenery is to rent a surfboard or grab a cold mai tai, sit back, and watch the pros in action. 🏄♂️

The waters are always clear and inviting, and the views are always Instagrammable. This is your classic Honolulu postcard and a place where every sunset is a celebration. 🌅👏

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Montoya and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Waikiki Beach.

3. La’ie Point (North Shore)

Tucked away in a residential neighbourhood on the North Shore of Oahu, La’ie Point is a hidden gem. 💎 Surrounded by a dramatic seascape and rugged terrain, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and the uniquely shaped islets offshore. Kukuihoolua Islet is the most eye-catching one, featuring a natural arch and resembling a lizard in its form. 🦎

The waves crash powerfully onto the jagged rocks, adding a touch of drama to the scenery and your photos. There’s also a neighbouring stretch of white sand beach surrounded by rocks where you can stroll along, soaking in the serene and secluded atmosphere and discover more amazing places to take photos in Honolulu.

Photo: Flytographer in Honolulu. Heather and partner capture memories in Honolulu with a vacation photoshoot at La’ie Point.

4. Mokuleia Beach (North Shore)

Along the pristine shores of Mokuleia Beach, you’ll find a piece of Hawaiian paradise: shallow blue waters, soft golden sands, majestic palm trees, and verdant coastal vegetation all around. The area also boasts breathtaking views of the Mokuleia mountains and North Shore windmills in the distance, making it one of the best places to take photos in Honolulu. ⛰️

The uncrowded shores bring a delightful sense of seclusion and the opportunity to capture gorgeous shots without crowds stepping into the frame. It’ll be just the best of nature, you, and the ones you love. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a sea turtle or two making its way to the water. 🐢

Photo: Enzo in Honolulu for Flytographer. Vishwatej and partner capture memories in Honolulu with a proposal photoshoot at Mokuleia Beach.

5. Waialae Beach Park (South Shore)

If you are looking for that classic Hawaiian coastline view without the skyscrapers of Honolulu, Waialae Beach Park is a great choice. Nestled in the Kahala neighbourhood, this palm-tree-lined park is one of the most picturesque picnic spots in town and offers a variety of backgrounds. 🌴

It might be tucked away, but it is a local favourite, known for its excellent swimming opportunities, spectacular sunrises over the water, and unique wedding celebrations that embody the best of the Aloha spirit! 🌺

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Jessica and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Waialae Beach.

6. Sandy Beach (East Shore)

This beautiful beach, just a short drive from Honolulu, is one of the best beaches on the East Shore of Oahu. The waters aren’t for the faint of heart as the surf crashes onto the beach in powerful, rolling waves. This makes it a prime spot for surfers, and capturing them riding waves against the fiery sky is a picture-perfect moment you won’t forget. 😮

The beach is also a stunning place for a photo shoot, where the rocky landscape shines in the golden morning sun and buildings are nowhere to be seen. You’ll feel worlds away from any worries! 🐚

Photo: Laura in Honolulu for Flytographer. Djanne and partner capture memories in Honolulu with a honeymoon photoshoot at Sandy Beach.

7. Ala Moana Beach Park (South Shore)

Nestled between Waikiki Beach and downtown Honolulu, Ala Moana Beach Park is one of the most scenic places to take photos in Honolulu. 👍 Combining an uncrowded sandy shore with leafy green areas, this park offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle without leaving the city.

Here, you’ll find postcard-worthy views: Ala Moana’s golden sands stretch for half a mile, featuring swaying palm trees, calm turquoise waters, and stunning vistas of the Honolulu skyline and the iconic Diamond Head. Adding to the scenic surroundings, vast grassy areas adorned with banyan and palm trees create an ideal setting for picnics. 😍

Photo alert: A short drive from Ala Moana Beach Park is the exuberant Iolani Palace. Its American Florentine facade is unique in the world and provides more amazing photo opportunities.

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Jessica and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Ala Moana Beach Park.

8. Kakaako Murals (South Shore)

There’s more to Honolulu and Oahu than just beautiful beaches. The downtown art district of Kakaako, near Ala Moana Beach Park, is like an open-air gallery for Aloha pop! The area is brimming with colourful street art, with every corner revealing murals by local and international artists. These vivid artworks offer a dynamic and ever-changing backdrop for photoshoots, making it hard to imagine a more vibrant background. 🎨

Beyond its stunning murals, Kakaako is alive with many cafes, bustling markets, and chic boutiques. Here’s an idea: grab a Hawaiian honey latte to go as you explore this trendy part of town. 🍯 🐝

Photo: Laura in Honolulu for Flytographer. Marya and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Kakaako Murals.

9. Paradise Cove

On the west side of the island, Paradise Cove boasts an array of resorts and amenities, particularly catering to families with young kids who prefer a slower pace for their Hawaiian exploration. 😌

As the name suggests, this place epitomizes a tropical paradise. It features tranquil lagoons surrounded by rocky outcrops and lush tropical foliage. You can snorkel in the mornings with sea turtles and immerse yourself in the beautiful Hawaiian culture during a sunset luau. 🍹

Speaking of which, Paradise Cove is famous for its traditional Hawaiian luaus, where you can capture vibrant images of hula dancers, fire performers, and the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii. Can it get any more amazing than this? 🤔

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Julianne and family capture memories in Honolulu with a birthday photoshoot at Paradise Cove.

10. Diamond Head, South Shore

Diamond Head in Honolulu is a volcanic tuff cone and an almost mystical landmark beside the city. The hike up to the summit offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views and places to take photos in Honolulu, especially since the closure of the Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven.

The stunning beach at its base is protected by a shallow reef, making it a magnificent spot for epic waves and sweeping ocean views. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a rainbow. 🌈

For more hiking options, check out Manoa Falls, a 150-foot waterfall just outside Honolulu. The lush rainforest terrain around it offers a glimpse into Hawaii’s rich natural environment. 🌳

Did you know that Oahu Island was formed from multiple volcanic eruptions that have left their mark. Koko Head, for instance, is a smaller volcanic cone on the eastern side, and Hanauma Bay on the southeast coast is a partially submerged volcanic crater. 🌋

Photo: Flytographer in Honolulu. Uzma and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Diamond Head.

Capturing Memories in Honolulu and Oahu

Honolulu and Oahu are full of hidden gems and amazing places to explore and take pictures. Here are some extra honourable mentions:

  • Visit Kailua, Lanikai Beach, and Makapuu for more beaches and coastal beauty.
  • For cultural experiences, explore Haleiwa, a charming historic town on Oahu’s North Shore.
  • Check out Kaneohe and the Lanikai Pillbox hike for lush landscapes and scenic treks.
  • Don’t miss the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout and Lanai Pali Lookout for more dramatic panoramic views.

For more Hawaiian tips, check out our ultimate guide to the Hawaiian islands. From Maui to Kauai and The Big Island, we have all the details you need for a memorable trip.

Wherever you decide to head in Hawaii, you can always count on local photographers to capture the magic of your visit — your new favourite photos are just a click away. 😉