Best places to take photos in Maui, Hawaii

Each of the Hawaiian Islands is a unique paradise, but there’s just something about Maui that pulls at our heartstrings.🐬 Maybe it’s the lush landscapes, the pristine beaches, tiny Molokini Crater just off the coast, the famous Hana Highway … or a little bit of it all! Maui truly has everything to offer, including endless opportunities for magnificent photos. If you’re compiling a list of must-photograph spots, here are 10 places to get you started. 📸

1. Ulua Beach, South Shore

This family-friendly beach on the south shore has a little bit of everything — lush forests, fun boardwalks, soft sand, and hidden alcoves! The gentle waves breaking along the shoreline make it the perfect location for even little ones to splash in the water, and the soft sand invites you to leave your shoes behind. A winding boardwalk lined with palm trees is both an accessible and picturesque location for all members of the family. During the day, this is a popular spot for snorkeling 🐠  and at sunset, the sky is painted in an array of pastel colours you don’t want to miss.

2. Po’olenalena Beach, South Shore

This beautiful, quiet and sunset-friendly beach on the south shore is the perfect spot for a relaxed evening of sky-gazing with your honey. Although it’s just minutes down the road from bustling Kihei, it feels like a secret (yet convenient!) getaway. The borders of the beach are blanketed in lush greenery, the water glitters with infinite shades of blue, and the dark rocks provide beautiful contrast in an array of Hawaiian colours. Find your perch on the lava rock or under the swaying palms to watch the sun slowly set on the horizon. 🌅

3. Baldwin Beach Park, North Shore

Popular with locals, this quiet beach in Paia is worth the drive to the north shore. Beautiful white sand and gorgeous blue water make it picture-perfect any time of day, but we especially love it during sunrise. Towering palm trees greet you as you arrive, and the bright yellow lifeguard stand is an “accidentally Wes Anderson” moment we can’t get enough of. Paia is a classic Hawaiian beach town, with adorable coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants to explore before heading up the road into the stunning upcountry Maui. You can also continue your drive along the coast towards Hana to catch views of the surfers in action. 🏄🏻‍♀️

4. White Rock, South Shore

Bask in the beauty of the long, crescent sand and surf on Palauea Beach, also called White Rock Beach – a great spot for those staying in Makena or Kihei. There’s plenty of room to spread out and claim your own slice of paradise on this big beach. 🏖 With classic beach views, stunning sunsets every evening and calm waves, it’s a family favourite from dawn ’til dusk.

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5. Keawakapu Beach, South Shore

Protected by a reef, Keawakapu Beach features soft sand, rocky outcrops and ironwood trees – perfect for splashing in the waves! This is a great beach for visitors to Kihei and Wailea. The winding wooden boardwalk framed by greenery and palm trees makes it a fun spot to run and explore with little ones. 🌴

6. Road to Hana

Adventure-lovers, this is your time to shine! Pack up the car and hop on the road for a breathtaking ride along the northeastern side of the island. 🚙  This scenic drive is all about the journey, not the destination. Lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, and black sand beaches are just a few of the sights to enjoy along the famous Hana Highway. We recommend taking it slow to fully appreciate every inch of trails, gardens and beaches just waiting for you to explore.

7. ʻĪao Valley

If you picture lush forests and tropical flowers when you think about Hawaii 🌿, visiting this stunning state park neighbouring the West Maui Mountains and Kahului should definitely be on your itinerary. It’s an easy walk to the towering ʻĪao Needle. Paved walkways, signs packed with historical information and breathtaking views make it an accessible and popular location for every member of the family. Just remember to bring a rain jacket because this valley is one of the wettest places in Hawaii with an average of over one inch of rainfall per day. After all, how else could this sacred valley remain so incredibly lush and vibrant? 🌦

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