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Full of history and culture, San Miguel de Allende is a place that people can't help but fall head over heels. With its well-preserved colonial buildings and indomitable Mexican spirit, it attracts those with a spirit of adventure and colour in their hearts. The city is bursting with natural beauty, architectural gems, vibrant markets, delicious food, and friendly locals - there is nothing not to love in this incredible destination.

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Half Mexican, half Spaniard, I'm a full-time ninja wedding photographer. I love to ride my bike around the city, "people watch" in the park, and practice street photography. I consider myself as a documentary photographer. My favorite pictures were taken when people are reacting to the most real and spontaneous moments. I'm a member of Fearless Photographers, This is Reportage, MyWed; I've also earned some awards and mentions.

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I am a German photographer who came to Mexico for love and never went back. I describe my photography style as natural, happy and imperfectly perfect. I am forever in love with real emotions and love to document special moments in people's lives. My work has been published in books, magazines and blogs worldwide and you can even find my image on the cover of a Lonely Planet Guidebook.

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As I step into this vibrant city, I bring with me a fresh perspective on photography, a blend of editorial and lifestyle photography that seeks to capture the essence and beauty of the moment. For me, photography is more than just capturing pretty pictures; it's about connecting and uncovering the beauty and meaning hidden within. Through my lens, I aim to create images that resonate with emotion and sentiment, stirring the hearts of those who behold them. Every new place, every new face, fuels my curiosity and inspires my creativity. I am endlessly intrigued by people, their stories and what moves them to find beauty in this world. Join me, let's create something beautiful together.

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I am an Argentinian dreamer who fell in love with the colors and the magical culture of Mexico. Here I rediscovered my passion for photography. What I enjoy the most is to capture the genuine beauty that, at times, can only be revealed through the magic of a photograph. I have a candid, spontaneous style. I love colorful pictures, full of light, especially those that show the feeling of the moment. I love when people recognize themselves in the pictures, as they express their joy.

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