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Since I moved to sunny Barcelona, I especially love to capture bright portraits, always filled with natural light. I also love travel photography, I cannot imagine travelling without my camera! I've been working at amazing events such as "The Hub Dot" in London and Barcelona, and at the London Fashion week back in 2014. Photography makes me happy. It makes me take my time to observe the beauty around us (people, nature and architecture)!

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    Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Italian and some French
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    Favourite Place to Shoot: The Gothic Area

Three Things

  1. When I am not taking photos I love walking around the city or having little escapes outside of Barcelona. This region has so many beautiful things to offer! I also love to travel, spend time at a museum or an exposition, and I love to study and learn new things. But most of all, I love, love, love cuddling dogs :)
  2. Photography is my passion and my hobby since a very young age. My dad was always bringing his camera during our trips around Europe and I remember often stealing it from him!
  3. My friends laugh when I show them my personal photo album where I collect pictures of myself with dogs I meet around the world during my travels. My mom always says I have a freshness and an enthusiasm to discover the world that is typical of kids.

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Pricing starts at $285 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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