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Meet Olga in Paris

I call my style "wedding photojournalism." I like to see people's happy faces in those moments when they forget about everything - including me - as they look into each other's eyes, just like the moment when they first fell in love with each other. I have awards in The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), Fearless Photographers and The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP). I am originally from Russia, and now live in Paris. 

Three Things

  1. In addition to being a photographer, I am also the Moscow editor for "Hello!" magazine.
  2. I love travel, design, and good food, and blogging about all of these.
  3. I can't live without new experiences!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Paris

Île Saint-Louis

Languages Spoken

English, French, Russian

More Information

Olga requires a 60-minute minimum shoot length for bookings in Montmartre.

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Olga

"Olga was amazing!! She was very professional and made us feel like we were supermodels :). The pictures were nothing short of perfect and we received a lot of compliments on them. Olga was very responsive via text days before the shoot and always kept us updated on status before and after the shoot. I would definitely recommend Flytographer and especially Olga!" - Janice

"Olga is amazing! She took many stunning photos that I love for a short time!" - Miyuki

"My husband and I LOVED our experience with Olga! She was so professional and friendly. We are not the best at posing, but she skillfully guided us into poses and made the session incredibly fun. Hopefully someday we can use her again!!!" - Autumn

"Olga was beyond Amazing to work with! The sun was extra bright the morning of our photo shoot, but somehow Olga made every image look MAGICAL. I am beyond grateful for these beautiful images of my husband and I. Olga was such a sweetheart and made us both feel comfortable the entire time. Thank you, Olga!! We are forever grateful and I'm recommending you for any of our family and friends traveling to Paris!!!!" - Gabriella

"Olga was wonderful and clearly experienced as she new what photos to take, poses, etc since we needed a lot of direction. We signed up for the 30 minute session and she was able to capture so many amazing photos! We would certainly use her again whenever we travel back to Paris. So worth it and more!" - Leybelis

"Olga was absolutely amazing! She has a great eye for composition and finding the perfect light. " - Ana Patricia

"Olga was amazing! She made our experience so wonderful, and was so easy going. She made us feel comfortable and had a great time shooting. We hope to book again next year when we return to Paris! " - Kira

"Olga, thank you for the beautiful photographs and experience. The shoot was thoroughly enjoyable, extremely professional, and well worth it from all angles. The photos, superb. You made Paris as well as as our first experience with Flytographer a memorable one." - Khuong

"Olga was spectacular! She made us feel so comfortable and is so talented! She even helped ease my not so photogenic husband enjoy the shoot. We highly recommend Olga! " - Kristin

"Olga was so friendly and immediately put our entire family at ease. She worked quickly so that no photos ever looked staged or stiff. She and her husband (who assisted her) were wonderful!" - Andrea

"Olga is very nice and professional! We are very glad to have her taking a photo shoot after our engagement in Paris and she created a lifelong memory for us! " - Michael

"Olga is such an amazing photographer. We had mentioned that we need a lot of guidance, and she gave very detailed instructions on exactly how to pose for every picture. I am so happy with how these pictures turned out. She is absolutely our favorite!" - Neda

"Olga was amazing! She gave clear direction to a family of 4 with 2 toddlers! The photos were more amazing than I believed they could be!" - Van

"Olga was amazing. She made my daughter feel super comfortable and her photos came out spectacular. I cant recommend her enough." - Trudy

"What an experience we had with Olga! Right off the bat she made us all feel comfortable with the poses and that is saying a lot. We have 2 kids who doesn't like to have their pictures taken too much but with Olga they had no problem. We ended up feeling really good after the photoshoot and excited to seeing the pictures. And the results? Loved them! It was a foggy day but with Olga's artistry made it look very interesting. We didn't know we looked that good! Thank you very much Olga for capturing the essence of our Paris trip. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. You make us want to go back to Paris again. We don't know when but we know who to call once we do." - Cheryl

"She was amazing! Had a clear vision and was great at directing us when needed. The photos were edited and sent to us quickly. This was an amazing way to commemorate a special trip. Thank you!" - Jamie

"Olga was just incredible! She made us feel so comfortable and was so great with providing us with direction on posing and placement. She also was just so enjoyable to talk to and friendly. The photos are absolutely beautiful and so special for us. The next time we are in Paris, we will definitely work with Olga again!" - Alex

"We love our pictures taken by Olga, and she captured memories we will take with us forever. In addition to be a professional, she was wonderful, kind, and gracious. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Olga!" - Angela

"Olga was such a sweetheart! As Olga was composing our shots, I just knew they would come out beautifully, and I was right! I couldn't believe how stunning they were." - Natalie

"Olga was absolutely amazing!! The photos are absolutely breathtaking and were more than my fiance could have dreamed of!" - Christopher

"Olga was amazing! She was friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly easy to work with. Her positive energy was delightful." - Tiffany

"Olga was a delight to work with. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable. We are so happy with the photos that Olga took of our family in Paris." - Stephany

"Olga was abosuletly incredible! Not only did she capture beautiful photos, but she made my fiancé and I feel so comfortable." - Vanessa

"Olga was fantastic! We needed a lot of help and direction and she was wonderful and patient with me and my family." - Elizabeth

"Olga was professional, timely, and created a memorable experience that will not be forgotten for our trip! The photographs are stunning!" - Mackenzie

"Olga is a very special sweet lady with a great talent for capturing moments on film! We adore her!" - April

"Olga was amazing! Very friendly and held our hands through every step of the process. Neither of us are good at taking photos and she told us every single pose and helped us look our best." - Claire

"Olga was so pleasant to work with and provided us with images that will last a lifetime." - Danica

"Olga was absolutely amazing! My husband and I are usually shy around the camera but she made us feel so comfortable." - Alicia

"Our shoot with Olga was really great! She was fast and efficient in setting up the shots, and provided just enough direction, which we liked." - Jennifer

"Thank you for the lovely photos Olga! She was friendly, patient and gave useful instructions. We will cherish these photos for many years to come." - Alexandra

"Olga’s beautiful personality matches her photography skills. Extremely skilled in her art!" - Brittany

"Olga was absolutely fabulous! She was so kind, thoughtful and very efficient! We hope to see her again next time we are in Paris!" - Victoria

" What an amazing experience with Olga! Not only was the shoot fun for my girls the photos are just beautiful! Thank you Olga for an incredible experience." - Sherri

"Olga was amazing! She helped us with exactly what to do. Her detailed instruction made the shoot so easy for us." - Christina

"Olga was great to work with and the photos turned out amazing." - Li

"Our photo session with Olga was a dream! She made us feel incredibly comfortable and gave us clear direction. We are thrilled with our photos!" - Molly

"Olga absolutely exceeded our expectations for our first Flytographer session. She was prompt, communicative, and led us from one beautiful location to another. I cannot recommend her enough." - Jacqueline

"Olga was a joy to work with! She was so sweet and made us so comfortable during the shoot." - Courtney

"Olga is the best! She made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot." - Yvette

"Olga is the best! She made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot." - Yvette

"Olga is so amazing! She really has an eye for detail and it all shows in her pictures." - Sindhu

"Olga is an incredible photographer! She is fun to work with and provided excellent instructions for how to pose etc. Our pictures are wonderful and we’ll cherish them for years to come." - Emily

"Olga was amazing to shoot with! She provided enough direction to make us feel comfortable." - Hannah

"Olga is professional and friendly, we had a wonderful shooting experience with her." - Jenny

"We had a wonderful shoot with Olga! She was so friendly and gave great direction throughout." - Ashley

"The Flytographer experience in Paris with Olga was amazing! Olga was delightful and captured some amazing photos of us and our two rambunctious 6-year-olds." - Jo

"Olga was so kind and sweet to work with! She has a great eye and lots of patience. Our shoot was so much fun, even though it was VERY cold outside! We love our photos and thank Olga for making these memories come to life each time we look at our pictures." - Michelle

"Olga was amazing. Super friendly and we both felt very comfortable. We love the images! This is the BEST souvenir we could have brought home from Paris!" - Lindsay

"Olga from Flytographer gave us the most amazing momento from our family trip to Paris. Our entire time with her was well paced and professionally shot. She gave perfect direction to my kids. The photos we have are amazing. I love the way she composed the photographs highlighting not only my family but the beautiful scenery of Paris. I am beyond happy with the photos we received and will treasure them for years. So grateful to Olga for her time and her vision." - Angela

"Olga is an excellent and professional photographer. She has top-notch skills and also we felt immediately at ease with her instructions and her kind guidance for the photo session. She really has a creative focus and knows how to guide us through so that the best photos are captured." - Christina

"Olga was outstanding. She instantly connected with the entire family and helped put everyone at ease. The shoot was fun from start to finish (which is saying a lot as a mom of 8 and 11 year old boys). Olga knew exactly where to capture the perfect photos and we LOVE all of ours. She truly captured photos that will help us remember our adventure forever." - Melissa

"Olga was great, she really listened to what we wanted and made some great suggestions. The photos turned out perfect!" - Hisham

"Olga was awesome! She braved the cold spring day with us to get some amazing pictures. She gave us great directions and was able to capture the day and the moment perfectly!" - Erin

"Olga was amazing. I’d like to thank her a million times for the beautiful photos of my daughter in Paris." - Katherine

"Olga was fantastic! She understood exactly how to make us feel comfortable to be able to achieve amazing photos. We felt like we could completely be ourselves in front of her. She also was awesome as positioning us to make it look like we were all alone in a crowded space." - Brittany

"Olga was exceptional. She was such a pleasure to work with! Very easy going and delightful! She knew exactly how to direct the shoot so that we would maximize the experience. Would definitely recommend. Photos exceeded our expectations!" - Julie

"Olga was excellent! She really made us both feel so comfortable and her photos were just what we wanted!" - Ashleigh

"Olga has done an amazing job professionally. We had a great time with her and we loved the photos which gave us good memory in Paris." - Karen

"Olga is amazing!! She was so friendly and has such a good eye! She made us feel comfortable and directs so well! I highly recommend Olga!" - Vi

"Olga was amazing! She perfectly captured our trip to Paris and we will cherish these pictures forever. She gave us amazing directions that led to beautiful pictures. She was so sweet and made the photoshoot extremely comfortable. I would absolutely work with her again!" - Katie

"I was so impressed with how Olga was able to get so many unique angles & perspectives in the area we chose. I especially loved her use of the birds to capture an amazing photo in front of the Eiffel Tower that I HAVE to frame. We love having these pictures to remember a very special trip." - Brittany

"It was truly a pleasure meeting and working with Olga, our photographer in Paris.  She was warm, welcoming and professional at the same time.  We absolutely loved our 10-year anniversary photos and felt she captured the essence of the location perfectly!" - May &Gregg

"Olga was wonderful. We loved the photos. The whole experience was great!"- Ken

"Olga met us on the Ile St. Louis and we had such a wonderful experience exploring the area and taking photos.  We met her right around sunrise and the light was magical. The photography shoot was a perfect gift for my birthday and a way to capture this time in my life!" - Dana 

"Olga was fantastic! The photos are extremely high quality and exactly what we were looking for. We are very grateful for her direction during the shoot and helping us capture our trip!" - Mary

"Olga was great! Somehow she made it look like we were the only two in Paris?! My husband and I now have beautiful pictures to remember our five-year anniversary." - Melissa

"Olga was very friendly and professional. She put us at ease right away. I am not very photogenic but she did a great job capturing some good photos of us. I am so happy with how the photos turned out and I'm so glad we met her. She did a fantastic job! " - TP

"Olga was amazing to work with! She went over and beyond, even bringing bird seed to capture flying pigeons in our photos. We were looking for a photojournalistic style and she embodied it beautifully. I wish she could follow us around all the time!" - Kristin & Richard 

"Olga gave helpful direction with attention to details. Did I mention how comfortable she made us feel!?! Olga was super sweet. Love her! Wish we could take her with us on all our vacations." - Monalisa 

"Olga was the best, her style was exactly what I was looking for. She had a plan when I was freaking out about all the people in the spot I had planned to propose. Everything went according to plan and we love our photos!" - John

"We absolutely loved working with Olga. She is great at providing suggestions if you need them and making sure you're having a great time. Her photos were absolutely stunning, we are just in love and can't stop looking at them." - Pauline

"Olga was amazing and made outstanding suggestions, she helped make the day feel even more special."- Angelo

"Olga was absolutely wonderful. She had great ideas and made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!" - Rakhee

"Olga was fantastic! She remembered all 5 of my family member's names during the shoot. She was personal, bubbly, and made us feel at home in a country that didn't speak our language. We are love with our images!"- Jennifer

" Olga is very professional and helped me to pose throughout the shoot. She is a warm and friendly person. I was excited at the outcome of my photos." - Farah 

"Olga made us feel so comfortable and went out of her way to to spend extra time to get a few more shots. It was the most unforgettable and special trip, and now we have the most beautiful pictures to remember it."- Claire

"We had so much fun doing the photoshoot with Olga. She is a very experienced photographer, who understands clearly how to make suggestions for the best result. Our pictures turned out really really nice." - Irene

"We had a real treat working with Olga in Paris. She was professional and at the same time put us at ease. We trusted her and followed whatever she asked us to do because she knows her stuff. Not only the photoshoot was a breeze, we were very happy with the results. Thank you, Olga!" - Henry & Precilia

"Can we talk about going the extra mile? Olga did just that and then some! She was absolutely the perfect photographer. I seriously cannot say enough good things about her and I'm not even exaggerating. She is beyond kind, has a great eye for photos and absolutely experienced! Our photos turned out AMAZING!" -Anais

"Olga was absolutely amazing, she was patient with us and beyond helpful." -Alberto

"Taking our pictures with Olga was one of the highlights of our trip. She was so friendly and made us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We were genuinely smiling the whole time! We are so very happy with how the picture turned out and will treasure them always." - Mary

"We really enjoyed working with Olga! She gave us great direction and made sure we were comfortable throughout the entire shoot. We love our pictures!" - Dusty & Lisa

"Loved my photographer, Olga. She was fun, approachable, accommodating and more importantly, took amazing photos of us!" - Conny (see blog post here)

"We had so much fun on the shoot with Olga. It was our first time in Paris together and Olga suggested the perfect locations to capture exactly what we wanted in our honeymoon photos. She was very sweet, professional and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera." - Catherine 

"Olga was punctual and very professional, helped us with poses and we felt very comfortable." - Vanessa

"We loved working with Olga! Neither me nor my fiancé are super comfortable being in front of the camera, but she made us feel at ease and gave us great direction during the shoot. We loved how the photos turned out." - SN

"We are overjoyed with the stunning photos Olga took of us and our family! They are everything I hoped for and more, and we will treasure them always" - Marisa

"It was lovely to work with Olga. She came prepared, had a plan to ensure that we can make it to the locations I had preferred for the shoot, and knew hidden corners that I wasn't even familiar with but that made for a perfect backdrop for the pictures." - Jana

"Olga is an incredible artist as she was able to capture our emotional engagement moment in all its grandeur . She is a very sensible and talented professional that guided us through the difficult task of staging our engagement photos in the vibrant city of Paris while allowing for the natural spontaneous expressions of the moment." - Felix

"Olga was wonderful with us. We felt at ease instantly with her. She suggested a few different locations for us that worked out better than I anticipated." - Amy

"We had a wonderful shoot.  Our photographer Olga was just terrific. She was creative and patient with us, and took all the time we needed to get just the right shots. The pictures turned out just awesome. They are a great memento of our vacation." -Jan

"I am in love with my pictures. Olga was amazing and talented and we couldn't have ended up with someone better. Great experience all around!" - Paige

"Olga was amazing! She's so sweet and easy to work with. She knew exactly where to go for the best shots, and how to pose us in a way that still looked candid. I wish she could've followed us for our entire trip!" -Olivia

" I could not be more pleased about our session with Olga! It was easy to meet up with Olga and she clearly knew the area and where to go. Our girls really warmed up to her and the photos are beautiful, she captures them and their personalities. I would use her services again without question." - Angie

"Olga was fantastic. She made us feel really comfortable and knew all the right places to go to get the best photos - and they weren't the ones full of tourists! She was very encouraging and really efficient." - Jen

"Olga was wonderful! The weather turned out to be very rainy, but she figured out a way to get some beautiful shots. She was so kind, and good with my kids." - Marissa

"Olga was a complete wonder to work with, and I couldn't be happier of how our honeymoon photos turned out." - Jamie

"Olga was absolutely perfect! We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Paris photo shoot. She is such a sweet soul; professional and just genuinely talented at what she does. This was our first time taking professional photos together and the experience could not have been better. She guided us through different sceneries, positions and angles - the final product was priceless." - Stephanie & Ryan

"We can't say enough about Olga! She was an absolute delight and felt a real kinship with her! She was warm and we connected over our love stories of our own and how we met our partners. Her direction with us was perfect, as we were awkward not knowing what to do and she made every capture turn out like a piece of ART! I can't tell you how happy we are. She's amazing!" - Hilda

"Olga was fabulous. She chose a beautiful location and paid such attention to detail! She really was fantastic! Highly recommend choosing her as your photographer. There are not words to describe how happy I am and how much we love the pictures!" - Pam

"We had the BEST time! Olga made us feel very comfortable and truly captured our love for each other and Paris." - Emily

"Olga was simply amazing! I loved working with her and if I was ever in Paris would love to shoot again with her. She made it fun and let us be ourselves. She has an artistic talent and great eye for capturing the perfect moment." - Monica

"We had the pleasure of spending an hour with Olga in Paris and it was one of the funnest things we did on our vacation. We spent the hour walking through the streets of Paris, and in return, got just breathtaking photos. Olga was so amazing and so friendly, would recommend her to anyone!" - Gloria

"Our Flytographer session was a highlight of our trip to Paris! We really enjoyed meeting Olga. She was very kind, professional, and made our session so easy and fun. She captured so many views and sights of Paris that we loved." - Christina

"Olga was awesome! She truly captured our 21st wedding anniversary in Paris in a way we'll enjoy forever!" - Amanda & David

"It's so wonderful when you feel like your photographer, whom you've just met, is actually a long-time friend. That's how Olga treated me, my husband and our dear friends on the day of our photo shoot. She was both professional and personal - the best combination! Thank you Olga for making that day in Paris so special. You truly went above and beyond." - Rosa

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