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Meet Roberta in Rome

What I love the most about my job is YOU! I love capturing the smiles and the joy radiating from your faces surrounded by the marvelous atmosphere of The Eternal City, Rome. Be ready to share those wonderful moments with my camera. It will not let any of them fade away!  What can you expect from my shooting style? A fresh and realistic one, elegant and stylish with an editorial touch; the perfect mix of posed and candid.

Three Things

  1. Since I'm a quite crazy person, I love to ride my beautiful motorbike and travel to new places. I also love spending time with my friends and have a long chat in front of a good glass of wine.
  2. I can't live without my freedom.
  3. The only thing that I can't control is my crazy hair!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Rome

The traditional neighbourhoods like Tastevere; I also love the famous squares like Navona and Spagna.

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish & Italian of course

More Information

Roberta has a minimum booking length of 60 minutes in Rome.

Pricing starts at $350 USD for a 60-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Roberta

"Roberta was amazing! She listened to my vision and executed it beyond anything I could have imagined. This was such a great experience for the entire family. I would highly recommend her if you are in Rome. These are by far my favorite family pictures we have ever taken. " - Robin

"Roberta was great and very professional. She made us feel very comfortable in our shoot. The pictures came out so beautiful and we are so grateful for that. Thank you Roberta!" - Karen

"Roberta is such a fantastic photographer to work with. She is very professional. She is punctual. She then puts you at ease with her sincerity and friendliness. Then, you get blown away by her fabulous pictures! If only the shoot would not end. We would highly recommend Roberta for anyone wanting a special experience and memory from Rome." - Margie

"We could not be happier. Roberta was wondering to work with she has a great energy and made us all feel comfortable. We had a lot of fun doing the shoot. And, we are thrilled with the results! This was definitely worth it!!" - Susan

"Not only are Roberta’s Photos beautiful, but she was so kind, and made you feel comfortable right when we met her!" - Samantha

"Roberta was amazing! She’s very friendly and told us so many interesting things about Italy and Rome as we walked. She also made it easy to feel natural in front of the camera. I would 100% recommend her to anyone!" - Amber

"My husband and I had an absolute blast with Roberta in Rome!! Roberta did a fantastic job capturing all of the details we envisioned in our photo shoot!!!" - Karin

"Roberta is amazing!!!! It was our 1st time using Flytographer and she was simply magical! She captured our trip, love, and the scenery perfectly!" - Christina

"Roberta is incredible. She was able to bring our vision to life and so much more. She made my husband and I feel totally comfortable from the get-go." - Christina

"Roberta and the entire experience were amazing! She gave great direction and made everything so easy." - Kari

"Roberta is THE BEST! She is not only an amazing person (and hilarious) but an extremly talented photographer." - Shay

"Roberta was delightful and very professional. She is also great with our kids." - Lucy

"Roberta was wonderful! She put us a ease, found beautiful locations and provided us with many great photos." - Karen

"Roberta was amazing with our kids and got great shots of our family. We were extremely pleased!" - Anila

"Roberta did an excellent job! She has captured everything that we wanted for a fun family photo shoot." - Norma

It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and she made my Rome photography dreams come true! I absolutely love the pics she took of my husband and I, and how easy she made this whole process!

"Roberta did a great sunset photo shoot for us at a perfect location she picked and worked great with my two teens." - CoLette

"Roberta felt like an old friend from the minute we met her. Through out our shoot we giggled and laughed and I honestly felt so at easy with her it was wonderful." - Carol

"Roberta was incredibly kind and made the experience comfortable for me and my husband." - Amy

"We had an incredible visit to Rome, but I can honestly say that the absolute highlight of our time in Rome was our Flytographer shoot with Roberta." - Caitlin

"Roberta did such an amazing job with our photos! She is so easy to talk to and guided us through the entire shoot." - Meredith

"If I could rate my experience better than a 5, I would. Roberta is somebody who is extremely talented in what she does." - Dylan

"Roberta was amazing! She was a pleasure to work with and the photo shoot felt very natural for us." - Emily

"Our photoshoot with Roberta was wonderful! She brought great energy to our photoshoot." - Maria

"Roberta was simply amazing! We loved our shoot with her. She has such a eye for photography and her beloved city!" - Jean

"Roberta did a fantastic job! We are so happy with all the photos." - Sarah

"Robertta is an incredibly talented photographer, she showed us around a stunning Rome neighbourhood that we would not have discovered without her as our guide." - Marissa

"Roberta connected with us so quickly. She was fun and easygoing and made the whole family relax and really enjoy our shoot" - Kathy

"We have been referred to Roberta by a friend. She was everything we were told she is; creative, artistic, friendly and very skilled at we she does." - Hanoof

"Can't wait to come back again and explore more of Rome with Roberta!" - Debby

"Roberta is a very artictic and friendly photographer. Our experience with her is nothing less but a fabulous one!" - Bayu

"Thank you Roberta for doing such an amazing job in capturing the essence of Rome in every single shot! You were very easy to work with and put us at ease throughout the shoot!" - Priya

"Roberta skillfully delivered a fun, urban vacation shoot in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rome. Thank you, darling!" - Aura

"Roberta is amazing. She went above and beyond our expectations and we will always have these special memories thanks to Roberta. We love our photos!" - Sue

"Roberta was amazing! My family was a bit of an awkward bunch at first. She made us feel totally comfortable by the end." - Mary

"Roberta was so easy to work with and kept our mind at ease as she guided us throughout the city and our photos." - Stefania

"Roberta was able to capture great photos of us, and we will always be able to look back on our trip with the fondest of memories." - Nicole

"Our photographer in Rome, Roberta, was amazing and took some beautiful shots that we will cherish forever! Thank you!" - Michael

"Our photographer in Rome, Roberta, was amazing and took some beautiful shots that we will cherish forever! Thank you!" - Michael

"Our photographer in Rome, Roberta, was amazing and took some beautiful shots that we will cherish forever! Thank you!" - Michael

"Roberta in Rome was wonderful to work with! She was able to handle a bigger family and made everyone feel totally comfortable. She was very friendly and also gave us some tips for the rest of our trip in Rome." - Nicole

"Roberta was amazing in capturing our moment. She has a great eye for photography and was able to capture pictures in places we wouldn't of thought to go. Thanks Roberta!" - Tyler

"Roberta was a fantastic photographer! The passion she has for photography comes out in her personality and her photos. Roberta made the shoot fun and playful and made it very easy for us to be ourselves." - Micheal

"Roberta made us feel at ease...she took some really great pictures and scenes that we would never have thought of in the area" - Pete

We loved Roberta and the photo shoot! We would highly recommend her! - Kristi

"Roberta captured me in a way I have never seen or thought I would ever be. I enjoyed the shoot with her so much and she put me at ease from the minute we've met." - Reyal

"we couldn't be happier to have had her capture such a memorable moment in our lives." - Aron

"Roberta did a great job of capturing my family in simple activities that we would never have thought to capture.  She has a fantastic eye for the spirit and the setting and a knack for how to incorporate them into an image that truly does tell a story. " - Jason

"Roberta in Rome was awesome.  She was very easy to work with, made us laugh, and shared some good information about local spots to visit." - Nancy

"Thank you to Roberta for doing such an amazing job in capturing the essence of Rome in every single shot! She was very easy to work with and put us at ease throughout the shoot!" - Priya 

"The number of quality images Roberta was able to capture in 30 minutes (with my daughter sleeping some of that time) is astonishing and she was a pleasure." - Carlee

"As soon as we saw Roberta's portfolio, we knew that we had to have her take our photos. She was so creative with her staging and lighting, and provided easy-to-follow guidance that helped us feel comfortable and enjoy ourselves. I think it's safe to say that we are two of Roberta's biggest fans!"-Amanda

"Roberta was amazing!  It was obvious that she is passionate about her work and she did such a great job of making us feel comfortable for candid shots!  The location of our shoot quickly became a favourite spot for us during the remainder of our trip-we went back to enjoy amazing views of the city and the beautiful scenery! I cannot say enough good things about Roberta, and the photos she sent are just beautiful!" - Roberta

"Roberta made helpful suggestions for some poses but also gave us time to position ourselves naturally. We love the mix of traditional and artistic photos Roberta took and were especially impressed with her keen eye for lighting. Walking around the Vatican and chatting with Roberta about her life and her love of photography and travel was a highlight of our trip. We are so happy to have such beautiful and unique photographs to celebrate our engagement in Italy!" - Adrienne

"Roberta is a fantastic photographer and a delight to work with. She has a wonderfully creative eye and captured our family and Rome beautifully." - Amanda

"I had an absolutely amazing time on my shoot with Roberta! She took my requests for my shoot to heart and managed to completely capture the nature of my trip! After our shoot, we took time to enjoy a cup of coffee together. Not only did I have an incredible time on the shoot, I made a new friend in Rome!" - Hayden

" I cannot say enough about our photographer, Roberta, and her amazing talent and work! She was very professional and made my fiancé and I very comfortable from the beginning. She has a great eye and was able to take us away from the tourist area to local hidden gems, which turned out to be beautiful shots! I cannot express my gratitude enough and how appreciative I am!" - Tadeh 

"After less than 3 hours of sleep from a crazy night before, Roberta somehow captured us in the best way possible! She is an amazing photographer and very friendly. She captures beautiful photographs and knows her lighting very well! I couldn't recommend her enough!

"Roberta was amazing. She made us feel comfortable from the moment we met her. When we received our photos, we were really impressed! Roberta did an excellent job! These are definitely our favourite souvenirs from our trip!" - Beverly 

"Roberta was the best photographer ever! She was so helpful and made us feel like family. Roberta was extremely kind and noted everything and everywhere I wanted to go for the shoot. She didn't miss a beat!" - Philip

"Roberta made us feel so special and took amazing photos of our engagement." - Zach

"We were beyond pleased with sweet Roberta in Rome who made our shoot fun and easy. She was the consummate photographer, putting us completely at ease and using the beauty of the city as a stunning backdrop. To say we were pleased is truly an understatement. She was a sweetheart and we highly recommend her." - Debbie

"Roberta is a very talented photographer and loves what she does. It was a JOY to spend an hour with her during our photo shoot in Rome. She made my fiancé and I feel very comfortable and we enjoyed our time with her, because it was evident that she was having fun photographing which in turn made us feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera." - Susanna 

"Roberta was an amazing photographer!! Ease and comfort level with her was just amazing! She was fun and full of great ideas." - Val

"Roberta was awesome. We LOVED working with her.  It was her idea to do a photoshoot in a castle and the photos came out amazing. Anyone traveling to Rome should shoot with Roberta!" - Madeleine

"Roberta was a great combination of professional and personable - she made it very easy to get natural looking shots, and made us very comfortable with the whole process. The results exceeded our expectations and we have a bunch of great pictures to go with our amazing memories." - Scott & Alisia

"From the moment we met, it was easy to communicate as she spoke english fluently. She understood the mood/aesthetic that we were going for and guided us confidently. Although this was our first shoot, Roberta's words of encouragement helped make this a very enjoyable experience.We cannot recommend her enough! We had high expectations from Roberta and she exceeded them!" - Sara

"I purchased this shoot as a gift for family on their vacation, and even though we needed to coordinate logistics from thousands of miles away, everything was super fast and easy. Oh, and the photos are EPIC. Roberta is nothing short of incredible!" - Noah

"Wow! Where do I begin? We had such a wonderful experience with Flytographer! We absolutely LOVE our photos. Roberta, is such a talented photographer. She made us feel right at home from the moment we met her. She was great with our children and they felt right at ease. She suggested a shoot location that was exactly what we were looking for and managed to capture classic moments, lighthearted ones, sweet ones and our kids just being kids. Thank you Roberta and Flytographer for capturing such wonderful memories from our unforgettable trip to Rome!" - KC"

"My shoot was probably one of the highlights of my trip to rome. Roberta recommended I change to an evening shoot (before sunset) and I am so glad I did. She was understanding, creative and catered to what I had in mind if I told her about an idea or suggested something. She knew the city very well and knew all the cool and pretty places for shooting. There's so much to say but so little space! I can just say it was an amazing and easy experience and I am so happy to have amazing pictures from one of the most amazing trips I have been on!" - Abbey

"Roberta was amazing. We had such a fun time with her and she knew all the hidden gems to capture the best photos. We love our photos and can't wait to use Flytographer for our next adventure!" - Ashmi

"Roberta made us feel very comfortable and did a great job capturing our family of five in various combinations, exactly as I requested. We're so happy to have beautiful photos from Rome." - Amy

"Roberta was awesome. We LOVED working with her.  It was her idea to do a photoshoot in a castle and the photos came out amazing" - Madeleine

"We enjoyed shooting with Roberta. She made us feel comfortable being in front other camera. We had such a good time during our photography session with her, we had a drink together in the plaza afterwards. Hanging out with Roberta was one of our many favorite moments." - Frank

"Roberta was awesome! She was so fun and got some great shots for us. We got the photos quickly and they were beautiful." - Courtney 

"Roberta was very creative and did a great job. We loved working with her!" - Monica

"Roberta was lovely and fantastic to work with! She was flexible with when and where to meet and made sure we hit all the spots we wanted during our shoot! " - Lauren

"Roberta was AMAZING! She even offered to help us around town, and made recommendations for us during our time in her home city." - Chelsea

"Roberta was OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend! She was fun to be around, made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, even my husband had a great time. She was on time, professional, easy-going, and had a lot of information about the area. She had great recommendations on where to eat and sights to see. I cannot say enough good things about Roberta!" - Ashley

"Roberta was extraordinary, she made us feel comfortable and at easy. I had so many amazing comments on my photos. She was beyond my expectations." - Silvana

"Roberta was truly amazing! She was so knowledgeable about Italy and the neighbourhoods we explored, she shared many interesting facts about all of the monuments we passed by. She was extremely caring during our shoot, it started to drizzle a bit but that didn't stop her from capturing the most beautiful shots of us on our honeymoon." - Shardonnay

"Roberta is lovely and we absolutely love the photos she took of us in Rome. We fell in love with Italy and our shoot with Roberta is a treasured highlight." - Julie

"We loved getting to know Roberta and my youngest still talks about her being her favourite girl!" - Natalie

"Our photographer Roberta was simply amazing. She captured Rome the way I wanted and captured us as a couple in ways you hope the best photographers will. We even ended up having drinks at a small cafe afterwards with Roberta and made our first friend from Rome. We love everything about the photos and will easily treasure them for the rest of our lives. You can tell Roberta loves what she does and it shows in her work. After we left the cafe later that night we got a text from Roberta saying "my heart is full of happiness". So were ours."- Don

"Roberta was not only professional in our shoot but was vibrant, friendly and easy going which eased our nerves as we both were tense in the beginning. The photos we received at the end can't be described with any other word than exceptional." - Nick

"The shoot was relaxed and we all enjoyed it so much! Having four children, I honestly didn't think we would get much further than one location, but we did and Roberta caught some really beautiful shots of us just interacting with each other along the way." - Jane

"Roberta was exactly what she says in description: Crazy person. Crazy talented. Easy to work with. Super fun. Very human and approachable. She bonded with us immediately and made everything super comfortable!" - Diego

"Roberta was amazing! She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable. My pictures turned out beautifully!" - Nioke

"Roberta was helpful personified. She made us immediately feel relaxed and helped us to enjoy the experience. This was not just a souvenir, but an additional memory of our holiday. She was happy to change the route we had planned after we spoke about what we were after and suggested ideal locations. We have since had the pictures and they are amaaaaazing!" - Shahab

"Roberta has produced some stunning shots and she was so much fun during the shoot. We laughed alot and she made us feel very relaxed, we really enjoyed our time with her." - Nicky & Craig

"Loved working with Roberta in Rome. It was a very fun, laid-back experience. She was amazing, and we got some awesome family photos." - KB

"We loved our photographer Roberta! She truly captured the look and style we were striving for." - Daniel

"Roberta was personable, friendly, and made us feel incredibly comfortable.  Not to mention she was FUN - we left feeling like we have a new friend in Rome!" - Kaity

"Roberta, the photographer, was such a great person to work with. Her eye for engagement shots in Rome were fantastic, along with her knowledge of where to take the pictures. She made us feel comfortable, as we tend to be camera shy." - Justin

"We couldn't be happier with our photos! Roberta was fun and easy to work with. She had great ideas for shots and really put us at ease." - Tash

"The photo shoot with Roberta in Rome was so easy. She was very fast and kept us moving and having fun. I wanted a mix of photos and she delivered everything I asked for." - Carrie

"Roberta was simply lovely, taking us through Villa Borghese and the surrounding area. She was fun and informative and charming." - Donna

"The experience itself was such a blast! Our photographer Roberta was really fun and a joy to work with." - Alicia

"Our photographer, Roberta, was amazing. She worked very hard to make amazing photos for my family. We had a lot of fun just walking around taking photos. She went above and beyond our expectations!" - Ural

"Roberta our photographer was just wonderful. She made us feel immediately at ease and the photos capture beautiful moments between my mum and me. We will cherish them forever.. I can't wait to do another shoot on my next travels!" – Maria

"Thank you so much for such an amazing experience with Flytographer. Roberta, you were amazing to work with and the photos are amazing! We hope to work with Flytographer again soon!" – Kevin (See Kevin & Kristen's romantic honeymoon photos)

"We love our photos, and are so happy we were able to capture the memories from our first trip to Italy. Roberta, our photographer, was great to work with. I would definitely use Flytographer again." — Nissa

"Best highlight we will never forget is this photo shoot with Roberta! Enjoyed it so much and enjoyed Roberta very much, [she] put us at ease and comfortable, very friendly, loved this whole experience! We love everything Roberta captured, just L O V E this album, thank you Roberta and to Flytographer!" — Lia (See this beautiful love story recreated 40 years later!)

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