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Photos taken in dream destinations are truly the most incredible, forever-cherished travel souvenirs. We all know planning and executing a trip alone or with those you love is a true labour of love—time, money, energy and many other resources go into each of our travel experiences, and to us at Flytographer it’s so important and special that we help you immortalize this season in a breathtaking way! 📸

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. 🌎 Today, we ask our local photographers to show us all the very best spots for pictures around the world with curated photo walks. This article goes over many of our route categories and local routes so you can decide what kind of vibe you are looking for, what to expect and how to choose the perfect option for your timeless pics.

The Flytographer website has been created and customized to help you easily find the most Instagrammable spots in any city. To start commemorating your visual time capsule, simply search your city and scroll down to the Routes section. Based on your travel destination, you have the chance to browse galleries in each destination, view specific routes that make your destination special and get a feel for which photographer can help achieve your shoot vision. 🤗

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  1. Iconic must-sees. These Instagram-worthy sights are typically the backdrops you envision when you think of capturing vacation photos!
  2. Hidden gems. Oour local photographers find these spots extra special, and combine beautiful scenery and the local vibes you want.
  3. Natural wonders. Honoring and capturing the natural wonders in some of our favourite worldwide destinations is a win-win in these stunning locales.
  4. Film spots. Sometimes we have to visit certain places just because we’ve been watching and dreaming of them from our big (and small) screens over the years!
  5. Family-friendly places. Choosing the perfect route for a family vacation photo shoot is the perfect way to capture those sweet family memories.
  6. Cultural tours. Celebrating and enjoying local culture connects you to your destination no matter if it’s a modern city or rural locale.
  7. Urban vibes. Skyscrapers and street art, nightlife and neon lights— urban vibes are plentiful in many of our favourite big cities!
  8. Architectural hotspots. Utilizing and celebrating local architecture in photography can really take your photos to the next level.
  9. Stylish Instagram spots. For dynamite Instagram photos, check out some of our favourite Insta-worthy routes!
  10. Charming places. We’re really honing in on charm for these routes- they’re a little different, and a lot lovely.
  11. Romantic spots. These romantic spots will leave even the most photo-anxious partner swooning when you get your photos back.

Photo: Darian in San Diego for Flytographer. Kelyn and friends capture a trip together in San Diego with a friend photoshoot.

1. Iconic must-sees

Iconic sights and Instagram-worthy must-sees are typically the bucket list backdrops you envision when you think of capturing vacation photos—you can be an icon in front of an icon! 😎

Pro tip: Keep in mind that many popular destinations may require timing accommodations, so check out specific route pages to get a feel for what landing those picture-perfect, Insta-worthy photos require in terms of your alarm clock. Sunrise is the best time of day to capture memories in these locations to get the best lighting and the whole city to yourself! ⏰

Photo: Roberta in Rome for Flytographer. Cindy captures a solo adventure in Rome with a solo photoshoot.

Example Routes: In picturesque, majorly historic locales, your list of “must-sees” could be long, and we don’t blame you! 📝 Routes like Must-See London gives you the chance to start at the major hotspots and have fun crossing things off your itinerary together. Trocadéro & Eiffel Tower is our most booked route in Paris and allows you to explore the iconic sights while also getting your photos taken! You’ll choose the length of time that works best for your schedule, travel circumstances and travel companions and ensures you’re getting selfie-free photos, never sacrificing photos in front of those must-see spots. Hip & trendy Malasaña is the perfect route in Madrid to capture the iconic Spanish neighbourhoods. Even in a quick 30-minute shoot, you will end up with photos that you will cherish forever.

2. Hidden gems

Hidden gems are routes that our local photographers find extra special. 💎 These gems combine beautiful scenery, the local vibe you want and, of course, killer photo ops. Spend an hour exploring your destination with a local who knows all the best things to eat, see and do in the area. We love researching itinerary ideas before travelling, but let’s be honest—it would be pretty challenging to have known about that hole-in-the-wall restaurant or the best rooftop bar in the city or maybe where the low-key neighbourhoods with the picturesque cobblestone streets are without the help of a local. ☕️

Photo: Liz in San Diego for Flytographer. Makenna and partner celebrate a couples trip together in San Diego with a couple photoshoot.

Example Routes: For lovers of art, culture, history and romance, the Sacré Coeur & Montmartre route in Paris is the perfect example of an off-the-beaten-path hidden gem. New York City’s Greenwich Village is not only a favourite route for local photographers, it’s also one of NYC’s most photo-worthy, must-see, win-win areas for everything New York. San Juan’s Piñones route lets you discover the soul of this stunning island. 💙

3. Natural wonders

We’ve talked a lot about bustling urban beauty but can’t forget to honour the natural wonders in some of our favourite worldwide destinations. Surround yourself with lush greenery and birdsong while a majestic 12-metre waterfall cascades in the background for probably some of the best photos you’ll ever land! When selecting your perfect Flytographer route, look for the tags National Parks, Natural Beauty, Majestic Mountains or Forest & Sand. For photos where your natural beauty can only be accentuated by the incredible surroundings, these nature-inspired photo opportunities are a win-win! 🌲

Photo: Zuzana in Dubai for Flytographer. Mona and family celebrate a birthday in Dubai with a family photoshoot.

Example Routes: Bali is paradise, and Bali’s Blangsinga Waterfall shows off the natural beauty of this unbelievable locale. Banff’s Lake Minnewanka route reveals the stunning glacial Lake Minnewanka, reflecting the gorgeous Rockies in its serene surface. In spectacular and lively Rio de Janiero, Praia Vermelha Beach boasts both forest and sand. 🌊

4. Film spots

Sometimes we have to visit certain places just because we’ve been watching and dreaming of them from our big (and small) screens over the years—and we have photo routes that capture them perfectly! If Hollywood was inspired by these views of a city, they must truly be something special. 🎬

Photo: Božo in Dubrovnik for FlytographerNishita and partner capture a fun day together in Dubrovnik with a couple photoshoot.

Example Routes: We have to start with one of our most relevant spots, the Emily in Paris! Trace Emily’s steps through the City of Lights in some of the series’ most photogenic locations. Staying in Paris for a moment, Pont Alexandre III & Eiffel Tower is a film-maker’s favourite! One of the most special, photo-worthy places, and also a purely Dubrovnik route is the Side Streets of Dubrovnik—an absolute photographer favourite.

5. Family-friendly places

When it comes to traveling as a family, we know emotions and expectations are particularly heightened. Setting aside time and choosing the perfect family-friendly route for a family photo shoot in your vacation destination is the perfect way to ensure those sweet family memories won’t ever be forgotten. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Photo: Taena in Maui for FlytographerMatthew and family capture a family trip together in Maui with a family photoshoot.

Example Routes: In Paris, the Champ de Mars & Eiffel Tower route gives you views of the Eiffel Tower from the Champs de Mars—the expansive green lawn that stretches out from its base. The open space to move (not to mention, perfect views) makes this a perfect option for families! Cancun’s Playa Chac Mool, Hotel Zone km 10 is a great spot for both families and groups. Disneyland Main Street & the Castle route captures classic Disney with a stroll down Main Street, ending in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. 🏰

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6. Cultural tours

Celebrating and enjoying local culture during your photo shoot both connects you to your destination and also honors the unique and honourable landscape, 🌟 whether you’re in a large, modern city or small-town market square. Look for art installations, murals and nods to the local history and culture for an authentic experience.

Photo: Trieu in Hoi An for FlytographerSandy celebrates a solo adventure in Hoi An with a solo photoshoot.

Example Routes: Tokyo’s Kagurazaka route explores the now-fashionable neighbourhood of Kagurazaka, full of small stone alleys once used for Geisha. Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter 🇪🇸 explores the fascinating architecture and narrow cobbled streets of the historic Gothic Quarter and even can lead to the sandy shores of Barceloneta. In Vancouver, historic Gastown is a vibrant mix of hip shops, trendy restaurants and historic architecture.

7. Urban vibes

Skyscrapers and street art, nightlife and neon lights—urban vibes are plentiful in many of our favourite big cities! The beauty of a city is challenging to capture on camera, but our local photographers know all the best tricks to make the city stand still for your perfect urban photo op. Look for words like Hits of the City, Famous Intersection and City Energy when selecting your perfect urban Flytographer route! 🏙

Photo: Rakel in Reykjavik for FlytographerBrad and partner capture an adventure together in Reykjavik with a couple photoshoot.

Example Routes: Looking for the greatest hits of Paris? 🥐 Must-See Paris will start you at Trocadéro for stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, take you to the stunning Louvre grounds with its iconic glass pyramid, and can be completed by a stroll along the Seine River towards the Ile St-Louis. Oh, Tokyo! Shibuya is a favourite route, where the shops of the trendy and busy Shibuya Ward feature the famous “Shibuya Scramble” intersection and the historic Nonbei Yokocho (Drunkard’s Alley). And of course, we can’t talk about urban vibes without mentioning NYC’s Times Square! 🗽

8. Architectural hotspots

Utilizing and celebrating architecture in photography can take your photos to the next level. Why not take advantage of local architectural hotspots the next time you’re choosing a destination? Look for words like Architecture Lovers, Masterpiece and Splendor when selecting your Flytographer route! 🏗

Photo: Bree in Las Vegas for Flytographer. Alyssa and partner capture their pre-wedding trip together in Las Vegas with a couple photoshoot.

Example Routes: Louvre Grounds & Tuileries Garden allows you to be surrounded by the architectural splendour of the Louvre, its grounds and, of course, the iconic Glass Pyramid. The stunning Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most iconic structures and was designed by Gaudi; under construction for over 140 years, it is the largest unfinished Catholic church in the world and a true architectural wonder. The Roman Forum route includes the Colosseum as well as the iconic Forum ruins; it’s a perfect photo spot while you’re in Rome.

9. Stylish Instagram spots

“Do it for the ‘gram!” We know, we’ve all been there! For dynamite Instagram photos, 💥 check out some of our favourite Insta-worthy routes—ones that are stylish, trendy, colorful, lively and more!

Photo: Daniel in Miami for FlytographerDonald captures a solo adventure in Miami with a solo photoshoot.

Example Routes: Whether you want vibrant and lively trends or neutral, classic architecture and lines, Instagram photos are made for routes like NYC’s SoHo! Lively, colourful and social, Trastevere is a trendy neighbourhood full of picture-perfect streetscapes and Roman charm. The Harajuku route in Tokyo is in the (you guessed it) Harajuku neighbourhood—known for shops, fun, fashion and urban scenery.

10. Charming places

Whether it’s tropical, peaceful or trendy, we’re really honing in on charm for these routes. From quintessential cobblestoned villages to sleepy island towns, these photo spots are a little different and a lot lovely. If you are looking for cute photo backdrops that feel like they are right out of a fairy tale, find a route that includes “charm.” 😌🌿

Photo: Elizabeth in Kauai for FlytographerLou and family celebrate a trip together in Kauai with a family photoshoot.

Example Routes: For a special Mexican journey and charming photo experience outside the centre of Cancun, check out the Isla de Mujeres Beach & Town route. For a stunning Santorini photo experience without your typical Caldera views (and the also-typical tourists), consider Pyrgos Village. If you’re hoping to see and be seen in London, look no further than the charming and trendy Notting Hill route. ✨

11. Romantic spots

Last but certainly not least–cue the ROMANCE! 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 We would be remiss if we didn’t share some of the most love-worthy spots for romance on your next photoshoot. We don’t care if it’s your first trip with your love or your 50th, looking for a route with signs of “romance” will leave even the most photo-anxious partner swooning when you get those photos back.

Photo: Liz in San Diego for Flytographer. Sarah and partner capture their engagement trip together in San Diego with a couple photoshoot.

Example Routes: California dreaming? Explore the sea coves at the beautiful El Matador Beach in Malibu. El Matador is perrrrfect for a romantic shoot … or surprise proposal! Arthur’s Seat just oozes romance in Edinburgh. Roam the grassy paths of Holyrood Park and get excited to capture views of St. Anthony’s Chapel Ruins and Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano complete with sweeping vistas of Edinburgh below. The medieval Belem Tower and Gardens route in Lisbon has beautiful views of the estuary and nearby gardens and gives you a chance to wander along the Tagus riverfront. 💖

Capturing Insta-worthy memories

We know we’ve covered a lot of ground and a lot of amazing destinations and city-specific routes, but be sure to check out our Vacation Ideas and Travel Tips by city where you can search for your next destination for mini travel guides and tons of super helpful tips by locals. For more city-specific tips, check out our Top 10 Places post for curated blog posts perfect for your next trip.

Great photos are on the horizon! 🌅