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Meet Jacqueline in New York City

I am a seeker, always looking for new experiences, places, and stories. I always fill my frames with feelings, energy and visual poetry.

Three Things

  1. I love to do sports (biking and hot yoga), explore the city and hear live music. Usually you can find me in a café in Williamsburg, working on a new photographic project. 
  2. One thing I cannot live without is freedom. 
  3. People think I have a good sense of humour and an exceptional handling of aesthetics.

Favourite Place to Shoot in New York City

Definitely Williamsburg in Brooklyn!

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Jacqueline

"She was so easy to work with. Took great photos " - Kathryn

"Jacqueline was incredible. Very professional and very easy to talk to and get along with. She knows her stuff! She makes sure everything is perfect for the moment and makes sure you get the best shots possible. She made the day extra special for my fiancé and I. I highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking for a photographer in the NYC area!" - Paul

"Jacqueline was both professional and eager to please my ideas and thoughts for a perfect proposal. She was always attentive to any questions and even went to the shoot site the day of @ 7:30 am to send pics and ensure a successful meeting point. Would highly recommend Jacqueline to help be a part of your special day! " - Ryan

"Jacqueline was very patient with our children especially with our son, Lucas, who was all kinds of cranky that day!" - Andrea

"This experience thanks to Jacqueline was everything I was expecting and more! She is a great photographer not to mention a great person with a great personality. She made me feel very comfortable while having lots of fun!" - Maria

"Jacqueline was so kind and pleasant to work with. She did an amazing job capturing the moment and worked well with me to surprise my fiancée on our engagement. She captured the most amazing moments for us!" - Alin

"Jacqueline was just amazing from the beginning, very friendly and easy-going! She really made me feel comfortable and created an unforgettable experience for me." - Samara

"Jacqueline in NYC was fantastic! I had a grumpy kid but you sure can’t tell by the incredible pictures Jacqueline was able to capture! She was fast and efficient and we are more than pleased!" - Leah

"Jacqueline is amazing! Not only was she great at taking photos, she also made us feel comfortable during our shoot!" - Atria

"Jacqueline provided the most wonderful experience. From the minute we met her, she made us feel right at home. She made us feel comfortable so we could get the most candid and genuine photos. Having Jacqueline was like having a liaison to the city. I would absolutely work with Jacqueline and flytographer again, what a blast!" - Brea

"Jacqueline was fantastic! She was extremely friendly and very open to listening to what our goal was for the session. I am very happy with the pictures." - AP

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