Getting in Front of the Camera

Every love story deserves to be told, and a couple’s photoshoot is a fabulous way to do so. Capturing special moments with your loved one is a celebration of your meaningful connection. Still, some of us might feel shy or puzzled when getting in front of the camera, especially if it’s the first time. We totally get it! That’s why we’re here to share everything you need to know to nail perfect couple pictures. From pose ideas to outfit tips for your photo session, it’s all covered in the following paragraphs, including lots of wonderful little details — this is your ultimate Flytographer guide to the best couple’s photoshoot ideas! 📸

We easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over four million memories worldwide. The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Capture your relationship with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your special moments, forever.

Love comes in all forms. Let’s celebrate it with amazing photos! 🌈



  1. Photoshoot locations
  2. Couple’s photoshoot
  3. Proposal photoshoot
  4. Engagement photoshoot
  5. Honeymoon photoshoot
  6. Anniversary photoshoot
  7. Babymoon photoshoot
  8. Couple photography poses
  9. Outfit ideas
  10. FAQs


Photo: Darine in Banff for Flytographer. Ricky and partner capture memories in Banff with a couples photoshoot at Lake Minnewanka.

1. Top couple’s photoshoot locations

The world is brimming with romantic cityscapes that beautifully highlight the special bond between two people. When it comes to top locations for couple’s photoshoot ideas, the usual suspects come to mind:

  • Paris for cobbled streets, charming cafés, and the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling embrace; ☕
  • New York for charming neighbourhoods, scenic views, and unforgettable love stories; 🗽
  • And Maui for sun-kissed beaches, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking golden hours. ⛰️

However, the more unconventional options also make for wonderful spots for couple’s pictures, sometimes even a place close to home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tokyo for mesmerizing backgrounds and the mix of Zen traditions with hip culture; 🗼
  • Marrakesh for its dusty pink architecture and exotic allure; 🐪
  • And Banff in Canada for its small-town charms and gorgeous background of snow-covered mountains. 🏔️

It’s hard to pick favourites, and there’s no need to — we are in 350+ destinations to help you with a great couple photoshoot. The truth is, every place becomes romantic when you’re with the right person.

Photo: Rachael in Paris for Flytographer. Taylor and partner capture memories in Paris with a couples photoshoot at Sacré Coeur & Montmartre.

Photo: Kari in New York City for Flytographer. Jenn and partner capture memories in New York City with a couples photoshoot at Central Park.

Photo: Lauren in Maui for Flytographer. Teresa and partner capture memories in Maui with a couples photoshoot at Baby Beach.

2. Couple’s photoshoot

You don’t need to wait for your wedding day to celebrate your love, and you can do it long after! A couple’s photoshoot is always a good idea. Maybe you’re exploring a new city together, or perhaps it’s your favourite season of the year, and, why not, couple shoots can even be an alternative to a classic date night.

There are so many fun couple’s photoshoot ideas! The world is your stage: you can dance like no one’s watching, hold hands, or strike a coordinated pose. You can also just relax and think of the shoot as an excuse to cozy up with your soulmate. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

You can turn the results of your photoshoot into lasting memories, such as framed portraits or a beautiful social media post. Couple pictures are all about capturing the joy and connection between two people, and a professional photographer knows how to do just that, creating a more natural and authentic feel to your photos. 👍

Photo: Gabriel in Seville for Flytographer. Leslie and partner capture memories in Seville with a couples photoshoot at Plaza de España.

3. Proposal photoshoot

When the time comes to pop the big question, we want to make it a jaw-dropping moment. A proposal photoshoot is a great way to capture it, even better if you make it a destination proposal. 💍 The idea is to whisk your loved one away to a place that’s significant for both of you or somewhere you’ve always dreamed of visiting together. The right background can make the “yes” moment even more magical.

When choosing the perfect proposal location, keep your significant other’s preferences in mind. You can also subtly weave in hints to ensure they pack the perfect outfit for the shoot, even if they don’t know exactly what awaits them.

A flawless proposal involves a lot of little details. Count on us to help you orchestrate the surprise: our pro photographers can take casual couple pics and leave your partner unsuspecting until the big moment arrives, and when it does, you’ll have gorgeous professional pictures as keepsakes to treasure forever. 😍

Photo: Coo & Yurika in Kyoto for Flytographer. Brandon and partner capture memories in Kyoto with a proposal photoshoot at Maruyama Park.

4. Engagement photoshoot

It’s official: you’re getting married. Congratulations! 🎉 The engagement period is a truly special time, a wonderful opportunity for a photoshoot. Think of it as a pre-wedding gift to yourselves.

There are many photography ideas for an engagement session, but this is above all a great time to show off your engagement ring and pop a bubbly bottle of champagne in celebration! 🍾 

There are no rules — just be yourselves! Want to know another reason engagement pictures are great? They’re like warm-ups to help you practice looking fab for when you’re standing for a photo on your actual wedding day! 👰

Photo: Mattia in Lake Como for Flytographer. Alexa and partner capture memories in Lake Como with an engagement trip photoshoot in Bellagio.

5. Honeymoon photoshoot

A honeymoon is another moment full of joy, love, and connection — add to that the scenic beauty of a great destination and you have another unforgettable experience. The best souvenir to take home? You guessed it: a honeymoon photoshoot. 🧳

Choosing a professional photographer will bring you an expert eye to capture that indescribable feeling of being on a honeymoon. The result will be a lot better than selfies and quick phone snapshots, that’s for sure. They’ll also help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and since these are people who love their cities, they can even show you hidden gems that only locals know about. 💎 

As for you, well, relax and enjoy each other’s company. You’re on your honeymoon! 🥰

Photo: Roberta in Rome for Flytographer. Mallory and partner capture memories in Rome with a honeymoon photoshoot in the Monti Neighbourhood.

6. Anniversary photoshoot

Time flies! 🕐 Whether it’s a wedding, first date, engagement, or any other anniversary, a photoshoot offers a beautiful chance to celebrate your journey and how far you’ve come together.

With anniversary photoshoots, you can choose a perfect couple’s getaway. Everybody loves discovering a brand-new spot, but revisiting places with significant meaning is also nice. Whichever you prefer, making a date out of it is the way to go. The photoshoot is, after all, a chance to renew that bond. 👬

Oh, and remember, love knows no age limits. You can recreate this experience again and again. At Flytographer, we’re always thrilled to see two lovebirds with graying hair proudly displaying their wrinkled love in close-up shots that radiate smiles. 💙

Did you know that many of our photo experts also double as wedding photographers? That means they’re pros at capturing the magic between two souls.

Photo: Ellie in Florence for Flytographer. Jacqueline and partner capture memories in Florence with an anniversary photoshoot at SS Annunziata.

7. Babymoon photoshoot

When it comes to celebrating milestones, this one is big! A babymoon photoshoot, also known as a maternity photoshoot, is a way to capture your anticipation for the bundle of joy that’s about to arrive. 🍼

We have some fabulous photography tips for babymoon photoshoots. While some parents like to wait a while to proudly show off their baby bump, others are thrilled to hold photos of their baby’s sonogram or even a tiny pair of baby shoes. This is a great option for intended parents. After all, there are many ways these wonderful packages get delivered nowadays. 👼

Some couples even like to use these photos to break the news to family and friends, so they do it very early on with sonogram pictures and props. Want to take your babymoon photoshoot to the next level? A destination shoot is a fun way to show your future globetrotter the first “trip” in their lifetime! 😉

Photo: Joanna in Amsterdam for Flytographer. Urvisha and partner capture memories in Amsterdam with a babymoon photoshoot at the Keukenhof Gardens.

8. Couple photography poses

Professional photographers are great at breaking the ice and creating the ambiance to help those who might be pose-shy let go and enjoy themselves, but if it’s pose ideas you want, we’ve got them for you. 👇

  • Hand in hand: Old classics die hard. Holding hands is a universal symbol of connection, and a hand-in-hand photo captures that beautiful sentiment in a simple yet powerful way. 👫
  • Giving hugs: Cuddling close in a warm hug always makes for cute couple photos, leading to more natural and candid shots. 🤗
  • Kisses: Exchanging kisses (even on the cheek if you’re more reserved) or leaning close and saying something romantic turns the romance factor way up! 😚

Different environments call for different pose ideas. The beach is a fun one — you can run for the water, rest on a rocky patch, or even go wild and make a splash together. Of course, there’s also the all-time classic: admiring a gorgeous sunset together. 🌅

Still, we’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it: ditch the rule book, lovebirds! There are no pose police when it comes to couple’s photoshoot ideas. The key is really to be yourselves and have fun together.

Photo: Spyros in Santorini for Flytographer. Michelle and partner capture memories in Santorini with a couples photoshoot in Oia Village.

Photo: Nadine in Cape Town for Flytographer. Shannon and partner capture memories in Cape Town with a couples photoshoot on Signal Hill.

Photo: Sarah in Seattle for Flytographer. Tyler and partner capture memories in Seattle with a couples photoshoot in Discovery Park.

9. Outfit ideas

A big question before a couple’s photoshoot is, “What do we wear?” 🤔 There’s really no need to dress up too much, and there are many ways to go about it:

  • Statement outfits: Jumpsuits are great in certain places, as are florals, fun patterns, and long flowy pieces. The latter can bring a touch of movement to your couple’s pics. 💃
  • Coordinating colours: Try harmonizing colours by picking an outfit with a similar colour palette or lighter hues than the background. Or, if you want to stand out, you can create contrast by choosing colours that are complementary to the environment. Here, a good tip is to choose the opposite colour on the colour wheel. 👌
  • Matching your partner: You can also pair colours or have one partner wear a not-so-busy pattern and the other wear one of the colours in the pattern in solid form. Still, try to avoid looking too “matchy-matchy.” 🤭

We have many more tips for photoshoot outfits here, but to wrap up this section, always consider the location of your shoot and dress accordingly. Another key tip for photoshoot parties is to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. When you feel good, you’ll glow in every photo! 🌟

Photo: Chiara in Amalfi Coast for Flytographer. Nabiha and partner capture memories in Amalfi Coast with a couples photoshoot in Positano Village.

Photo: Kait in Tofino for Flytographer. Brad and partner capture memories in Tofino with a couples photoshoot on Cox Bay.

Photo: Leo in Paris for Flytographer. Chelsea and partner capture memories in Paris with a couples photoshoot at Trocadéro & the Eiffel Tower.

10. FAQs

What is a couple shoot? 

A couple’s photoshoot is a beautiful opportunity to capture a special moment and the unique connection you share, and to do so in a professional manner, guided by a photographer with a trained eye. The results are remarkable, extending beyond mere social media content;  they become cherished keepsakes, forming a timeless set of photos you’ll proudly share with generations to come.

What colours should we wear for a couple’s photoshoot?

Your shooting location is a key factor when picking colours. It’s a great idea to harmonize your outfits with the background by choosing a similar colour palette or lighter colours. Alternatively, you can create contrast by selecting complementary hues (🎨 look up a colour wheel to make this easier).

Should couples pose for pictures?

Trying out a few different photoshoot poses doesn’t hurt, but this doesn’t mean channelling your inner top model either. The key is to relax and enjoy yourselves, allowing your personalities and connection to shine through. Whether it’s walking hand in hand, dancing together, or exchanging kisses, focus on what feels natural and comfortable with your partner — that’s what will look best on camera. 🙂

How long should a couple’s photoshoot be?

You can take a great set of couple photos in 30 minutes, but if you want to have diverse material and backgrounds, we’d suggest booking a session of 60 minutes or more. Besides, this will make it an actual date, and you’ll have time to enjoy yourselves in the process.

What is the best time for a couple’s photoshoot?

The golden hours of the day typically offer that magical light that makes your pictures look whimsical. Sunrises are nice because there will be virtually no crowds, but that might mean waking up very early. If you’re not a morning duo, sunsets are equally gorgeous.

Photo: Julia in Madrid for Flytographer. Kari and partner capture memories in Madrid with a couples photoshoot in La Latina.

Capturing Memories on Your Couple’s Photoshoot

Above all, a couple’s photoshoot is another chance for you to connect with your loved one, have fun, and create more wonderful memories together. 

Wherever you decide to have yours, reach out to our local photographers around the world. They will certainly capture that spark that first brought you and your loved one together. ✨