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Meet Elisenda in Washington DC

I'm a Brazilian lifestyle portrait photographer living in Washington DC. My photography is documentary with a bright, colorful, and spontaneous style. I strive to capture real moments and sincere emotions. The idea of freezing time in a photograph, and getting to hold a memory in our hands has always been fascinating to me.

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    Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese & Spanish
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: I love DC: from the cobblestone streets and Victorian façades of Georgetown to the sprawling National Mall, to the beautifully green spaces of Rock Creek Park and the trails along the Potomac River. 

Three Things

  1. I love the outdoors, I'm always up for hiking and days spent by the ocean, I read voraciously, and probably watch way too many BBC shows.
  2. I cannot function without coffee. That, and my husband, friends, and family. Oh... and dogs! Obviously, my life depends on many things.
  3. I have color-graphemic synesthesia. In my mind, I see colors in numbers and letters. It's weird, but also amazing.

More Information

Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Please note that most public spaces in DC require a permit for photography that must be purchased and organized a minimum of one week in advance of your shoot date.

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