Since its time as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century, Florence has been a cultural star of Europe. You’ll find breathtaking art, mind-blowing architecture, mouth-watering food, and of course wine 🍷… all tucked into cobblestoned streets and bustling piazzas. Consider this your official Florence photo travel guide, featuring the best places to take photos in Florence for a photoshoot both in and around Firenze. 📸 As they say in Italy… “andiamo!”

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Amanda and their partner celebrate their trip to Florence with a couple photoshoot.

1. Piazza della Repubblica

Republic Square is one of the main squares of Florence and marks the centre of the city since Roman times. Surrounded by elegant buildings and home to a colourful carousel, you’ll likely pass through this popular piazza often during your stay. It’s also home to the Giubbe Rosse café where intellectuals and artists met in the early years of the 20th century, and the creativity can still be felt  permeating throughout the square. 

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Nathalie and their partner capture memories at the Piazza della Repubblica in Florence with a couple photoshoot.

2. Duomo & The Ponte Vecchio

The centrepiece of Florence is the famous “Duomo,” made up of the  Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Campanile di Giotto (Giotto’s Bell Tower).. Climb to the top of either the massive dome designed by Filippo Brunelleschi or the campanile for unbeatable views of the city from high above. Even just admiring the intricate marble facade from the Piazza del Duomo at sunrise is an unforgettable experience. 

(Fun fact: In 1601, a thunderstorm caused the giant golden ball on top of the dome to crash to the street! ⛈ Keep your eyes peeled for a unique circular stone in the ground that marks where the ball fell. 👀)

From the piazza, make your way to Florence’s other popular landmark, the Ponte Vecchio. This isn’t just any old bridge though! As you cross the Arno River, you’ll pass shops built into the sides of the bridge. Traditionally run by butchers, tanners, and farmers, they are now home to mainly jewelers and artists. Don’t forget to take in the unique view of the Ponte Vecchio from a neighbouring bridge as you listen to the sweet sound of street musicians. 🎶

Photo: Camilla in Florence for Flytographer. Shameem and their family capture memories in Florence at the Duomo.

3. Piazza della Signoria 

This popular piazza is another gathering place in the centre of the city. If you can’t make it to the Accademia Gallery to see the real Michaelangelo’s David, look for the replica in front of Palazzo Vecchio. It’s also next to the Uffizi Gallery, which is home to masterpieces by famed Renaissance artists including Da Vinci, Botticelli and more. If you want a truly off-the-beaten-path experience, book a ticket to see the Vasari Corridor. The secret passageway of the Medici family winds from Palazzo Vecchio, through the Uffizi Gallery, over the Ponte Vecchio, and finally into the Boboli Gardens.

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Catherine and their partner celebrate their anniversary in Florence at the Piazza della Signoria with a couple photoshoot.

4. Oltrarno Neighbourhood

This trendy neighbourhood is where you can find a true taste of Florentine life across the Arno River. We mean this literally because the streets are packed with local-approved bars, cafes and gelaterias. Peek inside the lives of the Renaissance’s most rich & powerful families with a stroll through Pitti Palace and the expansive Boboli Gardens. We also love the smaller, yet equally stunning, Bardini Gardens.

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Jozie and their partner celebrate their honeymoon in Florence with a couple photoshoot.

5. San Miniato Church & Piazzale Michelangelo

One of the very best places to take photos in Florence is catching the sunrise or sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo and the San Miniato Church. Unforgettable panoramic views of the Florence skyline are well worth the leg-burning walk up the stairs, and we suggest bringing along a well-deserved bottle of wine to sip on as you watch. 🍷 Another replica of Michelangelo’s David, this one in bronze, keeps watch over the city. 

Photo: Camilla in Florence for Flytographer. Cheri and their partner celebrate their anniversary in Florence with a couple photoshoot at Piazzale Michelangelo.

6. Giardino delle Rose

While the Boboli Gardens are the most well-known of the many gardens dotting the city, many people pass right by this charming rose garden on their way up to Piazzale Michelangelo without even realizing it’s there. The Giardino delle Rose is at its best in spring when the roses are in bloom, but you can visit any time of year to enjoy the view at one of the best places to take photos in Florence. 🌹

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Robert and their family celebrate their babymoon in Florence with a maternity photoshoot at Giardino delle Rose.

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7. Ponte Santa Trinita

While not many people know that the Trinity Bridge is the oldest elliptic arch bridge in the world (save that fun fact to impress your friends 😉), it is popular for being one of the best photo spots for a view of its neighbour, the Ponte Vecchio! It’s one of our favourite Instagrammable spots for a photobomber-free shot of the pastel Italian buildings lining the sparkling Arno River.

Photo: Camilla in Florence for Flytographer. Sheryl and their friends celebrate a trip to Florence with a friends photoshoot at Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Santa Trinita.

8. San Lorenzo Market

Ready for a literal taste of Florence? The San Lorenzo market is composed of an indoor market, called Mercato Centrale, packed with all things food. Prefer to stay in the Italian sun? There is also an outdoor market selling Italian leather goods and other souvenirs nearby. This is the best spot in the city for shopping ’til you drop! We can practically smell the fresh food and authentic leather already. 👜

Photo: Flytographer in Florence. Javy and their partner celebrate their honeymoon in Florence with a couple photoshoot at San Lorenzo Market.

9. Pienza

While the cobblestoned streets of Florence could keep us endlessly entertained, a trip into the Tuscan countryside can’t be missed for a true Italian experience. Visit a winery to taste and discover how your favourite Tuscan wines are produced, or simply go for a drive along the rolling vistas. 🌳 The charming town of Pienza is less than 2 hours’ drive south, and neighbouring Montepulciano, Fiesole and the UNESCO World Heritage Site San Gimignano are all incredible places to visit for a Flytographer shoot.

Photo: Emma in Florence for Flytographer. Simrat and their partner celebrate their anniversary in Florence with a couple photoshoot at Pienza. 

10. Siena 

Siena is one of the most picturesque and well-preserved medieval towns in Tuscany and perfect for a day trip. 🚙 In the centre of the city lies a unique, fan-shaped piazza where locals and visitors alike spend their days. If you happen to be visiting on July 2 or August 16, prepare for a true local experience as the city gathers for the Palio di Siena. This famous horse race is held twice a year where ten horses and riders race bareback around the piazza, representing ten of the seventeen city wards. Choose your colours carefully, and prepare to cheer!

Photo: Emma in Florence for Flytographer. Wendy and their family celebrate their trip to Venice with a family photoshoot.

Best Places to Take Photos in Florence

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