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Welcome to Seattle!

Optimistic, green and buzzed on caffeine, Seattle is an explorer's delight, with treasures and unique finds around every corner in every neighbourhood. Surrounded by the natural trifecta of ocean, forests and mountains, Seattle boasts a thriving independent scene with bustling local cafés, shops and boutiques. The local scene is innovative, creative and eclectic, and locals are proud to live in this heavy-hitting city with a quiet voice.

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Erin's Portfolio
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I started my career as a newspaper photojournalist and I love bringing that skill set to my work as a Flytographer in both Maui and Seattle. I strive to make every shoot unique and always fun!

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Jessica's Portfolio
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Photographing new people in fun places inspires me. I'm always looking for interesting textures and elements of design to incorporate within my photographs. During a photo session, I feel accomplished when both my clients and I had fun creating beautiful photographs together. I tend to laugh a lot and I hope you will too!

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Kelly's Portfolio
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I think the best photographs happen during the in-between. The moments we're just interacting and truly in the moment. I actually taught English and Photography in a high school. Now I just have a different platform for teaching, enjoying and meeting new people. 

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Elizabeth's Portfolio
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I’m a talker. I love to laugh and laugh loudly. I’m Colombian. I’m a hugger and sometimes forget some people don’t want to be hugged. I’m still gonna hug you. I have a serious addiction to ice cream. I'm a little obsessed with my friends. I’m loyal to the very end. I’ll cook you dinner any night of the week. I’m spontaneous. I love fiercely. Let's have a good time together and capture something real. I want you to look back on your photos 10 years from now and remember this time in your life with beautiful nostalgia!

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Chelsea's Portfolio
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I am a fabulously upbeat, friendly little lady who is very much obsessed with my cat, Princess Leia, and husband (in that order). Being that I'm from Hawaii, I would say my superpower is to bring the sunshine wherever I go, which I imagine I will be grateful for in the upcoming Seattle winters! I am equal parts purpose and play and will spend my time with you making sure that I photograph YOU as you really are, either on your own or with the ones you love. I cannot WAIT to meet you!

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Mariia's Portfolio
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I have three big passions in life, people, travel, and photography. My style is definitely on the moodier side and I love to keep my shots as natural and authentic as possible. Before I was a photographer I worked with fashion designers. I was a brand manager, designer assistant, and a manager of a designer boutique in Russia.

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Explore Iconic Spots in Seattle

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Ballard Locks; Pike Place and Post Alley; Fremont Neighbourhood; Seattle Center; Pioneer Square; Discovery Park; Clyde Hill; Pike Place Market; Olympic Sculpture Park; Gas Works Park; or your own custom route.

Seattle Points of Interest

  • Ballard Locks
  • Pike Place and Post Alley
  • Fremont Neighbourhood
  • Seattle Center
  • Pioneer Square
  • Discovery Park
  • Clyde Hill
  • Pike Place Market
  • Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Gas Works Park

Photography Destinations in Seattle

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Kerry Park

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Olympic Sculpture Park

30 minutes | 60 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Pike Place Market

30 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Washington Park Arboretum

30 minutes | 60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths
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 - Image 1

Pike Place & Post Alley

60 minutes | 90 minutes | 120 minutes | 180 minutes

Available Shoot Lengths