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Meet Krystal in Paris

An American living in Paris, my style is natural and fun! I love chatting with customers throughout the shoot to put them at ease and keep them laughing. I am happy to give lots of guidance on posing so you can look natural as well. Also, as a woman, I feel I pay extra attention to the details that other women may worry about as well, such as hair, clothing, and makeup malfunctions. It's my job to make you forget the camera is even there and make you look your best!

Three Things

  1. When I'm not taking photos, I love to write. I work for several Parisian Lifestyle magazines. 
  2. I can't live without dark chocolate, definitely…
  3. I once spent a year caring for four French children. I spoke NO French and they spoke NO English. It was maybe the most terrifying and enlightening year of my life.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Paris

I love classic cafés and secret hideaway streets with iconic Parisian backdrops around the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

Languages Spoken


More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Krystal

"Krystal was great! She greeted our kids by name and engaged with them immediately, making it a more pleasurable experience for them. She really made the photo session fun for us, which my family doesn't usually like pictures. Krystal was so much fun! We absolutely LOVE our photos & will cherish them!" - Juanita

"Krystal is amazing! She is very professional and prompt. Krystal is also very personable and has a great eye. My husband and I felt very comfortable with Krystal and enjoyed spending time with her. I am so thankful we chose her to be our photographer. I am sure we will enjoy looking at our photos for many years to come. To top it all off, my husband and I had so much fun! Whenever we are in Paris we will request her to take our photos. Thanks Krystal!" - Cedric

"Though we worked with Krystal for such a short time for our shoot; I really enjoyed her! She made sure everything was in place; hair, dress, and kid! It was nice not to worry about how I looked, because Krystal had us covered! Krystal had us do some of the same poses/movements over because she wanted to make sure she got the perfect shot! And because of this, we have some of the most memorable pictures of my daughter during her first trip to Paris! " - Lisa

"Krystal was amazing! She made us feel real comfortable and had us relaxed the whole time. Krystal is good at what she does. She knows how to capture the great moments. She made sure hair, clothes, etc. was in the correct place; she pays attention to details so your photos come out gorgeous. " - Philip

"Krystal did a great job putting me at ease and also has an excellent eye for attention to detail. She read what I wanted to get out of my shoot and found some good backdrops. " - Emily

"Our time with Krystal was the highlight of our trip! She really captured our daughter's personality and our fun, laid-back family dynamic perfectly, with the beautiful Eiffel tower as the backdrop. Krystal made us feel completely comfortable and we could tell she was having fun right along with us! We would highly recommend her and would absolutely work with her again if given the opportunity!" - Craig

"Krystal was the perfect photographer for our family session. She maximized our time and was able to get wonderful photos we will cherish forever. She helped with posing to give us the natural feel we wanted. She was also great with our kids. " - Skylar

"Krystal was excellent! She took great engagement photos of us that we are very happy with. She also made the whole photoshoot experience fun to do, which we weren't necessarily expecting. I highly recommend her as a photographer. We want her to shoot our wedding too! " - Daniel

"My friends and I booked Krystal for a trip to Paris. We couldn't be happier with the way the photos turned out, plus the quick turn-around time! Krystal is an amazing (and personable) photographer with an excellent eye for detail and she will make you feel your most confident so you can look your best in your photos! Krystal knows the city well and has mapped out all the hidden gems to give your photos a unique and distinct flare! Next time I'm in Paris, I'll definitely book her again for a photoshoot! " - Harman

"Krystal was absolutely AMAZING! Before the shoot she was very communicative and helpful. Once we started the shoot, Krystal made us feel very comfortable and helped direct poses and vantage points to get the best pictures. And we definitely got GREAT pictures! Not only are the pictures to die for, but the experience itself was so fun and unforgettable!" - Jamie

"Krystal was perfect! I loved that she made us feel comfortable and worked to get the best pictures out of us after the initial surprise. Krystal was an incredible photographer and I would recommend her to any and all potential customers :)." - Karthik

"We had a fantastic experience with Krystal in Paris! She definitely knew where she wanted us to be. Neither me nor my boyfriend is particularly comfortable in front of the camera but Krystal made us look glamorous and totally natural at the same time. She put us at ease, made sure my hair and necklace were well placed and kept things moving so we covered alot of ground in half an hour. She's a lovely young woman and I would highly recommend working with her." - Margie

"Krystal was the best photographer that I could’ve asked for for this special moment! 10/10 would recommended her to anyone in Paris!" - Jeremy

"Krystal was so sweet and did a wonderful job. She had incredible attention to detail-checking my teeth, hair, makeup before starting. She would notice opportunities to use reflection of water and unique perspectives." - Megan

"Could not be happier with Flytographer and Krystal! She made it made it look like we were the only people there with great shots of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Every picture came out great!" - Shreyas

"Krystal got great pictures of our family of six in a short session. They are beautiful and we will cherish them. She is also very friendly and easy to work with." - Erica

"Krystal was great! She was such a joy to work with. My now fiancee was so appreciative of her attentiveness to her wardrobe and hair as it was a surprise proposal. I would definitely recommend Krystal to others." - Jordan

"Krystal was lovely and very easy to work with. My husband and I along with our 3 girls felt completely comfortable and really enjoyed the photo session." - Lisa

"She was wonderful! Warm and friendly, and within 10 minutes, she bonded with my 2 year old daughter and by the end, my daughter was asking for more photos to be taken of her!!" - Yogita

"Krystal made this whole process and so easy for my fiancé and myself! We had a blast! She made me feel completely confident leading up to our secret proposal shoot, communication was super easy, and all went according to plan! Not to mention the photos came out fantastic!" - Emile

"Krystal was incredible! She arrived before we did and gave us time to settle in and introduce our skeptical twin toddlers. Krystal coaxed smiles out of our 2.5 year old boys when others have failed and made the entire shoot fun! I can't recommend her enough and that was even before we saw the amazing photos of all four us smiling (a rare treat). Thank you thank you thank you!" - Ryan

"Krystal was amazing!!! My daughter and I loved her. We were nervous but Krystal was so easygoing. We felt our shoot was very natural and didn't feel posed." - Tricia

"Krystal is AWESOME! She’s so easy to work with. Loved her down to Earth and witty personality." - Misty

"We had a wonderful experience with Krystal! She is so warm and friendly, and patient with our young children, and she did an amazing job of “styling” us to get the best shots, as evidenced by the finished product." - Rebecca

"Krystal was the best! So personable and warm and she worked so hard to get my daughter (my teething daughter) to smile early in the morning! Wish we could have spent more time with her!" - Lindsey

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Krystal! She was OUTSTANDING with the kids...especially my 6 year-old who has a bit of a stubborn streak. And the photos were amazing! I recommend her without reservation to all travellers visiting Paris!" - Amy

"Krystal was a great photographer. Friendly and directional with our posing. Though 30 minutes goes by fast, I felt we got in a lots of poses as a couple and even a shot or two separately. It was just a fun experience to add to our vacation." - Stephanie

"Krystal was absolutely amazing! She is so talented and made us feel completely comfortable during our shoot. We would highly recommend her!!" - Nicole

"Krystal was absolutely incredible! She gave us all of the guidance we needed, was patient, pleasant and conversable." - Carlee

"Krystal was so fun to work with! She put us at ease with her fun-loving personality and captured some beautiful shots of four close college friends celebrating 46 years of friendship in Paris! I would definitely recommend Krystal and Flytographer for a future vacation." - Cathy

"Amazing!!! Highly recommend. She made it an easy and fun experience!" - Lee

"Krystal is an amazing photographer, she was friendly professional and made us feel welcome in Paris. I would highly recommend her for a Paris photo shoot." - Sharon-Rose

"Krystal was amazing to work with! From the moment we met her she was warm and welcoming. She captured our laughter and love so wonderfully!" - Sarah

"We had a wonderful morning with Krystal. From the start of the shoot, she made us feel comfortable and at ease and the hour with her flew by. We are so happy to have such a wonderful memento of our trip to Paris!" - Tyler

"Krystal was absolutely amazing! I basically gave her the reins and she knocked it out of the park. She was very professional but at the same time very personable. The mood of the photo shoot with her was fun and relaxing and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much Krystal!" - Tyler and Danielle

"Krystal was amazing! It was a fun experience working with her. I love all the photos! She also gave us a lot of good advice about the city as well! Thank you, Krystal!" - Brittney

"Krystal was great! She made us feel very comfortable the entire shoot. Our photos turned out really well and we are grateful to have had her capture our time in Paris." - Alexandra

"Krystal was amazing! The second we met it felt like we had known her forever. She made the shoot super fun and my husband and I had a great time. We are beyond pleased with our photos and are so glad we have our trip to Paris captured for memories to last a lifetime." - Abby

"Krystal was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel super comfortable, knew exactly what angles best suited me, and most importantly I felt like a star. Krystal paid attention to every detail and produced immaculate photos. I can’t thank her enough for the memories I now have for a lifetime!" - Rachael

"Krystal is an amazing photographer. She is very professional and she was great at communicating with us before the shoot." - Jamal

"What an amazing shoot I had in Paris. Krystal was great and really captured my personality. She was fun and made me fell natural." - Tracy

"Krystal was so much fun to work with and her expertise and experience is apparent. The three of us shared laughs and stories between shoots and she put us at ease from the first moment. I highly recommend Krystal to anyone looking for a fun experience and great photos!" - Eric

"We had absolutely great time with Krystal! Like we met an old friend) Everything was so comfortable and nice and the photos are so wonderful!" - Olya

"Krystal was amazing! She captured beautiful photos that I will cherish always!" - Kiesha

"Krystal was a dream to work with! She made us feel so comfortable, she is really fun to be around and gave us great recommendations for the rest of our time in Paris!" - Reynolds

"Krystal was amazing - she instantly made us feel comfortable and like "ourselves". She gave the perfect amount of direction" - Courtney

"Krystal was so great! She made the session relaxing and worked so well with my 1 year old. She gave great direction and she even caught the small things." - Lauren

"Krystal was great to work with. She had a great eye, really knew the location and best spots to photograph, and she was fun and personable." - Marla

"Krystal was amazing! I felt like she understood what we wanted, and she was so sweet with our squirrely 4 year old." - Stephanie

"Krystal was awesome. She made us feel super comfortable and the pictures are amazing It was really a great experience." - Brian

"There are no words to describe the amazing talent of Krystal as a photographer. She not only captures the photo, but the emotion tied to it." - Deanna

"Krystal was very professional and she will also make you feel at ease and relax with the session." - Roy

"Krystal was nothing short of simply amazing! From the planning stages to capturing the surprise on my Fiancé's face as I proposed, it was just magical!" - Shane

"Krystal is fantastic! Excellent with our kids, and has fantastic vision for her pictures. Highly recommended!" - Katherine

"Krystal was amazing! Both my girlfriend and I are not camera friendly people, but Krystal made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera." - Geleta

"What a fabulous experience! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer! Krystal was so attentive to every little detail while putting us at ease. We laughed through the entire shoot!" - Karen

"Krystal was incredible. So fun and easy to work with! My husband hates getting his photo taken and she got him relaxed and he even enjoyed it." - Britt

"Krystal was absolutely amazing! Her recommended location captured exactly what I wanted in our photos. Our photos were stunning!" - Jennifer

"Oh my gosh - we loved Krystal. She is so sweet and fun. Even my teenagers said they had a great time on the photo shoot. We got more than just fabulous photos. We got another great experience to remember from our trip." - Lori

"Krystal makes everything fun and relaxing and has a great eye! highly recommend." - Danielle

"Krystal was a phenomenal photographer, extremely professional from beginning to end and was very personable." - Austin

"Krystal was amazing. She related well to all three of us. She was so pleasant and knew a lot about the areas we went to throughout Montmartre." - Deborah

"Krystal was great to work with from beginning to end. Coordination for our shoot was easy peasy. Krystal was a joy to work with on the day of the shoot - she was very cheerful and encouraging." - Danielle

"Krystal immediately put us at ease. I told her the specific shots I wanted and she made sure we got all of them. It was a lot of fun to work with Krystal and I would gladly do so again." - Matthew

"Krystal was so accommodating and awesome. She made our photo shoot so easy. We totally enjoyed working with her!" - Sarah

"very helpful and friendly throughout the process of planning and completing our shoot. She was quick to respond to questions and offered suggestions about where to shoot and even where to eat dinner afterwards!" - Quinn

"Krystal was great! The shoot went exactly as planned. Krystal was very easy to work with and she was so nice to talk to during the shoot." - Will

"Krystal was so fun, she made us feel comfortable, gave us just enough direction, and took incredible photos!" - Meaghan

"We had a great time working with Krystal. She had great ideas and wonderful locations to capture the feel of Paris." - Ginger

"Krystal was absolutely amazing! She made me feel very comfortable almost instantly!" - Renisa

"Krystal was absolutely amazing! She made me feel very comfortable almost instantly!" - Renisa

"Krystal was amazing! We would recommend her to anyone who wants fabulous pictures taken in Paris!" - Jan

"Krystal was a fantastic photographer that captured some wonderful memories of our trip." - Carmen

"Krystal our photographer was wonderful! Our daughter loved her. It was such a wonderful experience and our photos are fabulous!" - Alison

"Krystal was friendly, creative, and very skilled at her craft of photography. Her use of natural light is impressive." - Courtney

"Krystal exceeded our expectations in every way, and as a bonus, she was a blast to hang out with." - Laura

"The photos Krystal took were absolutely breathtaking!!! I love these photos more than my own wedding photos. Also, Krystal has an awesome personality!" - Christina

"Krystal was such a sweetheart and captured beautiful moments between mother and daughter that will last a lifetime" - Ellen

"Krystal was a true professional and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. The pictures turned out awesome and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking photos in Paris." - Ryan

"Krystal was fantastic! She was responsive to communications, prompt, flexible, enthusiastic and engaging with our children." - Christina

"Krystal was an excellent photographer! She was very friendly. She made the photoshoot seamless." - Nekedra

"Krystal, perfectly captured the personality and mood of our family. I was very impressed in her ability to engage our toddler throughout the shoot." - Amber

"Krystal was so fun and I felt immediately comfortable in her skilled hands." - Sandy

"Krystal was Absolutely Amazing & I would definitely work with her again if given the opportunity! She captured everything we were hoping to get on our photo shoot and the results are magical!" - Lora

"Krystal is a very professional photographer. It was an amazing experience to work with her." - Andrei

"Loved working with Krystal! She captured our family perfectly on the streets of Montmartre in the early morning light!" - Michelle

"Krystal was amazing, she gave great direction, worked so well with my children and was endlessly patient." - Andrea

"There are no words to describe the amazing talent of Krystal as a photographer. She not only captures the photo, but the emotion tied to it. Every picture she took was so candid and detailed and with all her images you feel like you can not live without that picture. Krystal loves what she does and it is evident in the way she interacted with me and my friend Jon. She made the photo taking fun, interactive and produced a beautiful product. She'll make you laugh and keeps the mood light with her awesome personality. Krystal captured our amazing date in Paris in pictures. I am forever grateful for her professionalism and the beautiful moments she captured in her images." - Deanna

"Honestly, without ever having been, I wouldn't have been able to scout out a better location in Paris without Krystal's help. I wanted the city to be a recognizable scene but I also didn't want to pop the question in a sea of tourists. Krystal had the perfect spot on the Seine in mind.  And now I'll have the expression on my now fiancee's face in that moment captured forever. Worth every penny." - Mitchy

"Krystal was so fun, and the pictures were absolutely fantastic! She made it a fun part of our vacation, and now we have the excellent memories too." - JW

"Our Flytographer Shoot with Krystal was the highlight of our trip!" - Erin

"Krystal was fantastic! She made us feel totally comfortable, gave helpful direction, and made sure that we were looking our best. She was knowledgeable about the area and was able to capture some great images." - Valeri

"We loved Krystal! She knew all the great spots to take pictures and we loved how they turned out. We had a great time with her as well. She gave us a little tour during our photoshoot." - Sabrina

"We love our pictures!  Krystal did an amazing job of capturing our son and making sure that we all looked our best in the pictures.  I'm so happy that we decided to do this." - Michelle

"Neither Sam nor I are particularly camera friendly and more often than not take awkward photos with weird faces than good ones we want to keep. Krystal made us feel comfortable right away and really captured what we were feeling - which was pure happiness - without us worrying about feeling awkward or self-conscious." - Sam

"We were all grumpy and I was convinced this shoot is going to be a disaster. When Krystal came, she immediately saw the "situation" and quickly helped us turn it around. She was warm and put us at ease and was extremely good with directions for what she wanted us to do or how to "pose". She was great with adults and kids (not everybody can do that). She even attempted to fix my useless hair on a few occasions! I love the different locations/feels she chose to shoot our photos. She was also quick to embrace a few suggestions I made to her (barrettes or a photo by a stone bench with graffiti for a bit of an edgier feel). A fantastic talented photographer and a lovely person." - Vera

"Krystal was so helpful in making our vision into reality. She captured the most exciting moment in our lives, and that in the most beautiful city. Krystal was fantastic in communicating with us before and throughout the shoot. She made the photoshoot fun and made us feel relaxed, which made it so much more enjoyable." - DK

"Krystal was awesome to work with! She also gave us some tips on other things to see in Paris as well as how to get around! Overall, wonderful experience!" -Tiffany

"Krystal was such a joy to work with in planning our marriage proposal. The photoshoot following the engagement was a blast! Krystal made us feel so comfortable by giving us guidance on how to pose and where to look, yet made us feel like we were just strolling the street of Paris. All of the pictures turned out stunning and will forever be in our family." -Hunter

"Kryrstal was awesome!  We were both feeling uncomfortable about the photo shoot in a public place but she made us feel right at ease and enjoy it.  She had a variety of locations, both typical landmarks and some more unique spots that we loved and wouldn't have found on our own. She helped preserve lasting memories of our fabulous honeymoon in Paris." - Erin

"Kristal was flexible and very awesome to work with! She knew exactly what we needed in terms of the photo shoot." - Alex

"Krystal was amazing to work with. Our pictures would not have turned out nearly as well without her guidance and expertise!" - Chanel

"Krystal was great to work with. She is talented and extremely nice." - Catalina

"Krystal was amazing! Super fun and easy to work with. We immediately felt very comfortable. She is a professional and her work is beautiful. She really captured our engagement beautifully and made the moment extra special." - Robin

"Krystal gave us a walking tour of Montmartre while taking natural photos of us. We were really trying to avoid the cliché posed engagement pictures, and Krystal achieved just that. The photos wonderfully embody our trip to Paris and we are so thankful for such special souvenirs." - Blaire

"Krystal made me feel super-comfortable (confident, even), and I think the pictures reflect that." - Alessandra

"Krystal was AMAZING! She made us feel extremely comfortable. Our shoot was like walking in Paris with a friend taking our pictures. The results were absolutely GORGEOUS! These are some of the best pictures I have with my husband." - Fariha

"Krystal was incredible. She was warm and friendly, super knowledgeable, and gave me lots of direction, which I needed. I generally hate having my photo taken, but she made me feel very relaxed and beautiful -- and I think it shows in the results!" - Elizabeth

"Krystal, our photographer, was wonderful! My mom and I have been telling everyone how amazing she was. She guided us and gave us directions on where to look, how to pose, etc. Krystal was such a highlight of our trip because she became a friend by the end of the shoot. To top everything off, our photos came out perfect!" - Lendl

"Krystal was fantastic! She was engaging and easy to work with. She really did a great job at capturing the two of us in an easy and candid way." - Annie

"Our shoot with Krytsal in Paris was a highlight of our trip! As soon as we met her she seemed like family and was able to put our 5-year-old son at ease immediately. And the pictures? Perfection!" - Kerry

"Krystal was awesome, great to work with and super easy. She listened to what we wanted and also showed us the best places for what we were looking for." - Dina

"Krystal was amazing! We are not used to getting our pictures taken and she made us relaxed, have a lot of fun, and enjoy the session. We are so happy we did it!" - Danielle

"Krystal helped us to laugh and relax, giving me the best pictures of my family EVER. She really captured our personalities. Her photos will help us remember our trip to Paris forever." - Cynthia

"Krystal was absolutely wonderful and made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. The photos came out better than I ever could have imagined and people can't stop talking about them!" - Allison

"Krystal was the perfect choice; her advice on locations, her brilliant positive attitude, her incredible photography skills, and her recommendations on what to do after the shoot were just some of the reasons why we had the best day." - Don

"Krystal was amazing! She made the entire experience enjoyable, it was as if we were spending the day with a friend touring Paris.  Not only did she take amazing photographs for us but she also provided us with recommendations on what to see and where to eat.  The photos from Krystal are my favourite souvenir from our trip!" - Rebecca

"Krystal was wonderful: she was easy-going, offered great location suggestions and the photos came out excellent.  She put the whole family at ease and we wish she could take our picture at all of our future travel destinations." - SC

"It was such a special time in our lives as newlyweds and Krystal really helped capture the moment. Krystal is extremely talented and amazing to work with! We can't express how in love we are with our photos." - Catherine

"Krystal was great to work with and made it easy to be the one in front of the camera. She instills confidence in you during the shoot and guides you in a way that creates natural looking photos." - Caitlin

"Krystal was able to capture the beauty of the city in the photos. Not only was Krystal an amazing photographer, she was a delight to work with. A million times thank you!" - Angie

"Krystal was amazing. So much fun to work with and she made it easy for us." — Rosa

"It was priceless to me that Krystal did an hour-long session with us---it felt like the whole proposal lasted an extra hour, that it wasn't just this moment that happened. These photos are going to be in our family forever. We can re-live it, over and over again." - Macie (read more about this romantic proposal here)

"We had so much fun during our shoot in Paris. Krystal was great to work with and was able to make sure we were comfortable. Our photos capture us being ourselves, rather than posing in a way that looks unnatural. I am so grateful for the photos we have of us near the Eiffel Tower - they will truly be cherished for the rest of our lives! Every trip deserves to be remembered in a special way and Flytographer makes it possible!" — Tesia

"My daughter and I have always had a very close relationship, and on this trip we bonded even closer. We had experiences that made us stronger individually, saw inspired and inspiring sights, and made memories that will feed our souls for ever. Our Flytographer photographs make our memories feel less abstract...they are tangible and visual reminders of our incredible Summer of 2014. We LOVED our photographer Krystal, and really appreciate the tips she gave us about the city. We love Flytographer!"— Kate (see more photos from this special shoot)

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