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Johnny's Portfolio
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My work in photography is a natural extension of my desire to tell stories. I'm a full time wedding and portrait photographer, and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to document couples and their families and make a lasting contribution to their story. 

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Armando's Portfolio
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My style is a combination of free shooting and commercial. My approach is to always seek the best light in surrounding places - always trying to get the best shot!

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Amanda's Portfolio
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I specialize in lifestyle and travel lifestyle photography. I not only shoot in and around the streets of the city, but also in apartments, shops, museums, restaurants, parks - anywhere and everywhere my clients FEEL happy, whether they're families, couples, or commercial. Finding places that make people feel happy, as well as creating memories while we shoot, is what makes our time together fun. And that is what makes for great photos!

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Lauren's Portfolio
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Brooklyn born, raised, and stayed! I'm a full time people photographer and I capture love in all capacities: couples and families, the magical bond between pets and their owners, and people falling in love with a city they're visiting.

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Louis's Portfolio
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I am a passionate visual storyteller and traveller. I mainly shoot weddings, and focus on capturing real emotions and moments. I have a clean, natural documentary style with a modern touch. I also shoot for travel magazines, model agencies and corporate clients.

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Mayleen's Portfolio
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My style of photography is modern, romantic, fun, fashionable with a photojournalistic touch.

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Samantha 's Portfolio
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I am an editorial and intuitive wedding and engagement photographer. I began shooting film in high school, but was pre-law in college for the first year and a half before I decided to switch my major. After college I went directly into digital commercial photography. I've also photographed commercial events, portraits, and New York Fashion Week.

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Lauren K.'s Portfolio
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Lauren K.

I'm a British-born portrait and lifestyle photographer, and love nothing more than documenting life through my lens. I'm fortunate to live in a city where I work full time doing what I love and am constantly inspired by the people and energy surrounding me. My style is to always keep things natural and fuss-free, while using light to experiment in fun and unique ways. I'm then able to focus on my subject, tell their story, and above all, make sure they feel amazing and have the best time being in front of my camera. I've worked with amazing clients like Zanna Rassi, Sarah Seven, and Pret a Manger and my work has been featured in Refinery 29, Rolling Stone, and Mini Magazine.

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Jacqueline's Portfolio
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I am a seeker, always looking for new experiences, places, and stories. I always fill my frames with feelings, energy and visual poetry.

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Sandy's Portfolio
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I am a lifestyle photographer. I try to create visual stories based on interactions and emotions between families, friends and couples. My style is light, airy, romantic and whimsical - something that rekindles memories when you look back. I love to document candid, effortless, in-between moments.  

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Brittany's Portfolio
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I am a giggling, curious explorer. I want to see everything, go everywhere, and meet everyone! I shoot mainly documentary-style portraits which means I follow people around with my camera and snap those hidden, precious moments of life.

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Bri's Portfolio
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I am a fashion and beauty-focused photographer who also captures lifestyle and wedding photography; I am passionate about creating great imagery. I bring a natural, classic, and timeless approach to all my work. I thoroughly enjoy working with new people and exploring new places. 

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Natalie's Portfolio
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My philosophy in life is summed up in two words: candy and sunshine. I'm a happy, free-spirited person who loves travelling and picking up inspiration everywhere I go. I love to photograph love in its purist form. My style is photojournalism with an whimsical edge. It's about making you comfortable and free to be who you are, so I can capture you and your essence. I've been featured in major blogs including Style Me Pretty, TheKnot, and

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Kimberly's Portfolio
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I am Jersey girl/New Yorker hybrid. I have been taking photos since I was old enough to hold a camera. I shoot weddings, events, portraits, and some commercial work throughout NYC and the world. I love natural light, but I also do many other styled shoots. My published work and clients include: Style Me Pretty, Broke Ass Bride, DKC, Thrillist, Cucina Ciano, Chippendales, Gotham Magazine, Philippe Chow Restaurant Group, Page Six Magazine, Village Voice, Stylecaster, The ONE Group, Societe Perrier, Zagat and MADE Magazine.

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Kate's Portfolio
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When I'm not shooting families in New York City, I'm traveling the world as a humanitarian photographer for nonprofit organizations. I've spent time with cloistered nuns in Peru, cheered Paralympic athletes in China, and made tortillas with four generations of indigenous Mayan women in Guatemala!

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Alexandra's Portfolio
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I am a full-time artist-photographer born in Chile, but my love for traveling has brought me to live in incredible cities like Paris, London, Bogota, and New York. My photography style combines fine art aesthetics with street photography candidness and documentary storytelling. I have worked with magazines and fashion brands, taken portraits of amazing artists and had my work exhibited at international art fairs and shows.

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Welcome to New York City!

Ever-changing and exciting, The Big Apple is a city that reinvents itself daily. The world watches New York to set the trends and offer up the most interesting venues to eat, see, shop and stay. Each of its boroughs brings a high-tempo flavour and diversity that are unmatched around the world.

The memories you make will stay with you forever. Capture beautiful photographs in the most iconic spots with our local photographers. Choose from our favourite routes, including: Times Square; Central Park; Greenwich Village; Brooklyn Bridge/DUMBO; SoHo; The High Line; 5th Avenue & Rockefeller Center; Grand Central Station; Gantry Plaza; Williamsburg; or your own custom route.

New York City Routes

Times Square

Central Park

Greenwich Village

Brooklyn Bridge/DUMBO


The High Line

5th Avenue & Rockefeller Center

Grand Central Station

Gantry Plaza


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