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Meet Božo in Dubrovnik

I'm an occasional drummer, seasonal winemaker and a professional photographer from Dubrovnik. I take my job very seriously but approach everything with a healthy dose of humour, artistic thinking and a positive attitude. I am experienced in nature, landscape, architecture and wedding photography but have also photographed a lot of concerts. Lately I have changed my perspective and became more interested in people. I've made many portraits of known and unknown people and got to know their lives.

Three Things

  1. I have my own vineyard and I love to escape there whenever possible to find some photo inspiration. Enjoying fine wine, good music and thinking about photography is my favourite pastime.
  2. I couldn't live without my photo equipment, of course!
  3. I can play almost any song I hear on my drums as soon as I hear it, I'm a great cook, even better pizza man and not at all pretentious. ;)

Favourite Place to Shoot in Dubrovnik

Old Town

Languages Spoken

English, Croatian

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

Customer Love for Božo

"Bozo was perfect! Our experience with our shoot was nothing short of that. He was on time and had great background ideas. I am so glad we have pictures from this amazing vacation in Croatia. They turned out great!" - Angelina

"We loved working with Božo. He is very professional and good at was he does. He made us feel very comfortable and made the experience fun! He is very knowledgeable of the area to create the best scenery in your pictures. It was a great first experience with Flytographer, and we will definitely do it again!" - Chris

"Božo was a dream to work with. Our original date for photos was plagued with rain — in order to accommodate and ensure we got the best pictures Božo made the time to come and take pictures the following day when there was no rain. We *love* our photos and are so grateful we got to meet Božo. He is amazing! " - Lindsey

"Creative, fun, and extremely professional. We will cherish these photos and memories he helped us capture." - Amanda

"Božo could not have captured the moment any better. The proposal location was that of out of a movie. Pure beauty." - Daniel

"Božo was very accommodating and fun to work with! He gave great direction and captured the beauty of Dubrovnik with ease. Thank you, Božo! We will cherish these photos forever." - Erin

"Our photographer Bozo was amazing! He knew the best spots and helped us with positioning. All the photos look so natural. I'm so blessed and pleased on how everything worked out, and I wouldn't change any of it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for a life changing experience" - John

"Bozo was absolutely amazing, good at giving direction on what he would like you to do, captured wonderful memories for us, photos came out absolutely amazing! Worth every penny!" - Kristina

"Bozo was great and very relaxed. We enjoyed our experience and our photos." - Fernanda

"Bozo was wonderful from start to finish. He made us feel comfortable, had amazing location recommendations - and was very easy going. I would highly recommend him!" - Jessica

"Bozo was incredible! He was so easy to work with and made us feel totally comfortable. He captured beautiful locations in Dubrovnik and the perfect lighting. We are so happy with our photos!" - Walann

"Božo, thank you for bringing my Bachelorette Trip to a wonderful end. Thank you for your direction, can't be easy to maneuver 7 ladies around. You were patient with us and were able to capture all of our personalities. Truly appreciate your time and amazing photos." - Yolanda

"Absolutely amazing! The photos were beautiful and Božo was so friendly and helpful! We can’t recommend him enough!" - Hayley

"Božo was a great photographer. Very easy to work with. My fiance hates taking pictures, but he made us feel very comfortable. Great guy and photographer, I'm amazed at all the moments he was able to capture." - Janeen

"Bozo was great! He was great to work with." - Adam

"Bozo did such great work on our photos! He gave us good direction on how to pose and feel natural in our movements as my husband and I are not very good in front of the camera. He has a good eye, was very patient and sincere." - Francia

"Dubrovnik was absolutely enchanting… we kept saying it felt like we walked onto a movie set, that this city couldn’t possibly be real. Many thanks to Bozo for his wonderful personality and pictures!" - Lisa

"Bozo was an amazing photographer and host, helped us a lot to make it easy and enjoyable and we spent one of our most memorable mornings, discovering the beautiful little streets of Old Town Dubrovnik while the sun rose. It was completely worth it waking up so early! Then, when we received our pictures, we couldn`t stop watching them over and over! They are the best souvenir we could take home from these amazing days exploring Croatia! And they will stay with us forever, in our hearts and on our walls! Thanks a lot Bozo, you did an amazing job and we love it!" - Veronica

"Bozo in Dubrovnik was amazing! He was able to capture a ton of good shots of exactly what I wanted!" - Megan

"Božo was our amazing photographer who captured some beautiful snapshots of our holiday and made us totally fall in love with Dubrovnik!" - Prerika

"Božo was kind, friendly and attentive to our needs and requirements." - PK

"We had a wonderful time with our photographer, Božo, who was genuine, fun and great to get to know. Božo made us feel completely at ease and was very open for our ideas and wishes. The atmosphere was laid back throughout the shoot and we are really happy with how the pictures turned out. Our babymoon couldn’t have been nicer." - Dana

"Božo was great! We were so comfortable with him and had a fun experience. My goals for the session were to capture the old town of Dubrovnik and my husband and I having fun together. Božo did just that! We brought back souvenirs from our trip for our family members but these images were the only souvenirs I needed!" - Carrie

"Božo made us feel so at ease, helping us pose and even picked spots that weren't in the old city. We couldn't be happier with the results; it made our honeymoon even more special and now we have pictures to remember it forever!" - Melissa

"Božo in Dubrovnik was amazing! He got the shots of exactly what I wanted. It was well worth the money and I highly recommend him!" - Megan

"Božo is a true professional and his love for Dubrovnik is evident. Together, we explored every nook and cranny of the city which led to incredible photos. He made us feel so comfortable and we're so grateful that we now have beautiful photos that captured our memories of our Croatian trip!" - Eleni

"Božo was kind, friendly and attentive to our needs and requirements!" - PK

"Working with Božo was wonderful! Our photos turned out amazing! He did a great job at coordinating our large group and making sure we got the best possible photo. We had a chance to see Dubrovnik through his eyes and it was beautiful!" - Alli

"My photos are absolutely stunning! I was so in awe of them since I rarely like myself in professional pictures and I LOVED THEM. Exceeded every expectation we had! Thank you Božo!" - Veronica

"Božo's photos are awesome, exactly what I'd hoped for. Also, we discovered our dad was an undercover model, by the end of the session. I would definitely recommend Bozo." - Anala

"Božo was unbelievable. I would 100% recommend anyone traveling to Dubrovnik to book a photo experience with him. He is very friendly and offered us great advice with poses. My fiancé and I are not the most photogenic but he made us feel comfortable and the photos all turned out amazing." - Elle & Sam

"Božo was proactive in getting the details arranged and knew the perfect spots in the city to take photographs. The photos are absolutely beautiful, and a great memento from a lovely trip!" - Alicia Marie

"Božo was wonderful to work with. We had family photos taken, and he managed to wrangle a group of 6 of us! Božo was very patient with us and took wonderful photos. We are incredibly happy with the results. I highly recommend him." - Emma

"Božo was great! He was easy going and knew exactly what to do to make sure he was successful in getting the perfect shots." - Kim

"Very pleased with the photo shoot and the final pictures. Bozo was very professional and easy to work with. He directed the photo shoot very well and made me feel at ease and very comfortable!" - Roel

"Božo was exactly what we wanted and a very fun and relaxed time. Božo is a true professional and a very talented photographer! - Jasmina

"Lovely work by Božo. We love the photos so much. He was very nice and gave us a lot of guidance to pose us for photos. The spot he picked for my proposal was great and completely avoided the crowds in Dubrovnik. I would definitely recommend him!" - Kenny

"Božo did an exceptional job communicating with us ahead of the shoot, and of course took amazing photos. He helped us through the process, and we got exactly what we asked for. Not only are the photos beautiful, but they helped capture our honeymoon. We are so grateful to Božo for his work." - Duncan

"Božo was amazing!! He was very easy to talk to and made us feel comfortable. He also gave us suggestions for poses to get those perfect shots. He knew all the best locations to go that were private and off the beaten path. We absolutely love the final results! The quality of the photos is great!" - Diana

"Božo was really friendly and made us felt very comfortable for the photoshoot. He gave clear, simple instructions and we were completely at ease with his easy disposition. On top of that, we're awed by the outcome and can't wait to print the photos and hang them on the wall! Božo is a great talent and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer in Dubrovnik! Highly recommended!" - Gwen & Terence

"Božo was the best! The pictures turned out awesome. I would book another shoot for my next big adventure in a heartbeat!" - Janis

"Božo was wonderful and responsive. We had a great time and the pictures turned out amazing!" - Taylor

"Božo was wonderful - very personable, flexible, and did everything to make us comfortable." - Paula

"Božo was very professional and courteous, made us feel comfortable during the session and we were so happy with the pictures he took!" - Alejandro

"Our photo shoot with Božo was great fun and we all loved the photos!" - Rory

"Božo had his hands full with us - 8 adults and 3 kids under the age of 6 - but he was super friendly, patient, and managed to get all of us looking at the camera and smiling at the same time... no small feat! Our photos turned out great!" - Kristin

"We met Božo in Dubrovnik for a photo shoot of our 12 family members! Božo was fantastic!  He made everyone feel comfortable and was great at managing a large group at a busy time in the city. The photos are amazing and a wonderful keepsake of our trip." - Nina

"We had a wonderful photo shoot with Božo. He was timely, patient and professional. He made my daughters feel very comfortable during the shoot. The photos came out excellent and they will be our life long memory of Croatia." - Amber

"We sent over some inspiration photos before our shoot, and I was very impressed with the way Božo listened to what we were looking for and made sure we received the style photos we requested. We are so unbelievably happy with the images we received." - Carlen

"Božo was outstanding, he was so patient and kind with our large group of 12.  The photos are wonderful and will be treasured forever." - Emma

"My new fiancée and I couldn't be happier with the photos. We wish we could fly Božo back home with us to photograph the wedding itself! Thanks for the incredible memories!" - Adam

"Božo was fantastic! He was super friendly and easy to work with, and even surprised us all by showing up to start the shoot early! He was really creative, made us feel comfortable and at ease, and every picture we got back was absolutely beautiful." - Sheila

"Božo was an absolute gem to work with during our photo shoot. He was a true professional. Not only was Bozo personable, he was considerate and gentle when working with our 6 and 8 year-old children. He knew how to take natural photos, which allowed us to enjoy the session as a family without feeling like we had to pose for every shot." - Reema & Kris

"Božo was so much fun! Even though we were not great at posing, he was so wonderful and patient with us! He was so kind and knew all the best spots for getting great pictures in Dubrovnik." - Joel

"Božo was SO fantastic. He made us feel SO comfortable! I'm not just camera shy, I'm camera awkward! He completely put us at ease. Our experience was more than we could have ask for - it's hard to put into words!" - Suzie

"Božo is just wonderful to work with. He is gentle and kind and has a beautiful soul. He stayed just far away from us that we were able to relax and be ourselves. Thanks to that approach, we have the most natural photojournalistic photos in the five years of travel blogging. He also understood that our tiny dog IS our business and always made sure Montecristo was in the shot. The focus of some in fact. Fantastic talent. A pleasure to meet." - Sonja (see blog post here)

"Božo made us very comfortable during the shoot, directed us just enough to make the photos special, and made sure our vision came to life. The photos are just beautiful and if we're ever in Dubrovnik we'd love to use him again!" - Heather (see blog post here)

"I couldn't be happier about our proposal shoot! Everything was incredible: the place, the timing, the weather...but I'm completely sure that none of this would have been as perfect as it was without the help of out incredible photographer Božo. I was completely amazed with his professionalism." - Felipe

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