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Meet Jimmy in London

I am a documentary-type of photographer with a bit of editorial twist, so my images are unique, yet natural and very filmic. I am obsessed with people and I LOVE photographing love and happiness! My work has been featured in Business Insider US and Australia, National Geographic, Nikon Malaysia and Canon China. I am also a member of the Royal Photographic Society, although I haven't yet met the Prince yet.

Three Things

  1. Before picking up a camera, I was using my calculator to design buildings around London. Though interesting, I got bored of it and wanted to explore the world of creativity - hence I entered the world of photography!
  2. I love to spend time with my twins. Being a very busy photographer, I don't have much spare time to see them, so I will take every opportunity to play with them. I don't want to miss a moment of them growing up.
  3. My friends tell me that I am a workaholic, but the truth is that I love my job as a people photographer. It's no wonder that I smile so much when I hold my camera!

Favourite Place to Shoot in London

Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Hyde Park, Regents Park, Parliament Building (Big Ben), South Bank, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square

Languages Spoken

English, Cantonese, conversational Mandarin

More Information

Pricing starts at $250 USD for a 30-minute vacation shoot

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Customer Love for Jimmy

"Jimmy was such a delight to work with, and it is evident he is a true pro. He had my 3 year old daughter smiling and posing in minutes, and he understood the certain looks and shots I was going for. We signed up for 30 minutes, and I'm blown away with how much he was able to capture in that short of a time. He made us feel comfortable, and made it so fun! Highly recommend him!" - Laura

"Great photo session with our two young daughters, who can be very difficult to corral! But Jimmy was patient and got some good shots." - Alisha

"Jimmy was so much fun to work with! We really enjoyed our shoot and the quality of his photography is wonderful! We have had so many compliments from friends who have seen the photos. We also enjoyed getting to know Jimmy as a person. He's a great guy and a top professional." - Kimberlee

"Jimmy was awesome, knowledgeable, likeable and bonded with the kids and hubby. I was NOT dissappointed." - Omonele

"We love the memories Jimmy took for us in London!" - Debora

"Jimmy was great! We had fun shoot with him and we love every single photos of us. Thank you so much and we are so happy! :)" - Kyoko

"Jimmy was great, easy to work with and enjoyable. We love our photos!" - Emily

"We had a wonderful time with Jimmy, he is a talented photographer and amazing with kids. Thank you so much for such a great time with our family! " - Henny

"Great photos, very flexible and polite, clear instructions. I couldn't be more satisfied." - Ryan

"Jimmy was awesome! Super friendly and really talented. He was very easy to work with and made us feel comfortable. He also had some great tips for unconventional photo spots. We're so pleased with how the pictures came out. We would be happy to work with Jimmy again. " - Andrea

"Jimmy was the perfect photographer for our engagement photos! He picked the best time and location for the photo shoot in order to avoid busy pedestrian traffic and to get the best natural lighting. Jimmy put us at ease throughout the photo shoot and we felt comfortable being ourselves. For someone that often feels awkward in front of the camera I really appreciated how Jimmy made us feel comfortable and how he made the experience fun for us. We couldn’t be happier with the results, the photos are absolutely stunning. Thank you Jimmy for a wonderful experience and for capturing our special day in a beautiful way! " - Erin

"We loved having Jimmy take our family photos in London. He did a great job finding picture perfect locations. He was super friendly and helpful during the shoot and made the whole process go smoothly. " - Kendal

"Jimmy was fantastic! He knew the best places to shoot in nottinghill and captured our trip to London perfectly. We love the photos and can’t wait to print them. " - Caitie

"It was great to work work with Jimmy, he was easy to work with him and follow his directions, he knew where to go for the good shots and capture the right moment for it" - Donald

"Jimmy was excellent and captured EXACTLY my vision for our shoot. Our family and friends are going crazy over these pics, and now that we are home I am so happy to have them. Thanks again for such a great experience." - Jennifer

"Jimmy was awesome! The whole experience was very comfortable and fun. Thank you!!" - Payton

"Jimmy was great! He made us feel comfortable and was so friendly. The pictures turned out amazing! We are really happy with them and are so glad we chose Jimmy to capture these unforgettable moments. Thank you, Jimmy! " - Ladylyn

"Jimmy has a great eye for composing a shot and I loved his friendly approach - really enjoyed the shoot despite the persistent rain! " - Jana

"Jimmy was amazing!! He was great to work with and gave us tips on what we should do to improve the pictures. He took us to a great part of town and even gave us some history tips on the buildings and scenery, which made our pictures special when we got them back. We love our pictures and would definitely book Jimmy again! " - Mandalin

"Great experience, great photos. Felt like part of the vacation, and not an appointment. " - Reilly

"I cannot say enough great things about Jimmy. He knows his light, angles and how to entertain a group of 10 jet lagged people who were dragged out of bed at 7 a.m. for a photoshoot. Jimmy took us around the tower bridge but didn't just snap a few pictures and say thanks for showing up - he helped us create a memory at each spot with a little bit of history. We didn't expect a tour with the pictures, but we probably got one of the best in London! At the end of the week, this turned out to be the group's favorite experience in the city. You can't go wrong if you select Jimmy to help capture your memories. " - Camille

"Jimmy was absolutely incredible, he was extremely helpful in the process and truly captured everything about the moment in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined. One highlight was just how happy and enthusiastic he was about the proposal and engagement. It just proved how much he enjoys his work and it truly shows in the final product. I hope to see Jimmy again in the future and would highly recommend booking him!" - Wes

"We had so much fun working with Jimmy, and luckily, unlike with many other photographers, he was able to give direction when a position didn’t work well for the picture." - Tiffany

"Jimmy was so patient and didnt give up to get the best shot for us at every moment. We feel very lucky to have met him and to have shared our special trip with him! " - Rose

"Jimmy was extremely kind and has personality made us feel comfortable. He was patient and knew how to make us laugh. His work was amazing and was one of our favorite parts of our honeymoon! " - Valerie

"Jimmy was amazing to work with! He was fun & creative and the result was some of my favorite family pictures ever and we take family photos yearly. Seriously, there was not one picture that I was not happy with. I also appreciated the fact that he gave us some history of the area where we took our pictures. Thank you, Jimmy, for these wonderful vacation memories!" - Rachel

"Jimmy was a fabulous photographer. He was funny, and put us at ease right away. He was fun to work with and I would definitely recommend him, plus he gave us some great memories of our trip." - Gillian

"Jimmy was awesome to work with. We are a family of five and he was very friendly and personable and set everyone at ease. He chose great spots to take pictures and the backgrounds are unique and varied. Our photographs are wonderful! We are very pleased with them and have so many that we love!! He did an amazing job and I highly recommend him!" - Brook

"Jimmy was charming, great with our kids, and made our experience fun! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jimmy to anyone for a session. He was great at capturing not only us, but the environment as well with a tasteful and creative vibe! All I can say is WOW!" - Joshua

"Jimmy was fantastic! Very friendly, and knowledgable about the area we were taking pictures in. We are so happy with the pics he sent us, and would absolutely book him again on our next trip to London!" - Sarah

"Jimmy was absolutely amazing! He did an awesome job during the shoot and brought a great energy to an already special morning. 100% recommend Jimmy!" - Jacob

"Working with Jimmy to commemorate my solo trip to London was fun. He gave tidbits around the structures near the Tower Bridge and gave me good photography pointers as well." - Jacelyn

"Jimmy was PERFECT! He delivered great photos & a fun experience! Jimmy made us feel relaxed, took the time to get to know us so he could easily/simply instruct us to get amazing photos! He was excellent with our son. We are so thankful to Jimmy for giving us wonderful photos we never could have taken ourselves. Giving photos as Christmas gifts this year, thanks to Jimmy's great work!" - Eliza

"jimmy was fantastic and made our family photo shoot easy and enjoyable." - Ellie

"My entire family had such a wonderful time with Jimmy. He was fun, helpful and very accomodating. I would highly recommend him to anyone! He took the time to share with us some wonderful facts about London." - Bridget

"Thank you, Jimmy, for the wonderful experience and the fabulous images. We love each and every one." - Jeanine

"One of our favorite things we did while visiting London was to have our photos taken by Jimmy! Jimmy was a delight to work with and made my kids have fun while shooting. He was a wealth of information and we especially loved learning about the 'time tunnel' and the tea factories from the 1800's. I wouldn't hesitate and book Jimmy today! We loved our time with him and we really love our photos." - Michele

"Jimmy was great! He was awesome with our 13 month old - getting him to smile for many of the photos." - Leslie

"Jimmy was fantastic. He was great with the kids, took excellent photos, and even shared bits of history as we walked." - Kathleen

"Jimmy is a wonderful photographer and a super nice guy! We had a great time and are so glad we scheduled these photos. What a treasure!" - Jennifer

"Jimmy was the ideal photographer for us! He was not only super knowledgeable about photography, he taught us all about the areas we were taking photos in so we learned more about London throughout our session. My fiance and I aren't the most comfortable in front of the camera, but Jimmy helped us feel comfortable and gave us all the guidance we needed to take amazing photos. Jimmy also helped us pick photo locations that were very 'us.' He surpassed all my expectations--book Jimmy if you get a chance!" - Katie

" Jimmy was FANTASTIC...he made this such a fun and memorable experience! We have photos that will remind us of our time in London for years to come! Jimmy woke up early and went out of his way to get great photos for us; we did a sunrise shoot! He made the shoot fun and easy and we really just enjoyed hanging out with him. He had great suggestions for poses and he also made it easy for us to just be natural. He is BY FAR one of the best photographers we have worked with and his work is proof of that! He loves what he does and he loves his family, he has a passion for both and you can tell! We can’t recommend him enough...if you’re going to take photos in London, Jimmy is your guy!" - Dana

"Jimmy was AMAZING. Fantastic photos and was able to capture moments at just the right time." - Chris

"We had an incredible experience with Jimmy in London. He captured my husband and I so well! He was friendly, kind, and well prepared with perfect locations and ideas!" - Amy

"I'm over the moon with our images! Love Jimmy's personality, ideas and skills. Highly recomended." - Aga

"Jimmy in London was absolutely incredible! Having kids in a shoot, cooperation can be limited. Jimmy worked with our family and got SO many incredible shots very quickly! We are more than pleased with our photos! I would recommend Jimmy in London to anyone for any occasion." - Leah

"Jimmy is fantastic! We loved our photo shoot with him in London. From the moment we met and right throughout the shoot he was so friendly and welcoming which made us feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time. He was professional and the pictures he took were absolutely brilliant! We love them and they will be treasured memories of our London trip!" - Jessica

"Jimmy was very professional and helpful in coordinating our surprise proposal. He was extremely knowledgeable on the area and we were very happy with how our pictures turned out!" - Tyler

"We had a wonderful time capturing our memories with Jimmy. We met in London and he was friendly, fun and made the time wandering around the city a great experience. Raving to my friends about him and Flytographer experience. Thank you so much for giving us beautiful pictures of our whirlwind adventure to London." - Suzanne

"Jimmy was wonderful to work with! He has a great personality. He was patient, he let us be candid and goofy as well as directed us as needed to get beautiful pictures. Would highly recommend him!" - Anu

"Jimmy made me feel so comfortable, and was friendly but professional. He also shared lots of interesting background about the neighborhood where we took photos. Best of all, I loved the pictures (and I usually never like pictures of myself)." - Carol

"Jimmy was so AWESOME! He made us feel so comfortable, was so easy to talk with, gave us great direction but didn't cause us to be stiff, and gave us some history from the places we took photos. I would highly recommend him for photos! He was so good with our 15-month-old daughter and got her to smile, we will cherish these photos forever." - Allison

"Jimmy was fabulous! Felt at ease from the word go and he knew his London and his art! We had an hour with him but it flew by and he packed the hour with some gorgeous locales and some spectacular pictures of us! Thanks so much for the memories Jimmy!" - Shakir

"Jimmy was great, worked really well with us as a family, very friendly, and had lots of patience with my young kids. We were very happy with the photos and enjoyed discovering a new part of London. Jimmy not only took beautiful photos, but gave us a mini guided tour!" - Areej

"Jimmy was amazing and super awesome." - Eric

"Jimmy made us feel so comfortable, and we had a great time working with him. His photographs are so beautiful and his style is one of a kind. Our photos turned out absolutely stunning and we couldn’t be happier with them!" - Cortlen

"Jimmy made us all comfortable. He was very easy to work with. We loved the images he captured of us. We had a great experience and now we have memorable photos of our vacation. I will be recommending him to all family and friends." - Tallat

"Jimmy was fantastic! He was wonderful with the kids, friendly, and professional! We really enjoyed our photoshoot experience and are very happy with our photos! Jimmy was awesome, and we're really happy that we had him to take our family photos, as he really did contribute in a positive way to our London experience! Thanks Jimmy!" - Sean

"We had the best experience with Flytographer Jimmy in London. He was professional and fun! Most of all we love our photos and will cherish them for years to come." - Alexandra

"I am SO HAPPY! Jimmy was BEYOND AMAZING. The pictures are honestly better than my wedding pictures, and working with him was an absolute DELIGHT. He was funny, and so kind and generous to my mom who is in a wheelchair, and that meant so much to me. He is an excellent photographer. I’m thrilled." - Kimberly

"Jimmy was beyond terrific! He was very easy to have conversation with, was very knowledgeable about London, and really is a master in his craft! He knew the perfect lighting and lenses to use for each setting. He also came up with what to do for each picture which was very helpful." - LV

"Jimmy was great! He knew the route well and was SO awesome with our kids. I loved the pics and the whole experience!" - Stephanie

"No more bad selfies or missing family members in photos- we were able to great family photos in beautiful London. Jimmy was kind and helpful, and I'm glad we found him!" - Claire

"Jimmy was just so awesome! He made us feel comfortable during the shoot and even told us the history of the place we shot at. We also loved the energy and creativity that Jimmy offered! Our photos all turned out amazing!" - Adlin

"Jimmy was wonderful in capturing our special moments. He was very kind and wonderful on breaking the ice between us to make our photos look natural." - Tek

"We adored Jimmy and had the best time with him in London! He was so creative and made us feel so comfortable. He captured us, and London, beautifully!" - Katie

"We had a great time with Jimmy. He was so friendly and made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera. We especially love how creative his shots were and how he knew all the best places to shoot at. We are so happy to have such amazing keepsakes of our honeymoon." - Laura

"Jimmy. Is. Awesome!! We had so much fun and he was just what we wanted - creative, flexible, easygoing, and s super talented photographer. Everything was fabulous!" - Stacy

"OMG JIMMY is so AWESOME! He is absolutely professional, and his Leica M camera is so cool. The light in our pictures is so soft and natural. I will definitely recommend him to my friends!" - Uni

"Our photo shoot with Jimmy was great. Not only were the pictures good but he took us a few places that we wouldn't have otherwise explored, which made it even more fun. The angles and ideas for the pictures were excellent." - Julia

"Jimmy did an amazing job with our photos. We had our fussy one-year-old with us and Jimmy was extremely patient and our photos came out great!" - Annie

"Our photographer Jimmy completely exceeded all of my expectations. This was worth every single penny!" - Rachel

"I absolutely loved my time with Jimmy! We connected very quickly and made me feel comfortable. There were moments when I forgot there was a camera involved. There are also not enough words to describe how great this experience was. Jimmy was the very professional I expected him to be and also very personable with a deep passion for his craft. I love meeting people who love what they do." - Natalia

"Jimmy was absolutely amazing. His expertise made our photos a true keepsake." - Ken

"It was a great experience. Jimmy was so friendly and relaxed, he put us at ease and allowed us to be ourselves. The photos are beautiful, we are very happy with them!" - Malak

"We thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot as Jimmy put us at ease with his hospitality and professionalism.  He was tireless and dedicated throughout the session, capturing many beautiful moments for my family." - Lisa

"Jimmy was perfect couldn't have asked for a more perfect professional to capture our special moment!" - James

"We absolutely loved working with Jimmy! He gave us a brief history of the area we were in for our photos and even suggested some yummy treats for after the shoot!  We didn't know much about the shoot location, so it was really fun learning more about the area we selected.  Jimmy was easy to work with and chose some amazing spots to take our photos.  we really enjoyed our morning with him!"- Jennifer

"Booking a Flytographer shoot in London with Jimmy was the best decision because it turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip!  Believe or not, not only did our photos turned out amazing, it felt like we hung out with an old friend and talked and laughed nonstop!  We had so much fun that the day after the shoot, my mother, sister and I were saying we wish Jimmy our photographer was still hanging out with us." - Devina

"Thanks to Jimmy for being so patient with us. He did a shoot for us with our young son who was not always the most cooperative but Jimmy didn't give up. Weather was not great on the day and we were all tired but somehow the photos turned out great and we were smiling in all of them!" - WS

"To say Jimmy was amazing would be an understatement! Both my boyfriend and I had a few nerves taking pictures in such busy places, but almost as soon as we met Jimmy any fear or nerves seemed to disappear! I can not say enough good things about Jimmy, his style of photography, and the way he connects with you. We loved every single photo." -Chelsea

"Jimmy was friendly, creative, and a joy to spend time with. The photos are beautiful and exactly what we wanted." - Jennifer

"Our session in London with Jimmy was an absolute blast, we had such a great time and felt totally comfortable from start to finish. And we LOVE the pictures and will treasure them always." - Chloe

"We loved using Jimmy for our shoot and would highly recommend him.  We had a great time and love the pictures." - Donna & Ray

"Our photographer, Jimmy was such a joy and very patient and easy to work with." - AB

"Our shoot with Jimmy was different from ones we have done in the past, in the sense that we were incredibly relaxed and just making jokes and posing all silly! It was so much fun and went by way too fast!" - Deidre

"Jimmy is a true artist, his eye for detail is impeccable, and I think we found a friend because of his warm demeanour. He was proud of his city, his family, and his passion for photography!" - Christina

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