Instagrammable Walls

Who doesn’t love wall murals and street art? From graffiti walls to unconventional facades, a regular surface can transform into a city landmark and a stunning background for pics and selfies with a simple dose of creativity. Not just that, a great wall can celebrate local culture and even convey powerful messages. There are many art walls across the globe that stand as a testament that we can always add an extra layer of colour to our lives, and, of course, to our photos. In this blog, we bring you a selection of our top 10 Instagrammable walls around the world. 🌎

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Camera in hands, join us for a wall crawl! 😁



  1. Satisfy your love for walls with traditional and modern artworks in the streets of Alfama, Lisbon.
  2. Explore a proper open-air museum of street art at Wynwood Walls, Miami.
  3. Immerse yourself in the tropical technicolour vibes of Pietermaai, Curaçao.
  4. Marvel at the striking contrast of old shophouses with vibrant murals in Haji Lane, Singapore.
  5. Capture one of the city’s most iconic views and some wonderful wall art in DUMBO, New York City.
  6. Discover some DIY South American murals in trendy Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires.
  7. Admire the charming architecture and discover some iconic signs in Notting Hill, London.
  8. Stumble upon spectacular facades painted in tropical hues in Old San Juan, San Juan.
  9. Enjoy the fun and whimsical installations of Umbrella Alley in San Francisco.
  10. Soak in some quintessential Portuguese wall art at Capela das Almas, Porto.

Photo: Claudia in Playa del Carmen for Flytographer. Corey and friend capture memories in Playa del Carmen with a vacation photoshoot downtown.

1. Streets of Alfama, Lisbon

Lisbon’s street art scene is renowned for being among the world’s best, and its charming streets showcase some of the most Instagrammable walls we’ve ever encountered. In the characterful Alfama, one of Lisbon’s oldest districts, you’ll discover particularly intriguing ones, such as André Saraiva’s mural, a playful artwork crafted from over 50,000 handmade tiles. The mural’s most striking section features a rainbow arching over an old caravel. 🌈 Looking for something more traditional? Head to Miradouro Santa Luzia, where you can admire classic white and blue tile murals, something quintessentially Portuguese. That’s not all; you’ll also find bougainvillea flowers and panoramic views of Lisbon. It’s simply stunning! 😍

🔥Hot tip: in 2015, the renowned Portuguese muralist Vhils unveiled a new wall on São Tomé Street in Alfama. This mural pays tribute to the legendary Fado diva, Amália Rodrigues. Crafted from Portuguese traditional-style pavement, the artwork stands as a unique mural and a magnet for social media photos.

Photo: Ana Lucia in Lisbon for Flytographer. Joey and partner capture memories in Lisbon with a proposal photoshoot in the streets of Alfama.

2. Wynwood Walls, Miami

Wynwood Walls in Miami is what we call a proper open-air street art museum with large-scale works by some of the most famous street artists in the world, including Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the iconic Obama “Hope” poster. 🇺🇲 You’ll find nothing less than 80,000 square feet of walls decorated with street art ranging from pop to abstract and some pretty cool graffiti — each one an opportunity for a unique photo. 📸 Note that there’s an admission fee to the museum, so plan accordingly.

Still, not all beautiful murals are housed in the museum; Wynwood’s streets are also teeming with street art, and nearly every boutique, ice cream and coffee shop, and, of course, parking lots, are decorated with a uniquely stunning piece. Some of the most photographed are the exterior of Cielito Artisan Pops (which features black and white stripes with an eye-catching kinetic effect), the vibrant wall with tropical flowers on the facade of Rodilla Cafe, and the photogenic facade of Arca with its multi-colour vertical stripes. Pick one – if you can! You won’t be disappointed with these instagrammable walls. 😉

Photo: Cheryl in Miami for Flytographer. Grace and friends capture memories in Miami with a headshot photoshoot at the Wynwood Walls.

3. Pietermaai, Curaçao

Think Curaçao is all about pristine beaches and turquoise waters? 🤔 Think again. Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, is renowned for its neighbourhoods filled with Dutch colonial buildings painted in vibrant colours and adorned with stunning street art, especially in the district of Pietermaai, dubbed the “Soho of Curaçao.”

Stroll through Nieuwestraat Street, and you’ll come across the famous Dutch Treats Restaurant, featuring a mural-clad facade where stylish characters sport sunglasses. 🕶️ Nearby, Wynwood Boutique Hotel adds even more vibrancy to the area with its multicoloured buildings. For more photo-worthy spots, don’t miss Scuba Lodge, a beautiful boutique hotel spread across five meticulously restored buildings, each one painted in flamboyant colours. It’s safe to say that wherever you turn, you’ll have countless opportunities for beautiful photos. 👌

Photo: Claudia in Curaçao for Flytographer. Cayla and partner capture memories in Curaçao with an engagement photoshoot in Pietermaai.

4. Haji Lane, Singapore

Haji Lane in Singapore’s Kampong Glam neighbourhood is the place to be if you want to capture some of the best murals in town. Almost every bar, restaurant, and boutique lining this charming, narrow lane showcases its own Instagrammable wall. These establishments are housed in 19th-century shophouses, and the mix of modern and old offers a striking contrast that makes for a fabulous background for photoshoots. 😮

Wondering what’s the most eye-catching work? It’s hard to pick just one, but we love this one found at Piedra Negra Bistro, featuring striking images of Aztecs wearing elaborate headpieces. There are also some sci-fi-inspired themes, such as Didier Jaba Mathieu’s mural just a few steps away on Beach Road. While in Kampong Glam, don’t skip a visit to Sultan Gate, home of more vibrant street art.👍

Photo: Gan in Singapore for Flytographer. Kelsey and family capture memories in Singapore with a family photoshoot in Haji Lane.

5. DUMBO, New York City

DUMBO is known for one of the most popular photo spots in the entire USA, the DUMBO Manhattan Bridge View. However, this stylish neighbourhood has much more to offer for your social media feed. DUMBO Walls is a collection of outdoor murals spread across a four-block stretch near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. This project has brought together many artists and added an extra touch of flair to its streets. 🎨 One mural that stands out is the work of American muralist MOMO, a 200-foot-long mural featuring a captivating minimalist style. Its graphic elements, geometric shapes, and patterns create a visually striking and expressive composition.

Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find the awe-inspiring views of NYC skyline as a bonus. What more could you ask for in the Big Apple? 🍎

Photo: Sehee in New York City for Flytographer. James and partner capture memories in New York City with an engagement photoshoot near DUMBO.

6. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires offers an abundance of the most instagrammable wall art in the city. On the corner of Gurruchaga and Santa Rosa alleyway, a collage wall decorated with various posters, wallpapers, stencils, and a variety of symbols is a big hit, serving as a stylish backdrop for photos. Throughout the area, you’ll also stumble upon these spontaneous murals created with a mix of adverts and posters. They all happen to be very photogenic, of course. 💁♀️

Just a short walk away is another popular spot at the corner of Borges and Russell Streets – the wonderful mural by Gonzalo Prieto, featuring, among other elements, a boy peeking out from behind a brick wall. On Jorge Luis Borges Street, Cabernet Restaurant boasts a delightful mural adorned with flowers, plants, and birds that capture the attention of anyone passing by. 🌼 🦜

Photo: Consuelo in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Jennifer and family capture memories in Buenos Aires with a vacation photoshoot in Palermo Soho.

7. Notting Hill, London

Notting Hill is a paradise for any Instagrammer, blogger, or anyone seeking a captivating backdrop. This beloved British neighbourhood may not feature extensive murals on every corner, but who needs them when the entire area boasts charming and vibrantly coloured houses and lovely facades? 🇬🇧

A stroll along Portobello Road is a visual delight. The street’s iconic spot is Alice’s antique shop, with its red facade and iconic sign. Another charming sight is the ‘Made You Look’ mural, displaying a message written in Scrabble-like letters above a red brick wall. In Notting Hill, even a simple white wall with a street plaque can become a photogenic backdrop, inviting you to capture a memorable moment. 🥰

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. Macy captures memories in London with a graduation photoshoot at Notting Hill.

8. Old San Juan, San Juan

As if encapsulating all the vibrancy of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan is brimming with picturesque facades painted in tropical hues and adorned with colourful doors. Streets like Calle Imperial, Calle de La Virtud, and Calle McArthur, all surrounding the Museo de San Juan, showcase the most impressive collection of vibrant facades. The museum itself features beautiful green doors that stand out against the vibrant orange and yellow exterior — perfect for stunning photos. While on Calle Imperial, don’t forget to explore the mural displaying the flag of Puerto Rico and capture some shots to celebrate your time in this fascinating Caribbean city. 🇵🇷

💡 Special Fly tip: in San Juan, as with most tropical destinations, the best colours for outdoor pics are, naturally, summer colours.

Photo: Raul in San Juan for Flytographer. Beth and partner capture memories in San Juan with an anniversary photoshoot in Old San Juan.

9. Umbrella Alley and Hyde Street, San Francisco

Umbrella Alley is one of San Francisco’s top street art destinations, showcasing several walls and installations created by local artists. The most photographed walls include the “Greetings from San Francisco” mural and the “California Adventure VW Bus.” The latter features a Classic Volkswagen Kombi, which you can climb inside and take pictures as if you were one of the passengers. ☮️ Above, colourful balloons and umbrellas contribute to the alley’s charm and give it its name. 🎈☂️

Another must-visit spot for incredible murals in San Francisco is Hyde Street, where you can find a captivating series of murals titled “Le Papillon.” They depict massive monarch butterflies soaring over California Poppies, the state flower. 

Want to see more art walls in California? A visit to Los Angeles is a must. The LA wall art scene ranks among the best in the country. Along Melrose Avenue, for example, you’ll discover several pieces celebrating the city and its pop icons. The true showstopper, however, is the vibrant hot pink wall covering the exterior of the Paul Smith store. 🩷 The angel wings created by celebrated artist Colette Miller are also famous sights in LA and can be found throughout the city.

Photo: Sandro in San Francisco for Flytographer. Ariel and family capture memories in San Francisco with a family photoshoot in Umbrella Alley and Hyde Street.

10. Capela das Almas, Porto

Countless walls in the Portuguese city of Porto are adorned with elegant and picture-perfect tile murals. One of the best places in the city to appreciate this quintessential Portuguese art form is Capela das Almas, or the Chapel of Souls, on Rua Santa Catarina. The entire facade and a side wall of this 18th-century church are adorned with depictions of religious scenes and stunning stained-glass windows complement the visual splendour of the walls.

For more unique wall art, visiting São Bento Railway Station is a must. The lobby of this 19th-century Beaux arts-inspired building showcases murals composed of twenty thousand tiles depicting scenes from everyday life and key moments in the country’s history. In its own way, Porto is truly a wall art wonderland! 🇵🇹

Photo: Ivo in Porto for Flytographer. Karyn and partner capture memories in Porto with an anniversary photoshoot at Capela das Almas.

Instagrammable Walls Feast!

Just like the architectural marvels we’ve listed in this previous post, Instagrammable walls and street art can be found all around the world, and they sure make wonderful spots to take pictures.

Wherever you choose to head on your next adventure, you can always connect with our local photographers and let them guide you through some of the most colourful corners of the world. 💙