Sedona Photo Spots

It’s time to talk about the Southwest… in particular, places to take photos in Sedona, Arizona! The scenery in Sedona is like nowhere else— red rock country is unique to say the least, and the panoramic views offered in this part of Arizona will leave your jaw on the (dirt) floor. 🏜

Sedona is known for its stunning views, for being a mecca of rejuvenation and relaxation, for its connection to the earth and spirituality, and for its many incredible outdoor adventures. ❣️ While we’re not going to talk a lot about hiking, we do want to mention our favourite hike: Devil’s Bridge. Arguably the most popular hike in Sedona, it’s absolutely worth doing since it’s a fairly easy hike for most skill levels, but we do recommend waking up extra early for a sunrise hike to beat the crowds and heat. Trust us— it gets packed (and really hot)! ☀️

Now back to what we know best: talking about travel and really, really great photo ops! 📷 When you visit Sedona, we can’t recommend hiring a Flytographer enough; our team of photographers around the world includes some really talented folks here in Sedona who know a thing or two about the best places to take photos in these red rocks and just what their surrounding landscapes have to offer.

Now, here are 10 of our favourite photography locations in and around Sedona!

Photo: Whitney in Sedona for Flytographer. Whitney and partner capture their babymoon in Sedona at the Bell Rock Vortex with a couple photoshoot.

1. Bell Rock Vortex

Bell Rock is beautiful, iconic, and hard to miss when you’re in or passing through Sedona. Bell Rock Vortex is at the top of our list of photo ops for a reason! Although there are several trails to access and hike, Bell Rock is also an ideal photo spot for your photo shoot because the hiking portion is entirely optional! 🥾 Bell Rock is a favourite Sedona background, and a win-win while you’re here whether you’re visiting solo or with others… not to mention, who could pass up family photos with views of Bell Rock as the backdrop?!

Photo: Whitney in Sedona for Flytographer. Natalie and partner celebrate their time together in Sedona at the Bell Rock Vortex with a couple photoshoot.

2. Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail is an absolute favourite hike for many visiting Sedona. Similar to Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock’s stunning views are great for photos because this beauty is easily accessed without actually hiking, making it a perfect place to capture the beauty of Sedona via your Flytographer photo shoot! The Cathedral Rock backdrop is vast and breathtaking, flanked by dramatic red rock, and expansive Arizona skies. Views of Cathedral rock would be happy to live on the walls of your home for years to come as one of the very best places to take photos in Sedona. 😉

Photo: Amanda in Sedona for Flytographer. Josue and partner capture a fun time in Sedona at the Cathedral Rock Trail with a couple photoshoot.

3. Courthouse Butte

When hiking Courthouse Butte it’s easy to connect to the aforementioned Bell Rock loop. Courthouse Butte— which sits just east of Bell Rock— provides a different, but equally stunning red rock view here in Sedona, whether you’re hiking, or just capturing your time in Sedona. Photo ops here are plentiful and outstanding! Courthouse Butte and the surrounding viewpoints can’t be beat. 😍

Photo: Whitney in Sedona for Flytographer. Natalie and partner capture their time together in Sedona at the Courthouse Butte with a couple photoshoot.

4. Dry Creek Trailhead

Dry Creek Trailhead is one of our favourite places to take photos in Sedona here at Flytographer, especially when it comes to Sedona’s magical sunsets. 🌵 Surrounded by Juniper trees and cacti, the landscape at Dry Creek Trailhead makes this piece of Sedona a perfect backdrop for your Sedona photographs, no matter your group dynamic (or hiking prowess 😜).

Photo: Flytographer in Sedona. Mai Vang and family capture an afternoon together in Sedona at the Dry Creek Trailhead with a family photoshoot.

5. West Fork Trail

West Fork Trail is located about 10 miles from downtown Sedona, and is one of the top 10 hiking trails in all of the United States! West Fork Trail is a fantastic option if you want jaw-dropping Sedona views, not to mention is a great option for photos if you have little kids in-tow! 🧒 Since West Fork Trail is a popular destination for hikers while in Sedona, we recommend scheduling your photos early in the day (note: the parking area does fill up).

Photo: Flytographer in Sedona. Laura and family capture their family trip to Sedona at the West Fork Trail with a family photoshoot.

6. West Sedona

This desert oasis is home to some truly spectacular resorts, and many of those resorts have some of the best places to take photos in Sedona! You may not need to look far to capture incredible vacation memories while you’re here, so take advantage of the red rock and panoramic views closest to you! Whether it is the actual resort property, or perhaps a trail nearby, there are likely a handful of fantastic Sedona options within arm’s reach. How about scheduling a Flytographer photo shoot right in your own West Sedona (resort) backyard? 🏨 Nothing beats that commute!

Photo: Amanda in Sedona for Flytographer. Angelo and friends capture their trip together in Sedona at the Diamond Resort with a friends photoshoot.

7. Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge— described as a smaller version of the Grand Canyon— perfectly situated between Sedona and Flagstaff. With streams and waterfalls, this is not only an incredible spot for photos, but also a great option to keep cool as you go! 💦 Visually, the contrast in Oak Creek Canyon is magnificent— red rock and desert greenery, doubled in beauty by their reflections in the water.

Hot travel tip! Make sure to stop at Indian Gardens Cafe & Market for brunch while you’re passing through Oak Creek Canyon! Indian Gardens is a perfect place to take a break and grab delicious food with a view, or if you’re in a hurry, grab a coffee or even picnic food to-go. 🧺 Indian Gardens is a must-do Sedona pit-stop and even one of the places to take photos in Sedona.

Photo: Amanda in Sedona for Flytographer. Torrey and partner celebrate their anniversary in Sedona at the Oak Creek Canyon with a couple photoshoot.

8. Flagstaff

If you’re itching for a drive (or even a nice day-trip from Sedona), make sure to add Flagstaff to your itinerary! The drive from Sedona to Flagstaff is less than an hour, and is an absolute stunner via the Oak Creek Canyon scenic drive. 🚘 Flagstaff has small-town college vibes, with its own vibe and unique energy. 😎

Flagstaff is the highest city in Arizona, and celebrates all four seasons. Sitting at about 7,000 feet (2,134m) and surrounded by mountains, Flagstaff offers a much different climate than much of Arizona, including winter snow activities! 🏔The Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff offers the best skiing in the state, and provides a totally unique Arizona experience. While you’re in the Sedona area, a trip to Flagstaff comes highly recommended by all of us here at Flytogtrapher.

9. Horseshoe Bend

It’s impossible to talk about Sedona and the surrounding areas without at least mentioning Horseshoe Bend. (Hello! Calling all landscape photography enthusiasts! 🙋‍♀️) Horseshoe Bend is another great day-trip idea from Sedona— located just outside of Page, Arizona, it’s about a 3-hour drive from Sedona. The red rocks against the turquoise water makes for photos that look just like you’ve imagined; add in the sunset, and this natural masterpiece can’t be beat. We recommend arriving early for sunset photos, since this area is quite busy. (Don’t forget to bring water, good shoes, and some sun protection!) It’s worth the drive for the stellar photo opportunities at Horseshoe Bend.

Photo: Amanda in Sedona for Flytographer. Alex and partner celebrate their engagement in Sedona at the Horseshoe Bend with a couple photoshoot.

10. Grand Canyon

Last but certainly not least: Grand Canyon National Park. It’s road trip time! 🚙 The drive from Sedona to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a little over 2 hours, and highlights are not only do-able, but also well worth a little extra time in the car. Who can pass up the chance to see one of the world’s seven wonders? Photos hardly do justice when it comes to the majesty of the Grand Canyon… but it’s certainly worth the try!

Photo: Terri in Sedona for Flytographer. Henry and partner capture their proposal in Sedona at the Grand Canyon with a couple photoshoot.

Capturing memories in Sedona

With such stunning, dramatic, and totally unique backgrounds, capturing your time in Sedona is a must, no matter why you’re here. Even better— with the help of one of our incredible Flytographers, it’s easy, too! Amazing photos are the perfect souvenir for any trip, but especially one so special and magnificent as Sedona. Whether or not you feel photogenic, the rock formations and red rock splendor of Sedona is always camera-ready. We can’t wait to see what you and Sedona show off together! 📸