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Meet Elisenda in Washington DC

I'm a Brazilian lifestyle portrait photographer living in Washington DC. My photography is documentary with a bright, colorful, and spontaneous style. I strive to capture real moments and sincere emotions. The idea of freezing time in a photograph, and getting to hold a memory in our hands has always been fascinating to me.

Three Things

  1. I love the outdoors, I'm always up for hiking and days spent by the ocean, I read voraciously, and probably watch way too many BBC shows.
  2. I cannot function without coffee. That, and my husband, friends, and family. Oh... and dogs! Obviously, my life depends on many things.
  3. I have color-graphemic synesthesia. In my mind, I see colors in numbers and letters. It's weird, but also amazing.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Washington DC

I love DC: from the cobblestone streets and Victorian façades of Georgetown to the sprawling National Mall, to the beautifully green spaces of Rock Creek Park and the trails along the Potomac River. 

Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese & Spanish

More Information

Please note that most public spaces in DC require a permit for photography that must be purchased and organized a minimum of one week in advance of your shoot date.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Elisenda

"Elisenda was amazing! Being from our home country made my son feel comfortable as soon as we met (living abroad must make same language as home mean friend inside a 2 year old mind). She was able to make us completely relaxed and showed us new spots with beautiful backgrounds in the city we called home for 4 years! We loved the pictures, they are the perfect memoir from this trip! " - Ana Helena

"Elisenda was lovely to work with and I am absolutely in love with the pictures!" - Lisa

"Elisenda was amazing! We have an almost 2 year old who would not cooperate at all and 4 kids in all. Elisenda still managed to get us some amazing shots. I was so nervous after that she wasn't able to get any good pics, but I am beyond happy with the photos! I highly recommend Elisenda and Flytographer." - Erica

"The session could not have gone any better. It was a freezing morning but Elisenda kept our spirits up! We love all our photos - definitely one of our favorite Flytographer sessions!" - Cherry

"Working with Elisenda was one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout this whole trip! She was so professional, and defintely made the atmosphere fun! Being ourselves in front of the camera was so easy with her. Highly recommend!!" - Renjy

"Elisenda was FANTASTIC! She has a great personality and her photos are excellent! " - Austin

"Elisenda was very pleasant to work with from the beginning to end of our photo shoot. She made us feel very comfortable, and by the end of the shoot we felt like old friends. Elisenda absolutely captured the beautiful scenery that we saw while we were in Washington, DC, during the National Cherry Blossom Festival." - SK

"Pictures are worth a thousand words, but the overall Flytographer experience with Elisenda Llinares was absolutely priceless. In addition to capturing memories, the photo shoot itself became an experience to cherish. I'm a repeat Flytographer customer and can attest to the professionalism of its photographers in different cities. However, Elisenda exceeds even the expected quality, her photography talents are exceptional. She was attentive to capturing the best angles, light and backdrops. The results speak for themselves. Equally important to the success of our shoot was Elisenda's enthusiasm, creativity and infectiously friendly personality. She was such a delight that it brought out the best in us. She was generous with her time, talents and friendship. We love the photos, but equally treasure our time with Elisenda. " - Deanne

"Elisenda was a pleasure to work with. She had clearly thought of the route that would capture the pictures I wanted, and was kind, friendly and fun throughout the shoot. I really enjoyed working with her!" - Jana

"Elisenda was easy going and was great with my family especially to my kids who warmed up to her pretty fast." - Ana

"We had so much fun with Elisanda on our cold photo shoot in DC. She was great and easy to work with!" - Carin

"Wow! Our photos are amazing and turned out even more beautiful than we wished for! Our photographer, Elisenda, was so easy to talk to and helpful and our whole experience was laid back and easy. We didn't feel rushed and we felt like she captured us as a family in the moment! Love, Love, Love! We will cherish these photos, a snapshot of us in this season of life, for years to come!" - Lori

"Elisenda exceeded our expectations! She was an absolute wonder to work with and was able to capture some truly moving photos." - Anne

"Our photographer was amazing despite the freezing temperatures and her use of the morning lights made our photos look fantastic!" - Christa

"Our experience with Elisinda couldn't have been more perfect. Meeting her was like meeting an old friend who cared deeply to ensure the best experience and results. Given it was our first time to Washington we relied on her advice to help leave us with memories to last forever. Thank you Elisinda! Our only complaint - our time with you was too short. You're fun and that allowed for us to enjoy everything about the experience." - Nicole

"I've never liked getting pictures taken until we met our photographer. Elisenda was friendly, energetic, professional, and quick. She kept a friendly flow of conversation going at all times, with a smile on her face the entire time. She makes it easy to smile, and knows the correct time to snap a photo. She was also very willing to work around our schedule, and got our pictures back to us well within the quoted time slot." - Kamalani

"Our experience our photographer Elisenda was amazing. I went in not knowing the city and not 100% sure how to plan the engagement. Both Sandra and Elisenda heard my story and asked which direction I would want the moment to go. Very understanding and accommodating. Everything went smoothly and the pictures turned out AMAZING! Every one of our friends and family enjoyed them and loved them. So many commented that they wish they would have done something similar. Truly felt natural and easy during the shoot and loved how the whole experience and the photos turned out!" - Sue

"Elisenda did a fabulous job capturing our memories!" - Dorothy

"Li was fantastic! The spot she suggested to meet was convenient and we were able to get a variety of shots without walking far at all - a feat in Washington, D.C.! Li was so friendly, accommodating and helpful. We la-LOVE our photographs. This is our fourth time using Flytographer and it just keeps getting better." - Kathryn

"Elisenda was great to work with! She was super friendly, gave us flexibility for what we wanted to do and where we wanted the pictures, was flexible in moving location since there was an event going on, and talked us through the whole process!" - Ashley

"Elisenda is very sweet and she immediately made us feel comfortable from the moment we met her for our maternity paternity photoshoot. We weren’t sure what to expect, but she did an excellent job directing us. We loved our entire photoshoot experience! We highly recommend Elisenda." - Eri

"Elisenda was wonderful! We were very excited to do our engagement photos, but also weren't sure what to do. Elisenda helped us to find the perfect locations & poses to capture our relationship. We both felt that she was very generous with her creativity and easy to get along with and trust as a photographer - which makes it so much easier to smile and laugh and have a wonderful time. She clearly was very comfortable with the area, excited about the work, and very experienced as a photographer. We highly recommend Elisenda! :)" - Christopher

"Very easy and very comfortable.  We had a great time and the pics came out GREAT!" - Catherine

"We had fabulous time with Elisenda! She made the shoot fun and showed us some great neighborhoods in Georgetown." - Brianna

"Thank you so much for the AMAZING pictures of our engagement! Elisenda was such a fun photographer to work with and we were so happy she got so many special shots of us and our family! Thank you so much for making our day so memorable! We enjoyed every minute of it!" - Alex & Whitney 

"We had a terrific time and we LOVE the pictures. Elisenda simply did a superb job. She capture our playful and passionate nature as a couple and we tired long before she did." - Linda

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