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Meet Ioannis in Santorini

I normally like to take natural shots of people. This photojournalistic way helps me to highlight the mood and the moment, but of course some editorial and creative portraits will complete the package. I have worked with many newspapers in Greece like Kathimerini and Proto Thema, magazines like Big Fish, Vimagazino and BridesUK, and also with Korres company, Greeka and many more.

Three Things

  1. I love to travel when I have the chance, to meet people and discover cultures around the world. Of course with my camera, photography is also my hobby as well as my job. I'm lucky!
  2. I couldn't live without my friends. 
  3. My friends tell me I am unpredictable, but in a good way! I like to surprise others.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Santorini

I love to shoot in Pyrgos, Fira and Black beach

Languages Spoken

English & Greek

More Information

Please note that Ioannis requires minimum 60 minute bookings for Oia Village.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Ioannis

"Ioannis was fantastic and amazingly captured the emotion of a surprise proposal!" - Brandon

"Ioannis took amazing pictures for us, very pleased with all he captured for us." - Tanya

"Ionnais is a wonderfully talented photographer." - Kay

"Ioannis was incredibly courteous and wonderful to work with, I can't recommend him enough! An experience in Santorini that I am truly grateful for. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Ioannis for the beautiful tour as well as the gorgeous photos you captured!" - Jennifer

"Ioannis was amazing! He has great experience with photography and made us feel very comfortable. He chose amazing spaces for our shots and we were stunned at how perfect each photo came out. Thank you so much !" - Samantha

"The photoshoot with Ioannis was amazing, and probably our favourite experience in Santorini. There were many hidden areas to take photos with incredible views and we had a lot of fun exploring during the hour. The photos are amazing - we definitely recommend working with Ioannis in the future!" - Kavan

"Patient, kind while working with my heat exhausted, jet lagged, cranky kids! Took such beautiful shots that I will treasure forever." - Allison

"Ioannis is wonderful. So kind and very easy to shoot with. He also recommended an AMAZING restaurant for after our shoot - a meal we will never forget. And of course, we love the photos!! They are beautiful!" - Sarah

"Ioannis captured the moment perfectly! He was prompt and prepared to make our engagement in Santorini one we will never forget!" - David

"Wow! Just wow! I can’t say enough great things about Ioannis! He is incredibly skilled & talented, and was also an absolute joy to work with. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture a special occasion or moment in Santorini, and would hire him again in a heartbeat! Thank you Ioannis!" - Jessica

"Ioannis is a kind, comfortable photographer! We loved our experience with him!" - Kelly

"Ionnis was amazing! We are so happy with the way our pictures turned out! It was definitely one of the best things we did!" - Kelly

"Ioannis was great! He was very personable and professional and we had a lot of fun with him. He knew all the spots to get the shots we wanted and I highly recommend him :)" - Kathy

"Shooting with Ioannis was wonderful! He was quick and organized and made the most of our short time together, leading us to fantastic views of Imerovigli and capturing the beauty around us. He was a great tour guide too, giving us tips about the food and local spots to maximize our trip. Now we have amazing photos to remember our babymoon in Santorini and this special time in our lives." - Jolyn

"I can't say enough great words about Ioannis and our photographs from our travel/engagement shoot in Santorini! He was extremely friendly and took care to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. He was able to find the most beautiful spots in Oia for photos - even though there were people around us, our photos look like we are in our own world! Our photographs came out AMAZING!" - Ting

"Ioannis was awesome. He was patient with my children and light-hearted on a very hot day in Greece. He went above and beyond to ensure the success of the shoot." - Padrica

"Ioannis had a great personality, was direct and straightforward; he kept the photo shoot on track very well." - Kristina

"Ioannis was amazing! He was so professional and made my husband and me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He captured us very naturally and he took many candid moments. He also explained the island to us and offered us suggestions to restaurants and wineries to visit. It was also an amazing way to view the town of Oia." - Lisa

"Ioannis was amazing. He was great to work with before and during the surprise proposal. The pictures exceeded our expectations." - Elmar

"Ioannis was great! Our photos came out really nice and he was very patient with us. He took us around the best spots at Oia and captured it beautifully." - Sanjona

"Incredible photos in Santorini! Despite being very crowded, the photos make it look like we had the island to ourselves! Ioannis is excellent!" - Durgesh

"Ioannis was awesome! He was very good at giving us direction and he was able to get awesome shots. Loved every minute of it." - Paige

"To have Ioannis capture the beauty of Santorini was everything that we wanted. He knew all of the best locations to take photos at and when and where to avoid the crowds. Not to mention he was phenomenal with our little 3 1/2-month-old and gave us the best gift of all of these photos, that we will cherish forever!" - Kelli

"Ioannis was great to work with! He took us to the most beautiful areas and was great at leading the shoot!" - Kalpana

"Ioannis was amazing to work with, he put us at ease and gave us plenty of direction as requested. He was punctual, professional, and knew all the best shooting locations. He truly was able to capture some beautiful moments from our vacation and paid close attention to detail." - Melissa

"Ioannis has been one of the best photographers we have ever worked with. He was beyond our expectation and truly amazing!" - Wesley

"Ioannis was extremely professional during the entire photoshoot. He was punctual in meeting us at the decided location and he had a game plan for the places he wanted to take us. When he got around to directing us for the shoot and he was patient and friendly through the entire process. On top of that, he knew all the cool nook and corners in Oia which we would have never seen if not for him." - KP

"Ioannis made us feel at ease and was very friendly and kind." - Veronica

"It was a great experience working with Ioannis - he was patient despite my 5-year-old son being grumpy at some poses." - Pia

"Ioannis ws so kind and easygoing, with plenty of experience. He knew exactly where to take great photos with amazing scenery and captured the style we were looking for. After the photoshoot, we went back to one of the locations he took pictures of us to watch the sunset, it was so special. We wouldn't have discovered the beautiful spot it if he didn't show us." - Christine

"Ioannis was fantastic, he made me feel so comfortable and the results were everything I asked for." - SB

"Ioannis was excellent! He knew all the perfect spots for unique and beautiful pictures. We really enjoyed our experience with him." - Niki

"Ioannis was fantastic and amazingly captured the emotion of a surprise proposal!" -Brandon

"Amazing photography! Received better pictures than I expected. Quick responses. Very happy I chose Flytographer!" - Swathi

"The photos are what we expected and wanted to capture as part of our trip! Ioannis had great local knowledge and took us to surprising hidden places to get the perfect shots!" - Bhavik

"Ioannis was an awesome photographer. He took breathtaking photos of us in Santorini, even with cranky kids. These photos are priceless." - Jennifer

"Ioannis was incredible. He knew exactly where to go to avoid the crowds and to capture gorgeous images. He made both my husband & I feel so comfortable. Capturing our time in Santorini  with Ioannis was the absolute best decision we made! " - Ashley

"Ioannis was amazing - he went beyond our expectations. He did an excellent job in planning with me and was flexible. Great pictures and knew exactly where to go gave different types of pictures." - Mitesh

"Ioannis definitely knew all the beautiful locations on the Island, and the pictures turned out amazing." - Hamida

"Ioannis did an incredible job! We got some incredible shots of the proposal and then pictures around Oia for an hour! We couldn't have asked for something better!" -Sarah

"Ioannis was very professional and he really knows where to take the best photos in Santorini. We not only enjoyed our photoshoot but also the perfect views of Santorini." -Darlene

"Ioannis did an amazing job with our pictures in Oia, Santorini. It was a first for us and Ioannis did everything he could to make us comfortable! The pictures turned out amazing!" - Lisa

"The photos are so beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Ioannis was fun to work with and gave us a great restaurant recommendation for dinner after our session. We had the best time." - Katherine

"Ioannis was wonderful! He met us right on time at the location we had discussed. He took us to places we didn't know existed in the city! Gave us great suggestions on posing. Definitely captured our trip and would gladly do it again. After our shoot we forgot our sunglasses with him and he wandered around looking for us because he wanted to give them back. Really shows something about his character!" - Anup

"My photoshoot was fantastic and my photographer Ioannis was like meeting a friend." - Lilian

"Our pictures turned out amazing and I couldn't have been happier with Ioannis. He knew exactly where to take us to get the best shots!" - Suzy

"Ioannis was great! His creative ideas helped us capture beautiful memories of our honeymoon in Santorini." - Caitlin

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