There comes a time in everyone’s life when the best headshot photo is needed. Whether you’re graduating from high school or university, taking an additional step in your career or just feeling happy about your life, a modern headshot is your chance to ditch the stiff headshot look and show the world who you are. 🙋‍♀️

 Still, not all headshot photography is created equal. The way you pose, what you wear and even where you decide to have your photoshoot may differ depending on its purpose, so put some thought into it and consider hiring a professional headshot photographer or a portrait photographer to help you out.

Of course, we’ve got your back with tailored photo tips and great headshot examples for every type of headshot. 😉

Photo: Jimmy in London for Flytographer. Lisa has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in London.

1. Business Headshots

Businesses are inseparable from the faces behind them. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur, you might want to come into view with a modern headshot on your social media pages, LinkedIn, website, or blog. 

This extra touch establishes a personal connection between you and your customers, but make sure your portrait photography is consistent with your brand. 

Businesses also have personality, so showing your environment is a good idea. A good grasp of your workplace atmosphere helps define what kind of business you run: creative firms are usually colourful and have laid-back environments, whereas a more serious profession may include neutral architecture or a more formal backdrop. Props are also great to tell the story of your business. For instance, holding a basket with fresh, colourful vegetables is the perfect touch if you run an organic farm. Are you always on the road? A great headshot with lots of natural light and a laptop next to you might send just the right message: you’re flexible and adventurous, yet always at hand. 👩‍💻

Passionate entrepreneurs will also love these extra pieces of headshot advice on picking your background, the right prop, and even style tips and poses.

Photo: Flytographer in San Diego. Alicia has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in San Diego.

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. Anand has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in London.

Photo: Cheryl in Miami for Flytographer. Corey has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Miami.

2. Corporate Headshots

We always hear that confidence is the key to success. What better way to show everyone what your brand is all about than having professional business headshots for everyone on your team?

At Flytographer, we’re not big fans of cliché poses with crossed arms and piercing stern looks for team photos. Instead, we like looks that are easy on the eyes and exude something about each person – even if it’s just a hint of their  personality. 💁‍♀️

Everyone wants to see the faces behind the business and adding cohesive headshots to your website makes it more friendly and approachable. Have your team loosen up and relax, even if they’re wearing a suit jacket.👔 Unwind and strike some more informal poses to make your portraits more attractive and approachable, at the same time professional. There’s always room for grace and kindness in a professional headshot photo, no matter your industry. 

Work from home and online meetings are here to stay, making good professional headshots even more necessary. Check out our suggestions for planning cohesive headshots for remote teams with a common visual identity.

Photo: Hayley in Vancouver for Flytographer. Kirsten has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Vancouver.

Photo: Jimmy in London for Flytographer. Donald has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in London.

Photo: Elina in Amsterdam for Flytographer. Roy has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Amsterdam.

3. LinkedIn Headshots

In business, first impressions count — and most of the time, they happen on LinkedIn. Experts say you should use this professional platform as a “living and breathing CV.” That means your profile should always be complete and with a profile picture that shows off your personal brand.

Your headshot should be fresh and reflect what you look like now, so consider getting a new one taken every two or three years or whenever you have a drastic change in your style.

Your face should take up at least 60% of the frame, starting at your shoulders and up to right above your head. The background doesn’t need to be grey or made of solid colours, but avoid anything too distracting.

On LinkedIn, the profile picture should tell people who you are at first glance and give them a taste of your personality, but always professionally and tastefully. 

We say, aim to look confident but don’t come across as intimidating. Remember: on LinkedIn, as in life, a smile goes a long way, and yours may very well get your foot in the door. 🚪

Photo: Monika in Toronto for Flytographer. Anita has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Toronto.

Photo: Flytographer in Seattle. Kathrin has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Seattle.

Photo: Luis in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Marcus poses for a Modern Headshot photo shoot in Cabo San Lucas.

4. Real Estate Headshots

Realtors are in the business of relationships, and they, like no one else, need to stand out and impress amidst fierce competition. What better excuse to book a professional realtor headshot session?

An excellent real estate agent is made of honesty and integrity, and their professional portrait should express just that. Aim for a clean-cut look and a body posture that makes others feel at ease. Use friendly eye contact to establish an instant connection. 🤝

Also, a good presentation and handpicked wardrobe show attention to detail. You can also show your interest in homes and architecture in the backdrop. A good photo with the right background can help establish your specific area at first glance. 

Photo: Kimon in Santorini for Flytographer. Jana has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Santorini.

Photo: Natalia in Barcelona for Flytographer. Kathleen poses by sitting on a bench for her Modern Headshot photo shoot in Barcelona.

Photo: Macy in Austin for Flytographer. Jessica has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Austin.

5. Hobby Lifestyle Portraits

Professionally-taken headshots are not exclusive to business needs. There’s no better way to show the world who you are than taking headshots that relate to your lifestyle and the hobbies you love.

You can use these pictures for virtually anything, from social media channels to dating apps, and they might even boost that side business you’ve been dreaming about.

Naturally, hobbies and lifestyle headshots are more informal, allowing you to show your personality in more exciting ways. Play with different hairstyles, strike amusing poses, or make funny faces — everything counts. 😜

If you like yoga, roll out your mat in an open space with a zen background; if you’re a dancer, show some dance moves on a stage; if you’re a bookworm, open your favourite book and read it outside a local cafe .

Here’s a great tip: don’t pretend you’re doing what you love — do it. We guarantee the results will be much better, and our Flytographers will capture the passion inside you.. 📸

Photo: Elisenda in Washington DC for Flytographer. Ulka has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Washington DC.

Photo: Mary and Maurizo in Positano for Flytographer. Sam has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Positano.

Photo: Marta in Venice for Flytographer. Sophia captures memories in Venice with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

6. Graduation Portraits

Your graduation is a right-of-passage moment. It should be celebrated by capturing grad photos that you can use later on your CV, social media profiles, or professional websites. As usual, we say tell your story and let your personality shine. ✨

Pick a meaningful location that represents your journey and future aspirations. Paying homage to your alma mater is a classic. High school and university campuses are awe-inspiring and perfect settings for photoshoots.

Do you have a favourite view in town? A special place you used to go in between classes for some quiet time? These are also great settings for your professional headshot shoot. They won’t just make your pictures unique, but also say something to you every time you look at them.

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be restricted to the cap and gown. 🎓 You can mix your grad attire and your personal style. Why not add extra pieces like that comfy sweater that always helped you do well in tests or a stylish dress for a modern touch juxtaposed with tradition?

Photo: Kristen in Austin for Flytographer. Sarah captures a Modern Headshot for graduation in Austin.

Photo: Flytographer in Rome. Alanna has a graduation photoshoot in Rome.

7. Online Dating Profile Photos

In your dating profile, the pics you use are key. 🔑 If you’re looking for that wow factor, there are always ways to improve your dating profile photos, and, guess what, it’s not all about the looks when it comes to a good headshot.

First and foremost, be yourself and aim to show off more than your physical appearance. People want to know what you’re interested in, so giving hints about your hobbies and lifestyle is a great conversation starter. It’s also a way to establish a genuine connection with someone. 💕

Do you play any musical instruments? Feel free to bring it along and use it as a prop (and don’t just hold it, play it). Are you into nature and the outdoors? Then choose a park or other places with abundant greenery to express your love for nature.

Don’t forget to smile and laugh, and, why not, even get a little goofy for the camera? A radiant and honest smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear. 😁

Photo: Amelia in Buenos Aires for Flytographer. Carina poses for a Modern Headshot photo shoot in Buenos Aires.

Photo: Flytographer in New York City. Yuri captures memories in New York City with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

Photo: Cheryl in Miami for Flytographer. Marc has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Miami.

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. Phil has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in London.

8. Portraits for Social Media 

Social media is a great space to market yourself and boost your visibility. You can also consider a professional photographer to spruce up your game on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Mostly, a casual snapshot does the trick, but one that helps you stand out from the crowd. Soft natural light is perfect for this type of headshot, and shooting outdoors guarantees a less formal result. 

At least for your profile pic, this is the time to get close. 🔍 Close-ups will show people what you look like. So, save your full-body pics for your feed and bet on classic head and shoulder portraits for your profile photo. 

You might also want some variety that fits the specific sizes for different platforms. Keep in mind that most social media channels offer square, landscape, and portrait modes. Can you think of something fetching for each of them? 🤔

Photo: Elisenda in Washington DC for Flytographer. Keisha has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in DC.

Photo: Flytographer in Amsterdam. Shay has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Amsterdam.

Photo: Flytographer in San Juan. Shannon has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in San Juan.

9. Personal Branding Portraits

Influencers, vloggers, bloggers, and YouTubers take good care of their personal branding, don’t they? That’s because they realize, despite the word, that it’s not only brands that need branding — you too should think about your image and always look to improve your social media presence.

If you work on your branding, people will feel like they know you and trust you more. Personal branding is both about business and personal life. Think about showing a mix of your personality with your know-how and spotlight some of your strengths and passions. 💪

These portraits should tell your story in unique ways. If you’re a creative person, bring that about in your shoot. Ever considered a headshot with an art mural as a background? Or maybe you’re the introspect and mysterious type? Capture that.

It’s always a good idea to think of what you wear carefully, maybe invest in a makeup artist and even do some retouching in your pictures to show the world your best version.

Photo: Kelly in Seattle for Flytographer. Alannah captures a Modern Headshot in Seattle.

Photo: Joseph in San Francisco for Flytographer. Laisa poses for a Modern Headshot photo shoot in San Francisco.

Photo: Marta in Venice for Flytographer. Norma poses for a Modern Headshot photo shoot in Venice.

10. Actor Headshots

Folks in Los Angeles know it all too well. No matter how well you do in your audition, high-quality and fresh headshots are also crucial to making your face memorable to casting directors and help you get booked as an actor. ⭐️

While you should definitely have your studio shoot with a solid background, there’s also room in your portfolio for a different actor shot: lifestyle-focused, making you more relatable and showing who you are beyond the acting.

What about some outdoor shots with vibrant backgrounds? They can give a sense of how you look in natural light and different scenarios.

Lights, camera, action! 🎬

Photo: Lucas in Kyoto for Flytographer.Ronnie has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in Kyoto.

Photo: Roberta in Rome. Michelle gets a Modern Headshot photo in Rome.

Photo: Hector in London for Flytographer. ZiQing has a Modern Headshot photoshoot in London.

Capturing your perfect headshot

Having your professional headshot taken might seem like a tough task. You have to think of pricing, who’s available in your area, and a ton of other things.

Worry not. At Flytopgrapher, wherever you are, we connect you with local headshot photographers for a one-of-a-kind photo shooting session that you’ll love. 📸