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Meet Samantha in New York City

I am an editorial and intuitive wedding and engagement photographer. I began shooting film in high school, but was pre-law in college for the first year and a half before I decided to switch my major. After college I went directly into digital commercial photography. I've also photographed commercial events, portraits, and New York Fashion Week.

Three Things

  1. I'm a big Instagrammer, especially for neon signs and old buildings. I love creative explorations - especially urban spaces, street art, nature hikes, and lots of being by the water.
  2. I definitely can't live without avocados.
  3. I am a born and raised New Yorker and still live here! I also went to Nightingale-Bamford in my formative school years (which was also the basis for the major television show, Gossip Girl).

Favourite Place to Shoot in New York City

Central Park - the light is most beautiful and you truly get a classic NYC feel to your photos.

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More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Samantha

"Samantha was ultra professional and very easy going. She allowed us to just be who we are whilst capturing some fantastic images. The shoot did not feel staged at all. I would absolutely recommend Sam if traveling to NYC and wanting to capture memories. My husband and I are hopeless photographers and obviously when you are just traveling with each other, it is rare to get a shot of us both unless it is a horrendous selfie. we now have fantastic images of our special time together which will last a lifetime." - Bree

"My experience with Flytographer & Samantha was amazing. They helped me set up the whole proposal! The coordination and execution of the plan went flawlessly, and the pictures Samantha captured were just what I was hoping for. That moment only happens once in a lifetime, and I am so grateful to have evidence of her happiness. I highly recommend this service to any guy ready to pop the question!" - Adrian

"I've booked Samantha twice in New York City and I loved all the photos. One time I was on a solo vacation and I wanted to capture my time in New York in an unforgettable way so I decided to use flytographer. This time as a gift to my mom for mother day I wanted to capture the two of us in our favorite spot in the city ( Central Park) and it was absolutely amazing!" - Heleen

"Samantha was fabulous! My youngest was quite cold and grumpy the day of our shoot, which made the session a bit challenging. Samantha remained so calm and patient in the whirlwind of family meltdowns. I can't thank her enough for the amazing job she did capturing some precious moments." - Amy

"Samantha was friendly, organized, great at keeping me updated and above all superb at capturing both the reaction and giving us an amazing keepsake which a lot of people never have the opportunity to have. We are both over the moon with the photographs." - Matt

"The experience was great! Samantha made us feel comfortable right away and we are really amazed with what we could fit in in 30 minutes." - Joe

"Samantha is an incredibly talented photographer. It was our first time taking any type of professional photos and man oh man were we nervous! She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. Samantha's approach was non-invasive and so warm and friendly. She knew exactly where we should stand for the most perfect pictures anyone can capture. The results were more than we could have asked for! Overall a fantastic experience." - Dany

"Samantha managed to capture amazing moments easily and I couldn't love the shots more. Samantha is truly talented and a great professional. The shoot felt so natural, I thought that it was gonna be something weird or awkward but it was really fun and that's thanks to her." - Lourdes

"Samantha was A++++++. The pictures speak for themselves." - Bailey

"Samantha was so amazing at my surprise proposal! She caught the most special moments without me knowing and when she was finally revealed she was even more incredible! She shot some of the best candid moments and gave the perfect amount of direction for some posed photos afterward." - Crystal

"Samantha is a brilliant photographer. She was great at being discreet and capturing the surprise moment (before my fiancée realized she was there), and afterwards for posed photos. She helped us navigate busy NYC to find the best spots to take those photos; they all came out amazing." - Roger

"Samantha gave us direction and also listened to our ideas and made them happen. Her kindness, knowledge of the area and ability as a photographer made us feel relaxed (after a very stressful day of travel) and like celebrities." - Katelyn

"Samantha was fantastic! The service from Flytographer made the whole thing a breeze! I would definitely use this service again... a great way to capture your holiday moments! We will always remember my husband's special 40th birthday trip to NYC!" - Kimberly

"We were unsure what to expect because we have never done something like this before, but Samantha gave us great direction and allowed us to really get the shots we wanted. We are a goofy couple and we got a lot of pictures of us naturally laughing, which is fantastic. Thank you Samantha for really capturing who we are in these pictures!" - Megan

"The 30-minute photo shoot experience was great, and our photographer, Samantha was really creative. The photos turned out amazing and interesting - Samantha really captured the feelings that I always have for New York." — Crystal

"Samantha was an excellent, fun photographer with great ideas. We really enjoyed it, even though it seemed like it was the hottest day in the whole year. Thanks so much! This is a great service." — Rebecca

"Samantha was a joy to work with! She was friendly and personable and we never felt awkward. I work with a lot of photographers and some just don't know how to direct you in order to get the shots they want. Samantha is obviously a pro who has been doing this for a long time. She effortlessly directed us to produce the fantastic product that we ended up with!" — Sydney

"Thank you so much, Samantha! The photos turned out absolutely perfect and we all enjoyed the experience thoroughly!" — Amy

"Samantha successfully captured a very precious moment in time and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Samantha was super friendly, efficient, and made us feel at ease. We had fun on our first ever professional photoshoot." - Randall

"Sam was an amazing photographer and perfectly captured our engagement this weekend in Central Park. We are in love with the photos and are amazed at how beautiful they came out. We are so happy to have gone through Flytographer to capture our exciting moment!" — Keri

"What an amazing experience with Samantha, she was so attentive and professional and got every shot I asked for and exactly how I envisioned it!" - Roxane

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