Whether you had a traditional wedding, an elopement, a small gathering, a destination wedding, or a massive celebration, your wedding shoot should not be the one and only time you celebrate your wedding day with photos. 📸 While we all know that wedding day photos are a critical part in remembering your big day, how often do we jump at the chance of celebrating our anniversary (or anniversaries!) with an anniversary photoshoot? Commemorating your wedding day, year after year, is a perfect way to celebrate your love story as your relationship grows. Marriage is work, so every year of marriage should be celebrated!

Now that we’ve all decided your wedding day should live on year after year, let’s go over some logistics regarding orchestrating your wedding anniversary photoshoot. 💍

Photo: Julia in Madrid for Flytographer. Hayley and their Partner capture their anniversary in Madrid at Retiro Park with a couple photoshoot.

“This was our 5th year in a row using Flytographer. When my husband and I got married, we made a promise to explore the world together. Our tradition is to travel to a new country every wedding anniversary. We could not love or recommend [Flytographer] more. 5 stars isn’t enough!!” – Hayley

1. Choose the best time of day

Whether you choose to schedule your shoot in your home city or abroad, as the main event to celebrate your anniversary, or just part of a special day together, an anniversary photoshoot marries perfectly (pun intended😜) with your special day, no matter the time of day.

When you book your anniversary photoshoot with Flytographer we encourage you to utilize the expertise of our local photographers to help choose your photo shoot timing wisely. Although lighting and location specifics can vary, we typically recommend a morning photo shoot when everyone is fresh and ready to go; crowds are minimal in the hour(s) after sunrise, and the lighting is beautiful. The actual start time will of course vary depending on the season and location, so if you’re not morning people, don’t fret! Sunrise pics don’t have to mean 4am wake-up calls. ⏰

Photo: Andrea in Amalfi Coast for Flytographer. Lea and their partner capture their anniversary on the Amalfi Coast in Atrani with a couple photoshoot.

2. Embrace the season

No matter the time of year, embracing the season when it comes to taking pics is one of the best parts of collecting photos together!

  • Spring symbolizes fresh starts, new beginnings, and blossoms. 🌸
  • Summer is synonymous with fun, freedom, adventure, and sunny weather. 😎
  • Fall is a quintessential season for strolling hand-in-hand, walking under falling leaves, and sipping on spiced drinks. 🍁
  • Winter means lots of snuggles, layers, chilly air, and falling snow. 🧤

Each season has its own set of highlights and quirks (but don’t we all?😉), and each is special in its own right.

You may have selected your wedding day based on a date or season that‘s particularly important to you as a couple, and this may or may not be a reason you are still loving this time of year when it comes to your anniversary photos, but, what if it’s not ideal anymore? Try celebrating your wedding anniversary during an alternative or opposite season! If you had a summer wedding, take anniversary photos cozied up in a wintery scene! ❄️ Did you get married during the holidays, but find it too tricky to get away now with just the two of you? Switch it up! Changing the season of celebration by adding variety may feel like a harsh break of tradition, but can make all the difference when it comes to having the time to stop and enjoy time just for you two. 😅

Embracing the season doesn’t mean just the time of year — remember to embrace this season in life. Oftentimes your partner (likely the one who is not currently reading this post) may be resistant to a photo session, but this is a perfect chance to remind them that an anniversary photoshoot is the perfect anniversary gift. These don’t have to feel like engagement pictures, or wedding day photos all over again! A simple shift in perspective and expectations can change the mood entirely. Seasons change. People change. Circumstances change. Let this be a chance to capture your current season — each one is special.

Bonus: taking time to schedule anniversary pictures also means only eyes and hands for each other (and if you have kids, a chance to enjoy some photos sans-additional tiny opinions)! Whether these are first anniversary photos, or you’re a seasoned pro 😉 , there’s never a bad season.

Photo: Elizabeth in Kauai for Flytographer. Lisa and their partner capture their anniversary in Kauai at Maha’Ulepu Beach with a couple photoshoot.

“Our Anniversary is in November, prime hunting season for my avid hunter. So I needed a new anniversary for vacationing with him. We chose June 19th and decided to celebrate with a professional photo shoot in Kauai. I love the rugged natural atmosphere along with the beautiful ocean views so I chose this sight for the shoot.” – Lisa (Read Lisa’s Anniversary Travel Story)

3. Choose a special location

One of the best parts about working with Flytographer is there is a photographer just for you, no matter where you are in the world. Are you headed to celebrate with a couples getaway? Planning a local weekend trip? Running away from home as far as you can get? Choosing a special location can mean finding a spot that is brand new, or one that is super familiar and totally sentimental; either way, Flytographer has your back when it comes to capturing special occasions like this! Choosing the location for your celebration is half the fun. 🥳

“We were married here in Hawaii right on the same beach the same spot in Oahu Hawaii in the Sherwood Forest beach area in 2017. We wanted to experience the same feeling that we had when we were married. I have to say that the photo shoot was everything we hope it to be and much more. Our photographer was amazing and I recommend highly. He guided us all the way through and i must say myself, that our pictures are Fantastic!!” – Karleton (Read Anniversary Travel Story)

Photo: Carly in Banff for Flytographer. Melissa and their partner capture their anniversary in Banff at Lake Minnewanka with a couple photoshoot.

4. Make it a date

If the idea of a wedding anniversary photoshoot feels too intense (i.e.: your partner is just envisioning engagement photos all over again, and is giving you dagger-eyes when you bring up more photos), consider making it part of a special date. Personalize an anniversary date for just the two of you, and then add photos to the party lineup! Need date ideas? Maybe try your hand at recreating your first date. Bring meaningful items to the shoot, and plan to go for a fancy dinner or drinks after. 

Hot tip for those who are big on celebrating: what about renewing your vows? Talk about a celebration! Yes? No? Ok, if a vow renewal seem like too much, we get it. Talk to friends or look online for date ideas to spice things up and make your anniversary celebration an adventure. Capturing photos during this time can be a perfect way to not only celebrate your biggest milestone date of love, but also capture you two where you are today. Do something that commemorates traditions or a total break from them. Your story, your choice! 📖

“This trip was to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. It was the perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy living in the moment. The view of the ocean with the salty breeze and warm feeling of the sun on our faces was pure paradise and the perfect way to celebrate our 4-years of marriage! Every time I looked at my husband, I was reminded of a beautiful quote from Disney’s Finding Nemo: ‘Because when I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you and I’m home.'” – Jessica (See Anniversary Travel Story)

Photo: Marilyn in New York City for Flytographer. Dillon and their partner brought a picnic to celebrate in Central Park with a couple photoshoot.

5. Plan outfits ahead of time

We recommend planning outfits ahead of time, and always have a backup or two in case you’re just not feeling those vibes on the day of, or in case weather takes a different turn than you may have been expecting. This doesn’t have to mean entirely different outfits — having layers you can add/remove is a great idea. Bring a couple options for tops or bottoms, and remember to not only lay them out, but also try them on! Make sure they look good, but more importantly that you feel good both on your own and side-by-side with your partner. If anyone feels distinctly stiff or uncomfortable, get rid of it. 🎩 You can dress up or dress down as you choose! Couple portraits can be as fun or serious as you’d like (although we try to aim for elements of fun and ease in every single Flytographer shoot). Note: wedding dress wearing on your shoot is entirely optional. 😜

Don’t forget! Shoes can be an often-neglected portion of outfits, and if you’re on vacation, keep in mind your feet may be sore (especially if you schedule your photo shoot towards the end of a busy trip). If you’re on a beach, feel free to ditch those kicks. If you’re in an urban destination or plan to move around a bit, make sure you don’t take this time to try out brand new heels. 👠 Just trust us on this one. Pain tends to lessen the enjoyment factor of a photo shoot by… A LOT!

Photo: Emily in London for Flytographer. Filipe and their partner celebrate their anniversary in London at the Covent Garden and Piccadilly with a couple photoshoot.

6. Roll with it

On your photoshoot, follow this general life and marriage rule: go with the flow. Maybe a fancy anniversary celebration doesn’t feel like the way you want to celebrate this year, and that is fiiiine! Life is all about rolling with the punches, so keep an open mind and do what feels best for you this year Don’t let the monotony of life deter you from taking photos during this season, and don’t let intentions gone awry get you down! Whether it’s family stress, weather changes, work pressures, or just life in general: roll with it. Celebrate your love. 💓 Rain or shine, stress or ease, this is about your partnership, and a photo shoot should add to the fun.

Photo: Ben in Tel Aviv for Flytographer. Suzanne and their partner capture their anniversary in Tel Aviv at the New City Beaches with a couple photoshoot.

Capturing your love with an anniversary session

Whether this is your first year of marriage you’re celebrating, or you’ve been enjoying your marriage for a while, every wedding anniversary is cause for celebration. Marriage is an adventure, and you should be proud of your journey. We can’t wait to help capture a season of your love story. Happy anniversary!🍾

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