Sydney Photo Spots

Beaches, sunshine, and the iconic Opera House are the first things to draw a traveller to Sydney; discovering its world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment is what keeps everyone coming back. With a beautiful harbour, tranquil parks, and world-class beaches, there are endless things to do in this lively city! And that means there are plenty of places to take photos in Sydney. 🇦🇺

Here at​​ Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we asked our local photographers in Sydney to show us around all the very best spots for pictures. 📸

Photo: Flytographer in Sydney. Jeramine and family capture a trip together in Sydney with a family photoshoot.


  1. Sydney Opera House. One of the world’s most photographed buildings and an iconic Sydney landmark.
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge. An impressive steel bridge with 360-degree panoramic views of the Sydney city skyline.
  3. Bondi Beach. A quintessential Australian beach with a lively city atmosphere.
  4. Royal Botanic Garden. Sydney’s stunning green oasis, located in the heart of the city.
  5. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. One of Sydney’s best viewpoints, set in the gorgeous Royal Botanic Garden.
  6. Manly Beach. World-renowned surfing destination that attracts the world’s best surfers.
  7. Blue Mountains. A World Heritage region known for magnificent landscapes and Aboriginal culture.
  8. Observatory Hill. A lovely park with perhaps the best viewpoint in Sydney!
  9. Hornby Lighthouse. Sydney Harbour National Park’s hidden gem overlooking the expansive Pacific.
  10. Queen Victoria Building. An architectural marvel home to Sydney’s best shopping.

1. Sydney Opera House

Arguably Sydney’s most iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House is a must-see for any visitor! Located at picturesque Sydney Harbour alongside the gorgeous Royal Botanic Garden, the Sydney Opera House is instantly recognizable with its white, sail-shaped roofs towering toward the sky. In fact, it is widely regarded as one of the world’s most famous buildings — and therefore, one of the best places to take photos in Sydney and the world! 😮

However, it’s more than an architectural marvel and photo location. The Sydney Opera House is a working opera house hosting events from ballet performances to live theatre to a symphony orchestra, and, of course, opera productions. 🎭 It is well worth taking some time during your trip to experience a live show in this world-renowned facility.

From here, wander along Circular Quay to explore all that Sydney Harbour has to offer. Between lively eateries, world-class museums, cycling and walking paths, there’s so much to enjoy in this area!

Photo: Jeff in Sydney for Flytographer. Ndosi and partner celebrate a day in Sydney at the Sydney Opera House with a couple photoshoot.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another one of Australia’s most famous landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge spans across Sydney Harbour connecting The Rocks with popular neighbourhoods including North Sydney, Milsons Point, Luna Park, and Kirribilli. Built in 1932 and inspired by New York’s Hell Gate Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge stands at 134 metres, making it the world’s tallest steel arch bridge. 🌁

This is a great spot to take in views of the city, as you can cross the bridge on foot in about 15 minutes. For those looking for an adventure, take on the BridgeClimb, a journey to the summit of the bridge. This is the best spot for incredible views of Sydney — it is one of the most exceptional viewpoints in the city with an unobstructed 360-degree panorama. 😍

Photo: Flytographer in Sydney. Danielle and family capture their family trip together in Sydney at the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a family photoshoot.

3. Bondi Beach

Experience Australia’s laid-back beachy vibes at world-famous Bondi Beach. Sparkling blue waters and white sandy beaches create a picture-perfect scene, making this one of the best places to take photos in Sydney. 🌊Trendy bars, lively restaurants, and hip cafes create a vibrant urban atmosphere alongside the magnetic energy of the beach. 

A world-renowned surf spot, you can see surfers riding the waves any time of the year. 🏄‍♀️This is a fabulous place to take a surf lesson so you can experience Bondi Beach in all its glory. Bondi Beach is also home to unique ocean swimming pools known as Bondi Icebergs. Part of the Bondi coastline for over 100 years, these pools are the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely swim and enjoy ocean views. 🏊

💡Travel tip: The Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk is a memorable way to appreciate the beauty of the area. The picturesque six-kilometre trail is carved into sandstone cliffs and offers uninterrupted views of the ocean.

Photo: Flytographer in Sydney. Tanya celebrates an adventure in Sydney at Bondi Beach with a solo photoshoot.

4. Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is a 30-hectare oasis in the heart of the city, located along the edge of Sydney Harbour and adjacent to the Sydney Opera House and Hyde Park. It is one of the most beautiful places in Sydney and is loved by locals and visitors alike. 🌴

Home to a wide variety of plants from both Australia and abroad, the garden has themed areas to highlight the diverse beauty of nature. One of the most notable is Cadi Jam Ora: First Encounters, a lovely display in honour of the Cadigal — the original inhabitants of Sydney — and their relationship with the land. 

The Royal Botanic Garden has various tour experiences available, including heritage tours, guided walks, and Aboriginal experiences. Advance reservations are a must, and you can book online before your visit. 🎟️

Photo: Jennifer in Sydney for Flytographer. Patricia and family capture their time together in Sydney at the Royal Botanic Gardens with a family photoshoot.

5. Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

Located within the Royal Botanic Garden and overlooking Sydney Harbour, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair is a beloved Sydney landmark, crafted in 1811 for the governor’s wife. Carved out of a sandstone rock ledge, the chair is one of the best viewpoints to take in the sights of Sydney Harbour. You can spot the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Sydney city skyline all from here. 🏙️

For great photos, visit Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair at sunset to take advantage of the golden hour glow. With iconic landmarks, sparkling blue waters, and vibrant sky, you’ll capture stunning views that you can look back on. 💖

Photo: Jeff in Sydney for Flytographer. Kristine enjoys a day in Sydney at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with a solo photoshoot.

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6. Manly Beach

Just north of Sydney Harbour National Park, Manly Beach is a popular destination that offers something for everyone. Stretching over three kilometres, there’s plenty of room for swimmers, surfers, sunbathers, and everyone in between. The perfect place to enjoy some family fun! 🏖️

Home to the world’s first surfing contest in 1964, Manly Beach remains a popular surfing destination to this day. A submerged reef stretches along the coastline, creating swells that attract surfers from all around the world. If surfing isn’t your thing, Manly Beach is fabulous to walk or cycle along and the reef is a great place to explore via snorkel or dive. 🤿

From here, you are well situated for a day trip along the coast, where you can explore other well-known beaches including Freshwater Beach, Narrabeen Rockpool, Palm Beach, and more.

Photo: Lenise in Sydney for Flytographer. Lukas and partner capture their engagement in Sydney with a proposal photoshoot.

7. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains region of New South Wales is an impressive mountainous region bordering Sydney. Known for its breathtaking landscapes — most notably, the Three Sisters — the Blue Mountains is a spectacular destination for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors. ⛰️

Wander through the region’s many hiking trails to discover beautiful Australian nature. Expect to see towering sandstone cliffs, craggy caves, powerful waterfalls, and so much more. A natural marvel! Whether covered in clouds or sparkling in the sun, the sprawling scenes of the Blue Mountains will take your breath away.

💡Travel tip: Blue Mountains National Park was the homeland of the indigenous people of New South Wales, and to this day is home to many important historical sites. Consider booking an Aboriginal Walkabout tour, where a local will guide you through the historical sites while sharing ancient folklore and Aboriginal culture.

8. Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill Park is one of the highest points in the city and is home to the Sydney Observatory, a well-known Sydney landmark. With sprawling green fields and towering trees, the park is a calming oasis, popular with locals. You’ll often see people enjoying a picnic or relaxing with a book here. 🌳

But the best part of the park? The view! 😍 Observatory Hill has one of the most outstanding views of the city and is a popular photography location. One of the most Instagrammable places in the park is located at the north end. At this spot, there is an incredible view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the city skyline and harbour waters in the background. A truly stunning backdrop for your photos!

Photo: Flytographer in Sydney. Mayur and partner celebrate their honeymoon in Sydney at Observatory Hill Park with a couple photoshoot.

9. Hornby Lighthouse

This postcard-perfect scene is a must-see! Hornby Lighthouse stands at the tip of South Head near Watsons Bay, within Sydney Harbour National Park. Located just 20 minutes drive from downtown Sydney, you can reach the lighthouse via South Head Heritage trail, an accessible walking track.

The iconic Hornby Lighthouse captures attention with its red and white stripes and sits atop craggy rocks overlooking the expansive Pacific Ocean. The view is incredible any time of day but, for a truly special experience, plan your visit during sunset. The golden hour glow, crashing waves, and ocean breeze paired with the amazing ocean view will create magical memories you won’t soon forget. ✨

Photo: Yvonne in Sydney for Flytographer. Andrea and partner capture their anniversary in Sydney with a couple photoshoot.

10. Queen Victoria Building

Occupying an entire city block in the Central Business District (CBD) on Sydney’s vibrant George Street, the Queen Victoria Building — known affectionately as QVB — is home to some of the city’s best dining and shopping. Housing nearly 200 boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, this is an essential location for any visitor who loves to shop! 🛍️

Not only is the Queen Victoria Building a fabulous shopping destination but it is also an architectural masterpiece! Built in the 1890s in the Romanesque Revival style, the building is decorated with rows of columns and arches, beautiful stained-glass windows, and a copper roof. The dominant feature is QVB’s impressive centre dome, towering high above the city. Whether you’re a fan of architecture, an avid shopper, or a bit of both, the Queen Victoria Building is a must-visit location!

Photo: Flytographer in Sydney. Sandra and partner celebrate their anniversary in Sydney with a couple photoshoot.

Capturing Memories in Sydney

There’s no doubt that Sydney is a vibrant and fun-filled destination. No matter what you choose to do, this Australian city will leave you in awe with its gorgeous beaches and lively neighbourhoods. From trendy eateries to world-renowned beaches to breath-taking national parks, you will find there are many things to do and places to take photos in Sydney. Book a Flytographer shoot to capture your memories in this vibrant city full of unique opportunities. ✨