Tulum Photo Spots

On the coastline of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Caribbean, not far from Cancun, lies the populat town of Tulum. Considered one of Mexico’s top destinations, with Mayan ruins overlooking stunning beaches of turquoise waters and palm trees — all shielded by lush rainforests, this tropical paradise offers activities for everyone and checks all the boxes for a perfect vacation. There are countless things to do but here are the best places to take photos in Tulum.

You can explore unique natural wonders like the grand cenotes, the world-famous limestone sinkholes with their blue water lakes, or wander around the town of Tulum to find endless Instagram spots and vibrant Mexican culture. From beach clubs and restaurants to eco-hotels with boho-chic vibes, there’s no lack of photo opportunities. 😉

If Tulum is not yet on your bucket list, this travel guide will surely change your mind! Here are the top 5 places to take photos in Tulum.

Vamonos! 🇲🇽

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Gretchen and partner capture memories at Xpu Ha Beach in Tulum on a honeymoon photoshoot.

1. Xpu Ha Beach

Nestled between Tulum Beach and Playa del Carmen, this spot is a well-kept secret. The name Xpu Ha might be hard to pronounce (say “Ss’puu-ha”), but once you step into this Caribbean haven, it’s not hard to see its beauty. The scenery seems almost untouched with its translucent turquoise waters and powdery white sand. The beach is also uncrowded, perfect for a photo shoot with a backdrop worthy of a  postcard.

Rent a chair and relax on the sand listening to the sound of swaying palm trees and gentle waves. If you get hungry, many restaurants near the shore sell fish tacos, fresh seafood, and cold beer. For the more adventurous, Xpu Ha Beach is ideal for snorkelling, swimming, and kayaking. The soft sand and beautiful surroundings are also very inviting for yoga sessions. There’s a small entrance fee to get into the beach, but, believe us, it’s worth every single peso. 💰

Not enough natural beauty for you?

Some of the best cenotes in Tulum are just a stone’s throw away from Xpu Ha: Cenote Azul, Cenote Abierto, and Cenote El Jardin. They are Tulum’s most instagrammable places, all-natural sinkholes formed from the collapse of limestone bedrocks that now expose crystal blue groundwater. The best part is that you can go snorkelling in their waters.

If you like the sound of that, also check out other cenotes in the great Tulum area: Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavera, Cenote Suytun, and Cenote Dos Ojos.

Who would have thought a natural accident could cause so much perfection? 😍

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Erica and family capture memories at Xpu Ha Beach in Tulum on a family photoshoot.

2. Paradise Beach

The name Playa Paraiso alone already gives you a hint of what you’ll find there — a true paradise. Following the norm of every beach in Tulum, the ocean at Paradise Beach is an explosion of blue and green hues. Walk along the sea and admire the unique crooked palm trees that punctuate the shore. They certainly make a great background for an insta pic. 🌴 For a relaxed experience, find a lounge chair or a hammock and immerse yourself in the chill vibe. 

Another reason Paradise Beach is unique is its proximity to the Tulum ruins, one of Mexico’s most visited archaeological sites. About a mile away from the beach sits El Castillo, the tallest Mayan ruin in the city. It rises dramatically on top of a cliff facing the immense Caribbean sea. In this place, nature and history meet and form an unparalleled visual spectacle which makes it one of the best places to take photos in Tulum. 👏

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Amanda and partner capture memories of their engagement at Paradise Beach in Tulum, Mexico on a proposal photoshoot.

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3. Playa Punta Piedra and Mirador del Mar Caribe

Playa Punta Piedra is another Tulum beach that should be on your bucket list. Once more, everything you’d expect from a dream vista is there. Walk along the coast until you find Mirador del Mar Caribe, a rock that divides Punta Piedra Beach from Playa la Roca. The spot is well-known for its stunning sunsets and a favourite for couples looking for a romantic photoshoot. 💕

Playa Punta Piedra is in Zona Hotelera, so you’ll find gorgeous seaside boutique hotels dotting the scenery. One of them is the Papaya Playa Project. Coming out of the jungle and into the beach, its luxury cabanas with thatched roofs are also a lovely background for your Instagram photos.

Speaking of hotels, if you’re looking for a photogenic experience even inside your room, check Casa Malca, a luxury resort displaying an impressive collection of modern art throughout its interior, or Azulik Hotel, where rooms are so different they say they’re “habitable sculptures.” Coco Tulum, Selina, and Nomade are also gorgeous hotels with hippie-chic vibes.

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Kenneth and partner capture memories of their engagement at Paradise Beach in Tulum, Mexico on a proposal photoshoot.

4. Playa Santa Fe

We’re guessing you’ll feel like going for a dip after visiting the world-famous Tulum Archeological Zone. In that case, Playa Santa Fe is just next to it, another beautiful stretch of beach with powdery white sand and turquoise blue waters. Rent an umbrella and a lounge chair, and marvel at the beauty of the Mexican sea.

For a different perspective on things, jump on a boat tour and look at the ruins from the water, then go snorkelling on a nearby reef. You’ll get equally gorgeous vistas under and above water. After all the action, there are several beachfront bars and restaurants where you can grab delicious smoothie bowls, açai fruit bowls, and other tropical delicacies. 🍍

This beach lies at the far end of Paradise Beach, and another great combo is to start at the latter and walk to Playa Santa Fe through the shore to end the day visiting the Mayan ruins and catch an unforgettable sunset from the Archeological Zone and experience one of the best places to take photos in Tulum.

For more archeological wonders, take a day trip to Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan city and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 🌎

Photo: Flytographer in Tulum. Vincent and partner capture memories of their engagement at Paradise Beach in Tulum, Mexico on a proposal photoshoot.

5. Akumal

A short drive from Tulum is Akumal, one of the oldest and most celebrated resort areas on the Riviera Maya. The transparent, calm, and shallow waters plus white sand make it one of the most popular spots on the Mexican east coast.

With warm water and many coral reefs, Akumal is especially nice if you’re a marine life enthusiast. For instance, you can see endlessly cute turtles and a wide variety of colourful tropical fish. 🐠

If you’re into snorkelling, don’t miss Yal-ku Lagoon, a beautiful inlet with more underwater spectacles for you.

Half Moon Beach is less crowded and ideal if you’re looking for scenic walks and idyllic backgrounds for your photos. The beach is lined by charming hotel buildings, restaurants with straw umbrellas, and colourful hammocks. What more can you ask for on a tropical holiday? 🤔

Another unmissable spot in Akumal is Aktun Chen, an eco-park with an impressive network of ancient caves containing dramatic stalactites and stalagmites, all surrounded by blue waters which makes it an amazing place to take photos in Tulum. Snorkelling in this underwater wonderland is one of the best travel tips when visiting Mexico.

Photo: Claudia in Cancun for Flytographer . Amanda and family capture memories at Akumal in Tulum on a family photoshoot.

Capturing memories in Tulum

Blessed with natural beauty, ancient history, and fascinating culture, Tulum is one of Mexico’s most photogenic travel destinations and it has some of the best Instagram spots in the country.

There are so many more things to do in Tulum. At Ahau Tulum resort, for instance, you’ll find Ven a la Luz, also referred to as Raw Love, a ten-meter-tall sculpture of a woman opening her chest cavity. Made of steel, wood, rope, and green plants, this is a prime Tulum Instagram spot and also a favourite of bloggers. Vagalume Tulum Beach Club also catches visitors’ eyes because of its extravagant rustic decor and famous giant hand sculptures everywhere. 👌

For sustainable dining and shopping, head to Matcha Mama. With a cute tropical set, they offer delicious plant-based food. Also, visit Lolita Lolita boutique, a sustainable shop opposite the social media hit, “Follow that Dream” sign. 

We don’t know where the sign will lead you, but wherever you go in Tulum, you’re definitely in dreamland! 🤩 To make your experience even more unique, book a local Flytographer and let them capture your beautiful moments in this Mexican paradise.