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Meet Leo in Paris

My aesthetic can be summed up in three words: simple, natural and luminous. In fact, my style is very close to reporting, where the most important aspect is to capture the moment. I will guide you to make you comfortable to create shots that are both delicate and full of spontaneity.

Three Things

  1. Before I became a full-time photographer, I was a law student. Now I love photography and travelling for good stories, good people, and good times.
  2. I couldn't live without my wife.
  3. If I'm not shooting, you can find me playing with my children or doing extreme sports. I also love movies.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Paris

Old Lyon

Languages Spoken

Russian, English, French

More Information

Leo has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Paris.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Leo

"Leo was incredible and the photos were fantastic! We planned this one within 72 hours and he helped coordinate time, location and approach. Thank you Leo! Highly highly recommended!" - Scott

"We are so glad we decided to get photos of the family in Paris. Leo was great and was able to control my young kids (all three!). He was patient and gave us wonderful photos" - Sonia

"Leo was great. He captured memories we will cherish our whole lives. He got wonderful candid shots and helped us feel comfortable I front of the camera. We are so happy with our photos." - Matthew

"Leo was fantastic! I highly recommend him! He was great helping with posing and he knew all of the best places for pictures. His photography skill is wonderful and he is so good with beautiful lighting. Such a nice guy!" - Jordon

"Leo was amazing! He was so nice and made us feel really comfortable for the photo shoot." - Miral

"Leo was fantastic! Not only are our photos dreamy but our experience was wonderful. He was so warm with our children helping everyone to relax and feel comfortable." - Chelsey

"Leo was kind and especially great with our six-year old! He was efficient with our time and captured amazing moments for our family! So glad we booked this shoot!" - Brooke

"Léo did a fantastic job of guiding us and sharing his vision for some remarkable shots. We can't get enough of how good the photos are! We had the hardest time deciding which were our favourites." - Tyler

"Leo is a fantastic photographer and I would definitely use him again should the opportunity arise." - Jason

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