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Meet Amelia in Buenos Aires

I'm a freelance photographer from Toronto, Canada but now call Buenos Aires my home. I own a photo tour company here, so I know all the secret, off-the-beaten-path places to shoot. My style is all about simplicity & allowing the beauty of my subjects to shine. 

Three Things

  1. I travel. A lot. I love seeing what people (not just fellow photographers) are up to in other countries. I like to be constantly learning, growing and experiencing life.
  2. I couldn't live without my boyfriend (awwwwww, cliché alert!)... and my camera gear.
  3. I work as a photographer on ships that take tourists to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. For part of the year, I hang with penguins and seals, drive boats around giant icebergs, and watch the sunset at midnight.

Favourite Place to Shoot in Buenos Aires

I love shooting in the non-touristy, hidden gems that BA has to offer. I'm an expat, so your session will be like a sightseeing/photo shoot all in one!

Languages Spoken

English & Spanish

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Amelia

"Amelia is an amazing photographer who made us feel so comfortable during our shoot. She nailed our brief and kept it fun and relaxing, while giving us the right amount of direction to get the shot. Do not hesitate booking with Amelia!" - Lemai

"Amelia was amazing! She was easy to work with and took amazing pictures. She’s a true artist! " - Yvette

"Great photos! Amelia was fun and easy to work with! She makes you feel at ease right away. She has a good eye for photos." - Gary

"It was a fantastic experience shooting with Amelia. She has a great eye for detail and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would recommend anyone considering flytographer in Buenos Aires to use Amelia. Especially if you are after a more candid style." - Christopher

"Amelia was a delight to work with! Very professional and her photos far exceeded our expectations. " - Bianca

"Amelia is a true professional and artist. We had such a fun time on our shoot. She knew all the best places to shoot and capture the spirit of Palermo Soho- she was such a stealthy ninja- shooting so quickly and incognito. Honestly best souvenir ever to look back on from our honeymoon. Amelia was so down to earth, impressionable, and fun to be around. I wish she could take all my pictures. We liked her so much we even treated her to a drink and loved to hear about her living experience in Buenos Aires- hearing from a local actually added depth to our trip and made a great memory. Hire Amelia you won't regret it." - Stacey

"Amelia was great - laid back and easily connected with the kids, and familiar with the location with lots of great spots to shoot and techniques that surprised me (like walking down a sidewalk single file - turned out awesome). " - Yamini

"Amelia made the whole experience so fun and intimate! She was beyond a joy to work with, and the whole shoot was absolutely perfect and so sweet for our honeymoon. :) " - Kelsey

"Amelia is the best! She was really friendly and easy to work with and gave us great direction even though it was our first time taking professional photos together." - Jaquline

"Amelia made us feel at ease and helped us get some great shots by choosing good locations and giving us guidance on what to do!" - Ishani

"Amelia is the best! She knows some of the most scenic spots in the city and will work with you to achieve the vision you have for your trip photography. Loved getting to meet and work with her!" - Alex

"We had a great time with Amelia in BA. She made us feel very comfortable and the pictures were great." - Cristina

"Amelia was so lovely and fun to work with. We would definitely recommend her to anyone traveling to BA." - Meghan

"Amelia is a great photographer and makes you comfortable posing in front of a camera. She catches some great angles and knows the best time of day to shoot!" - Carina

"It was amazing to work with Amelia, a fun and knowledgeable photographer who made us feel comfortable in our first photo shoot which resulted in an amazing album of photos!" - Jeffrey

"Amelia is a not only a professional photographer and but very nice person who created a very relaxed atmosphere during our shoot." - Katarzyna

"Amelia was so welcoming and made the experience so much fun. We are so grateful for the wonderful memories she captured. And the best part is she treated us more like a friend than a client - she spent time after showing us around the local bars and restaurants." - Katherine

"Amelia is great! She's easy to work with & listens to what you have in mind. Amelia has a knack for what she does." - Paul

"Amelia was a very cool photographer. She met us at the photo shoot location, made us super comfortable and clicked some amazing pictures." - Sheetal

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