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Meet Anna in Barcelona

Nice to meet you! I'm Italian and I've been living in Barcelona for almost a decade. Since I moved to sunny Barcelona, I especially love to capture bright portraits, always filled with natural light. Previously I was living in London and worked as a photographer at amazing events such as the London Fashion Week and The Hub Dot.

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    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian and French
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: The Gothic Area

Three Things

  1. I love walking around the city or having little escapes outside of Barcelona. This region has so many beautiful things to offer! I love to travel, spend time at a museum or an exposition. I'm especially passionate about ancient roman history.
  2. Photography is my passion and my hobby since a very young age. My dad was always bringing his camera on our trips around Europe and he was my very first teacher.
  3. I have a personal photo album where I collect pictures of myself with dogs I meet around the world during my travels. I can't control myself when I meet new furry friends.

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Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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