Travel Photo Album

Travelling is one of the most magical, renewing, rewarding, and unforgettable experiences you can give yourself. You get to explore different sites, cultures, and cuisines—all with the people you love most in the world. But if you don’t take a picture, were you even there? 🤷🏼‍♀️ And if your photos just sit in your phone’s endless photo roll, will you or anyone else truly enjoy them? 🤷🏽 Don’t worry—it’s not a rhetorical question; of course you won’t let this happen! That’s why creating a travel photo album is a must!📘

A travel photo album is the perfect way to relive your treasured memories and adventures over and over again. Not only is it a creative keepsake, but it also makes sharing your photos with others even more exciting. 

At Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. The magic of Flytographer is both the experience and the photos. Explore the city with a fun, talented photographer and get wall-worthy photos to relive your trip forever. Today, we share the best ways to easily create a travel photo album.



  1. Choose your photo album type: Do you want plain photo sleeves, or would you prefer more of a scrapbook album?
  2. Choose your route: Keep your travel photo album creative and dynamic by including a variety of backgrounds and a route that suits you best!
  3. Pick the best shots: The best photos feel natural and fun. A static picture of your group all lined up isn’t as flattering as something more dynamic.
  4. Travel photo album: Our professional-grade photo books are shipped right to your door. 
  5. Travel scrapbook: You can use stickers, labels, borders, and other fun embellishments to make your album uniquely your own.
  6. Keep yourself organized: Clearly label your photos and photo albums with dates and important information you want to remember.

Photo: Daniel in Tokyo for Flytographer. Stephanie and family capture memories in Tokyo with a family photoshoot in Asakusa.

1. Choose your photo album type

First, you need to pick the type of photo album you want. Do you want it to be online, physical, or both? The great part about a physical photo album is you can design it the way you want and keep it on a shelf or have it lie flat as a coffee table book. Not only will it be a conversation starter when you have guests, but your favourite photos will always be within arm’s reach whenever you feel like getting away again! ✈️

What do you want the photo album to commemorate? A family vacation, solo adventure, couple’s trip, bestie dream vacation, honeymoon, proposal, engagement, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, graduation, or babymoon? Flytographers are here to make sure you’ll be set with the best, high-quality images no matter the occasion. You could also dedicate the photo album to an ultimate bucket list travel destination, such as Tokyo, Barcelona, Lima, Sydney, or Cape Town. The world is your oyster! 🦪

📕 Have you considered a Flytographer photo book? Our photo books come in all sorts of layouts, templates, and designs. They are printed to a high quality and come with professional-grade hard covers to make your travel memories truly pop. Whether you want one that looks more like a travel journal or memory book, or you want it to be more like a traditional vacation photo album, you are free to make it exactly how you want. 📸

Pro tip: Our quality photo books can be purchased as part of a special discounted bundle when you book your shoot! When booking your session, check the box that says, “Add a beautiful 8×8 hardcover photo book” at checkout. It’s as simple as that! 

Photo: Anna in Barcelona for Flytographer. Sherilyn and partner capture memories in Barcelona with a couples photoshoot in El Born & Parc de la Ciutadella.

2. Choose your route

Next, it wouldn’t be much of an album if you didn’t have your favorite photos for it! 📸 Keep your travel book creative and dynamic by including a variety of poses, backgrounds, and people. 

What backgrounds are you on the hunt for? Do you want hidden gems, iconic must-sees, architectural hotspots, film locations, romantic backdrops, or family-friendly places? Picking your route ahead of time will ensure you hit every place on your bucket list without missing anything. What do you want—nay, need—in your travel photo album? Plan a route that includes each location you’re most excited to visit (and be photographed in front of!).

Photo: Nadine in Cape Town for Flytographer. My-Chau and partner capture memories in Cape Town with an anniversary photoshoot on Signal Hill.

3. Pick the best shots

When you choose which photos to include in your album, aim for variety. Make sure you don’t play favourites with your friends and family. It’s no fun when someone is in way more pictures than everyone else, while others aren’t in many at all. Even if you’re travelling with a couple of camera-shy friends or family members, gently encourage them to participate or take their own photo; after all, when you get your photo album printed, they’ll be sad not to see themselves having fun with the rest of you! 💃

Depending on your chosen destination, you’ll want to plan a route that encompasses who you are as a traveller. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. To ensure all your travel memories are flawless, use Flytographer! Not only will hiring a professional Flytographer result in exquisite, unforgettable photos, but our kind, fun, and easygoing Flytographers will also be able to put you, as well as your friends and family, completely at ease. Not everyone likes having their picture taken, and it always shows!

➡️ Not convinced? Here are 10 Reasons Why a Professional Photoshoot is a Good Idea

Photo: Livushé in Lima for Flytographer. Karen and family capture memories in Lima with a family photoshoot in the Barranco District.

4. Travel photo album

One of the most essential parts of creating a travel photo album is printing or uploading those high-quality photos. Luckily, we make printing your photos an easy and speedy process. Within five business days after your photo shoot, we’ll send you a link to your online gallery. To order your hardcover photo book, simply log into your account and select your favourite photos, and our design team will create and ship your travel photo book in 2–3 days! 

If you’re interested in printing individual photos, you can take a look at the printing page on our website. Elevate your travel memories by creating gallery walls, meaningful gifts, and more! 🎁

Photo: Jeff in Sydney for Flytographer. Ndosi and partner capture memories in Sydney with an anniversary photoshoot along the Sydney Harbour Walk.

5. Travel scrapbook

Are you a creative person? Why not create your own travel scrapbook with personalized layouts and add DIY touches? You can use different paper types, stickers, labels, borders, vintage corners, and other fun embellishments to make your album uniquely your own.

Do you want your photos in chronological order from day one to the end of your trip? You might also choose to organize photos based on the sites you saw, put your favourite shots near the front, or randomize the order based on which photo looks best beside the others.

Photo: Gabriel in Seville for Flytographer. Vanya and family capture memories in Seville with an anniversary photoshoot in Plaza de España.

6. Keep yourself organized

Never ask, “when was that taken…?” again! Clearly label your photos and photo albums with dates and important information you want to remember. What was particularly special about the moment the photo was taken? Is there a reason it’s your favourite family photo?

Pro tip: Label the spine of the album or the exposed side you’ll see when the album is stored on a bookshelf or in a bin. This way you can easily find the exact album you’re looking for at any time. You might choose to label albums by month and year, by travel destination and year, or by the special occasion you were commemorating. You can also choose your cover type photo!

And remember to store your travel photo albums carefully! Keep them on a shelf in a dry room and avoid exposing your photos to too much light. At the same time, keep them somewhere accessible so you or your family can take a peek whenever you want. Leaving your travel photo album in a box in the basement is even worse than leaving it on your phone or in a random file on your computer! 📦

Photo: Sandro in San Francisco for Flytographer. Seth and partner capture memories in San Francisco with a pre-wedding trip photoshoot on Baker Beach.

Take flawless shots for your travel photo album

Flytographer pairs you with professional photographers from all over the world for a unique photo session set with the backdrop of your global adventure. No more missed moments or uncomfortable poses for your vacation memories! 

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