Levelling up Vacation Pictures

Here at Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photoshoots and have captured over four million memories worldwide. 🌎 The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip, forever. Are you thinking about capturing memories on your next trip? 📸 Read on for reasons why vacation pictures over the years are priceless!



  1. Celebrate both the big and the small moments
  2. Capture the magic of travel
  3. Document the journey
  4. Reminisce for years to come
  5. Look forward to more forever memories
  6. FAQ

Jana captures memories over the years with a Flytographer in Milan, Kimon and Alexandra in Santorini, and Elisenda in Washington DC. 

“Thank you for creating such a great community. I feel like I am friends with most of the photographers I met – still! Flytographer has become an integral part of my solo travels. I love the pictures and have not had a bad experience with the company. They are amazing.” – Jana

1. Celebrate both the big and the small moments

You don’t always need a big reason to celebrate with a photoshoot… but it certainly doesn’t hurt either! 🤭 There are all sorts of reasons to capture memories and document life — family vacations, milestones, road trips, school breaks, not to mention birthdays, anniversaries, and more! We talk a lot about this, so if you need more incentive, be sure to check out our reasons why a professional photoshoot is a good idea. 👍

Kim and partner capture memories over the years with a Flytographer in Zurich, Kim in Edinburgh, and a Flytographer in Berlin.

2. Capture the magic of travel

Not only is capturing your family members as they change over the years incredible but also documenting vacation pictures in locations (new and old) can be sweet and sentimental. Having the most special places and travel memories documented by a talented local photographer gives a perspective that isn’t easily achieved with some mobile phone snaps. 🤳 It’s incredible to watch the changes in trends, businesses, and local growth, as well as the contrasting timelessness of other areas over the years. 🫶

If you’re looking for a new place to capture your vacation pictures, check out our 2024 travel trends for more travel inspo! ❣️ We’ll never say no to some dreamy tropical beach photos and swaying palm trees, but there are plenty of options no matter your travel destination. ✈️

Photo: Flytographer in Lake Louise. Kamille and family capture memories in Lake Louise with a birthday photoshoot at Moraine Lake.

Photo: Marta in Venice for Flytographer. Kamille and family capture memories in Venice with a family photoshoot at San Marco.

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer. Kamille and family capture memories in Honolulu with a family photoshoot at Kualoa Beach.

Photo: Olga in Paris for Flytographer. Kamille and family capture memories in Paris with a family photoshoot at Trocadéro & Eiffel Tower.

“Our family sends heartfelt thanks to our Flytographer team — both our photographer and our concierge for yet another amazing experience. We continue to rely on Flytographer to capture the magic of our travels. Our photos were gorgeous, and we will treasure them forever! Thank you again, and we look forward to our next sessions!” – Kamille


3. Document the journey

Watching families expand, pets and people go from tiny to big, relationships blossom, and generations multiply and expand makes for a true documentation of journeys. Time passes by so quickly ⏳ and adding photoshoots to commemorate and celebrate where you’re at right now will mean even more sentimental journeys in the future.

Photo: Macy in Austin for Flytographer. Brad and partner capture memories in Austin with a family photoshoot at South Congress.

Photo: Flytographer in San Francisco. Brad and partner capture memories in San Francisco with a birthday photoshoot at Cavallo Point Lodge.

Photo: Kait in Tofino for Flytographer. Brad and partner capture memories in Tofino with a couples photoshoot at Cox Bay.

“This is the second time that we’ve used Flytographer, and at this point, it’s safe to say that it’s a service we plan on using for just about every vacation we take moving forward! Flytographer has a way of capturing a real sense of place as well as the personalities of the people. I don’t have to worry about getting lots of photos myself during a vacation, and the pictures obviously make great keepsakes – it’s the perfect way to capture the memories of a trip!” – Brad

4. Reminisce for years to come

Reminiscing on memories is a favourite pastime and makes timeless gifts possible and totally perfect. 🖼 Having vacation pictures framed on a photo wall, ordering prints, or making photo books 📒 are perfect gift ideas for those who are tough to buy for, not to mention they create talking points and sentiments for ages!

We love travel photo albums and other creative ways to utilize your vacation pictures to preserve your memories! 👩‍💻

Renee and family capture memories over the years with Kirill in Paris, Aimee Palma de Mallorca, and Ellie in Florence.

5. Look forward to more forever memories

Starting and maintaining traditions can be some of the most special points of connectivity and long-lasting memories for kids and parents. 🥳 Creating a tradition of photoshoots has so many benefits, but here are some of our favourite reasons why we love this tradition:

  1. Confidence! Every photoshoot brings a little more experience and confidence in terms of what to expect, photoshoot prep, timing, posing, styling, and more. (If you want awesome photoshoot tips for women, this is a fave read!)
  2. Reconnection. Connecting and reconnecting with the same photographer for vacation pictures over the years in the same city is a fun tradition on its own, or experiencing a new photographer if you’re a fan of new destinations each time can also feel consistent, thanks to our amazing Flytographer photographers all over the world.
  3. Making it fun! Creating a tradition like finding a colourful wall in each city or always incorporating local treats or coffee shops can be a great way to make your photoshoot adventure fun.

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Tien-An and family capture memories in New York City with a vacation photoshoot in Central Park.

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Tien-An and family capture memories in New York City with a vacation photoshoot in Tyron Park.

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Tien-An and family capture memories in New York City with a vacation photoshoot in Tyron Park.

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. Tien-An and family capture memories in New York City with a vacation photoshoot in Central Park.

“This was my 6th Flytographer shoot and will certainly not be my last! I always look first to Flytographer when booking a vacation to make sure they shoot at that location as it has become a routine part of my vacation planning.” – Tien-An

6. FAQ

How much is a vacation photoshoot?

Our photoshoot packages start at $285 USD for a 30-minute session. Easily book a trusted, local photographer in hundreds of destinations worldwide. We’ll organize all of the details and share our expert tips to ensure a seamless photoshoot experience. Make the moment last a lifetime with beautiful vacation pictures to look back on together, relive the memories, and share with friends and family when you return home.

Should you take photos on vacation?

Although almost every one of us is guilty of taking tons of vacation pictures in an effort to capture memories after we return home, that effort can be distracting for other members of your travel party. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your vacation memories takes the pressure off from trying to capture good photos and enables you to relive the moment for years to come.


What should I wear for vacation photos?

  1. Spring break – be prepared for layering! Spring weather can be slightly unpredictable, so pack cute, adaptable layers for last-minute adjustments to keep you and your crew comfortable and happy.
  2. Summer vacation – think of light, breezy fabrics that keep you cool and hide sweat. Don’t fear patterns and textures that are particularly forgiving in hot temps!
  3. Christmas holiday – lean into holiday colours, knits, warm layers, and accessories. Holidays are a time for fun, so don’t be afraid to incorporate fun into your holiday shoot!
  4. Fall getaway – crisp fall temps are perfect for sweaters, autumnal colours, and cozy layers.

Roy and Partner capture memories over the years with a Flytographer in Seattle, Daniella in Honolulu, Leo in Paris, Julia in Madrid, and Olga in Paris

“Whenever we travel always love booking with Flytographer as one of our best souvenir for our memory book. Flytographer is my go-to photo session whenever we are in a new exciting city to capture its beauty and culture. I always use Flytographer whenever I’m in a new city to simply capture those beautiful memories in photographs, not just a selfie.” – Roy

What are the best colours to wear on vacation?

  1. Europe – pops of colour help you stand out without distracting from your beautiful European surroundings. What’s better than a pop of red in France? Or a punch of hot pink in front of the blue Aegean Sea?
  2. Beach vacations – are the perfect time for fun patterns and coordinating looks. Whether it’s Hawaiian prints or white + khaki, beach coordination is one of our favourite ways to utilize colours on your photoshoot.
  3. Asia – if your shoot is in a flashy, bright area, wearing black and white will keep your background the star. If you’re in a beautiful, scenic area with nature, blossoms, or a rich history, look at what the locals are wearing — tradition and culture have been the pattern for centuries for a reason, so lean into local combinations as your guide!
  4. North America – choosing complementary colours that accentuate your locale is a great way to elevate your vibe. Lush green background? Look for reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. Blue skies above tall mountain peaks? Yellow, orange, and red will have you looking equally like a standout.

What is the best time for vacation photos?

The best time for a vacation photoshoot is during golden hour — the hour just after sunrise and before sunset. Golden hour means the light is soft, dynamic, and flattering. Choosing to schedule your photoshoot at the beginning of your vacation (keeping in mind and accounting for possible jetlag) means less sunburns, less sore feet, more adrenaline, and more wiggle room for rescheduling should an emergency weather situation arise.

What to do with photos after a trip?

Not only are photos perfect for framing and hanging on your walls, but creating a photo book to relive your memories is also a wonderful way to get your photos off a screen and into tangible form. Grandparents almost always want a recent family photo, and don’t forget — this is the perfect time to capture a photo of the whole family for your next holiday card or request from your kid’s schoolteacher for a class project! We can’t forget your digital gallery is also the perfect way to share your time with family and friends on social media.

Photos captured by Kirill in Paris, Alex in Santorini, and Juan F. Cartagena.

“My husband and I have used Flytographer for the past 6 years! We adore them! They have become apart of our anniversary tradition. Every year on our wedding anniversary, we do a photoshoot in a new location with Flytographer! It is so easy! I can’t wait to show my future children all of our amazing pictures!!” –  Dianna 


Capturing the Magic of Travel

We hope we’ve helped you discover new ways or reminded you of reasons why vacation memories over the years are an amazing idea and a perfect vacation tradition.

Back away from the close-up selfies and utilize a pro when it comes to capturing your next vacation (and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that…)! Remember, we’re not aiming for stock photos. We’re here to help capture you and your loved ones — memories you can hold on to, enjoy, and recreate now and for years to come. 🥰