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Our world has shifted dramatically over the past year … to say the least. We’ve traded daily commutes and corporate offices for work-from-home setups and “business casual pajamas,” and how we present ourselves in the workplace should reflect these new, modern times. Personal branding is more important than ever, and we think it’s time to liberate your outdated headshot to show the world who you are. Headshots should not be overlooked as a prime opportunity to showcase your bright, unique and authentic personality while building trust with your future clients, employers, partners and more. After all, first impressions are everything, and we’re here to change the status quo. 🙌

Why should you invest in personal branding?

If you’re anything like us, you hear the word “professional headshot” and immediately think of washed-out grey backdrops, dull suits and forced smiles … but you’re not stiff and boring, so why should your headshot be? Whether it’s via your LinkedIn profile, your company Slack channel, a Zoom call or social media, today’s working world is all about making connections virtually. 💻

A professional headshot is an opportunity to showcase your personality and help you stand out from the crowd of “head-on-a-suit” images that all seem to blend together. Your headshot should reflect who you are and what you can do to inspire people to work with you. 👋

Flytographer photos (left to right): Elina in Amsterdam, Olga in Paris, Sabine in Boston, James in Paris

From hustling tirelessly in order to climb the corporate ladder, to building your own small business, to every type of work in-between, everyone deserves high-quality professional images that reflect who you are, right now. Investing in custom headshots infused with personality allows you to work with your professional photographer to make your photography session your own. 👊

Wondering what this could look like? Here are some ideas:

  • Capture “on-the-job” images to showcase your unique skills and talents while offering insight into what it’s like to work with your business. 👩🏽‍💻
  • A lifestyle session is perfect for those who want to update their social media profiles with high-quality images of their day-to-day lifestyle. 🤳
  • Need to keep your corporate headshot classic? Leave the 1990s backdrops at home while still capturing a timeless business headshot with personality with a backdrop that’s meaningful and/or beautiful. 🏙️

Every headshot session is unique and should be tailored to fit you (just like your suit)!

Picture of a man dressed in a suit from the t.v show the office

Don't be a Michael or Dwight! Steer clear of these cheesy, out-of-date types of headshots.

Man from the t.v show The Office posing for the camera

Who should get The Modern Headshot? 

Personal branding photography is for everyone because business is personal. In today’s remote workplace run by messaging apps and emails, potential clients, customers, coworkers and bosses are more often looking at your profile photo than they are at you, making a quality headshot of the utmost importance. 

Solopreneurs are now running their new businesses from their couches, real estate agents are matching clients with their perfect homes virtually, teachers are teaching the next generation from their living rooms, and content creators are getting more creative than ever in this changed world. We’ve seen industry leaders flourish in virtual speaking engagements and group fitness instructors pivot seamlessly to streamed classes. Small business owners have had to test their flexibility and creativity to the max to continue to see sales and growth. 📈

The common theme between each of these? A strong and cohesive online presence is vital for success. 🎉 A personal branding session not only gives you a professional headshot, but also gives you a chance to showcase who you are to clients, customers and coworkers, particularly when traditional in-person networking is put on hold. 

What does The Modern Headshot package include? 

Curious about booking a professional headshot photographer? With Flytographer, it has never been easier! 

Here’s what it will look like:

  • Browse the portfolios of local Flytographers in your city to see who you connect with and submit an inquiry for your session. Pricing is based on the length of the shoot. 📸
  • Let them know your goals for your photos, and don’t be afraid to get specific. Your photographer is excited to capture professional photos that exceed your headshot goals and represent the best version of you! 🌟
  • Your photographer can recommend locations and the best time of day to shoot in order to capture high-quality images. By collaborating on your goals, you can ensure your personal branding session is a success. 📍
  • Don’t forget the most important part of the shoot — your outfit! We recommend neutral colours and prints to allow your personality to shine, and feel free to bring accessories, such as a hat, scarf or jacket, to add diversity to your photos. But most importantly? Throw out the rulebook and wear what you feel comfortable and confident in! 💃
  • During the shoot, your photographer will guide you throughout the session on how to pose, where to look and what to do to meet your shoot goals while feeling amazing. 🔥

Where is the best place for your headshot? 

Once you’ve booked your Flytographer in your city, there are endless outdoor shoot locations to choose from … the only limit is your creativity! Think back to your headshot goals and your profession. A shoot in the city brings an urban flair with buildings in the background and it showcases your location, from the classic New York City skyline to the funky vibes of Austin. Choose a spot in nature or near a body of water for a neutral backdrop with relaxing earth tones, or choose a city park for gorgeous greenery in an urban setting. Showcase your favorite shops and go-to spots in the city, or bring in a pop of colour with a bold mural. Even business portraits can tell a story — what’s yours? 💥

When should you build your personal brand? 

We don’t think there’s ever a wrong time to invest in a modern headshot or branding photos. The world is ever-changing, and so is your business. Here are a few reasons that we’re inspired by:

  • Launching a new business
  • Rebranding your website
  • Graduating from university or high school
  • Starting a new career path
  • Refreshing your personal brand
  • Celebrating a big win
  • Updating your business cards, email signatures, or “About Me” page
  • Giving your LinkedIn a makeover
  • Your current headshot is a selfie or years out of date 
  • … or just because!

In 2021, showing up as authentically “you” is more important than ever because you are unique and worth knowing. By taking control of your personal brand and updating your headshots with a photography session, you’re investing in your future success and yourself. You have a story to share with the world. Let’s tell it beautifully. 📖 💕


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