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Meet Joanna in Amsterdam

I'm Joanna! I've got Amsterdam vibes in my soul, and I'm endlessly captivated by the beauty of this city. Roaming its streets, camera in hand, I discover new perspectives through the people I photograph. Genuine moments steal my heart, and a dedication to fill your vacation stories with laughter and love. Amsterdam's stories unfold with every click! 📸✨

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    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and getting the hang of Dutch (still a work in progress). I can help you with the basics for your trip!
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: Negen Straatjes and Magere Brug

Three Things

  1. While you might catch me with a camera 24/7, my heart beats for Amsterdam's museums and brunch spots! Let's talk Rijksmuseum—I've practically got a VIP pass with over 20 visits! Ask me anything about museums, and I've got the perfect recommendations. Just a heads-up, the popular ones demand an advance booking for the best experience! Ready to dive into Amsterdam's cultural wonders?
  2. Unlocking museums with my magic museum card, capturing the city's pulse with my trusty Osmo pocket, and sipping on a flat white because, honestly, does life even happen before coffee?
  3. I dive deep into the stories behind every canal curve, every elevation change, and every spot you stand on. It's not just about knowing a city; it's about understanding its soul. Your pictures? They're not just snapshots; they're stories with a historical heartbeat. Let's craft a narrative that'll have everyone talking!

More Information

Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Joanna is also available to travel for shoots in Haarlem, Utrecht and Keukenhof. These areas require a 60-minute minimum booking and a travel fee. Please note: Keukenhof requires an entrance fee and is only open from mid-March to mid-May.

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