Best Spring Break Destinations

2023 has already been dubbed the year of travel. Spring break trips are all about staying a little bit closer to home but still getting away to warm weather. We’re thrilled to see everyone engaged in travel planning and adding new places to their bucket lists, so we couldn’t help but take a sneak peek at some of the trending North American destinations for 2023. 🌺

Whether your family is looking to find the best beaches in Maui or an all-inclusive resort in Cancun – our team of photographers are here to help you pick the best spring break vacation!

Here at ​​Flytographer, we easily connect people with trusted photographers for fun photo shoots and have captured over three million memories worldwide. Today, we asked our local vacation photographers in America what the most popular family vacations are in 2023. Let’s get going, Spring Breakers!


(A little sneak peek for you!)

  1. Miami, Florida. This city is known for its art, culture, natural beauty, and tropical weather.
  2. Charleston, South Carolina. This historical city is best known for its cobblestone streets and pastel heritage houses.
  3. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is an iconic American landscape.
  4. The Hawaiian Islands. Stunning beaches, epic landscapes with pristine beaches, volcanoes and waterfalls. 
  5. Cancun, Mexico. This beach resort destination is home of breathtaking white sand beaches and lively culture.
  6. Washington DC. The city springs to life this time of year with a beautiful display of cherry blossoms.
  7. San Diego, California. West coast, best coast? San Diego certainly makes a strong case in SoCal.
  8. New York City. The Big Apple remains one of the most popular destinations for everyone looking for a good time.
  9. New Orleans. This iconic city is filled with culture, beauty, and a rich and diverse history.
  10. Austin, Texas. This city is known for its colourful street art, live music, and the popular slogan “Keep Austin Weird.”

Photo: Kristina in Miami for Flytographer. Morgan and their family capture memories in Miami with family photoshoot at South Pointe Park.

1. Miami, Florida

Miami Beach offers various Instagrammable places with its stunning beaches and architecture. It’s known for its art, culture, natural beauty, and tropical weather that provide no shortage of things to do and beautiful places to visit. 🌴

There is an abundance of dazzling Miami photo spots to visit on your trip! But with so many places, it can be hard to remember every detail when you get back home. That’s why it’s so important to capture the memories with photos highlighting the beautiful buildings, views, and everything else this south Florida city has to share.

Just a road trip away lies the beautiful beaches of the Florida Keys and Key West or the theme parks of Disney and Legoland – which would you and your family prefer? 🏝

Photo: Kristina in Miami for Flytographer. Kristyn and their family capture memories in Miami with a family photoshoot at Lummus Park near South Beach.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Charleston, SC on the east coast for your? Are you the type of person who loves to curate memories of your travels by staying in the cutest Airbnb and taking lots of photos? 📸  If so, congrats — you’ve picked the right place to go! This historical city is best known for its cobblestone streets and pastel 🌈  heritage houses, which will make for some stunning backdrops in your photos. This is why it’s one of our favourite spring break destinations. 

Find our top photo spots in Charleston and let’s go! 🙌🏼

Photo: Flytographer in Charleston.  Christina and their friends celebrate their graduation with a friends photoshoot in Charleston.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is an iconic American landscape, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and, since 1979, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 😮

If your family is into outdoor adventures, this bucket list USA destination is a must-see! Entering the park is like stepping into another planet made of canyonlands and mesmerizing red rocks. The area is divided into the north and south rims, with the south rim being the most accessible. This one has many hotels, shops, and an excellent tourist infrastructure nearby. The vistas from there are also unforgettable — an actual explosion of colours. ☀️

It might come as a surprise, but the park is also great for wildlife watching since it’s home to hundreds of animal species, such as the endangered California condor and the bighorn sheep. Also, there are many hiking trails, from mule rides to the bottom of the canyon to helicopter flights and balloon rides. 🎈 If you are the thrill-seeking type, rafting through the Colorado River is a must. 

No matter what activity you choose, you’ll understand why this is one of the best national parks in the US. Arizona is home to many other bucket-list outdoor destinations, such as the best places to take photos around Sedona.

Photo: Terri in Sedona for Flytographer.  Henry and partner capture their proposal in Sedona at the Grand Canyon with a couple photoshoot.

4. Hawaii

Crowning our list of the top most popular USA destinations for 2023 is the “Aloha State.” If your idea of the best spring break destinations includes stunning beaches, and epic landscapes with pristine beaches, volcanoes and waterfalls – the Hawaiian Islands are for you! Add an ancient Polynesian heritage to it all, and you have one of the most diverse parts of the United States, with each island boasting a fantastic set of attractions. 🏄‍♂️

There’s much to capture with your camera, too. We’ve already covered the best Maui photo spots, Honolulu photo spots, Kauai photo spots, and Kona photo spots, but there’s a lot more about Hawaii that’s incredibly photogenic and fascinating. Many are drawn to chilled times in a resort by the clear sea; others look for snorkeling adventures in one of the many national parks to discover hidden gems like a local. Whatever your reason is, the new year is your chance to take that big trip to Hawaii. Aloha! 🌺

Photo: Flytographer in Maui. Christine and partner capture memories in Maui on a couples trip.

5. Cancun, Mexico

On to the Yucatan Peninsula, and more specifically to the all-star Cancun and the lovely Playa del Carmen. This beach resort destination is home of breathtaking white sand beaches and some of the best whale watching and kayaking in the world! These two destinations sit very near each other, both bathing in the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. Together, they form one of the most desirable travel hotspots of 2023.

In Cancun, you’ll find a long, sandy coastline with world-class resorts and a seemingly endless offer of restaurants and lively bars. All around, the beauty goes as far as the eye can see, and you can learn about our favourite places in this blog on Cancun photo spots. Playa, on the other hand, is smaller and more laid back but also boasts various restaurants, bars, and hotels. Both beaches are an excellent base for exploring the fascinating ancient ruins and the beautiful cenotes of the Riviera Maya. Besides, we know that in Mexico, a good time is always sponsored by tacos and tequila. 🌮

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer.  Chitra and family capture memories in Cancun with a family photoshoot.

6. Washington DC

Only in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., can you visit some of the most iconic spots in the country on a morning stroll around the city. ☕️  From the stately White House to local, hidden gems, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite places to explore and photograph. The city springs to life this time of year with a beautiful display of cherry blossoms 🌸 bringing a light-hearted feel to family photos. This makes it one of the very best spring break destinations. There’s always something new to do in this historic and stunning city for the whole family, so read on for our top Washington DC, photo spots whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time lover of the capital.

Photo: Elisenda in Washington DC for Flytographer. Devin and their partner celebrate their engagement in Washington DC with a surprise proposal photoshoot at the Tidal Basin during cherry blossom season.

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7. San Diego, California

West coast, best coast? We’re not here to call a winner, but San Diego certainly makes a strong case with some of the best photo opportunities in Southern California. For a budget-friendly option if you are already located on the west coast – check out the family-friendly San Diego Zoo or take a road trip up to LA to experience Disney for the first time (or 5th!) with your little ones. There are also many water parks to cool off and burn off some of that wild springtime energy! 💦Read on for some of our favourite, Instagrammable locations for making and capturing memories with your loved ones. 📸

Are you inspired by these beautiful places for a photo shoot of your own? Check out our top San Diego photo spots to capture the SoCal magic for yourself.

Photo: Bree in San Diego for Flytographer. Alice and family capture memories in San Diego with a family photoshoot.

8. New York City

Year after year, New York City remains one of the most popular travel destinations, not only for U.S. travellers but for everyone looking for a good time. Exuding a unique and contagious energy, the city of sleepless nights offers a bit of everything: iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, a diverse arts and entertainment scene, endless shopping and dining options for every budget, and exciting sporting events taking place all year round. Wondering where to take the best pics? Check our guide to the best New York City photo spots. Who knows? 2023 may just be the year for you to take a bite out of the Big Apple – one of the most popular spring break destinations. 🍎

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Abigail and their partner capture memories on their anniversary trip to NYC with a couple photoshoot in Greenwich Village.

9. New Orleans

Easily one of the most recognizable cities in the United States, New Orleans absolutely lives up to the hype when it comes to being a unique, energetic, memorable US destination. In addition, New Orleans is one of the most beautiful places to take photos! 📸 Whether you’re coming for the beignets, bayou, Mardi Gras, Creole cuisine, distinctive architecture, jazz music, or something else entirely, New Orleans is a dream destination. 🎷

We can’t talk about New Orleans without at least mentioning … Mardi Gras! 🥳 The annual Mardi Gras celebration includes lively parades that originate in the Garden District of Uptown New Orleans along St. Charles Avenue …, but New Orleans is more than just beads and nightlife. New Orleans is filled with culture, beauty, and a rich and diverse history. Whether you’re strolling, cycling, or riding a streetcar, New Orleans is compact and accessible, making it awesome for visitors to see all the city has to offer without too tremendous or arduous an effort.

Read on to learn more about some of our favourite photo spots in New Orleans — what to see, what to do, and where the best photo spots are for outstanding photo opportunities in NOLA!📍

Photo: Karla in New Orleans for Flytographer.  Sheresa and partner celebrate their anniversary at City Park in New Orleans on a couples photoshoot with Flytographer.

10. Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most Instagrammable cities around, known for its colourful street art, live music, food trucks and the popular slogan “Keep Austin Weird” – which makes it one of the most uniqur spring break destinations. You’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one spot for your photo session, but we’re here to help! We’ve lassoed up the top 10 places to take photos in Austin – the quirky capital of Texas. 🤠

Ready for a trip down south to ATX? 📸  Grab your cowboy boots and capture the magic of this one-of-a-kind getaway.

Photo: Natalie in Honolulu for Flytographer (Taken in Austin). Grant and their partner celebrate their engagement in Austin with a surprise proposal photoshoot at Zilker Park.

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