Best places to travel in Mexico

A country as sweet as agave but equally as spicy🌶 , Mexico’s deep history dating back to pre-Hispanic days, diverse landscape and soulful people holds an unmatched allure for many travellers. If all-inclusive resorts and poolside margaritas are what first come to mind when you think of a Mexican escape, we invite you to dive deeper with us into the fascinating and vibrant culture that extends past the hotel grounds. Mexico City is a buzzing metropolis for art galleries, museums and music, but smaller towns like Puebla (the birthplace of the celebration of Cinco de Mayo!) hold equal charm and excitement.✨ Mayan ruins, turquoise cenotes, and sizzling cuisines are just a bit of the magic that awaits you. Brush up on your Spanish and grab some Mexican pesos because we’ve rounded up our best tips, hidden gems and photo spots across Mexico! 📸

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer. Miranda and husband celebrate their honeymoon in Cancun with a couple photoshoot.

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer. Stacia and friends capture memories in Cancun with a friends photoshoot.

1. Know before you go

What is the best time of year to go to Mexico?

If you’re looking for sunkissed tan lines and warmth, December through April is Mexico’s dry season and prime time for a getaway! ☀️  Further south towards the rainforests, the wet season runs May through December, and the highest risk for hurricane season is August through October (don’t forget your umbrella!☔️) Although Mexico’s climate changes quite dramatically across the Mexican landscapes — ranging from arid deserts to tropical rainforests — you’ll find generally warm weather year-round. As a nod to Cinco de Mayo, we reached out to Flytographer Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas, and Flytographer Claudia in Cancun to chat about all things Mexico including the best times of year to book your trip, some basic Spanish phrases to learn and how to make their favourite authentic Mexican meal. Grab a cerveza and enjoy the show!

What to pack for your trip to Mexico:

  • Easy, breezy fabrics are your best friend, so opt for natural cotton and linens rather than synthetic fabrics to keep cool in the heat. 😎
  • Dipping your toes in the Pacific or the Caribbean? Pack swimsuits, sunnies and hats for lounging by the water.
  • The sun is bright and strong as you get near the equator, so bring reef-safe sunscreen and reapply generously and frequently! 🧴
  • Mexico’s gastronomic scene is unmatched, from world-class dining in high-end restaurants to simple taquerías serving mouthwatering fare. Bring high heels and stretchy pants so you’re prepped for every occasion!
  • If you can bring just one pair of shoes, make it walking shoes. Your feet will thank you, especially if visiting the incredible archaeological sites is on your bucket list.

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Cameron and family capture memories in Cancun with a family photoshoot.

Look amazing in photos

Get 50+ insider tips on how to prepare, what to wear, and easy posing ideas for your next photo shoot!

2. Yucatán Peninsula


Stretches of pristine coastline meet crystal clear ocean waters, making this picturesque destination a resort haven. Ocean lovers, look no further than these sparkling Caribbean waters for a relaxing getaway without a worry in the world. 🌊  However, there is so much more to Cancun than just the manicured grounds of your hotel! Mayan tours, scuba diving, snorkel adventures, and scenic views are just a few of the best activities off your resort in Cancun. 🥽  Consider taking a ferry trip to Isla Mujeres when you need a day for exploring. This quirky town is a more tranquil escape from the busier city centre, and it’s also one of the best places to take photos!

Photo: Flytographer in Cancun. Heather and husband celebrate their honeymoon in Cancun with a couple photoshoot.

Best Places to Take Photos in Cancun

  1. Delfines and Playa Del Rey
  2. Isla Mujeres
  3. Delfines Beach
  4. Ballenas Beach

Cancun truly has everything to offer, including endless opportunities for magnificent photos. If you’re compiling a list of must-photograph spots, here are the top photo spots in Cancun to get you started. 📸

Photo: Karlien in Cancun for Flytographer. Ariana and partner celebrate their proposal in Cancun with an engagement photoshoot.

“Isla de Mujeres. Grab brunch at North Garden, a super cute treehouse-inspired cafe. They have some interesting mimosa flavors. I recommend trying them all. Also, rent a golf cart and drive to the end of the island, Punta Sur. Great place for breathtaking pictures.”Ariana (photographed above)

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This slice of Mexican paradise still feels under the radar, despite its recent rising popularity. The hype is warranted though, with stylish eco-friendly hotels and drool-worthy Airbnbs you’ll never want to check out of. 🍃  The laid-back, bohemian vibe in Tulum attracts visitors in search of a slow-paced atmosphere and hours lounging on some of the prettiest white sand beaches in North America. Nearby archaeological ruins, cenotes, and even a biological reserve offer options for exploration before ending your day with inventive local restaurants and bars at sunset. 🌅

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Tonya and partner capture memories in Tulum with a couple photoshoot.

Best Places to Take Photos in Tulum

  1. Paradise beach
  2. Xpu Ha Beach
  3. Punta Piedra Beach and Mirador del Mar Caribe

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Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Erica and family capture memories in Tulum with a family photoshoot.

“We stayed at a wonderful Airbnb, and while we lost some of the pamperings from an all-inclusive resort, we felt we had a chance to explore more and experience more of Tulum. We really loved the ruins and cenotes, and wish we’d planned more time with them. Get to the ruins early and bring bug spray!”Erica (Photographed above)

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Playa del Carmen

If you’re wondering if you should go to Playa del Carmen, Cancun or Tulum… our answer is all three! (We can’t be helpful all the time 😉) PDC is a trendy destination famed for sprawling resorts and exciting nightlife, and it’s a popular spot for its proximity to nearby towns and ruins. If swimming with sea turtles is on your bucket list, take a day trip to the quaint town of Akumal, where green sea turtles are abundant as they float along the reefs.🐢  A day trip on the ferry to Cozumel is another popular activity.

Photo: Claudia in Playa del Carmen for Flytographer. Melanie and friends capture memories in Playa del Carmen with a friends photoshoot.

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer. Chitra and family capture memories in Cancun with a family photoshoot.

Best places to take photos in Playa del Carmen

  1. Playacar Beach
  2. Downtown
  3. Colosio Beach
  4. Cenote

Photo: Flytographer in Playa del Carmen. Brad captures memories in Playa del Carmen with a Modern Headshot photoshoot.

“It’s so easy to fly out to the Yucatan and spend all your time out on the beach. Don’t get me wrong – it’s easy to see why between the sugar soft sand and the azure blue water, but the inner Yucatan is so full of adventure! There are AMAZING ruins like Chichen Itza and Coba just hiding in all that dense jungle waiting for you to discover!”Brad (photographed above)

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3. Baja California

Cabo San Lucas

Tortilla making, tequila tasting and pirate ships, oh my! If Cabo is good for one thing, it’s variety. As a mom herself, Flytographer Fernanda shared her family-approved tips on what to do in Cabo with kids on our blog, and many of the activities are perfect for kids-at-heart too. 💕 Stay local with a stroll through the San Jose Art District, or explore one of the many day trips from Cabo, like a camel ride through the Baja Outback. Get the inside scoop (both figuratively and literally – the mojito tequila ice cream is well worth the pesos 🍦) from Flytographers Fernanda, Diana and Luis in our Behind the Lens in Los Cabos video tour.

Photo: Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Brad and Garrett capture memories in Cabo San Lucas with a couple photoshoot on a boat near the Arch of Cabo.

Photo: Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Janette and partner capture memories in Cabo San Lucas with a couple photoshoot.

Best places to take photos in Cabo San Lucas

  1. Cabo San Lucas
  2. Los Cabos
  3. Medano Beach
  4. Beach Monuments
  5. All Saints

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Photo: Fernanda in Cabo San Lucas for Flytographer. Kuljeet and family capture memories in Cabo San Lucas with a family photoshoot.

“The top travel trip for Los Cabos must visit the Arch, a natural rock formation that stands astride where the Pacific Ocean meets the Gulf of Baja California. Medano Beach is the longest swimmable beach. My favourite activity was whale watching and jet skiing.”Kuljeet (photographed above)

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4. Pacific Coast

Puerto Vallarta

Framed by lush mountains, this small, coastal town is packed with adventure. ⛰  Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the botanical gardens, make the sweaty but rewarding climb to Cerro de Cruz (bring a water bottle!), or walk the malecón while window shopping. While there is plenty of entertainment in town, heading outside of the city is easily accessible for new adventures. Take a surf lesson in the colourful town of Sayulita, a spa day in New Vallarta, or witness the sea turtle release in Litibu. Venture farther down the coast to beautiful Oaxaca, where you will be surrounded by lush forests and a backdrop of mountains. Stop at the charming fishing village of Zihuatanejo to enjoy a fresh catch of the day! 🎣

Photo: Jenn in Puerto Vallarta for Flytographer. Cheryl and family capture memories in Puerto Vallarta with a family photoshoot.

Best places to take photos in Puerto Vallarta

  1. Malecón
  2. Punta Mita
  3. Old Town / Downtown
  4. Conchas Chinas

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Photo: Jenn in Puerto Vallarta for Flytographer. Jessica and partner capture memories in Puerto Vallarta with a couple photoshoot.

“There are so many drop-dead gorgeous places a short bus/car ride from Puerto Vallarta! If you’re feeling adventurous don’t limit yourself to your hotel/resort. Our favourite beaches: Destiladeras Beach, Punta Negra (where our photos were taken), and San Pancho. While in San Pancho, catch a polo game or grab a meal at one of the local restaurants. Other cool towns to check out: Bucerias and Sayulita. If you’re in town on a Sunday, La Cruz has a great market. Embrace Mexico, there are so many amazing spots!”Jessica (photographed above)

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5. Central Mexico

Mexico City

If laying on the beach isn’t your kind of vacation, Mexico City is the place for historic charm, buzzing city energy, and endless cuisine to sample your way through. Street food is abundant, and it’s one of the best ways to connect with the locals — and save money to boot! Tortas, tacos and tamales are just a few of the street foods to try at the mercados, 🌮 but be prepared to handle some heat (or ask for your Cholula and spices on the side). Art lovers can’t miss the Frida Kahlo Museum, also known as the Blue House. 🎨  We compiled some of the best things to do in Mexico City, but to summarize: explore, eat and enjoy everything the largest city in Mexico has to offer… with an agua fresca in hand.

Photo: Natalia in Mexico City for Flytographer. Diana and partner capture memories in Mexico City with a couple photoshoot.

Best places to take photos in Mexico City

  1. Xochilmilco
  2. Coyoacan
  3. Palace of Fine Arts
  4. Polanco

Photo: Flytographer in Mexico City.  Alison and partner capture memories in Mexico City with a couple photoshoot.

“Live like a local and try to stay in one of the more interesting neighborhoods like Condesa, Roma Norte or San Rafael. We rented a great apt through Airbnb and really got to enjoy some wonderful restaurants, local shopping and mostly getting to know other families that live in the neighborhood who we ended up having so much fun with since our kids were all the same age!”Monica (photographed above)

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6. The Bajío

San Miguel de Allende

The colourful colonial Spanish architecture, cobblestone streets and inventive cuisine makes this mountain town and UNESCO World Heritage Site an alluring destination. No traffic lights are to be found on the picturesque cobblestone streets, and handmade, artisan crafts, farm-to-table restaurants and Instagrammable photo opportunities are abundant. 🌎 Despite the town’s dramatic rise in popularity with backpackers and luxury travellers alike, its small-town roots and culture still shine.

Photo: Chio in San Miguel de Allende for Flytographer.  Kristen and friends capture memories in San Miguel Allende with a friends photoshoot.

Capturing memories in Mexico

If Mexican food, mezcal, and Aztec ruins don’t have you convinced to explore this beautiful country in Central America, we know the photos will. 📸 Mexico’s beauty is unlike any other place, and our friendly local photographers are excited to capture the magic of Mexico for you.