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Meet Kristina in Miami

I am a lover of all things creative. My passion is capturing the beauty of people and their emotions and exploring new places and things. My photography style can be described as light and airy with a photojournalistic approach. Candid moments are my favorite, as they capture the natural feelings of the subjects.

Three Things

  1. Before starting out in photography, I worked as a freelance makeup artist for many years. I worked on many reality shows, music videos and commercials and always found myself quite drawn to the production side of things. It was by watching and observing many esteemed photographers that I knew that photography was what I wanted to do.
  2. My absolute favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family. I love to take my kids to try new things!
  3. My friends find it amusing that there is no one who acts crazier than me when rooting for my football team. They have to remind me the refs can't hear me!

Favourite Place to Shoot in Miami

I love to shoot on Miami Beach - the color of the water can't be beat and Ocean Drive offers a very art deco backdrop.

Languages Spoken


More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Kristina

"Kristina is an absolute pleasure to work with and a truly talented photographer. She instantly knew what type of mood, setting, and style I wanted for my shoot, and the photos I received delivered above and beyond my expectations. She captured me in such a beautifully authentic way. I am delighted to have these photos as an enduring, sweet memory of my trip to Miami. " - Jennifer

"Kristina was so kind and so cool. She was professional and offered direction during our 30 minute shoot, and we actually had so much fun during the whole thing. I can’t emphasize how happy I am that we booked a flytographer shoot, and that we were blessed to have Kristina. Thank you so much for capturing our anniversary in Miami!" - Niway

"Kristina was great! She was perfect at directing us and making us feel comfortable. We loved the shots she got." - Monica

"We love love love our pictures and cannot believe how much Kristina was able to capture in just 30 minutes!! " - Katie

"Kristina was great! She was so patient with our kiddos! " - Meg

"Kristina is a pro, she is also a sweet person, she made us feel comfortable and she knew exactly what we wanted! As a photographer myself, the pictures she took of me and my family are priceless!" - Maria

"Kristina was lovely. She knew how to capture the photo style we wanted and got some great shots!" - Adrienne

"Kristina was very professional, she gave lots of directions in poses and lead the whole photoshoot, which was awesome because it's hard to "act candid"' -Oanh

"From the moment I saw her, I knew my pictures would be great. Her spirit said it all. I absolutely LOVE my pictures!" - Ambria

"Kristina is an incredibly talented photographer. She captures moments so well and truly has an eye for beauty. It was such a pleasure conversing with her throughout the shoot as well. The entire experience turned out to be really fun and memorable for me. I couldn't be happier with how my photos turned out. One word- AMAZING! Thank you Kristina :)" - Joy

"Kristina was fantastic! She was on time, very cool and calm (considering my 4 year old was being difficult and not cooperating), and she was fun and personable which always makes things more comfortable for everyone. We would definitely use her again!" - Lyndsey

"Kristina is great! She was able to direct a large group of people of all ages and have us all look fabulous in our photos. So thankful for her beautiful talent." - Paige

"Having Kristina as our photographer for our honeymoon shoot in Fort Lauderdale was one of the best decisions we ever made! The pictures came out AMAZING! Her personality was fun and inviting making us feel very comfortable/natural in our poses. Without any hesitation I recommend anyone who is looking for a top notch, professional & fun photographer, to work with Kristina if at all possible! Thank you so very much Kristina! You’ve given us so beautiful memories we will be able to cherish for a lifetime!" - Anke-Cara

"Kristina is the best! I'm amazed at my photos, they are beautiful! Kristina was very accommodating and flexible to our requests. Super nice and friendly, we loved everything about our shoot =)" - Celia

"Kristina was amazing to work with — she was very prompt in responding and so flexible! When it started pouring, she stayed cool and calm, even though I know how stressful it had to be managing camera equipment in the rain! I LOVE the photos and am so thankful to have these memories." - Natalie

"Kristina was amazing! She was very professional yet laid back and made us feel comfortable. Thank you Kristina for capturing the most beautiful shots!" - Ruth

"Seriously, Kristina was amazing! She was flexible and willing to work with the location that I wanted! She was amazingly warm and welcoming when we met her! Our whole photo shoot felt so relaxed and laid back. She was amazing with our kids and even took some great shots of our not so cooperative two-year-old! I could not have asked for a better experience!" - Ashley J.

"Everything was awesome! Kristina was the perfect photographer for our group - she could have totally fit in as one of our friends." - Tasha

"Kristina was great from the get go and very flexible and accommodating to our desires. I thought she did a great job wrangling all 11 of us girls and capturing our Miami weekend in pictures that we will always cherish!"  - Jennifer L.

"I worked with Flytographer for my best friend's bachelor party in Miami, Florida and the results were AMAZING! The weather was a little overcast and rainy so I was a little worried how the photos would turn out, but Kristina our Flytographer worked with us in finding a great indoor space and by the end of the shoot we were able to get some poolside photos! Kristina provided guidance on our poses and helped direct my group of 6 to keep us organized and on task!" - Ashley L.

"Kristina went above and beyond to capture the best pictures, even kneeling in the sea! Meeting Kristina was like meeting up with a friend and there was no awkwardness whatsoever!" - Adam & Dan 

"Kristina was amazing. She made our family feel comfortable and did a great job capturing our personalities. I will cherish our photos forever." -Amber

"We absolutely LOVED our pictures! Kristina did an amazing job and captured our family perfectly." - Andrea

"Kristina was FANTASTIC. We could not be happier with our photos--they are exactly what we were hoping for--light, airy, colourful. She took my requests and ran with them! Seriously, I could not be happier. THANK YOU Flytographer and Kristina!" - Alex

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