Romantic Getaway Ideas

Welcome, fellow adventurers and seekers of hidden gems! If you’re tired of the cliché travel trips and crowded hotspots, you’re in for a treat. Get ready to discover some of the best destinations perfect for a romantic getaway. Forget about the usual hustle and bustle—we’re diving into the realm of secluded boutique hotel paradises and the natural beauty of hot springs. Join us as we unveil a world of charm, tranquillity, and undiscovered romance that is waiting to be explored. ❤️

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  1. Indulge in the world-class hiking trails and ocean views in Tofino, Canada.
  2. Relax in natural hot springs with your partner in Reykjavik, Iceland.
  3. Discover the beauty and rich history of Marrakesh, Morocco.
  4. Delight in an adventure through the National Park of Banff, Canada.
  5. Sip a cold drink on your private balcony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
  6. Explore world-class views and exciting nightlife in Portland, USA.
  7. Spend an afternoon wine tasting in Taormina, Italy.
  8. Lay on the golden sand beaches along Sayulita, Mexico.
  9. Soak in the open landscapes and desert beauty in Horseshoe Bend, USA.
  10. Try world-class eats and drinks in San Juan, PR, the Caribbean.

Photo: Kait in Tofino for Flytographer. Brad and partner capture memories in Tofino with a couples photoshoot at Cox Bay.

1. Tofino, Canada

This surf town on Vancouver Island at the edge of Western Canada is the perfect place to hole up for a romantic getaway. You can stroll the stunning open landscape of wind-swept beaches or experience the thrill of storm-watching near the Pacific Rim National Park as the ocean waves thrash the shore. 🌊 Plan a kayaking day or try surfing (with a wetsuit, it’s a comfortable year-round pastime). There are also plenty of hiking trails to explore! Be sure to reserve a stay at one of the romantic boutique hotels along the coast, so at the end of the day, you can retire to your hot tub or jacuzzi with a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the view. 🥂

Photo: Flytographer in Tofino. Shaina and partner capture memories in Tofino with an anniversary photoshoot.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Northern lights, ice caves, frozen waterfalls and hot springs make this picturesque city an unforgettable experience with your significant other. 🧖‍♀️ And what’s more romantic than a couples getaway dipping into a geothermal swimming pool at Vatnajökull National Park ending with a relaxing spa treatment? Renting a car and exploring the island on a couples getaway is a must, as all of Iceland is filled with natural beauty and world-class sightseeing. Reykjavik was made for a romantic escape, and it’s a trip you won’t soon forget. 🚙

couple walking on a hill in Reykjavik , Iceland
couple embracing each other in Reykjavik , Iceland

Photo: Ernir in Reykjavik for Flytographer. Emily and partner capture memories in Reykjavik with an engagement trip photoshoot. 

3. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh is an ideal place for a romantic getaway, filled with shades of dusty pink, arched doorways and ornate tile mosaics that cover every surface, including the Inn. This ancient trading post is still a hub for merchants, where you can spend all day wandering through the historic medina with your significant other to peruse Moroccan rugs, hand-made artifacts and antique brass wares. 🕌 It’s a romantic destination for adventurers and discovering something new, like the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and garden at Jardin Majorelle or the Menara Gardens with its mountain and water views. You’re bound to get lost at least once along the cobblestone streets, but take it all in stride hand-in-hand and remember there’s nowhere else you need to be. ❤️

Photo: Ilyass in Marrakesh for Flytographer.Nicholas and partner capture memories in Marrakesh with a honeymoon photoshoot.

4. Banff, Canada

If cozying up by the fire in a bed and breakfast is your idea of a romantic getaway, Banff is the perfect small town for you. Not only can you ski and snowboard to your heart’s content in the winter, but this Canadian town is akin to a European alpine village. In the winter, you’ll find towering snow-covered mountains in the background as you snowshoe, dog sled, sleigh ride or snowmobile around Banff. 🏂 Don’t forget to indulge in a luxury spa treatment after the cold! In the summer, the National Park is perfect for adventuring on hiking trails, horseback riding and discovering beautiful blue waters. There is nothing better than a romantic weekend getaway in the natural beauty of Banff, Canada! 🍁

Photo: Marie Christine in Banff for Flytographer. Leah and partner capture memories in Banff with an anniversary photoshoot at Quarry Lake.

5. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

With jungle and ocean at your doorstep, this up-and-coming Costa Rican small town has the best of both natural worlds. You could compare it to Mexico, as Tamarindo has started to develop more high-end resorts along the ocean. However, it’s still relatively undiscovered by tourists and international vacationers, making it the best romantic getaway. 🏝️ The weather is great year-round, the vibes are laid-back, and you can relax on a white sand beach, take kayak rentals on the ocean and end the day sipping a tropical cocktail on your private balcony. 🍹

Photo: Mariana in Tamarindo for Flytographer. Mckenzie and partner capture memories in Tamarindo with a honeymoon photoshoot at Tamarindo Beach.

6. Portland, USA

Portland has become the American locus for craft beer and West Coast cool. As such, it is a port city packed to the brim with unique dining room restaurants, whiskey bars and exciting nightlife for you and your significant other’s romantic weekend getaway. 🎶  Rain is undoubtedly in the forecast, but the off-season is a great time to enjoy Portland’s tasty offerings, incredible state parks and world-class beaches when you’re not retreating from rain at the inn. 🌊🌧️ With colourful murals, iconic landmarks and lush parks, there’s a romantic getaway just waiting to happen!

Photo: Whitney in Portland for Flytographer. Nick and partner capture memories in Portland with a proposal photoshoot at Mt View Orchards.

7. Taormina, Italy

The old hillside town of Taormina is easily Sicily’s most beautiful. It’s perched on cliffs that look out on big aquamarine bays and the Ionian Sea, and Taormina has long been a luxurious romantic destination for tastemakers, Tsars and celebrities. Delight in wine tastings from local wineries paired with European eats. 🍷 You can also grab your suits and hit white sand beaches or lakes—for the latter, Lake Isola Bella is surely the most stunning, with crystal-clear water down to its sandy floor. Between walking the cobblestone streets of the historic centre, world-class scenery and the traditional food (and wine!), you’ll never forget this romantic getaway in the sunshine on Italy’s southern jewel. 🇮🇹

Photo: Deborah in Taormina for Flytographer. Chirag and partner capture memories in Taormina with an anniversary photoshoot in the Garden of Villa Comunale.

8. Sayulita, Mexico

Often referred to as the ‘crown jewel’ of Riviera Nayarit, this Mexican beach town off the West Coast is your balmy, turquoise-water romantic escape. 🐚  It’s a big surfing destination, but you can also take a more relaxed approach with leisurely catamaran rentals through Banderas Bay, kayaking out along the golden sand beaches, release baby sea turtles (imagine the cuteness!) or get a romance package to go horseback riding along the beach. This charming city in Mexico is the perfect choice for a tropical, off-the-beaten-path romantic getaway. 🏖️

Photo: Jenn in Sayulita for Flytographer. Esteban and partner capture memories in Sayulita with a proposal photoshoot at Sayulita Beach.

9. Horseshoe Bend, USA

Begin an unforgettable romantic getaway amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona. Nestled within the heart of America’s Southwest, this iconic destination is overflowing with natural beauty and awe-inspiring vistas. As you explore the hiking trails hand in hand, you’ll be captivated by the open expanse of the canyon and the Colorado River winding below. Horseshoe Bend offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic destination and shared adventure. Soak in the warmth of the Arizona sun as you create memories against the backdrop of one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes. 🏜️

We have an honourable mention for another romantic getaway in Arizona! Sedona is a fabulous destination for a couples getaway with hiking trails, cute bed and breakfasts and world-class views. And even better—if you want to want more, here are our favourite places for a magical mountain photoshoot! 🌄

Photo: Amanda in Horseshoe Bend for Flytographer. Shelby and partner capture memories in Horseshoe Bend with an anniversary photoshoot.

10. San Juan, Caribbean

Escape to the vibrant shores of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for an unforgettable romantic getaway in the heart of the Caribbean. San Juan sets the stage for a romantic escape with your loved one with its colorful architecture, lively boardwalks and captivating old-town culture. Indulge in the island’s culinary delights in charming dining room restaurants overlooking the golden sand beaches. ☀️ When the sun sets, immerse yourself in the exciting nightlife, where the rhythm of salsa music fills the air, and the city comes alive. Stroll hand in hand, soaking in the ocean breeze and the magic of the starlit sky. In San Juan, every moment is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your significant other. 💃🕺

Photo: Raul in San Juan for Flytographer. Beth and partner capture memories in San Juan with an anniversary photoshoot in Old San Juan.

Capturing Memories on Your Romantic Getaway

As we wrap up a whirlwind adventure through these non-touristy American, European and Caribbean romantic destinations, let’s not forget the magic we’ve discovered off the beaten path. From hiking trails in Arizona to private balconies in the Caribbean, these destinations have proven that love thrives in the most unexpected places. So, whether you’re planning a honeymoon, anniversary trip or spontaneous romantic escape, dare to venture beyond the bustle of New York City or the craze of California. We can’t wait to capture your memories of love, laughter and adventure on your next romantic getaway! 📸