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A riot of colour, sounds and smells, Marrakesh is many things to many people. Once an ancient trading post, today the markets are still electric with life. Design lovers, gourmands, shopaholics, fashionistas, and adventure-seekers will all rejoice in the beauty and energy that is one of North Africa's most fascinating cities. 

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Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute shoot. Proposal packages start at $350 USD.

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My photography is a mix between lifestyle and street photography. I see Marrakesh as a series of different "theatre stages," little scenes. I love to play with light, resulting with pictures that tell a story, showing love, happiness and you at your best! I am always accompanied by my partner Marc, as he is my and your assistant during the session (he can carry your bags and coats).

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I am a big lover of photography, especially street photography and portrait. In Marrakech, we are lucky to have great lighting around all year. I'm excited to go out to meet people and capture their expression in photos. It's a magic feeling for me to work in this city through the riads, the souks, the craftsmen, the alleys, the carriages and the musicians - all over the medina is very exotic and the background inspires me insanely.

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I was born and raised in colourful Marrakesh, and I have a true love and passion for capturing beautiful emotions and authentic moments. I have worked with many styles of photography and videography, including: music concerts, portraits, extreme sports, and documenting Moroccan life through street photography.

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Explore Iconic Spots in Marrakesh

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Palais de la Bahia; Medina; Souks; Djemaa el-Fna; or your own custom route.

Marrakesh Points of Interest

  • Palais de la Bahia
  • Medina
  • Souks
  • Djemaa el-Fna

Photography Destinations in Marrakesh

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Djemaa el-Fna

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

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Bahia Palace

60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths