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Meet Barbara and Claudio in Positano

We are Barbara and Claudio, free spirits who enjoy being up in the mountains and swimming in cold waterfalls ... oh, and we are also into photography! We like to take those candid, relaxed images, to capture that 1/500 of a second that fully shows your happiness and joy, the one that is sometimes easy to overlook, the one we want to show you to prove 'yes, it's really you.' So in our photos we want you to be you. This is our style, to understand you. 

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    Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Russian, Polish
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: Monte Faito

Three Things

  1. We'd say our little (currently 2 year old) daughter Daria is our full time hobby. Barbara also enjoys reading about anthropology and if time allows she experiments with making gourd lamps and works on her hand writing. And Claudio apart from doing a great job editing our photo work - makes liquors, reads about plants (also medicinal ones) and works with Mediterranean driftwood.
  2. Long time ago we have had a few jobs before photography (Barbara: chef in London; bartender in an NYC bar or in property rentals; Claudio: film assistant in Rome, chef in London), but always had been orbiting around it by doing our own projects. We jumped in full-time after we met each other in London and then we moved to Italy, to Claudio's hometown.
  3. Barbara is not funny but she can cook and she is a good driver. Claudio cannot cook nor drive but he is funny. This is not entirely correct, but we hope you are now intrigued enough to want to meet us. 

More Information

Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

In the mornings, Barbara & Claudio are available for all length shoots, but for evenings, they require a 60-minute minimum booking. ***Please note: Barbara is currently on maternity leave so Claudio will shooting on his own.

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